Another gift fic from my little quiz in "Tease", this is for DaniDeSantiago! Hope you'll like it. :)

Oh, and just for clarification, this story is not part of the Shuuhei/Renji universe, so Renji's not cheating on Shuuhei! :p

"This is stupid," Ichigo complained in an uncharacteristically whiny voice as he poked his hand around in another drawer.

Renji rolled his eyes. Ichigo had repeated this rant the entire morning, so much so that Renji had stopped bothering to respond. Secretly, though, he had to agree with Ichigo.

The two of them had drawn the short straws and were assigned to be "scouts". The mission was simple; they were to sneak into Ishida Uryuu's apartment to see if they can gather any clues on what the boy liked. That information, as Rukia had said with a serious face, would be crucial for them to decide what to get the Quincy for his birthday.

His birthday! Renji thought unhappily. What's the big deal about it that they had to tiptoe around in Uryuu's room like a couple of idiots? They hadn't seen anything significant in the living room, so they moved to Uryuu's bedroom. While Ichigo rummaged through Uryuu's drawers, Renji bent down to check underneath Uryuu's bed.

"This is damn invasion of privacy!" Ichigo complained again as he tried hard not to leave evidence of his work.

"Well, yeah, you tell Rukia that," Renji muttered, his voice coming out muffled with his head stuck half way under the bed. "Man, this guy's boring! Can you believe that he doesn't even have porn stashed under his bed?"

Ichigo snickered. He slammed the last drawer closed and let out an exaggerated sigh. "It's Uryuu," he said, sticking his hands on his hips in frustration at their situation. "He knits, he sews. I don't think he has time for stuff like that. He'd probably say that it's unproductive."

Renji chuckled, finally backing out of the bed. His ponytail had become disheveled, and several strands of red hair hung over his bandana. He cursed under his breath when Ichigo pointed it out, then reached up to retie his hair.

But, just as he took off the hair tie, they heard a sound that made them freeze in their tracks; the sound of a door clicking close.

"Shit!" Renji spat in alarm, releasing his hair and looking around frantically for a way out. His hair came loose without the hair tie and draped across his shoulders and back.

Ichigo, too, was scanning the room in panic. "Window's locked! We don't have time to open it!" he hissed when Renji went to the window. "Shit!"

"Over here!" Renji whispered fiercely when he noticed a door next to the window. "I think this is a closet!"

Ichigo rushed to his side and stared as Renji flung the door open. It was, indeed, a closet; a surprisingly large walk-in closet.

"I dunno about this..." Ichigo hesitated. This would be holing themselves in. If Uryuu were to open his closet to change clothes, they would be discovered for sure.

"Well do you have a better idea?" Renji asked hurriedly. He eyed the door then turned to look at Ichigo. The orange-haired boy stared back in consternation at the lack of options.

The sound of creaking staircase made the decision for them. Giving Ichigo a shove, Renji stepped into the closet and pulled the door close. It was just in time, too, because no sooner than they pressed their backs against the wall, they heard the door of the room swing open, followed by footsteps. A low cough told them that it was Uryuu.

Ichigo looked up at Renji and made a face, and the redhead shrugged his shoulders. Well, they're stuck now. They could only hope that the Quincy would not suddenly get the urge to get anything from this closet. Their hopes lifted slightly when they heard the unmistakable sound of the window being unlocked and opened, but there was still the problem of Uryuu being in the room, positioned between their hiding place and their escape route. Now, they just had to wait for Uryuu to go to the bathroom or get a drink...or something.

Minutes ticked by and there was no indication of Uryuu going anywhere. They had heard the sound of a chair scraping the floor, then the shuffling of paper. After that, there was the steady whirring sound of an electric fan, but other than that all was silent. It looked like Uryuu was there to stay, doing his homework or studying. In other words, Ichigo and Renji would not have the opportunity to flee any time soon.

Good thing the closet was reasonably large; the two of them had enough space to stand relatively comfortably, even though their shoulders had to brush against each other. The ceiling of the closet was a little lower than their height, so they lowered their heads slightly. It strained their neck muscles, but neither felt like sitting down, partly because they wanted to be able to bolt at the first chance they might get, and partly also because there was a lot of stuff on the floor. Neatly-labeled boxes lined the sides of the closet; shoes, books, sewing supplies. Renji marveled at the neatness of it all. The two of them stood at the very back of the closet, partially hidden behind rows of clothes hanging on the racks.

