Liz's kids

Ch. 1 Sick Child

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Author's note: This story is a Liason. There will also be Sonny and Carly as well as Lucky and Sam. Jake is alive in this story. Everything else should be explained as I go but, if you have questions please ask.

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(Liz's point of view)

Being a single Mom of four is so hard. Most days I hardly know how I am going to make it through another day. Cameron is eight, Jake just turned five, Aiden is three, and Emily is 18 months. Shortly after Emily was born Lucky and I spilt again. I honestly can say it was the right decision for all of us.

Lucky's been clean for six months this time. I just couldn't deal with his addiction anymore. He changed a long time ago. He hasn't been the boy I loved since before the fire. Now Lucky has Sam. She and I have actually found a way to get along. I would even say she's a friend to me now though we mainly talk about the kids.

Cameron hasn't been feeling well. There is nothing like having a sick kid. I thought it was just a bug. Now he has pain in his legs and his glands have started swelling. He's been sleeping and not hungry at all.

He felt warm so I took his temperature. He's temperature was 103.1. I decided to take him into the ER to be checked out. Steven my brother is the Chief of Staff. I knew he would be working. I called and told him Cameron's symptoms he agreed I needed to bring Cameron in.

I called my normal sitter to see if she could come over and watch the rest of the kids. She was taking a special class and couldn't come. My Grams was still out of town. I wasn't sure who else to call. I remember that my friend Robin who is a doctor was off today. She and her daughter Emma who's four came right over.

I called Lucky and Sam's place on the way to the ER. Sam said that Lucky was on a steak out. I told her about Cameron and that we were on our way to the ER. She asked if it would be okay if she met us there. I told her I didn't mind. It would be nice to have a little company that wouldn't give me any medical facts.

When I arrived at the ER Steven and Epiphany (my boss and head nurse) greeted us. Steven went ahead and took Cameron straight back. Epiphany suggested I stay in the waiting room. She promised to stay with Cameron. Sam arrived right after I did.

"I left a message with Mac for Lucky." Sam explained. "Thank you Sam for doing that and for coming." I said sincerely. She smiled a little and grabbed my hand and said. "Hey he's a strong boy he'll be okay." "He has to be." I responded trying not to cry.

"Who's watching the rest of the kids?" Sam asked. "Robin was off so I asked her too." I answered. "I'm sure Cam will be fine but, if he has to stay the night I can go get the kids." Sam suggested. "Thanks Sam that would be great." I said as Steven approached us.

"How is he?" I asked Steven anxiously. "He's okay. We're going to run a full panel of test." Steven answered. "Can we go back yet?" I asked. "Sure by the way I called Grams she's on her way back from Sarah's." Steven said.

"Let's go see Cameron." I said to Sam. "Okay let's go." She agreed. "Hey Cam." I said walking into the curtain. "Hey Mommy, Hi Sam. Where's Daddy?" Cameron asked. "He's working but, he should be here soon." Sam answered.

"Mommy I want to go home." Cameron said tearing up. "Oh Baby please don't cry." I begged. "Why can't we go home?" Cameron asked. "We have to wait for all your test and see what medicine you need." I answered. "Hey Cam I have a pad and pen do you want to draw?" Sam suggested. "Okay." Cameron agreed. "Thanks Sam." I said she just smiled and nodded.

As Cameron was busy drawing Steven rejoined us. He looked upset. Another nurse came in and went to sit with Cameron. Steven asked if I wanted Sam to hear the news. I agreed she could hear whatever he had to say. We all stepped into the hall.

"Elizabeth, Sam I'm afraid I don't have very good news." Steven said. "What's wrong with him?" I asked very concerned. "His white blood cells are down and his red is up." Steven explained. "What is causing it?" I asked. "It's too soon to tell." Steven answered.

"Do you have an idea what it is?" Sam asked him. "I'm concerned it could be Leukemia. I have a specialist coming in." Steven answered. "How soon will we know?" I asked trying to stay calm. "I'm not sure." Steven answered honestly. "Is there anything we can do?" Sam asked. "Just keep Cameron calm and pray." Steven answered.

Sam went back in with Cameron. I took a minute to progress. I saw Monica coming towards me. I tried to smile. She frowned a little at my expression.

"I thought you were off today." Monica said as she approached me. "I am off. I had to bring Cameron in he's been sick." I explained. "How bad is he?" She asked. "Steven thinks it could be Leukemia." I answered.

"What treatments are they reviewing?" Monica asked. "They haven't confirmed anything yet." I answered. "Did he do a biopsy?" Monica asked. "No not yet he called in a blood disorder specialist." I answered. "Listen I'm here all night so call if you need anything." Monica said. "Thank you I will Monica." I said as I left to go back into the curtained area.

Cameron was asleep. Sam was sitting next to the bed. I could tell Sam was really upset. I knew she cared about all of my children. I was glad that they had her in their lives.

"Liz?" Sam questioned softly. "Yes." I said. "Did you want to go call a friend or someone else?" She asked. "Like who?" I questioned back. "I don't like Kelly, Laney, or maybe Jason." Sam answered with a knowing smile. "Kelly and Laney both have patients and Jason is out of town." I answered.

"Have you called Jason?" Sam asked. "No I know he's away on business." I explained. "I'm sure if you call he'd be happy to come home." Sam said. "I know he would. We're just friends." I said as I had so many times before. "Listen Liz I'm not Lucky. I know how much you and Jason care about each other. And I know there's a softer side to Jason few people see. He'd be happy to be here supporting you." Sam said.

I nodded knowing she was right. Jason always has been there for me. Steven and Dr. Rhodes the specialist came in. After looking over the results and examining Cameron he agreed with Steven. He said we should do a bone marrow biopsy as soon as possible. After signing the papers they came in and prepped Cameron.

They decided to give him a sedative. Lucky showed up as they were about to take him to have the biopsy. He got to kiss Cameron. I told Lucky and Sam after Cameron got back they should leave. Lucky didn't want to go but, Sam reminded Lucky that the other kids were still with Robin.

Finally they brought Cameron up to his room. Cameron was still sleeping. Lucky and Sam told me good night. Then they left to go get the kids. I tried to rest in the cot they had brought for me. Monica came in she had food from Kelly's for me. She sat and we talked for a bit.

I finally fell asleep. I dreamed that Cameron died. Why didn't I bring him sooner? Why didn't I call Steven sooner? Why didn't I realize something was wrong? I was woken by Monica, Steven, and Dr. Rhodes early the next morning. I knew it wasn't good news.