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Usagi's POV

Why? Why? Why this is must be happening? This is only dream, right? Too bad, this is not dream. Black Moon Clan is revived, Ayakashi Sisters become evil again, Chibi-usa and Mamoru under their control, and my friends are captured! I'm so useless! If Sailor Pluto didn't help me in the first place when Rubues about to capture me, maybe I will not here with Sailor Pluto in the Gate of Time.

"Pluto, what should I do? I must save my friends!"

"Please calm down, Princess. I will send to the another dimension. Please don't worry, I have a friend who will watch over you in the another dimension " When Sailor Pluto said this, I really shocked.

"Wha...what do you mean? I don't understand!"

"I'm sorry, Princess... But I have to send you away... The reason I send you to the another dimension because you will be protected by barrier of the dimension.

Black Moon Clan will need more time to find you since the barrier is strong enough and it's very difficult to pass it. I will try to hold them as possible. Besides, you will find new allies to help you to fight Black Moon Clan."


"Yes, they are your new friends, you wil meet them soon."

"Are you sure Pluto?"

"Believe me Princess, I trust them." Woa… this is very hard. But if this is the best for me and everyone, I will do this.

"Fine, I will do it." When I said this, I can see Sailor Pluto's relieved face

"Are you ready, Princess?" Pluto ask to me as she raise her garnet rod.

"Okay, I'm ready!" Suddenly the light wash over my body and my vision become more blur.

"Good luck, Princess. I will always pray for you." That's what I heard before I disappears.




Ouch, my head is hurt, what happened? I open my eyes and I look around, I realize this is not my room that I usually used.

"Hmmmm… that's mean I'm in the another dimension right now. What I must to do now?" I decide to look around my new home. After look around, I realize I live in a small apaterment, I like it because it's fell comfortable here. I also find a small note in the kitchen, it's said;

Dear Princess.

I hope you like your new home. Don't worry about money, ID card, and your English skill. I'm already take care about it. Princess, you can go to school now, you can look around the city, anyway the name of city where do you stay right now named Amity Park. Please take care and be careful, I felt there is an enemy who is same strong as Black Moon Clan.

Sincerely, Guardian of Time, Sailor Pluto AKA Meiouh Setsuna.

Enemy who is strong as Black Moon Clan, huh? I wonder what kind of enemy is it. Ah, it's better to look around the city, I'm still feel unfamiliar with this city. I change my school uniform to casual clothes and I also bring my compact in the case there are enemy. Anyway, how did Setsuna know my poor English skill? Ah, nevermind, I will ask it later...




Danny's POV

Today is very annoying than usual, it's started from when I woke up late in the morning, then my parents attacked me when I went to the my school in ghost form, then Mr Lancer gave me detention, and the worst part is Dash bullied me, again. Seriously, today is one of my worst day ever!

"Dude, are you alright? Your face is grumpy." Ask my African-American bestfriend, Tucker.

"No, I'm in the bad mood."

"Oh Danny, school is over today anyway! Forget it! How about I treat you in Nasty Burger?" Said my goth bestfriend and crush, Sam.

"Eh… thank you, but no Sam. I don't want to bother you."

"It's okay, Danny. Besides, you treated us one week ago, remember? So, it's my turn." Sam still insist me.

"Okay fine. If that's what you want." I'm so glad that I have bestfriends just like them, they make my days better.

"Danny, didn't you feel something is off?"

"Weird? What do you mean, Tucker?"

"Vlad didn't attack you for few weeks, I wonder why?" Ah, Tucker is right. Vlad didn't attack me for few weeks, that's weird.

"Maybe he is already give up?" Sam .

"I'm not sure he is already give up, Sam. You are right, Tucker. I must be careful, I felt something bad will happening soon."

"Danny, don't say such a thing like that! You already beat Vlad countless time!"

"No, Sam. I felt he is planning something worse than usual. Damn you, Fruitloop. Why you make me felt worried everytime?" I only sigh when I think about Vlad's evil plan. Suddenly I bumped into someone.

"I'm so-sorry miss! Are you alright?" I help her to stand.

"It's okay, I'm fine." said the girl with soft smile then qiuckly walk away.

"Wow, dude. Look at her! Don't you think she is hot?" Said Tucker then Sam smack his back.

"Tucker!" Sam Hissed to Tucker.


"Guys, don't you think she is...unique?"

"What do you mean Danny?" Ask Tucker.

"She has oriental face, but she has blonde hair and blue eyes? Plus, her meat ball hairstyle is cute I think, I never see her around here, is she new?"

"Maybe. I hope I can meet her, I curious with her. I hope she is japanese, so I can ask her about Japanese cultures" Said Sam with excited, woa, that's new, Sam want to befriend with girl? I don't know why, but I feel that girl will become our new close friend, no... not only maybe new ally to againts enemy? I don't know, but I'm sure she is not an ordinary girl





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