"Hey, you going to tie your hair or what?" Ichigo whispered suddenly, causing Renji to jump. Ichigo's voice was very soft, barely audible, but it sounded terribly loud in the small space.

"Are you trying to get us caught?" Renji hissed back just as quietly. But Ichigo's question reminded him that he had been in the middle of tying his hair when they had to hide. The hair tie was around his wrist, and, figuring that a messy head of long hair would make their retreat a little more cumbersome, he slipped the hair tie out and pulled his hair up in his trademark ponytail.

"What're you staring at?" Renji asked when he realized that his friend was staring at him as he worked his hair tie around the fistful of hair.

"Your hair...does it feel...the same?" Ichigo whispered.

Huh? Renji scrunched up his face in confusion at the abrupt question.

Ichigo added, "You know, does it feel the same on your gigai compared to your...real body?"

Renji cocked his head to the side. Now that was an interesting question; he'd never really paid attention to it. Well, he supposed that it meant the texture was the same, otherwise he would've noticed it. Looking back at Ichigo, he nodded, then he raised his eyebrows inquiringly. What's with that question?

Ichigo shrugged and mouthed, "I'm bored."

Renji rolled his eyes. Trust the overactive orange-head to come up with weird things like this. But then again, now that he thought about it, it was actually a very interesting question. Over the months Renji had gotten so used to wearing a gigai that he had even stopped noticing how uncomfortable it once was. He remembered now, how annoying it had felt, how stiff it had seemed at first.

"What?" Renji whispered with a frown when Ichigo continued to stare at him.

"You know, that made me think..." Ichigo began. "Is it the right size?"

Renji's brows furrowed deeper. "What is?" he mouthed.

Ichigo arched his eyebrows and looked down. It took Renji several seconds to realize what he was referring to; not because the redhead was dumb, but rather because of how ridiculous and unexpected the question was. Renji's hands instinctively flew to his crotch to cover it, as if that would block it from Ichigo's view.

"What the hell kind of question is that?" Renji hissed in disbelief, feeling oddly violated under Ichigo's curious gaze.

"I'm serious!" Ichigo mouthed, and to Renji's chagrin, continued to stare at Renji's nether regions.

Renji wanted to give some sort of smart retort, then faltered when a thought struck him. Well, it was the "right size", to put it in Ichigo's terms, but he wondered on earth did Urahara know to make the gigai with the correct anatomical proportions? But then again, did Renji really want to know how...? He shuddered, deciding that he'd rather not think about it.

"Well? Is it?" Ichigo asked insistently, peering into Renji's face.

"Yes!" Renji whispered in exasperation. "It is! Happy now?" He scowled when Ichigo chuckled. Childish! Renji thought irritably. Then, he caught Ichigo glancing down at him again. "What's your problem? Never seen a man's dick before?" He meant it more as a jab at Ichigo, and never expected the boy to actually respond.

"Well, I haven't!" Ichigo replied indignantly, keeping his voice low. "Except my own, of course," he added hastily when Renji snorted.

"You're such a kid," Renji chided, knowing that by saying so he would irk Ichigo.

Sure enough, Ichigo took the bait. "I'm not!" he whispered fiercely. "I'm just not a perv like you are!"

"Oh yeah?" Renji retorted. "Well, have you even held a girl's hand before?" He smirked when ichigo gave him a pained look. "I knew it," Renji muttered with a grin. "Hell, you've probably never touched yourself before in your life."

Ichigo stood up a little straighter in annoyance, only to nearly hit his head on the ceiling. "I have!"

Renji arched his eyebrows in amusement. He could tell that he was getting on Ichigo's nerves. "Oh yeah? How?" he taunted.

Ichigo frowned. "What do you mean how?"

"Yeah, how? As in, how do you touch yourself?" Renji asked with a sly smile.

"What the hell kind of question is that?" Ichigo sputtered, turning Renji's earlier question back on the redhead. This was crazy, how was Renji expecting him to answer? His face flushed as memories of what he had done with himself flooded his mind. There was absolutely no way he would describe any of them to the redhead!

