It had been some time since Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, and their monkey, lemur and, pengiun friends had gone all around Monte Carlo, London, The Alps, and New York.

Originally wanting to go back to the zoo, yet in the end inding out they wanted to really be circus animals.

In that time they and the other animals had managed to create a fantastic show for all.

And now were still trying to keep their sucsess going with new acts

"Going boom is fun!" Mort said in a cannon filled with T.N.T

Julien laughed evil as he lit a match

Yet before he could ignite it, a roar was heard

"Sonya?" Julien said to his bear girlfriend

Another roar

"Okay sure I'll go for a motorcycle ride with you sweety,"

Julien tossed the match and went to go with his love. Sadly the match landed where the fuse was.



"Wheeeee," Mort said flying out of the tent

Yes a few of the animals couples were still so much in love. Still, many couldn't create children

Julien and Sonya, nope

Melman and Gloria, no way.

Alex and Gia, yes.

We already made the famous liger. And apparently also the Liguar (true fact)

This is the story of how are new feline coule created more