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Sydney, Australia

"Stefan! They're coming after me!"

"Bonnie! Paddle! Do something, girl!"

"Can't you fly over here and get me?" she pleaded.

"I'm currently busy at the moment," he grunted and avoided another snap of a pair of large jaws that were determined to find out if he was well done or extra crispy.

Bonnie swallowed and subsequently spat out another liter of water as she tried to find her footing on her surf board, but her wet suit was kind of making it impossible. When she looked behind her, Stefan's head bobbed up and down out of the water. He was currently trying to manhandle a great white shark. The idiot!

She flipped around on her board and paddled to get closer to him. When she was less than a meter away she saw Stefan being submerged once more but then, he kind of flew out of the ocean and landed on her board with a loud smack. He was missing his shorts so he was currently mooning the people of Bondi Beach.

Bonnie laughed.

"See," he panted as he turned over on his back. "I told you they were friendly."

"They're sharks, Stefan. Predators. There's not a friendly bone in their body," she studied the water. "Is it gone? Dead?"

"I believe so," he looked doubtfully at the water and then quickly straddled the board. "You better climb on top of me."

Bonnie did so as Stefan began to paddle them back to shore.

"What are you going to do about pants?" she asked straight into his ear canal.

"Well it's a good thing we're headed towards a beach where clothing is optional. So I'll fit right in."

Now that was one more thing Bonnie could cross off her Things I Should Have Said No To But Did It Anyways List: shark baiting. Earlier they had met with a personal tour guide who showed them the best of Australia's wildlife. She had fed a pair of Koala bears eucalyptus leaves, outran a sloth, and fed bananas to spider monkeys. Naturally all of that was too tame for Mr. Adventure. He wanted to do something which would give him a definite adrenaline rush.

Case in point she ended up in shark territory with nothing more substantial to protect her than a surf board and her hopes and dreams while Stefan jumped head first to live out a childhood fantasy.

Seriously what was up with men voluntarily putting themselves in danger to feel ten feet tall?

When they made it back to shore, Stefan stood proudly with his hands on his hips. He was giving quite a show to a pair of old ladies who began to whisper rapidly to one another.

"Sheilas," Stefan winked and took the surf board from Bonnie and captured her hand. Bonnie for her part just shrugged her shoulder and followed after him. At this stage she could pick and choose which battles to fight with Stefan.

Two hours later…

They stood on the Sydney Harbour Bridge that overlooked the Opera House but their gazes were fixed to the sky above as magnificent fireworks lit the air. This was their final night on what had been the most awesome vacation of Bonnie's life. If she were to be honest with herself she never wanted this moment to end, didn't want to go back to Virginia and resume her nightmare of a life. She could stay in this moment with Stefan from here to eternity.

She sighed happily when she felt Stefan's arms tighten around her middle. Everything just felt too surreal like this was happening to someone else and not her.

Her head fell back until it crashed against Stefan's chest. Later they had plans to hit up the social scene though Bonnie wouldn't have minded staying locked in their hotel room and making love until her bones felt like they had been liquidated.

"Thank you, Stefan," she said.

He didn't have to question what she was thanking him for. Stefan knew. He rested his chin on the crown of her head.

"You're welcome."

Mystic Falls, Virginia

Stefan was back. Yea! Now Elena could have a legitimate excuse for pouting. With his little brother out of the way she should have been having the time of her life, kicking up her heels, but no she spent that time as Alaric's little private investigator and put herself in harm's way by interrogating Rebekah on her family's history.

Not Damon's idea of a fun time.

Stefan had showed up around…sometime just after dusk. Damon was in his room reading because he wasn't tired. He had taken a few days off himself to clear his mind and rein in his inner psychotic tendencies. Part of Damon wondered when the other shoe would drop in the whole Elena saga. He just hadn't expected it to happen quite so soon after nailing her.

As he was thinking over all this he heard his brother dumping what sounded like suitcases on the floor while he was on the phone with Bonnie.

Seriously they weren't sick of each other yet? They had spent the last seven days together, alone, isolated, completely cut off from the world. As much as he may like Elena—she was demoted from love after her "I love Stefan" confession—Damon wasn't sure he could spend that much time with one person and not get irritated by their presence. No matter how great and explosive the sex might be, Damon was a man of variety. He liked watching life, being a part of it, and interacting with different people though they sometimes disappointed his expectations.

