Hey Arnold!

"The Aftermath" (Part 1)
A Fanfiction By ReyokoTsukino

It is about 5 to 6 years after Arnold and the gang save both his parents, the Green-Eyed People, and the Jungle from Stella and Miles' nemesis, La Sombra, who vows revenge.

We learn that the Green-Eyed People view Arnold as a divine being since he silenced the Jungle at his birth.

Arnold is given an opportunity to live with his parents and meet the Green-eyes.

Even though it is hard decision, Arnold stays and his friends go home. Helga does not speak to Arnold over anything. She leaves without a word; heartbroken.

Her feelings remain unchanged through the years. She remains single as the others eventually get together. Even Phoebe joins in and becomes Gerald's girlfriend.

While the others hold hands and hang out more in groups of four (or less) Helga lives her life as if nothing has changed; save one BIG difference.

"I'm Home! Miriam!" She looks around.

"Is anyone here! I guess I'll prance around in my birthday suit!" No one is home; the mail is on the floor.

"I guess no one is home.'

*picks up the mail*

'Miriam always picks up the mail when she's home. Only stupid thing she ever does right around here…let's see, bill, bill, Bob's magazine subscription, Olga's usual letter from colleges and admirers…'


…and a letter addressed to me?'

*reads return address*

"A. Shortman…San Lorenzo? It can't be from Arnold…could it?"

She dumps the rest on the table by the stairs and goes to her room. She tosses her bag on the floor and flops unto her bed; kicking off her sneakers. She takes off her pink sweatshirt, showing her white t-shirt underneath.

"Could this be for real? It's been so long…I..I didn't think he'd remember me."

She opens the letter and reads:

Dear Helga,

How are you? It's been almost 6 years since our big adventure here in San Lorenzo.

You wouldn't believe all the amazing things I've learned since I've been here. And I still get a few adventures with my parents.

But even so, I miss the good old days playing baseball with everyone.

And even though it's different, I miss our own adventures right in our own backyard.

I'm sorry for not writing to all of you sooner. But I'll try to write more often.

How is everything at home? I bet a lot of things have changed since I left. I hope you can help fill me in on what I have been missing.

How is everyone? I bet when I make a chance to visit I'll see how much everyone has changed.

And yet, I still know that there is a part in all of us that hasn't changed: our friendship. I hope to hear from you soon.


"You're right, Arnold. Part of me hasn't changed…my feelings for you.'

*sigh, pulls out her new locket from her jean pocket (she lost her old one back in San Lorenzo)*

'Why is it that you are so far away now? I guess that's my punishment for all those years. And I guess I'll never know what you truly feel about me.

Only that one precious moment when you let your perfect lips on mine for the briefest of times until we were interrupted…And yet I know that you merely did it out of gratitude.

It doesn't change anything…I still love you…"

She looks at her desk to find a pad of paper and an envelope. She scratches her head through her blue cap.

Looking back at the letter she decides and sits at her desk and begins to write back while having flashbacks:

Dear Arnold,

You're right. A lot has changed these 6 years. I'm doing ok. And everyone else is to.

Mr. Simmons has yet again managed to be our teacher several times since you left. So you can imagine how class is like.

Your friend Gerald made the basketball team and is the star player. Bet you can't guess what his number is: 33.

Phoebe is majoring in the science clubs. I think she might get her dream in engineering.

Harold is captain of the football team. Stinky is in track. And Rhonda is, once again, class president. Fashion is again still her biggest focus; as well as the school dances. The rest of us have, more or less, found our little place in the high school world.

As I walk home from school I pass by the vacant lot. You remember the vacant lot, right? Sometimes I see Gerald playing catch there. Other times I see Harold practice with Stinky and Sid. But most times there is no one there. It's showing signs of not being used.

Every spring though, I see your grandfather and some of those boarders clean it up for the summer. Your grandfather told me once it was for when you got back so we could all play baseball. I wasn't sure if he lost his marbles or if he just misses you.

But whatever the reason, I hope everything is going well for you in San Lorenzo. I hope you get the chance to visit us soon.


As the flashbacks end we see Arnold reading the letter in his bed back in San Lorenzo. He smiles as he finishes the letter.

He places it in a special box under his bunk and looks outside into the clear sky and the bright moon.

His hair has gotten a bit longer and the one side bends down a bit like rabbits ear. He's tried to fix it but to no avail.

He puts his old blue cap on his bedpost. His pjs consist of a white t-shirt and gray sweatpants. He is still skinny, but like his father he developed a few muscles. Other than being a bit taller and his hair being longer, Arnold has barely changed (save for the muscles).

"Good night Helga."

The lights are turned off and Arnold goes to sleep.

End of Part 1

I have been debating on 'publishing' this story for a long time and I've been working on it for what feels like forever.

Just so you understand, many die-hard HA fans are rallying on Facebook and elsewhere to get The Jungle Movie made and shown on TV as well as getting the show back on the channels.

Anyway, I took what has been determined to be the movie's plot and made a story that focuses on what happens afterwards. Does Arnold live with his parents? Do he and Helga ever get together? etc.

So I took my own view on how it goes. In The Jungle Movie, Helga helps Arnold save his parents and the Green Eyed people. There is a kiss between Arnold and Helga (Arnold instigates). And the moment of truth where Arnold makes the decision between staying in San Lorenzo or back home in Brooklyn

(I've always viewed the location of the show as Brooklyn and the creator himself did admit that Brooklyn was one of his inspirations anyway.)

If you wish to see more let me know!