Renji's smile widened. "Feeling shy? Or you've just never done it before?"

Ichigo took one look at the challenging glint in his friend's eyes and gritted his teeth. No. No way. He refused to answer, even if Renji called him a wimp. Some things were just not meant to be shared between friends. So instead of glaring at the redhead, he looked away and sulked.

Renji grinned at Ichigo's obvious discomfort at where the conversation was heading. He, on the other hand, was just beginning to have fun. Inching closer to Ichigo, carefully avoiding the things on the floor, Renji whispered, "Too scared to talk about it?" He knew which buttons to push when it came to Ichigo.

Ichigo kept silent and refused to turn around in Renji's direction.

"Aww, come on," Renji said teasingly and gave Ichigo's shirt a tug. "I'm all ears."

"Fuck off," Ichigo hissed through his teeth. To his horror, all this stupid talk about "touching yourself" and his earlier curious thoughts about Renji's size and gigai, not to mention the images of what he'd done with himself, had made him...aroused. He shifted his weight to get the pressure off his front; the jeans he was wearing suddenly felt too small. Worst of all, Renji was right there. It was only a matter of time when Renji noticed his...condition.

Unfortunately for Ichigo, that time was now. As Renji moved closer, he suddenly found himself staring at a not-so-subtle bulge at the front of Ichigo's jeans. He snickered out loud before clamping a hand over his mouth. When he finally felt comfortable enough to take his hand away, Ichigo was staring at him with a murderous glare. Renji almost felt bad, almost.

Leaning closer, Renji whispered in a suggestive tone, "So do you do it in the shower? Or do you do it on your bed?"

"Oh, give me a break," Ichigo said, his voice coming out a little unsteady. Shit, Renji really needed to stop talking about this.

"Do you start off slow? How do you like it?" Renji asked in Ichigo's ear.

The orange-haired boy gulped. He felt himself throb within the folds of his jeans. Renji's voice was...making things worse. It was so deep, so throaty, almost like a growl, yet the hoarse whisper was so sensual. Ichigo shuddered as another question flashed in his mind: is this how Renji sounded like in bed? And wait, if Renji asked if he started off slow, did that mean Renji liked it slow—shit! What was he thinking about? That's the last thing he needed in his head! But it was too late, he was beginning to breathe heavily and his heart was pounding in his chest. He shifted his weight again; this pair of jeans was really killing him.

"I think you should take care of that," Renji suggested in mock innocence, pointing to Ichigo's crotch. When Ichigo glared at him again, the redhead grinned. "Or do you want me to take care of it?"

Shit! Ichigo's eyes widened and he stared at Renji in shock. What the hell— He wanted to give a snappy retort, but found himself unable to say anything. His throat was tight, and his mouth felt uncomfortably dry. His ears had a weird ringing sound in them, and in the background he could hear his own heartbeat. This was getting surreal; not only was he stuck in a freaking closet in his friend's apartment, he was standing here with a hardon, being offered a hand job by another friend! Even as these thoughts floated in his mind, something else nagged his mind, something more urgent. He was beginning to hurt. Ichigo shifted his weight again, but the friction of the fabric against his flesh only served to make things worse; to his horror, he actually let out a moan.

"Come on, before you kill yourself," Renji whispered in Ichigo's ear. What had started off as a childish taunt was now making the redhead's pulse race. He realized now that he really wanted to see Ichigo.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Ichigo knew that he should hold back before he did something stupid, but at Renji's urging, he found himself tempted to take care of the problem. Uh uh, that's a baaad idea, his inner voice said flatly. Ichigo groaned as he fought the epic mental battle; god it was really beginning to hurt to the point that he was actually worried. Before he truly realized what he was doing, he brought a trembling hand to the front of his jeans and began to fumble with the button.

Ichigo was so lost in a haze that he didn't even flinch when he felt another hand join his to help with the zipper. He breathed a sigh of relief when the garment slid down his thighs, revealing his boxers and the prominent tent in it. He pressed his palm on himself and sighed again, this time in pleasure. Pulling the top of his boxers to the side, Ichigo dipped his hand inside. Then, he held himself in his fist and squeezed.