The way he heard Stefan talking to Bonnie it was safe to say he was whipped. Damon half expected Stefan to ghost off to Bonnie's but surprisingly he stayed in.

He heard Stefan stroll past his room. He didn't even stop to check to see if he was alive. Stefan doesn't care, Damon reminded himself and went back to reading.

When the sun broke over the horizon on the cool fall morning, Damon sipped whiskey down in the formal living room. Stefan skipped his way out of the house without sparing him an acknowledgement. That pricked Damon but he wasn't going to examine why. Curiosity got the better of him and he found himself standing outside of Stefan's bedroom.

Everything was the way it always was. Books piled on the table. His bed half made. Clothes sticking out of the closet. God, this boy is a slob, Damon thought and traipsed in his brother's room to pick up after him.

Damon could really hate being a vampire sometimes. He had an innate ability to be obsessive compulsive about certain things. Damon hated clutter and stains. Stains were the worst.

As he began to properly fold Stefan's underoos and stuff them in his bureau he saw a framed picture of Bonnie on the bedside table. He picked up the frame, an eyebrow quirked in the air.

Bonnie was dressed in a full body corset or something like it. It wasn't obscene, more ethereal than anything else. Her hair hung in wavy rivulets down to her shoulders. She was looking down at her feet which were crossed at the ankles while she leaned against a wall with her hands behind her back.

It was a nice shot, a simple and beautiful shot of Bonnie that made her look soft, appealing, and undeniably like vampire bait.

Suddenly he began wondering what her skin would feel like under his fingertips. What her lips would taste like. What she sounded like when she…

Damon dropped the frame back on the table and hustled out of Stefan's room. He smacked himself on the side of the head. Where in the world had those thoughts come from? Wasn't he supposed to be pining over Elena? No, Damon didn't pine, sulk, or brood that was for people like Stefan who had no backbone. He was motherfreaking Damon Salvatore, vampire extraordinaire and it was time he revisited his roots beginning tonight.

But first there was another matter he had to clear up.

Bonnie was nervous. It was her first day back at school. This would also mark her first time walking around campus as Stefan's girlfriend. Dubai and Australia had been out of this world—from riding camels along the beach to surfing with sharks, all of it had been an experience she'd love to repeat later in life especially if she ever became a misses.

Stefan parked the Maserati, looked at Bonnie over the console and grabbed her hand.

"There's still time to hop on another plane and finish out the school year in Thailand."

Bonnie smirked but then shook her head. She couldn't run from her problems in Mystic Falls no matter how appealing it was to just pack up her life and throw up the deuces sign. There were several huge problems that needed fixing ASAP and unfortunately Bonnie would be an integral part in making it all come to pass.

Besides, she didn't want to runaway from Klaus for the rest of her life if he happened to pop in to do an inspection only to discover his number one henchman was nowhere to be found.

"I'm ready to do this. To face them. We have nothing to hide anymore."

"You're absolutely right," he kissed her knuckles. Stefan got out of the car, opened the door for Bonnie, and they rejoined hands.

Caroline was sitting at the picnic tables that lined the quad applying lip gloss when she saw the new couple walking in her peripheral vision. When she gave them her undivided attention she caught herself about to aww. Bonnie and Stefan strolled over to her wearing identical dark chocolate leather jackets, dark denim jeans, and biker boots. Bonnie was very bronze and Stefan looked smug as usual but they just looked so cute together. Caroline immediately reached for her phone to snap a picture.

The blond vampire beamed at them as she rose from the table to engulf Bonnie in a monstrous bear hug.

"I missed you so much and your tan is excellent! Spill! I want details and don't spare a single one."

"You mean you even want a blow-by-blow or should I say lick-by-lick replay of all our bedroom antics?" Stefan queried while resting a hand on his chin.

Caroline balked whereas Bonnie slapped Stefan's chest.

"No?" Stefan asked and nodded his head.

"I declare, Stef you can make the devil blush," said Caroline.

He bowed gallantly before her. "Why thank you." When he straightened he kissed Bonnie before getting lost in the crowd. "I'll be back in a minute."

The girls watched him walk away and then sat down on the bench.

"You are positively glowing, Bonnie," Caroline gasped her thoughts were changing speed so quickly she was finding it a little difficult to keep up with herself. "He didn't propose or anything, did he?"

