To the readers: Just to let everyone know, this story is written in a way that makes it easy for people who have read the manga and are already familiar with the story since this story is based on and takes place after the manga ended. People who are only familiar with the anime will have a tough time understanding everything since it deviated greatly from the manga and is simply awful in comparison. People who are not familiar with either, will be a little lost. So I would suggest reading the manga if you have not already done so. Otherwise, you will have to piece it together as you go on and you will not get a lot of things. That being said, the story gets better and better with each additional arc. Additionally, since the manga's ending was so horrible, this story cuts away from the manga during the Floating Garden Arc (details will be added later since this story was started long before the manga ended).

To everyone not already familiar with the manga: Tsukune is a modified human with a lock to keep his vampire blood sealed and him still human; Moka, Omote, and Kokoa are vampires; Kurumu is a succubus; Mizore is a Yuki'Onna; and Ruby and Yukari are witches.

It is a week before Tsukune is supposed to marry all six (both Moka and Omote has their own bodies now) of the girls that he has loved, fought alongside, and has been to hell and back with for years now. Tsukune is now at home with his mother to spend some time with her, getting ready for the big day and trying to keep his mom from having yet another nervous breakdown since she is about to lose her one and only baby boy to not one, but six girls that are not even human. However, little does Tsukune know that fate was about to come calling.

Chapter 1: The 7th Wife

The Aono Household, Japan

10 Years before the Main Story actually starts

March 13, 2007

It is a warm, sunny day in Aono Tsukune's hometown. It is mid-day and the birds are singing. Aono Koji (his father) is at work and Aono Kasumi (his mother) is washing her and her son's lunchtime dishes while Tsukune is reading a book in the living room. Tsukune is wearing a white, long-sleeved shirt with light brown pants and his mom is wearing her normal clothes. Then, the doorbell rings.

"Tsukune, the door bell just rang, can you see who is at the door?" his mother calls out.

"Okay mom, I'll get it," he answers.

Tsukune puts his bookmark in his book, puts it down, and walks over to the front door. Tsukune is feeling really good about everything that's going on and that he is expecting to happen in the near future that he feels completely at ease, he is not suspecting anything out of the ordinary to happen. Then, he opens the door.



"-Looooooo…" Tsukune drops to the ground, unconscious.

"Hehehe, now you're mine, Tsukune. After I'm done with you, none of those tramps will ever want to marry you. So much for your upcoming marriage next week, lover boy, 'cause I'm cancelling it."

A minute later, Kasumi walks over to the front door…

"Tsukune, who was at… the…?"

… But sees it wide open with Tsukune nowhere to be seen.

"Tsukune?" she calls, confused.

She stands in the doorway looking around worriedly.

"Tsukune…? Tsukune, where are you?"

She then realizes that her one and only little boy is gone without trace.

"Tsukune!" she cries out.


The Aono Household

An Hour Later

There is another knock at the door quickly followed by Kasumi's frantic footsteps and the door flying open. She sees Moka, Omote, Yukari and Ruby, all in their normal clothes.

Kasumi had called Omote on her cell phone since Tsukune had kept her number written down next to the home phone since she had recently changed her phone number. After she called and told her what had happened, Omote then called everyone else and told the Chairman who had the Bus Driver to take them all to the human world.

"Oh everyone, thank haven you've arrived!" a frantic Kasumi cries out.

"We got here as soon as we could mother," Omote said.

"What happened?" Moka asks.

"Where's Tsukune?" Yukari asked.

"Everyone please! Give her a minute to talk," Ruby tells them before speaking to Kasumi. "Mrs. Aono, can you please tell us what happened?"

"He's gone!" she cries out. "Someone took him. Someone rang the doorbell and he went to go answer it. When I came out here the door was wide open and he was gone."

Kasumi started crying again.

"Have you tried calling his cell phone?" Ruby asks.

"His phone is still here along with his shoes. He never leaves the house without both of them," she said.

"We'll get him back, Mama," Yukari tries to reassure her. "Don't you worry about it."

"Of course we will," Omote seconds. "We'll find him mom, no matter what."