Renji thought his legs would give out when he heard the whimper from Ichigo's lips. The boy's eyes were closed, his lashes rested on his cheeks, and his nostrils flared as he breathed heavily. Renji's hand—the one that had helped Ichigo undo the zipper—hovered above Ichigo's. He wanted to touch, but helping with a pair of pants was one thing, actually touching his friend was a whole other thing; he didn't want to blatantly molest Ichigo. And so his hand continued to hover, barely an inch away, as his eyes were transfixed on Ichigo's hand.

As he applied more pressure on himself, Ichigo let out a soft moan. He clenched his free hand into a fist and pressed it into the wall as if to steady himself. Then, taking in a deep breath, he began his usual routine. Tightening his hold, he slowly began a pumping motion, sliding his hand up and down his length. He heard his own shuddering breaths as he moved, and he rested his head back against the wall.

Renji swallowed as he watched. Ichigo's chest heaved as he stroked himself, and Renji felt the urge to touch Ichigo increase. Still, he hesitated. And then, truly by accident, his trembling hand brushed against the back of Ichigo's hand. Alarmed, Renji pulled away.

"Don't," Ichigo panted, his free hand shooting out to grab Renji's wrist. "You wanted to help me, right? So help me." Renji stared at Ichigo, who simply stared back through heavy-lidded eyes. When the redhead didn't respond nor move, Ichigo smirked. "Or were you just bragging?"

That was all it took to push Renji into action. He wrapped his hand around Ichigo's and tightened his fist. Ichigo immediately hissed at the sensation; this was certainly something new. Nobody had touched him like this before. Oh, he had fantasized, of course. He had always thought that his red-haired friend was attractive, but he never thought he would actually be able to feel Renji's hand on his—oh!

Renji felt Ichigo jump when he dragged his thumb over Ichigo's tip. Ichigo's breath was getting really ragged, and his moans were becoming disturbingly louder. Renji flicked his eyes to the door of the closet. If he went on like this, Uryuu would hear him for sure.

"Shhh!" Renji hissed in Ichigo's ear. "You're too loud."

Ichigo nodded, but the next moan that left his lips was even louder. He couldn't help it; Renji's hand felt so good. It felt different; "taking care of himself" never felt this way, but then again he'd never had Renji "help" him before.

Renji did the only thing he could think of—he leaned in and clamped his lips on Ichigo's to shut him up. Ichigo struggled instinctively, then his body relaxed when Renji kissed him lightly. Any thoughts of the absurdity of the situation went flying out the window as Ichigo reveled in the feeling of Renji's lips on his own. He was amazed that his red-haired friend could be so gentle; the guy had always come off as somewhat of a brute, always loud and brash, not to mention all his tattoos and the way he fought... His next moans came out muffled, lost in Renji's mouth as the redhead explored Ichigo with his tongue, prodding lightly, almost shyly.

Renji could not believe that he was doing this with Ichigo. The boy's lips felt so pliant, so warm and wet, and so welcoming. He could tell that Ichigo had never been kissed before based on the clumsiness when the boy tried to return the gesture. Renji's grip tightened on Ichigo as his breath quickened at the thought that he was the first. The first to kiss Ichigo, and the first to ever touch Ichigo like this.

An especially loud, shaky groan from Ichigo's lips told Renji that the boy was not going to last. The thought snapped him out of his haze, and Renji realized with sudden clarity that they had nothing to wipe the mess with! He eyed Ichigo's boxers. Maybe he could just ask his friend to come inside his pants. Ugh, Renji thought with a shudder. That would mean that Ichigo would have to stand around in the closet with a wet, sticky mess in his crotch. Eww. Renji looked around the closet.

"Hold on!" Renji hissed in ichigo's ear, then pulled his hand away. Ichigo whimpered at the loss of warmth, but he nodded weakly. His breath was coming in gasps and pants as he neared his limit, the familiar tension building in his gut, quickly reaching the point where he knew he would break and—

"Here!" Ichigo felt something fluffy being thrust into his free hand. Without opening his eyes to look, he clamped what felt like a piece of cloth over himself and let out a whispered cry as his body spasmed. He curled up, his back sliding down the wall a little as he trembled. Renji stood in front of Ichigo and watched silently, feeling his face flush as he took in the sight of his friend becoming completely undone.