"Caroline, calm down. We had…it was…how can I put into words?" Bonnie sighed and then shot up from the bench to do a little jig. "It was the best fudging time of my life!"

Caroline giggled, her blue eyes alight with excitement and happiness for her long-time friend. The two girls joined hands when Bonnie sat down again. Whatever was bubbling on the inside of her it would seem Bonnie couldn't keep it contained.

"The places we were and the things we saw…Caroline," Bonnie lowered her voice conspiratorially. "I am so in love with that man."

She couldn't help it not even if she wanted to. Caroline squealed and threw her arms around Bonnie. "I'm so happy for you, B!"

Stefan stood a few feet away, observing them, eavesdropping on their conversation trying to maintain his poker face. It wasn't a minute after he heard Bonnie's proclamation about being in love with him that he felt the hybrid sidle up next to him.

"You're back. I'm glad to see Bonnie's still alive and that you didn't kidnap her just to waste her."

A tick started in Stefan's jaw. He kept his eyes forward. But for anyone to presume he'd lift a finger to hurt Bonnie, they were asking for a beat down.

"Tyler, you know what they say when you assume things," Stefan's tone definitely dripped ice.

Tyler rolled his muscular shoulder. He could smell the mounting testosterone and adrenaline pumping in Stefan.

"Look, Bonnie is my friend and if you do anything to hurt her," he made the mistake of laying his hand on Stefan's shoulder, because in the next instant, Tyler found his back making out with the nearest tree and Stefan's forearm braced against his neck.

"Mind your gotdamn business when it comes to Bonnie including what I decide to do with my girl. That's right you heard me, dog! Bonnie is my girl and if you do anything to interfere or come between us, I will massacre you."

Stefan dropped his hands from Tyler's person and took a few steps backwards. When he hazarded a look over his shoulder he was glad the girls were too engrossed in their reunion to notice what he had done. He loved the sound of Bonnie's voice, just not when she began to preach her ethics to him. That he could do without.

Tyler looked fired up. He wasn't down with public humiliation unless of course he was the one doing the humiliating. Instead of wrapping his hands around the vamp's neck like he was yearning to do, Tyler straightened out his clothes and snatched up his fallen book bag from the ground. He spared Stefan one measured look before heading off in the general direction of his first class.

Standing alone, Stefan realized he was under some intense optical scrutiny.

He stretched out his hands like he was on the cross. "What?" he demanded. Naturally everyone resumed whatever they were doing before Stefan's impromptu Jerry Springer outburst.

Back over to the picnic tables Bonnie and Caroline were still laughing and giggling like little girls, but it all came to an abrupt end when they spotted Elena walking across the parking lot.

Bonnie observed her friend. Elena was still slender, still beautiful, still had a head full of long brown hair, but her once animated dark brown eyes appeared nearly black complimented by dark circles. Stress was cleverly written in the lines surrounding her pursed mouth and forehead. If it weren't for the makeup, Elena would look like an old woman.

Caroline alternated between looking at Bonnie to gauge her response to Elena's appearance, to the girl herself.

"How has she been?" Bonnie asked while she played with the latch on her satchel.

"She's been better. In fact I haven't seen or talked to her much since the night of the dinner party. She pretty much goes to class, goes home, and stays there. She is such a killjoy now."

Bonnie ignored Caroline's last remark. "Have you called her?"

Caroline nodded her head. "Yeah, but all of our conversations have been brief and tense."

Bonnie mulled that over. "And Jeremy?" she asked tentatively. "Have you seen or spoken to him?"

"No. Matt talks to him occasionally since they work together, but he's following in Elena's footsteps. And before you ask, I have seen Damon since you've been away. He's coping in the only way Damon knows how by getting drunk and flirting with anything that has a decent rack and a pair of legs."

A corner of Bonnie's mouth lifted. It was comforting that something's she was used to had not changed.

"When do you think it'll ever be a good time for me to talk to her and try to smooth things over?"

Caroline shrugged her shoulder. As much as she loved her girlfriends they were notorious for their stubbornness. You couldn't find two more obstinate chicks than Elena and Bonnie.

"Maybe in another year or two," Caroline joked.

Unfortunately Bonnie felt her estimation was too accurate.

Elena loved Stefan—that was a given, but Bonnie loved him too but realistically she felt as if they were dealing with two separate people. And Bonnie wasn't down for sharing. F*ck that, she had done too much, lost too much, and sacrificed too much to get where she was now- incandescently happy, probably with the world's biggest asshole, but he was her asshole and she loved him.

