To All My Readers

I have a very important announcement.

Within this past month I have been going through a great deal.

I have just moments ago lost my only grandfather

(As my other grandfather passed away when I was an infant)

After his hard struggle to cancer.

I also have lost an uncle to cancer as well earlier this month.

And as of this moment, I have not much heart to write as frequently as I normally would.

So Until Further Notice

All of My Stories are Suspended.

I need time to heal these wounds and allow my writing to rest until newborn passion arises. Until then read my finished works. I have two (2) Covert Affairs Xmas stories you can read for the holidays if you wish.

Note, however, that the stories are made prior to Season 3.

(For the CA fans)

Many apologies and thanks to you.


If you wish, please read my blog:

Siren Speaks