"Oh god," Ichigo gasped when he finally stopped shaking. He had slid all the way down to the floor, and was sitting amidst a bunch of boxes. "Oh god," he repeated, this time in mortification more than relief as he finally became fully aware of his surroundings. His jeans pooled loosely around his ankles, his boxers half way down his thigh, and he was holding a piece of white cloth against himself. But the thing that made him want to throw up was the sight of his red-haired friend standing in front of him with his arms folded tightly across his chest.

Renji stood there quietly, chewing the insides of his cheek in an effort to distract himself from his own growing desire. The way Ichigo had curled up and cried out when he climaxed was so hot, the image so intense that Renji couldn't get it out of his mind.

"Uhh, sorry, man," Ichigo muttered, his words unclear because he was embarrassed beyond belief. What the hell got into him? He'd just masturbated in full view of his good friend, who was now staring at him with such intensity and lust that he felt almost afraid. The top it all off, they were standing inside Uryuu's closet in the dark, and Ichigo was clutching—oh god—For the first time the implication of what he was holding in his hand hit Ichigo. This was Uryuu's cloth! He was torn between laughing and grimacing at the thought of the Quincy finding out what his belonging had been used for.

"Well it was that or your clothes," Renji said gruffly in a low voice.

Ichigo's lips quivered from his effort to reign in his laughter. "Yeah, no problem," he whispered back, his voice cracking slightly.

"Whatever," Renji said, turning away. His face burned with embarrassment, not from having seen Ichigo like this, but because he had to hide his own arousal. It wouldn't do to have Ichigo see the bulge in his pants now.

"Well, uhh," Ichigo said once he stopped laughing. "This is...awkward." Awkward? This was beyond awkward. He looked up from where he was sitting, and found himself staring right at...

"I see I got you all riled up," Ichigo whispered, pointing at the front of Renji's pants.

"Oh shut up," Renji hissed in a mixture of annoyance and embarrassment. "Riled up" was an understatement; it was taking all his willpower not to tackle Ichigo to the ground and take him. He silently cursed the situation they were in. For a split second he contemplated the possibility of going slow, perhaps that would make Ichigo less vocal. But then again...Renji shook himself, he was getting way ahead of himself. Touching and kissing Ichigo was nothing compared to actually—hey! Renji's thought was abruptly cut off when he felt a palm rub him through his jeans.

"Oi!" Renji whispered in alarm. "What the hell are you doing?" It was an unnecessary question, really, since it was quite obvious what Ichigo was doing. The orange-haired teen was kneeling in front of Renji and touching the bulge in his pants. He had a look of wonder on his face, as if he was exploring some new toy. Renji's eyes widened when Ichigo reached another hand up and began to unbutton Renji's pants.

"Hey!" Renji hissed, bringing up a hand to slap Ichigo's hands away. Ichigo was unfazed and simply went on, and soon Renji's jeans were tugged down to his knees.

"Wow," Ichigo whispered in awe as he looked at the substantial bulge in front of him. "You're...big." Renji was just about to grin when Ichigo added with a skeptical frown, "Are you sure Urahara didn' know, enlarge it by accident—ooof!" His words were cut off when Renji gave his head a fierce shove.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Renji asked again when Ichigo returned to stare at his crotch. "Come on, gimme my pants." Not waiting for Ichigo to reply, Renji bent down to grab his jeans so that he could put them back on. He certainly did not want to "take care of himself" in front of Ichigo like Ichigo had earlier. Firstly, he was actually too embarrassed to do so, and secondly, he didn't want to have to use another piece of Uryuu's cloth.

"But it's going to hurt," Ichigo said with a frown, stopping Renji's hand.

"Well, no shit," Renji muttered under his breath. He gave his jeans another tug, then sighed in defeat when Ichigo held his hands firmly. "What now?"

"How about I help you?" Ichigo suggested with a sly smile, glad that he could turn the tables. Then he added hastily, "But I...uhh, I'm not really good at anything like maybe you can teach me, you know, tell me what to do."