But she was done talking about her drama. "What's been going on with you and Ty?"

Caroline didn't blush, she merely wore a look of resignation on her face. Bonnie didn't like it.

"There was an incident."

"Tell me."

"The blond Original blood slut showed up at his place one night with a snack and Tyler being Tyler…helped himself and the chick is in a mental hospital as we speak."


"He can't fully explain what happened; he just said the girl went batshit crazy. But apparently when a hybrid feeds from someone…something happens to that person psychologically. He was completely freaked out afterwards and has promised to only drink from bags, but…if Rebekah refuses to leave him alone…I'm going to have to search for that dagger and kill her myself. I cannot lose Tyler to the darkness that's in him."

"Maybe I can do a spell…" Bonnie sounded doubtful.

"No, I'm sure everything will be fine," Caroline as always tried to sound positive and upbeat.

The first bell of the day rung and in an instant Stefan was standing by Bonnie's side.

"Madame," he stretched out an arm. Bonnie accepted it.

"I'll see you at lunch, Caro."

"Okay oh and Bon?"

Bonnie turned back to regard her.

"Where's my souvenir?"

At the end of the school day, Bonnie's curiosity about the damaging side effects from Tyler's bite was piqued. She wanted to know more if there was more to learn.

She had sent a text to her informant to meet her on the west end of the school property, and prior to that she told Stefan she would be a little late meeting him in the parking lot but didn't give any further details. She didn't want to start lying to him. That was no way to begin a relationship but if she told him the full truth Bonnie already knew he wouldn't be happy.

Bonnie paced back and forth as she waited. She checked the time on her cell. She'd give him another minute before throwing in the towel and rushing off to meet Stefan before he began to search for her.

The sounds of approaching footsteps caught her attention and she stilled. Damon emerged from the surrounding trees dressed in head-to-toe black which made his alabaster skin glow like an opal stone. His eyes—the color of a methane flame—were trained on her as he approached.

Seven days had probably been the longest she went without seeing him since they became reluctant friends over the course of the last few months. So she wasn't surprised she found herself being taken aback by his lethal handsomeness. But she was glad she could look at him dispassionately and not like a girl in heat.

"I feel like I've been summoned," was his opening statement. "And I'm also assuming my brother doesn't know about this clandestine meeting?"

"He doesn't. You're a vampire, right," it was a rhetorical statement. "When you bite someone can there be psychological disturbances afterward?"

Well, this certainly wasn't what Damon had in mind when Bonnie said she needed to speak with him. But it shouldn't have surprised him. Part of their working relationship had been business oriented.

He folded his arms over his chest, the move making the leather sleeves of his jacket squeak.

"It all depends on the vampire. We can make it a pleasurable experience or your worst freaking nightmare. When we taste human blood, we can view your memories, hear your thoughts. Most of the time we can shut off access to that if the vamp is well disciplined. But again, this all depends on the vampire."

"So…when you bit me…did you see my memories?" Bonnie felt goose bumps pop over her skin. She really didn't like revisiting the night she was possessed and Damon tore into her to get revenge on Emily.

As she looked at Damon's face it was plain to see that it wasn't one of his finest moments either, and one he didn't waste a whole lot of time thinking about or dissecting.

"No," and that was the truth. He was more consumed with inflicting pain than taking a field trip through the inner workings of Bonnie's head.

"But you could have if you wanted to?" she pressed.

"What's this all about, Bonnie? Did something happen between you and Stefan?" His hands immediately pushed her hair off her shoulders as he twisted her head from side to side to look at her neck.

Bonnie smacked his hands away.

"Surprisingly this has nothing to do with Stefan. Tyler bit someone and the girl is in a mental hospital. I was just curious about any potential side effects a vampire bite can cause in a human. And now with Tyler being a hybrid I was wondering if there was a difference between him taking a bite out of someone from an ordinary vampire."

"I'm more than an ordinary vampire," he sniffed.

"I can't believe this," Bonnie mumbled. "Will you take your ego out of this, please?"

"Just admit I'm the most magnificent vampire you've ever met and sure I'll let this go," he smiled.

Bonnie couldn't help it, she laughed not with him but at him. "You all right."

