Title: Windows
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh! & Yu-Gi-Oh!: 5D's
Pairing: Atem (Yami)/Yusei
Words: 172 words


Yusei looked awfully lost, Atem thought when he caught sight of him through the columns in one of the many courtyards of the palace. This one in particular was in Atem's private quarters, meaning that apart from the occasional servant, there was no one there to disturb him.

With the sunlight shining down, Yusei looked beautiful – ethereal, even – and Atem felt that familiar stirring of jealousy at the thought that someone other than him would know that beauty.

Atem was awfully tempted to go and join him; forgoing all his duties as a prince of Egypt. It was an awfully tempting thought... send the servants off so that it was only him and Yusei. He could take him right there in the courtyard.

But no, he couldn't. He loved his nation as much as he loved Yusei and he couldn't simply forsake one for the other.

Besides, he thought, it wasn't worth the risk of having someone besides him see Yusei in the throws of passion. Even if he was the one inspiring them.