I'm so sorry it took me so long to update this! My summer got busy and I got lazy, and tonight I sat down and just decided to write all this... I hope you enjoy! This is the final chapter, and to make up for being such a long wait, it's a ridiculously long, smutty chapter!

"Nii-san… I think I love you…"

Rin looked down at his brother for a few seconds before his face broke into a wide smile. "Well of course you do! We're brothers!" He grinned, actually quite happy. Yukio didn't usually voice his affections to him.

Yukio was stunned. Had Rin just completely misunderstood what he was trying to say? He nodded after just a moment of hesitation. "Y-yeah… that's exactly what I meant…"

Rin nodded, having just gotten a huge ego boost. "Hm, hm! Good! It's good to know that we are close enough that you can confide in me, anything you need to! So, Yukio, tell me what's been bothering you!"

Yukio twitched, irritated by his brother's idiocy. I've already told you, dumbass… Instead of voicing what he was thinking at that moment, he put his hand on Rin's chest and pushed him away. Quickly, he stood up. "Just let me be alone for a while, nii-san…." He said before running off.

Luckily for Yukio, the dorm building was shared with no other students, and so, he had an entire building of empty dorm rooms to choose from. He ran up a floor and down the hall some, hiding in a random room.

When he slammed the door shut, a puff of dust came into his face and nearly choked him. Coughing, he slid down the wall next to the door and sat on the floor. He pulled his knees up to his chest and folded his arms on top, forming the perfect space to lay his head. Nii-san, you idiot…

After a while of simply sitting there and thinking things over, he fell asleep.

A few hours later, Yukio awoke to the sound of doors opening and closing down the hall, getting steadily closer. Footsteps approached the door of the room, and Yukio rubbed his eyes, still half asleep. The door opened, and Rin peeked in to see Yukio sitting there. "Finally, I found you!" Rin smiled widely and knelt next to his brother. "Dinner's ready, you should wash up and come down." Yukio stayed silent.

"Yukio? Are you still…?" Yukio buried his face in his arms. "Yukio…" Rin leaned a little bit toward his brother.

"Nii-san, you misunderstood…"

"What did I misunderstand?" Rin smiled kindly.

"When I told you what was bothering me…" He peeked up at Rin to see what he would say.

"But Yukio, you didn't tell me."

"I did! When I told you I love you!" Rin blinked, still not understanding. "Nii-san, I don't like seeing other people talking to you or getting along with you! Even though I know it's stupid! You told me I could tell you everything, but you probably think I'm some kind of possessive beast now!"

Rin stared at Yukio. He was beginning to comprehend what Yukio was telling him. "So… you… love me? As a brother?" He wanted to smile and tell Yukio that they would always be twins, he didn't have to worry about other people replacing him.

"More than that."


"I love you as more than a brother, Nii-san!"

"…What exactly do you mean by that…"

"I mean that I don't want you to like other people more than me! I want to be special to you like you are to me…"

"So… like… best friends?" Rin smiled a little, assuming that his brother was just awkward about what he wanted to say. Of course, he was only half right.

"More than that, even…" Yukio sighed. "Nii-san, you're my everything…"


"Nii-san, I love you. Really love, not just family love. I want to do things with you that a couple would do, like dates, and… other things…" Yukio hung his head, smiling bitterly. "Disgusting, isn't it? We're brothers, twins…"

Rin stared at Yukio, finally understanding. His face flushed bright red as he imagined some of the things Yukio must want to do with him. "Yukio… you…" The room was filled with an awkward silence for a few minutes.

"Nii-san, I—"

"Yukio," Rin interrupted. "I want to give you a chance."

"…What?" Yukio looked up at Rin, astounded. "You must be teasing me."

"I'm not teasing you," Rin smiled. "We're twins, we've always been together. You've always been the most important person to me. Maybe you just noticed it first, but I think we both think of each other as more than just brothers, as much much more than that."

"So you mean…"

"Yeah… I'll try at least," Rin smiled, looking fairly composed on the outside, while he was just as nervous as Yukio on the inside. When Yukio didn't do anything in reply except stare at Rin, blinking slowly after a few seconds, the older of the two sighed and leaned in to kiss Yukio's cheek gently. As he leaned back, Yukio's face heated up and went red.