"Thank you so much girls. By the way, where are Kurumu and Mizore?"

"Kurumu is out with her mom shopping and getting fitted for her wedding dress and Mizore is in her village doing the same," Yukari answers. "They are both on their way and will get here as soon as they can. I'm just glad that the rest of us were all staying over at Youkai Academy for a little while and were able to get here as quickly as we did."

"Time's wasting you three," Moka angrily declares as she clenches her fist and grits her teeth. "We need to find our groom and kill whoever it was that messed with our family!"

"Well we can't just go looking all over the town blindly," Ruby states. "I already have my crows out searching the city, but they haven't found him yet."

"I take it that you have another suggestion then?" Moka asks her.

"Indeed I do," Ruby replies and then turns to Yukari.

"Yukari, do you have any dogs or something else that can track scents among your summons?" she asks her.

Yukari thinks about it for a few seconds.

"Yes I do! I have the porcupine that the headmaster gave me!" Yukari happily answers.

"A porcupine?" asks Kasumi, confused. "They can track scents like a dog?"

"This one can." Yukari answers. "Just give me a second."

Yukari performs the summons.


"That's no porcupine!" Kasumi screams.

"Actually it's a monster beast porcupine, but he is very well behaved," Omote reassures her. "He's even housebroken."

"I don't even care anymore. I just want my baby back!" Kasumi yells and then starts crying again.

"Alright Togezou, find Tsukune!" Yukari orders him. [*1]

Togezou sniffs around the doorway and Yukari turns to Ruby.

"Ruby, cast a spell on him to make him look like a regular dog to the other humans."

"Good idea," Ruby says before she casts the spell.

"Look!" an excited Yukari yells. "His tail's waging! He did it! He's found Tsukune's scent!"

As Togezou keeps sniffing around the doorway, he suddenly stops dead in his tracks and backs up, shivering.

"Huh? What's wrong boy?" Yukari asks him.

Togezou runs back inside and hides behind Kasumi.

"What's he doing? Why won't he let go of me?" she yells with a stressed voice.

"He's scared," Yukari says in disbelief.

"Scared?" Moka asks, confused.

"What is he scared of?" Rubi asks her.

"I thought he was not supposed to be scared of anything," Moka comments.

"No, there is something that he's scared of," Yukari replies. "The headmaster told me that there was only one thing that he was scared of, one person."

Yukari's eyes widen and she dashes outside to search the ground around the front door.

"Can you please tell him to get off of me?" Kasumi asks her as she struggles with the clingy porcupine.

"What in the world are you looking for?" Moka asks as all of the girls come out following Yukari.

"Yukari, what are you thinking?" Ruby asks her. "Who's he scared of?"

"I found it!" Yukari declares.

"Found what?" Omote asks.

"Exactly what I was afraid of. Tsukune is in danger! We need to find him and fast!" Yukari yells.

"Who took him?" Moka demands to know.

"What was it that you found?" Ruby asks.

"What I was afraid of," Yukari answers. "I found fresh bat droppings."

""""…Bat droppings…?"""" everyone asks, very confused.

"The headmaster said that at the start of our second year of high school that Togezou was chewing on Tsukune's head when someone hit him and sent him flying. After that, he was scared to death of that person," Yukari explains. "Now that I've found fresh bat droppings here in the middle of the day when they almost never come out while it's still light out, there's no doubt about who took him now."

"You don't mean…?" Ruby asks with a very worried expression on her face.

"Are you serious?" Moka asks as she tenses up.

"Oh no, we need to save him now!" Omote yells.

"Let's go everyone!" Moka shouts.

Having all come to the same dire realization, all of the girls take off running. As they leave, Kasumi calls out the door.

"Can you please take your pet with you girls? Girls…? Ouch…!"


A Motel Room, somewhere in Town

After knocking Tsukune out, the kidnapper quickly carried him away to the motel room that the kidnapper had already rented and stocked with everything needed for the plan to work after grabbing Tsukune and bringing him back there. The kidnapper gloats to the unconscious Tsukune.

