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The Epilogue

(Four weeks later)

''Compare the writing styles of two contempory or two Classic writers who deal with one of the following: Political unrest, economic change, society.',' Kurt read aloud from his English textbook. He paused, re-reading the exam question before finally smiling in relief that it was indeed as simple as he first thought. He had been anxious when his teachers had recommended he sit his year group exams during the summer as it gave him little time to catch up on schoolwork he had missed and even less time to prepare for examinations. However, it seemed all those hours reading in Dalton's library with- Kurt shook his head - all those hours reading in Dalton's library had not gone to waste. His French had improved dramatically with all the novelletes he had devoured, and his time spent with history books and classical novels meant he had more than enough knowledge to knock his English and History papers out of the ball park, not to mention his natural talent would gain an easy pass in his music practical test.

Now I just have to focus on math and chemistry... He told himself, calming his racing heart with the fact that he was in pretty damn good shape. Well, considering...

Considering less than a month ago you almost died. Kurt willed the voice in his head to shut up, he was supposed to be studying! The boy you loved, trusted, tried to kill you. And did you really forget that you tried to kill yourself too not six months ago? Kurt squeezed his eyes shut and fought the voice out. The pencil in his hand snapped under his grippig fingers and he shakily threw the remains in his trash can by his desk. He knew he had to stop thinking about it all. Kurt's goal was to get stronger, and that meant steeling himself and getting his life back on track.

When he had first returned home he spent every available moment with his dad, Carol and Finn - even if that meant hanging about their places of work or going with his brother to boring repetative football practises. School had finished for the summer so Kurt could also spend his days with his Glee friends. But then there was those rare moments Kurt found himself alone. Of course no one would deliberately leave him alone, it just sort of...happened. That was when Kurt had to face the demons. And the worst demon took on the form of one Blaine Anderson.

Why had he not told someone about Blaine? He still could, if he wanted, but he didn't. At first he told himself it was love, but then surely that love was one-sided? You don't hurt the one you love, never mind try to take their life. And in such a way... Kurt felt his skin was constantly stained and disgusting knowing what it had been subjected to. This was why he had to learn to be strong: he was a victim and the only way of escaping the fate of life as a victim was to fight through it. He needed to kick Blaine to the curb and focus on living. Whatever reason held him back from reporting Blaine's actions was not going to hold him back from getting better.

If only he could stop seeing his face every time he closed his eyes. That boy was under his skin and part of Kurt knew in some small way he was always going to remain there. There was a time Kurt's future seemed to revolve around the other boy and even a time he was itching to run away with him. Blaine took his heart. His soul. His virginity. How could that all just fade away? The simple answer was it probably wouldn't, at least, not anytime soon. Blaine's begging voice from the maze after it happened haunted Kurt but it also gave him some form of assurance. Blaine is still at Dalton, he thought. Blaine was sick; Kurt just never noticed before. Blaine was confused yet determined and that was a seriously dangerous combination. Maybe Blaine did love him and just momentarily lost control? It would explain so much. But it wasn't enough; Kurt was done.

'Kurt, dude, didn't you hear me?' Kurt jumped and nearly fell from his chair as Finn slapped him on his back. Finn laughed then helped his smaller brother up. 'Sorry, forgot you go all Zombie-boy when you're studying. Anyway, c'mon, we're meeting up with everyone at the park and Mike said he'd bring leftover burgers from the diner.'

Kurt grinned at Finn's excited expression, practically drooling at the thought of free burgers. 'Picnic at the park with the Glee club? How can I be late for that?' He nodded and stood up. 'I'll be down in a second.'

Finn gave a salute and made his way downstairs only after checking his messed up hair was just as messy in the mirror. Kurt laughed fondly. He slipped his math textbook into his bag and swung it over his shoulder, convincing himself he would find five minute that afternoon at least trying to retain some information.

As Kurt made to leave his bedroom he took one last look at his desk. On a scrap piece of paper Kurt saw that he had been absentmindedly doodling Blaine's name. Blaine. Blaine. Blaine Anderson. Blaine. Without a second thought, Kurt scrunched up the paper and dropped it in the trash. A minute later, he and Finn were in his car and backing out their driveway.

Kurt. Kurt. Kurt. Kurt. Kurt. Kurt. KURT.

With a frustrated sigh, Blaine tore the page out of his notebook. He had to stop getting sidetracked! He slipped the page under his mattress and went back to his notebook.

He couldn't afford to slip up at Valley Gardens. So far he had gained the support of the nursing staff - something very foreign to him after Dalton - and his doctors praised his efforts, but nevertheless he was still not to be trusted. Blaine knew that behind their kind words and parental gazes they were no fools. Blaine would not fake his way out of this place. If he wanted out, to have his freedom at last, he had to do as he was told. It was breaking the habit of a lifetime, though, and he was struggling with every step.

Four pills a day; two faded pink ones, one blue and one white. All placed in a small cup and always accompanied by a glass of water. Meals were served at eight AM, noon, four PM and eight PM. Sharp. Food could only be consumed in the small dining room just down the hall. Patients were assigned three different nurses who were responsible for making sure no one was left alone even for a moment. Patient rooms were simple yet cosy. Blaine had a window that looked out on a vegetable garden that was always empty yet always seen to. His bed was comfy, and his desk always well stocked with paper, books and stationary. Three times a week a guy named Tim would take Blaine outside to play some sports for a few hours. Every morning would start with a one-to-one with Blaine's doctor, and every evening Blaine had to complete a page in his notebook with his thoughts and feelings. He both hated and thrived on the dull repetitivness of the hospital's life. Every day he would plead the same case and every day his doctor would assure him that one day he could see Blaine being fit enough to leave and never come back.

The trouble was Blaine needed that day to be soon - otherwise his fantasy future with Kurt would remain a simple fantasy. And Blaine would rather bludgen himself to death than face that reality. The next big step he had to take was letting Cooper visit. He had adamently refused, using the excuse he still felt betrayed and broken by his brother. Thankfully the doctor seemed to accept his reason but sooner or later he would broach the subject again and then state that Blaine could not hope to be fully rehibilitated if he did not forgive his brother on the grounds that he had to do what was best for Blaine's health. It was the bitter prospect Blaine was preparing himself for. It was the only way...

With a surprised gasp, Blaine studied the work his hand had been doing as his mind had wandered. It was a crude drawing but nevertheless undoubtedly one of Kurt. That smooth, elegant nose, his dark lips and big wonderous eyes - it was uncanny. Placing his pencil down, Blaine picked up the book. He glided his finger over the image and ran his thumb over the illustrated mouth. His heart panged in pain and his throat hitched forcing him to swallow hard.

All this hard work he was putting in for Kurt, it would all be worth it eventually. But...was it crazy? Was he crazy for getting with the program just for the prospect of seeing his beautiful heavenly creature just once more? No. Blaine gazed lovingly at the drawing. He was not crazy. He was just a little...unwell.

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