"Nii-san… are you sure?" He asked, raising a hand up to touch the place Rin had kissed.

Rin nodded. "Do you need more proof than that?" he asked, nervous.

Yukio shook his head with a smile and leaned forward to touch his forehead to Rin's. After a moment of this, he twisted his head so he could kiss Rin on the lips. The kiss started out gentle and sweet, but quickly heated up as Rin began to kiss back. Tongues battled for dominance, and Rin's won after a close battle, shoving into Yukio's mouth. It explored the warm, damp cavern for a while, and only pulled out when it's owner needed to gasp for breath. Sometime during their intense kiss, Rin had pushed Yukio onto the floor and was now straddling him.

The Okumura twins rested their foreheads together as they panted, trying to get their breath back. Lack of experience meant that neither of them had any idea how to breathe in that situation. After a moment, Yukio spoke up. "Nii-san… that was…"

Rin grinned and cut in. "Amazing?"

The younger twin smiled faintly. "Well… yes, but it was also my first…"

Rin looked at his brother's face, surprised. "Really? You've never kissed anyone before?" Yukio shook his head, seemingly surprised that Rin had. When the older twin got his confirmation, he nodded slowly. "W-well..." He blushed. "I'm sorry that your first kiss had to be with your brother… You're so popular with girls that I thought… and you probably feel really gross now…"

"No! Of course I don't feel gross, nii-san!" Yukio pushed himself up a little. "Quite the opposite… actually…" He looked away. Just inches away from where Rin was sitting, knees placed on either side, it was evident that Yukio was feeling quite aroused from the contact.

"Oho~" Rin grinned and rubbed Yukio's shoulder with his right hand. "So you liked it that much?" He was actually feeling really nervous, but he was hiding it well. His left hand joined in in stroking Yukio's chest. They traveled up, down and around the younger's torso, until Rin pulled the shirt up, revealing some of Yukio's stomach underneath. His hands snaked underneath and worked their way up to Yukio's now erect nipples.

"Nii-san… hn- how do you know what you're doing?" Yukio said, short of breath and more aroused than he had ever believed he could be.

"Manga," Rin answered bluntly while he rubbed a finger around one of the pink nubs on Yukio's chest.

"Wh-what?" Yukio chuckled, after taking in a gasp from the sudden stimulation of a sensitive spot. He was losing his composure rather quickly and desperately trying to keep it.

"Y-you know… Shima-kun has a collection… and I got intrigued after reading one…" Rin blushed.

Yukio smiled. "I see…" Rin pouted and leaned back a bit, intentionally rubbing his butt against Yukio's hard-on. The younger twin gasped, and Rin stopped. It was evident that he was enjoying it just as much as Yukio was, but he didn't want it to go too quickly. "Nii-san, do that again, please!" He begged. His erection was straining against the front of his pants to the point where it was painful.

Rin shook his head and climbed off. "We don't want to get our clothes dirty, right? Take 'em off," He said, rather blunt. Yukio blinked, then nodded.

Immediately, Yukio pulled off his shirt, then went to work getting his pants off. The whole time he was undressing, he was watching his brother do the same. The sight just took his breath away: how many times had he dreamed about this, and now it was really happening? The idea was almost too exciting for him.

As soon as Rin was done undressing, Yukio wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed the corner of his jaw. "Nii-san, can we please get on with it?" Their cocks were rubbing against each other just slightly, and the feeling wasn't enough for either of them.

"S-sure… but… how are we going to do it? With no lube…"

"Those mangas aren't exactly accurate… Neither of us has to be penetrated… at least not today." He smiled.

Rin pouted. "Fine then, since you seem to know what you're doing…" Yukio nodded.

"Lay down," he directed, pointing at the floor. "I want to try something."

Rin nodded and did exactly what Yukio said. "Is here fine?" he asked.

