He wandered the halls of Kandrakar, running his fingers over the smooth walls. Although he had been in the fortress for a while now, there were still some things he wasn't used to. Everything was so… clean. There was no dirt or dust anywhere. He would never get used to that. He couldn't worry about it now though. He had a job to do and he was going to do it. There were too many people depending on him.


His thoughts were interrupted at the sound of his name. Well, one of his names at least. He spun around to face Tibor.

"Yes?" he replied, looking up at the taller man.

"Have you not heard the announcement?" Tibor asked.

Minnio racked his brains, but nothing came up.

"No." Minnio said at last. "What announcement?"

"The Guardians have been called back." Tibor said. "They will be testifying at the judgment. You will finally get to meet them."

Minnio just barely managed to hide a smile. The girls were coming back! Of course, Minnio had already met them, but Tibor didn't know that. Wait a minute…

"Judgment?" he said. "So Endarno got it passed?"

Tibor nodded gravely.

"Yes, and many of the elders agree with him. It was a rather one-sided vote."

"Excellent." Minnio said, although he didn't mean it. He had to do some tough things in order to complete his mission, but he didn't have to like it. Tibor, one of the few elders who voted in favor of the Oracle, gave him a glare. Minnio comforted himself with the knowledge that his deception was working. Tibor had no idea who Minnio really was, or who he was fighting for. Minnio hoped that when this was over, he would be able to explain himself.

"When do the Guardians arrive?" Minnio asked.

"A matter of minutes" Tibor said "They are preparing the portal now. In fact, I believe that they need my help. You should go to the main entrance. Endarno has requested that you be with the welcoming committee. Will you go?"

"If Endarno requests it, then Minnio will go!" he replied.

Minnio said goodbye to Tibor and returned to his own thoughts. The Guardians were coming back, but not for the right reasons. However, Endarno had requested him personally on the welcoming committee. That must mean Endarno was starting to trust him. Good. He took a deep breath and headed off. Things were about to get very interesting.