Hey guys. This is my first fanfic I am writing. Read it and let me know what you think. I will try to upload more chapters whenever I have time.

Chapter 1

"Reba!" Brock yelled as he came bursting through her front door.

"You know you could knock before you just barge into my house" Reba replied setting her book down and sitting up on the couch.

"Yeah, yeah but I have some great news to tell you" he responded as he sat on the chair arm that was beside the couch. Just then the phone started ringing. Reba held up a finger indicating him to wait a minute as she answered the phone.

"Hey dad what are you doing here?" Cheyenne said as she entered the living room after putting Elizabeth down for a nap. Before Brock could answer Reba came back into the living room with a huge smile on her face. Brock loved seeing her happy, the way her smile reached those beautiful blue eyes of hers. He had to wonder why he ever divorced her. "Oh you're happy! Was that Narvel?" Cheyenne asked seeing the smile on her mother's face.

"Maybe," Reba replied as the grin grew even bigger across her face.

"Wait whose Narvel?" Brock asked completely confused.

"Oh just a guy mom went on a date with the other day! He is so cute!" Cheyenne squealed. Brock looked over at his ex-wife only to see that she was blushing.

"Anyways..." Reba said trying to change the conversation "what was your big news Brock?"

"Oh... uh it was nothing really I better get back to my condo though Henry is supposed to be coming over in a bit." He replied. He was back living at his condo since Barbra Jean had filed for divorce.

When Brock got back to his condo he went and lay on the couch. Reba didn't even know he still loved her. Just when he was going to try to win her back he finds out she is seeing someone else. Now what was he going to do? He couldn't stand to see her almost every day and know that he can't have her back. He had to find a way back into her heart.

Reba was upstairs trying to pick out what she was going to wear for her date with Narvel the next day. Cheyenne wasn't lying, he was cute. He was tall and tan, with beautiful, big, brown eyes and a cute little accent. He was a little shy which she loved about him. He was new to town and she was trying to find him the perfect house. But then a picture of Brock popped into her head. He had such a sad look on his face earlier that evening before he abruptly left to his condo.

Reba set her clothes down and headed downstairs. She found Kyra sitting at the island in the kitchen. It was her only weekend at home this month. The rest of the month she would be off with her band. Reba hated having to ask Kyra to babysit on her only time at home but she was sure she would understand. "Kyra do you mind watching Jake for me?"

"Sure mom, but where are you going?"

"I have to go talk to your father."

"Alright," Kyra said standing to hug her mom. Whatever problems the two might have had before they had worked out. Reba and Kyra trusted each other now and liked having each other to talk to.

Brock heard a soft knocking on the door and got up off the couch to answer. He was surprised to see Reba standing there.

"Oh... hey Reba. I thought you were Barbra Jean bringing Henry over."

"No just me. Mind if I come in? I wanna talk."

Brock moved over and let Reba into the condo. She took a seat on the couch and he came and sat beside her.

"Brock, are you okay?" Reba asked as concern flashed in her eyes.

"Reba I'm fine. You know you don't have to come here and check up on me, I'm a grown man," He responded secretly glad she had stopped by.

"I know but when you left earlier you didn't get to tell me your big news. And you kind of left in a hurry, you didn't look very happy." Reba said as a sad smile crossed her lips.

"The news is nothing. It's stupid, don't worry about it."

"Brock just tell me."

"Reba I said it was nothing just let it go," Brock said his voice rising a little in anger.

"Don't get mad at me. You came over saying you wanted to tell me something, then when I ask what you won't tell me." Reba said getting a little defensive. She stood up and walked into the kitchen. Brock was only two steps behind her.

"It was nothing Reba okay? I'm fine you can just forget about it."

He was shouting which just made Reba even madder. "Brock why won't you tell me?" she shouted right back at him.

"You want to know? Is it really that important to you?"

"Yes please Brock stop being so stubborn and just tell me!"

"I still love you!" Brock yelled then pausing to let that sink in.