"I'm almost done getting everything ready for you now, lover boy. Soon we will begin and your marriage plans will end. Now, drink up sleepy head."

The kidnapper tilts Tsukune's head back and sticks a funnel in his mouth. As he feels a liquid being poured down his throat, Tsukune regains his consciousness and coughs as he spits the funnel out of his mouth.

"What did you just pour down my throat? Who are you? Where am I? Why are you doing all this? What's going on here?" Tsukune demands to know.


"Silence you worm! Or I will gag you too!"

As Tsukune's mind comes around, he realizes that his arms and legs are firmly tied to a chair and that he's been blindfolded. Unable to do anything else, he starts to think things through.

Okay, I'm tied up, my mind and senses are slowly starting to clear up, if I can get him to talk a little more then maybe I can recognize his voice and at least figure out who it is, if he has anyone else with him, and why he's doing this.

"Why did you bring me here? What do you hope to gain from all this?" Tsukune inquires.


"Shut up!" the kidnapper yell at him.

That voice… it couldn't be!

Tsukune then quickly thinks of something to see if his guess is right.

"Did you hear what I did with both Moka's last night?"

"Shut up you bastard!"


Thekidnapper screamed and hit Tsukune so hard that he was slammed hard onto the floor. He tasted his own blood as it slowly trickled from his nose and lip.

"You are not and never will be good enough for my Onee-sama! NEVER…!"

"I thought so, Kokoa!"

"Took you long enough to figure that out, hot stuff. By the way, don't even bother trying to break free. I tested those ropes out on Haiji not too long ago. He almost starved to death before someone finally found him, that lucky lolicon bastard. So… you… are… not… going… anywhere…" Kokoa confidently tells him.

"I take it that this is your way of objecting to me marrying your sisters?" Tsukune asks her.

"Only one of them is my true sister!" Kokoa yells.

"Look, we can go back and forth about this for hours here. So how about we talk about how you plan on sabotaging our marriage."

"I am going to show my Onee-sama that you are a perverted sex crazed fiend."

"… …Huh… …?"

"After she sees just what kind of person you really are, she will never want to have anything to do with you ever again, hahahahahahahahaha!"

"Oookaaay… how?" he asks.

"Simple…" she begins to explain. "You are going to attack me."

"Huh? Is this another one of your half-baked-that-always-comes-back-to-bite-you-in-the-ass plans, Kokoa?"

"Sh-shut up you bastard! After I get it all on camera and show it to my beloved Onee-sama-"

"But why in the world would I attack you?" Tsukune interrupts. "I mean, aside from you kidnapping and hitting me, why would I do that, and how would that make me a sex crazed-"

Tsukune stopped mid-sentence after he felt his body suddenly starting to get hot and his senses become sharper.

"Looks like you're starting to feel it."

He then realizes what it has to be.

"That stuff you poured down my throat… what was it?"

"Hahaha, now you are starting to figure it out," Kokoa confidently explains to him. "After that potion takes full affect, you'll be caught on camera trying to attack me. Of course trying is all you can do since there is no way a lowly human like you could ever win against a vampire like me. As a bonus, I get to give you the beating of your lifetime as I defend myself against your lustful attack. Think of it as my parting gift, because after my plan is completed, I will never have to see your stupid face ever again, muhahahahaha!"

This is bad! I gotta get out of here before something happens!

"It won't be long now, lover boy. I just need to turn this digital camera on and start recording."

Unable to think of anything else, Tsukune uses his trump card.

"First seal of the Holy Lock, release!"

With his massive power boost Tsukune easily shatters the chair and breaks free of the ropes and stands up.

"What the…? What's going on here? How the hell did you break free?" Kokoa demands to know.

"Don't get in my way Kokoa. I don't want you to get hurt."

Tsukune tries to get to the door.

"Get hurt… me…? I will hit you so hard you'll never wake up again!" Kokoa screams as she lunges and swings her fist at him.

Kokoa then stops dead in her tracks after she sees Tsukune disappear.

"Where did he go?"

Suddenly sensing danger behind her, Kokoa jumps forward to get some distance, but her hand is grabbed in mid-air and she is slammed down hard onto the bed.

