All the circus animals were in their tent again, another show going to start soon

The weeks and months rolled by more, and Gia's gut was pratically rivaling Glorias tubby belly

"Any day now," Alex said patting Gias belly the two of them so in love

In fact this very thing made Julien attempt to make kids with Sonya. Melman told him it was impossible, yet Julien took a page from Vitaly's book and said anything was possble.

Sadly, in the end, Julen got squashed again. And back into a cast

Gia giggled with excitement to

"Hi cubs," Mort said to the unborn life in the jaguar "I'm Mort, how are you?"

A giant kick from te cubs sent Mort flying a bit

"Whoa," Julien said "I think I'm going to like having more kitties around,"

"Everyone it's time to perform," Vitaly said

"Time to get my pocadots and afro on," Marty said

"I'll see you three in a sec," Alex said also going. Yet not beofe kissing his mate nd her tummy

Yet as they left, Gia started to feel some cramps inside her

"Guess you two are must be hungry again," she said going to get a snack

The show was going great as usual

Music, lights, trapezeze, a tiger fitting through stupidly tiny flaming holes, Marty and his sea lion frind exploding into the air

It was all going so great

Alex was about to do his jetpack act with the rocket shoe dogs, when suddenly a roar was heard. Not just any roar, a roar of an urgent emergency

Alex looked down to see Gia on stage, in excuciating pain, her cramps were really acting up now. This was follwed by her water breaking. Right there, in front of everyone.

"Alex!" Gia cried "It's Time!"

"OH MY GOSH!" Alex said flying to his mate, the rest of the animals to

The audience watched in shock as well

"I'm here," Alex said taking her paw "You can do this, we practiced,"

Gia shock a look through the pain she was in. A look that said "You did this to me! You did this!"

Melman being something a doctor got in position to help

"Okay Gloria," he said getting ready to catch the cubs "Just breath, and...push!"

Gia hollered out in pain as the first cub came out

This watching of the miracle of life caused a god deal of the audience and other animals to faint and/or puke

It was a girl that looked like a lion cub, but with spots

"Congragts you two," Marty said

"Not...Done...YET!" Gia cried as cub number two came out

A boy with a jaguar body, and a tiny mane.

Melman gave them to Gia, who fed them her milk

Whoever was left standing after witnessing this went


Mason and Phil ended the show then, so everyone could focus on helping Gia wit her new cubs

The penguins used jalepeno hot sauce to wake up the passed out peolpe, small drops in their mouths.

Alex and Gia named their cubs Tony, and Mikka.

Both parents happy to finally hve their new family. And in time having the cubs meet their grandparents.

"Good thing I figured out how to use this thing," Zuba said

"Ya," Florrie said enjoying some nip she had ordered online

And they all lived happily ever after.

At least until Juilen tried making kids again with Sonya

"You must really love being in that cast," Marice said

"Sonya please kick him for me!" Julien said

"Ut-oh," Marice said

The End