Damon rolled his eyes but then dropped it. It went without saying that was the most he was going to get out of Bonnie Bennett at the moment.

"From my understanding," Damon began, "most of the time when a vampire bites a human nothing psychological happens unless the human and vampire are a mated pair."

She blinked.

"You know vampires will take a human as a lover and for food. A bond can form over time if there's a consistent exchange of blood. Mentally…" Damon made a face of uncertainty, "the human might develop some neurotic tendencies but that's only a result out of fear of losing their partner. Because Tyler is both, he can't control his vampire side and may have inadvertently merged minds with the girl. He's part animal so there's no telling what runs through that part of his brain."

Bonnie felt like she was on information overload.

"So, witchy, in the long run it would be best if Tyler didn't bite anyone until he can control his mental abilities. Is any of this making sense?"

"I'm sure it will in a day or two. Thanks, Damon. I better go."

"Tell my brother I said hello."

Bonnie spared him one final look before walking away, but Damon stopped her.


She halted and looked at him over her shoulder. Damon approached her until he stood a foot away from her.

There was some delicious scent rolling off her skin and her moss green eyes sparkled with her determination and wit to figure out this new problem.

"I'd be very careful in how far you let Stefan in. You're supernatural as well…the end result might not be pretty."

"Worried about me, Damon?" she teased.

His face wasn't laughing. "You're taking a big risk by talking to me. You're his mate and he wouldn't hesitate to eliminate anyone he believes is a threat, not even me. Unfortunately that's one of the bad things about being involved with a vampire; we are ridiculously territorial."

"Stefan wouldn't hurt you over me."

Damon's smirk was in place as he flicked the end of her nose. "He would impale me if given the chance."

Bonnie searched his eyes, felt her phone vibrate in her hands. It was Stefan calling. She answered.

"Hey, babe I'm on the way."

Damon watched her walk off briskly. But then she kind of always did walk like she was late for something.

Bonnie met up with Stefan in the parking lot; he was already holding the passenger side door open for her. And he was seated behind the steering wheel before she had the chance to snap her seat belt on.

"What do you want to do?" he asked and backed the car out of the spot and meandered to the exit.

"It's kind of mild today so…a ride on the Harley?"

"Anything for you darlin'," he replied with an exaggerated southern accent. Bonnie stretched over and kissed him. Stefan was a little surprised she initiated it. Their eyes met and locked and Bonnie could tell he wanted to say something.


"Nothing it's just you're so damn beautiful."

His compliment made her blush. "Charmer."

"You make my job easy."

Elena sat in the passenger seat of Damon's car. She'd had a week filled with angst and introspection and she finally came to a doable conclusion that would work in her favor.

They were parked along Main Street right outside of the ice cream shop. All day Elena had had second thoughts about what she was going to say to Damon, but…

She had seen Stefan and Bonnie together at school and it crushed her heart and pissed her off all over again.

And those two specific reasons is why she knew it would be unfair to drag Damon through an emotional gauntlet while she tried to wrap her head around the harsh fact that her first love was now in love or whatever with her best friend.

Damon sat like a statue as he waited for the knife he sensed Elena was going to throw at his heart.

All week she had avoided him and he avoided her. Now with Stefan's return she finally put an end to her reclusive ways and was ready to deal with their cliffhanger of a situation.

He wasn't looking forward to it but he had been in this position before.

"I know you want more, Damon and I wish I were in a better emotional position to give you what you want. But you and I both know…it could never work. And us being together is wrong on a certain level."

"You're still missing the point," he said sharply. "This was never about what I wanted but what I needed. And…" he let his thought drop because something else caught his attention.

Perfect, Damon thought as he eyed the pair that came traipsing out of the ice cream parlor with ear-to-ear grins on their faces.

So hardcore of you, brother Damon scoffed internally. He felt Elena stiffen next to him.

Up ahead he finally realized he was parked one car behind Stefan's Harley. Who does that? Ride a mean machine like a Harley Davidson to an ice cream parlor? His brother, that's who.

As he flicked his eyes between Stefan and Bonnie sharing an ice cream cone and Elena's shocked and outraged face, Damon was uncertain about what to do. He could drive away, head back to the boardinghouse, but call him a glutton for punishment and hard-headed. He remained parked right where he was.

Soon, he realized that the witch and his vampire brother weren't merely taking innocent turns eating the solitary cone, it was becoming quite X-rated.