"How dare you…"

Kokoa looks up at Tsukune's now vacant red eyes looking down at her.

Crap…! The potion's taken full affect! Not only that, but he's using the power of my Onee-sama's blood!

Tsukune just looks at her not saying a word.

"Ahh… hey Tsukune, you know this was all just a joke right? Just a silly little joke and we can stop now, hahaha," Kokoa nervously laughs.

As Tsukune slowly moves towards her, Kokoa yells at him.

"Don't you dare Tsukune! I don't care if your mind is gone or not! If you so much as lay a finger on me you'll regret it!"

Tsukune grabs and rips her clothes off and Kokoa realizes that she is in deep trouble like never before.

"Oh crap, I really did it this time! Oh crap! Oh crap! OH CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!"


On the Motel's Roof

6 Hours Later

It is evening and getting dark as Kou continues to keep watch as Kokoa told him to do on the roof. He hated having to sit on a hot roof in the bright sunlight all day, but he liked his mistress' wrath even less. Thankfully the sun is now setting so everything's getting cooler and darker. Then he hears a crow's calls from behind him, turns around and sees a few crows now flying away. Realizing that they had to of been sent by Ruby, he quickly flies down and starts yelling through the door to alert his mistress.

"Kokoa-sama! Kokoa-sama! We have a problem, wee! Some of the crows belonging to the big witch just saw me so we need to get out here!"

Not getting any response, he continues yelling.

"Let me in Kokoa-sama! We need to get out of here right away! Let me in!"

Still not getting any answer from inside, he flies up and then dives down towards one of the windows, crashes through it, and looks around the room. Seeing her on the bed, naked, unconscious, and covered in white liquids, he screams out.

"Kokoa-sama…! What in the world happened to you? Please wake up Kokoa-sama! Please say something!" he begs her.

Kokoa slowly opens her eyes and tries to say something.

"…I think…"

"What was that Mistress? I can't hear you! Please say something!" he pleads.

"…I think… I think… I'm in love…"

"Huh?" an extremely confused Kou asks.


The door explodes and Ruby and Omote burst through the doorway.

"Tsukune, are you here? Tsukune, where are you?" a frantic Omote calls out.

She looks around and sees him unconscious on the floor.

"Tsukune!" she screams and rushes to his side.

"What in the name of haven happened here, Kokoa?" Ruby demands to know.

"Later Kokoa, wee…!"

Kou tries to fly past Ruby, but she swats him to the ground with her wand and pins him down underneath her foot.

"You're not going anywhere you flying rat!"


After Omote puts Tsukune's unconscious head onto her lap, she looks at Kokoa with tears in her eyes.

"Kokoa, what did you do to him? Why did you bring him to this motel?"

"More like… what did he do to me?" Kokoa weakly says.

"I got your message crow, Ruby!" Yukari yells out as she runs into the room panting. "What happened? Where's everyone else?"

"They're still searching the city. See what you can make of this," Ruby tells her.

Yukari catches her breath and takes a good look around the room.

"What the hell? Tsukune, what was she trying to do to you?" Yukari calls out to him.

Tsukune opens his eyes and sees the girls around him. He then tries to speak as he slowly comes around.

"Moka… Yukari… Ruby… I'm so glad to see you all."

"Please tell us what happened to you Tsukune," Omote asks him.

Tsukune tells the girls everything that he could remember.

"…and then I tried to get past her. After that, I must've blacked out."

"That's not all, look at this!" Yukari yells out. "She put in pollen from the Snow White flower and a bottle of pure adrenalin into her potion!"

"What?" Ruby and Omote shout together.

"This potion would've had the Pope putting a porn star to shame for hours on end!" Yukari explains.

Ruby grinds her teeth and looks at Kokoa.

"Kokoa, you mean to tell me… that you two… actually did do… THAT?"

"Ruby, Yukari, get Tsukune out of here," Omote tells them both and then stands up, staring at the far wall.

"But Omote we-" Ruby tries to say.

"I said to get him out of here!" Omote interrupts her.

