"I'm sorry, Rose." Feeling a tiny stab of guilt, he continued, "It's better for you this way. New new Doctor and all that." He tried to cover how uncomfortable he felt with an unconvincing smile.

Tears in her eyes, Rose fled the console room. How could the man she had just saved have changed so much? His face wasn't the only thing that was different. The Doctor had asked her to travel with him; in fact, he'd come back for her even after she said no. Now he was telling her she should go back home.

After Rose left, the Doctor sat down heavily on the seat facing the controls. He did feel badly about having to kick Rose out of the TARDIS, but he didn't feel he had any other choice. As a Time Lord, he could see everything that could be in regard to Rose, and he didn't like the possibilities he was seeing. She would become possessive of him and the TARDIS and harbor jealousy toward everyone else who traveled with him, past or present. No human child had the right to keep a Time Lord and a TARDIS to herself.

Sighing, he stood. "Once we drop Rose home, there's something I better check up on back on Satellite 5. Then, old girl, you and I are going to have a long, proper holiday."

The TARDIS seemed to hum happily.

Rose heard the familiar wheezing followed by a resounding thud, which signaled that the TARDIS had materialized. She slowly reached for her pack and swung it onto her shoulder. She walked through the corridors, saying goodbye to the ship that been her home for the past three years. Finally, she was back in the console room. She walked past the Doctor to the doors. She turned to him, fighting to keep from crying again. "I love you," she said, her voice breaking. "I thought we were…I thought you loved me, too."

"I used to, Rose."

Rose reached for the key that hung on a chain around her neck. She pulled it off and laid it on the long brown coat that hung on the crook of the TARDIS door support beam. "Goodbye, Doctor," she said. She turned and left.

"Goodbye," the Doctor said, after Rose had disappeared from view. He stood silently musing for a few moments. Suddenly he launched into action, flipping switches, turning dials, and pressing buttons. After adding a whack with the rubber mallet for good measure, he relaxed to enjoy the ride back to Satellite 5. He hadn't seen it yet, not with these eyes.

After the TARDIS materialized, the Doctor didn't bother to check the scanners. He was fairly certain that there were only two outcomes he needed to be on the lookout for. He was seized by a whim and snapped his fingers. He was startled when the TARDIS doors opened. He poked his head out, thinking maybe something outside had pushed against them, but he didn't see anything. He snapped again and this time, the doors closed. With the third snap, they opened. After exiting, he snapped yet again, closing the doors. He then tried to push them open. They remained stubbornly shut. After all these years, you're still full of surprises, aren't you?

"DOCTOR! DOCTOR!" The Doctor was distracted by a man yelling at the top of his lungs. Soon, he saw the man sprinting toward him. He watched the man run until he halted abruptly, a confused look on his face.

"So, you're alive, Jack."

"Doctor?" Jack questioned, glancing back and forth between the thin man in the brown suit and the familiar blue box.

"That's my name, don't wear it out!" He stopped. "Remind me never to do that again. I hate regenerating. You never know what you're going to end up with. I was really hoping for ginger; maybe next time."

Jack somehow managed to glare at the Doctor's babbling while still looking a bit confused. "Explain this to me, Doc. One second I'm nobly sacrificing myself in front of a herd of Daleks and the next I'm on the floor, gasping for air surrounded by dust, not a Dalek in sight."



"Rose brought you back. After I sent her home, she managed to absorb the time vortex and bring the TARDIS back here. She turned the Daleks to dust and resurrected you."

"Where is she?"

"I sent her home, for good this time."


"For so many reasons, Jack." He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead. "Come on. Where do you want me to drop you?"

"Do I have to-" Jack was cut off. The Doctor turned and saw Jack collapse to the ground. He looked around frantically and finally spotted a man lurking behind a pile of crates. He narrowed his eyes and aimed his gun, this time at the Doctor. The Doctor gritted his teeth and calmly reached into his pocket. He pointed the object at the man and pressed a button. It emitted a high pitched whistling noise. The man cried out and put his hands over his ears, dropping his gun.

"Make it stop!" he begged.

The Doctor strode toward the man, not releasing the button on the sonic screwdriver. "Why did you shoot him?" he demanded.

"I dunno! I dunno!" the man cried.

The Doctor slowly lowered the sonic. "Next time, you'd better think before you shoot. Or you'll find yourself dealing with someone who might want revenge."

The Doctor returned to where Jack lay sprawled on the floor. He flicked the sonic over him a few times, then sat back, waiting.

Soon enough, Jack gasped and sat up. "I just got shot," he said.

"It looks like when Rose brought you back, she brought you back for good."

"Are you still gonna kick me out like you did her?"

"Nah," he replied. "You're an impossible thing, Jack. You're a fixed point in time now. I'd rather have you where I can keep an eye on you rather than letting you run around the universe creating paradoxes meeting yourself." Noticing the twinkle in Jack's eye and the grin on his face, the Doctor continued, "Well, you know that's the only man you're going to be happy with."

"This new regeneration of yours, it's kinda cheeky," Jack quipped.

"Come on, Captain. I've promised the TARDIS a holiday. Who knows where she'll take us."

Jack grabbed the Doctor's hand, pulling himself up. "What are we waiting for? The universe is waiting!"