I stand corrected, Damon tilted his head to get a better angle of Stefan sliding the tip of the cone down Bonnie's tongue.

He shifted a little in his seat and cleared his throat.

"Disgusting," Elena muttered and finally forced herself to look away. "Can you take me home?"

"We're not done talking or I should say you're not done dragging me through the mud."

Elena sighed. "I don't want to hurt you, Damon."

He cranked the engine. "Too bad because you already did."

A tear rolled down Elena's cheek and she looked out the window. "You know I didn't mean to."

"Answer me this," he cut the engine off again. "If Stefan and Bonnie never hooked up, and you and I did our thing and the compulsion on Stefan was lifted, would you have dropped me like a bad habit and resumed your relationship with him?"

"I…" she stammered.

Damon's gaze was intimidating and Elena found it hard to meet his accusing eyes.

But he deserved to know the truth. "In time I would have been able to let Stefan go. So no, I wouldn't have just dropped you."

"And your reason for doing this," he waved a finger back and forth between them, "is because you want space."

Elena turned in the seat to face him. "My head feels all screwed up. I understand it's not fair but I can't help the way I feel about Stefan. And I'm not going to drag you through my bullshit."

"So glad you're calling it by its appropriate name."

"You deserve better, Damon. And I'm sorry but I can't…not right now."

He nodded his head resolutely and looked up when he heard the crank of the Harley. He sat and watched as Stefan kissed Bonnie deeply, heard each and every little moan and sigh. When they finally came up for air they merely gazed at one another as if transfixed by each other's beauty. Damon had to admit he had never seen Stefan look so…blissful. Stefan kissed Bonnie's cheek prior to putting her helmet on and closing the flip up visor.

He was a ripper! An uncaring, unfeeling jackass. He wasn't supposed to have the goods to make some wholesome girl fall in love with him. How was any of this possible? Or fair?

Damon continued to watch as they mounted the bike, Bonnie holding on to his brother for dear life as he zipped out into traffic and zoomed down the street.

Damon cranked the engine and pursued them. Elena looked at him—worried.

The speedometer climbed from thirty to fifty to seventy miles per hour until Elena screamed:

"Red light!"

The Camaro's tires screeched against the asphalt garnering the attention of the twosome on the bike.

Damon could make out Stefan's smirk perfectly through the heavily tinted visor.

"Damon," Elena warned and then was slammed into the seat as Damon stomped on the gas the minute the light turned green.

He had no idea why he was chasing his brother through this po-dunk town, maybe because he was fed up with the lackluster results of his life, the melodrama that never seemed to go on a permanent hiatus. The unfairness of loving a woman who loved his brother first and best. Now Stefan had done it again—striking gold while he struck out.

"Damon what are you doing?"

All of her questions were being ignored as Damon's car hydroplaned over a small incline in the road chasing after the motorcycle.

Stefan purposely swerved in front of Damon throttled the gas and the break at the same time until clouds of smoke billowed from the tires.

Elena began to cough. Damon cursed and then realized what he was doing could put Bonnie in danger. He immediately began to decelerate.

His car sat idling at the next red light while Stefan continued south with his prize.

Incensed, Elena asked, "What the hell was that about?"

"I have no idea," Damon answered and then took the appropriate route to Elena's.

The Salvatore Boardinghouse

Stefan stood in front of the fireplace chomping on ice cubes and thinking of ways to convince Bonnie to spend the night. Currently she was at Caroline's doing homework. And what was up with that Dukes of Hazzard stunt Damon pulled this afternoon; he could have crashed into his bike and killed Bonnie. Yep, Stefan began to devise ways to have a heart-to-heart with his brother when the rarely used doorbell rang.

Sighing, he sat his unfinished drink on the mantle and headed to the door.

When he flung it open he laughed dryly.

"What do you want?"

Stefan was met with silence and it didn't take long for his irritation to rise. Just as he was about to slam the door on the unwelcomed visitor, an aerosol bomb was ignited in his face. The gas began to burn his lungs and his flesh. Vervain!

A fist shot out of nowhere and landed right in his jaw. Stefan stumbled on his feet, tripped and landed on his back. He blinked his eyes rapidly trying to clear them.

The visitor stepped inside, closed the front door, and slipped his hood off.

Jeremy stood like an ancient warrior over Stefan. "Time for payback, dick!"

Chapter end.

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