What is wrong with me, I can't stop thinking Okumuracest... Freaking love these two too much 3 I got in the mood to write a longer story than the one I posted a couple days ago, so here it is! This is part one of probably... three? Pretty much, summer vacation just started and I need something to do with myself. Hope you enjoy~ (ah, the rating on this will be going up. /orz it's unfortunate that I write so much smut...)

"Rrrrgh, I can't stand it! That Bon thinks he's so much better than us all!" Yukio was listening to Rin talk, as they were on their way back to the dorm for the night. He sighed as his brother went on and on about the others in the class, what all had happened to him that day, and who had managed to annoy him so far.

The younger clenched his fist. How had Rin managed to get so popular, so fast? It was a mystery to him. He was of course happy that his brother had actually managed to get this far without getting into a serious fight with someone else. "Haha… You're really getting along with everyone, aren't you…" He said, smiling one of his usual smiles. At that, Rin snapped his head up and stared at Yukio, incredulous.

"Getting along? Of course not! That skunk head…" the older of the twins continued to talk until they got inside the dorm, and Yukio turned quickly to push him against the door. Rin finally fell silent and looked up into his brother's face. "Yukio?" He said quietly, and with concern.

The expression on Yukio's face wasn't his usual smile, instead it was… quite scary. Rin gulped as that scary face got closer to his own. "Nii-san… Please just shut up, okay?" Yukio said quietly, before letting go and walking across the room, where he immediately started undressing, getting ready to change into his casual clothes and study.

Rin nodded slightly, surprised that Yukio had had such a reaction. But I wasn't doing anything wrong, was I? He was worried that he had been, but he didn't understand the full reason behind Yukio's outburst.

Unfortunately, neither did Yukio.

The younger of the twins was ashamed at his outburst. About an hour after he sat down to study, it really started to bother him. By the time he went to bed, he was ready to apologize. He lay in his bed restlessly, trying to decide how he'd talk to his brother about it. The issue seemed to grow larger the longer he thought about it, and what started out as a simple outburst had turned into a huge deal. As he sat there worrying about it, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"HWA-?" Yukio nearly jumped out of his skin with surprise, then turned to see his brother standing beside his bed, hugging his pillow. "Ah… it's you, Nii-san…" He twitched, his heard still pounding from the shock.

"Um… Yukio… I'm sorry if I annoyed you earlier…" He looked nervously around the floor, occasionally peeking back up at Yukio.

The younger of the twins stayed frozen for a moment. He had never expected that his brother would apologize, especially not over something so unimportant. "Nii-san, it's okay… Don't worry about it…"

Rin squirmed nervously. "Um… if anything's bothering you… You can talk to me about it, okay?" He made eye contact with Yukio, obviously not used to reaching out in such a way. He had always supported his brother, but it had been such a long time since he reached out to him so gently. Rin was used to being a cheerleader from the sidelines; with no idea what was going on, but still willing to cheer.

Yukio smiled. "It's nothing, nothing at all…"

At that, Rin pouted. "You wouldn't have had such a reaction over nothing."

"…" Yukio averted his eyes, nervous. He didn't want to admit it to himself, but he was jealous of all the attention his brother had been getting from their peers. At this rate, it seemed like Rin wouldn't need his support anymore, and he was so used to the way they had always gotten along.

"Yukio…" Rin said quietly, sitting down next to his brother. "You can tell me anything…" He obviously had no idea that Yukio was stressing essentially over him.

The younger twin stayed silent, and Rin shrugged, pulling the covers back. At that, Yukio stiffened. "Nii-san? What are you doing?" he asked quietly. His warm space under the blankets was being invaded with freezing cold air.

"Laying down, what does it look like?" Rin said as he climbed into the bed, right next to his brother.

The twins lay next to each other in silence for a while, eventually falling asleep.

The next morning when Rin woke up, he smiled, feeling warm and well rested. Sometime in the middle of the night, his younger twin had wrapped him into an embrace, and Rin's new and strangely expressive tail had wrapped around the young exorcist's leg.