He led me by his tanned, strong-gripped hand down into the trail of the dense multi green shaded vegetation filled

forest; I walked underneath the dark brown, white pebble covered dirt trail. The Silver, spotlight like moonlight

combined with the millions of shining, silver, glowing stars in the sky casted the curved, swirled shadows from
underneath the spiky leaves connected to the swirled columns of branches acting as arms for the tall rough bark-

skinned tree's. Creating a speckled shadow effect that set the mysterious mood for where he was taking me. He led me to a small clearing it was oval shaped and covered with the summer jade green grass that omitted that summer

grass smell, It was more thick and deep smelling in the forest. Burnt red, Fire gold, Dirty Maple brown leaves were
spotted on the grass all over the jade grass. A cold strong breeze lifted four leaves from their sleeping spots and

carried them intothe black darkness of the tree forest, the breeze reached my brown hair and the left part of my

brown hair ends lifted up into the sideways wind as I smiled a grin at him. He flashed his crystal white teeth at me and touched my right arm and slid his hand up to my shoulder-arm and applied pressure signifying he wanted to take me to

somewhere in the forest closure and I took one step saying that I would follow.