"Yes, it's fine…" Yukio said, staring at his older brother. Naked, flushed, obeying his commands, tail twisting nervously… It was like a dream come true. After a moment's pause, he straddled Rin's head, and turned so that they were in the famous "69" position. "Let's try this…" he said, before nervously taking hold of Rin's cock and licking it gently a few times, then putting the tip inside his mouth.

Rin made a moaning noise as his hips thrust up unconsciously. "Oh God Yukio…" he said. Not one to lose, he looked at the hard cock in front of his face, then began to work on it as well. He licked it just once to find out the taste, then immediately took as much in his mouth as he could.

Yukio's eyes widened as he felt himself suddenly surrounded with a warm wetness. Rin's tongue wriggled against him as he sucked and bobbed his head, and Yukio did the same for him. He felt his orgasm coming on quickly, and broke contact with his mouth to say so. As soon as he pulled his head back, Rin's hips jerked forward, rubbing the tip of his dick against Yukio's cheek. "Ahh- Nii-san… Wait- I'm going to-" as soon as Rin heard those words, he pulled Yukio's hips down a bit, forcing the head of Yukio's cock to rub against the back of his throat. "nnh!" Yukio couldn't hold it in anymore, and he came inside Rin's mouth.

As soon as Rin felt an explosion of hot liquid in his throat, he pulled back and coughed, semen dripping out of his mouth and onto the floor.

"Nii-san, I'm sorry!" He said quickly, crawling off to kneel next to his brother's head. Rin gagged a little bit and shook his head. "It tastes gross… but not that bad…" He said, wiping his mouth with the front of his hand. As he looked at Yukio, he smirked. "So much… and it wasn't enough for you?" Yukio blushed and looked down at his lap. "Still standing tall…" He thought for a moment. "U-um… couldn't we use this as lube?" He asked and pointed at the puddle of creamy white liquid on the floor.

Yukio looked at it, thinking. "It… it might…" He said quietly.

"Well let's give it a try," Rin said, determinedly. He was curious about how it would feel to take it in the ass. "You'll have to prepare me, first. Right?" He asked.

Yukio's eyes widened. "Ah- you don't have to… I'd be happy to-"

"No!" Rin cut his brother off stubbornly. "You're bigger, so we're going to try it this way first!" He said, then stuck a finger in their makeshift lube. He smeared it around his hole, then turned so his ass was facing Yukio. "You're the doctor… you do it," he said, spreading his cheeks and wrapping his tail around his waist to make it more accessible.

The younger of the twins blushed bright red at the sight. "All right, if you're sure…" He coated his fingers with his own semen, and carefully slid one inside. Immediately, Rin stiffened with fear. "Wait, Yukio…" He relaxed after a few seconds, then nodded. "All right…" Yukio carefully added a second finger, bit by bit.

Rin clawed the floor, his fingernails leaving scratches in the already scuffed wood. "nnh-" he kept trying to relax, relax, until he could handle the intrusion. Yukio twisted his fingers around and began scissoring, being careful not to hurt his brother. He added a third finger and stretched them apart, trying to make it so his dick would fit without too much trouble.

The older twin was breathing deeply, trying to convince himself to relax. He knew Yukio would never, ever hurt him, and that he would be safe as long as it was his little brother there. With that reassurance, he managed to stay calm and let Yukio do as he wanted. After a minute or so of three fingers wiggling around inside him, one suddenly brushed against a spot that felt really good. Rin gasped and pushed his hips back a bit. "Oh god, do that again…" Yukio did, and Rin moaned loudly. That moan turned into a whine as Yukio pulled his fingers out. "Yukio, no, don't stop!" He turned around, then blushed as he saw Yukio covering his cock with the rest of their makeshift lube.

"…oh…" he stared, as he noticed how big Yukio was, and remembered how just three of those fingers had felt. He suddenly felt very nervous.

"Nii-san… are you ready?" Rin stared, then nodded nervously.

"How are you going to fit that… in there…?" He asked, pointing at his loosened hole.

"Ah… you're scared?" Yukio looked at Rin, who pouted, not wanting to admit it. "It's okay, here!" He said, then pulled Rin to face him and straddle his lap. "Just relax, and I'll do the rest, okay?" He kissed Rin's cheek, smiling.