"What are you-?" a very shocked and confused Ruby tries to ask her.

"Now!" screams Omote.

Ruby begins to feel an intense, menacing and murderous aura coming from Moka. She then realizes what is going on and grabs Tsukune's arms.

"Yukari, grab Tsukune's legs and let's start running!"

"Right behind you!" she yells back.

Both of the witches run outside with the still mostly out of it Tsukune and set up a barrier around the area to prevent any humans from getting near the scene. All the while, Ruby kept thinking to herself that it was the first time she had ever seen Omote with blood red eyes, silver hair and a youki that matched Moka's.

Afterwards, everyone married Tsukune as planned the next week. It was a very beautiful and somewhat interesting ceremony. Kokoa however, did not attend. She just disappeared. No one knew what had happened to her. Tsukune and the others didn't tell anyone the details about what had happened the week before, for obvious reasons. The seven of them figured that since she not only failed in her plan to ruin their wedding but had also gotten her ass kicked by Omote that she couldn't show her face in front of any of them anymore. That however, would not last.


The Aono Mansion, Hong Kong

Ten Months Later

January 10, 2008

It is a cool but nice afternoon at the Aono household and everybody's home and taking it easy for a change. Then, Tsukune hears the door bell ring and calls out.

"I got it!"

He walks over to and opens the door.

"Hel- Kokoa!" he screams.

"Tsukune!" a joyful Kokoa yells out as she jumps onto Tsukune and knocks him down to the floor with her sitting on top of him.

"Miss me?" she asks him with a big smile on her face.

"What are you doing here?" he asks her. "Where the hell have you been all this time?"

"I was getting you the best present in the world and I wanted to come here and show you."

"Huh?" a confused Tsukune asks.

Kokoa dashes outside, comes back in, hands Tsukune a warm, soft bundle wrapped in a blanket and smiles at him.

"What is…?" an even more confused Tsukune asks.

After the girls rushed in after hearing Tsukune's shout, they see their uninvited guest.

""""""KOKOA!"""""" they all yell in unison.

"Welcome, fellow wives," a very proud and confident Kokoa says as she stands up in front of six very angry women.

"Fellow wife…? After what you did to him the last time? I'll kill you!" Kurumu yells as her wings and nails start growing out.

"Right behind you, Kumuru!" a pissed-off Mizore agrees and grows out her Ice Claws.

"Wait, stop! You can't kill her!" Tsukune calls out.

"WHY NOT?" both Kumuru and Mizore shout.

The bundle starts to move and cry.

"Because of this," Tsukune shows the girls what he is holding.

"His name is Takeshi, and he's my and Tsukune's son," Kokoa proudly tells them.

""""""WHAT?"""""" all of the girls all scream out.

Kokoa picks little Takeshi back up and cradles him in her arms to quiet him down.

"You took his first time and had his first kid?" Kurumu yells.

"I was supposed to have Tsukune's first child you brat!" Mizore shouts.

Ruby grinds her teeth.

"You named him Takeshi? I guess someone like you would name him something like that," Yukari sighs.

"Sh-shut it witch girl! He's my son and I can name him whatever I want to! Humph!"

Thinking it was the perfect time to drop the last bomb on everyone, she adds one last thing.

"That's not all. He's a full Vampire."

"What? How is that possible?" Moka demands to know.

"But… but that shouldn't be possible. If he really is Tsukune's son, then he should be only half Vampire," Omote says.

"Well Tsukune is the only guy I've ever been with, so you girls figure it all out."

Afterwards, Yukari confirmed that not only was Takeshi indeed Tsukune's son, but also that he really was a full Vampire. She figured out that when Tsukune released the first seal of his holy lock that his Vampire youki was so strong that it infected his sperm and temporally turned them all into that of a full Vampire. Given the situation, Kokoa was very reluctantly accepted as Tsukune's 7th (and hopefully last) wife, for Takeshi's sake. Needless to say, their lives together from here on out, would be anything but dull.

To be continued…

Note #1:Togezou is the animal that was chewing on Tsukune's head in Season II, Chapter 3.

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