The older twin nodded, and his tail wrapped around Yukio's leg. It seemed to be agreeing that it was okay. Yukio smiled, then pulled Rin's hips down a bit, and guided his cock to press against Rin's opening. Rin's arms were wrapped around Yukio's shoulders, and they hugged him tightly.

Yukio carefully pushed in, just enough for Rin to start to get used to it. He slowly entered, working to get himself the whole way in. As Yukio worked his way deeper, Rin clung to him, terrified. "There…" Yukio said as he stopped, to let Rin adjust. He held on to his brother, trying to let him feel that he was there. As much as he wanted to move, he restrained himself so he wouldn't hurt Rin.

"G-go…" Rin mumbled softly. He had apparently gotten somewhat used to being filled. Yukio slowly pulled almost out, then pushed back in. The older twin let out a high pitched whine, it hurt, godammit, and Yukio tried to aim for the spot he had hit earlier.

After a few tries that were so painful on Rin's part that he considered asking Yukio to stop, the younger twin hit the spot that made Rin stiffen with pleasure. "Yukio… there. Again," He commanded. Yukio nodded and rubbed against the spot again. Rin moaned and held on to Yukio, starting to see why people would do this.

As an experiment, Yukio moved his hips a little bit faster, pushing against that same spot harder. It was really feeling good for him as well, he didn't want to stop. "Nii-san-" he moaned.

"Yukio just- nnh… harder!" He moaned. When Yukio complied, Rin's nails dug into Yukio's back. "More, more…" the older twin groaned, not even trying to hold back his voice.

Yukio finally pushed Rin down onto his back, then got up on his knees, pushing Rin against the floor with every thrust. He moved faster and harder, both of them feeling better and better as they went on.

"Yukio, getting… hn! Close…" he panted. "Don't you dare stop!" he said loudly, nearly screaming. After a few more thrusts, Rin's ass tightened and he orgasmed all over his and Yukio's chest. When Yukio felt Rin tighten around him, he pushed in extra deep, completely burying himself, and let loose, filling his brother up with his semen. He pulled out and collapsed on top of Rin, holding him tightly. "I love you…" he mumbled into his older brother's sticky chest.

Only just understanding what his little brother said to him, Rin smiled and ran a hand through Yukio's hair. "I love you, too, Yukio." After a few minutes, as they calmed down, Rin remembered something. "Ah! Shit! Our dinner!" Yukio groaned and held onto Rin.

"Can we just heat it up later…" he asked, not wanting to let go of Rin just yet.

Rin pouted. "It'll be gross."

"I'll just order delivery, then…" Yukio smiled. He was, of course, thrilled that this had just happened, and that they were still able to have a normal conversation afterwards.

Rin sighed. "…I guess, only if you order pizza with extra meat, though…" he smiled. "Irk-" He winced. "Y-yukio, what do I do, I feel some of your… stuff… leaking out…" he asked, panicking.

Yukio looked up at Rin, suddenly realizing. "Ah! We need to get you properly cleaned up!" He said, nervously. "Let's go!" he said, picking Rin up off the floor, and carrying him bridal style out of the room. He made a mental note to come back and clean it, later, as he carried Rin down the hall to the bathroom, where they would try to figure out how to properly clean him up.

The next day~

Rin winced as he sat down in his usual seat for the exorcist cram school. His ass had been aching all day, and it had put him in a bad mood. He scowled as he stared at the front, but when Shiemi came in and sat next to him, he tried to act cheerful like usual. "Hey, Shiemi!" He said with a smile.

"Rin!" Shiemi greeted him and sat down, happy as usual. "Ne, Rin, did you find out what was wrong with Yuki-chan?" she whispered as Okumura-sensei too his spot at the front of the room.

Rin blushed bright red as he remembered, then nodded. "It's all right, we took care of it…" he said, nervously. His younger brother made eye contact with him from the front of the room and smiled, no longer looking unhappy when he looked in that direction.

After all, he knew he wouldn't have to worry about Rin liking others more than him, anymore.