Renji stared at his friend and swallowed. Ichigo was offering not only to help him, but he had just implied that he'd be willing to do what Renji asked him to? This was too good to be true. Maybe the stress of the situation was getting to them all. Renji looked at Ichigo's face; the orange-haired boy looked back with unblinking eyes that conveyed nothing but curiosity and sincerity. Well, definitely curiosity. What kind of monster had he unleashed? Renji mused. He was just playing with Ichigo and teasing him about being innocent and inexperienced, he definitely didn't expect to stir up the boy's sudden...interest in this topic. Or perhaps his friend had always been curious and just never had the courage to bring it up?

"You'll do anything?" Renji asked, his voice suddenly hoarse.

Ichigo hesitated. "Well, within reason of course," he said with a frown.

Renji chuckled. He had been thinking of something since the moment he kissed Ichigo; the softness and warmth of those lips made him wonder how it would feel like if they were... "Would you be okay using your mouth?" Renji asked softly, then braced himself for a tirade of—hopefully whispered—curses.

Ichigo's eyes widened. He hadn't done it of course, and obviously hadn't had anyone do it to him before, but he had heard of such an act. "Okay," he said uncertainly, "But I really, uhh, don't know what to do." When Renji arched his eyebrows, Ichigo added, "I've seen it in pictures and stuff, but I don't really know how to..."

"No problem," Renji smirked. "I'll teach you." His heart hammered in his chest. This was all too unbelievable, but he was getting really excited. He pulled his boxers down and watched Ichigo's eyes widen even more as he was fully revealed.

"Holy..." Ichigo whispered, feeling suddenly apprehensive at the upcoming task. Maybe it wasn't such a bright idea to offer to "help" after all. But at the same time, he couldn't stop staring. Renji was definitely much larger than he was—he suddenly felt very inadequate—and Ichigo had never seen anyone else's privates up close like this before.

"Hey," Renji said, pulling Ichigo from his thoughts. "It's okay if you don't want to do it." He was blushing fiercely, his mind already filled with images of Ichigo going down on him. But even though he really wanted it, he didn't want to push Ichigo into anything the boy wouldn't be comfortable with.

Ichigo blinked. "No, I'll try," he said, sounding braver than he was feeling. With trembling fingers, he gently traced Renji's length. To his delight, Renji let out a moan through gritted teeth. Ichigo looked up and watched as the redhead leaned his head back against the wall and closed his eyes. Then, he returned his attention to what he was holding in his hand. Ichigo licked his lips and hesitated for a heartbeat, then, remembering some of the videos that he had seen before, he took Renji's tip in his mouth.

Renji's hips bucked involuntarily at the sudden warmth, and the redhead let out a hiss. It had been a long time since he was with anyone, he had almost forgotten how good this felt. His eyes fluttered open and he looked down at the orange-haired boy. Ichigo held Renji with both hands, and was slowly moving his head forward to take in more of Renji. The combination of the wetness of Ichigo's lips and the feeling of his tongue along the sensitive skin made Renji clench his fists. He bit his tongue to refrain from groaning out loud, but he couldn't stop his own breathing from getting heavier.

Ichigo made a surprised sound when he felt Renji hit the back of his throat, and he stopped. He had heard of ways to go further, but he doubted that he could do it, so he looked up questioningly at the redhead. Renji smiled at him with quivering lips.

"This is good," Renji whispered.

Ichigo nodded, then he slowly brought his head back, letting Renji slide out from his mouth. He heard a muffled moan from the redhead, and he smiled triumphantly. Feeling bolder now, he took in Renji's length again, and this time, he hollowed his cheeks and sucked gently, also something that he remembered seeing from videos.

"Damn!" Renji swore under his breath. "Are you sure you haven't done this before?"

Ichigo rolled his eyes but decided to take the comment as a compliment. He felt Renji throb, so he repeated what he had done, letting Renji slide in and out of his mouth. Soon, he'd worked up a rhythm and heard Renji's breathing become more and more ragged as he continued.

"Faster," Renji suddenly said between pants. "Please."

Ichigo increased his pace, letting his tongue slide along the base, feeling the smooth, fragile skin. He wondered briefly what kind of reaction he would get if he let his teeth graze the skin, but decided that trying it under the current circumstances would be a bad idea. Just as his jaw was starting get tired, he felt a hard tug in his hair.

"I'm...close," Renji whispered. "I'm gonna—" His voice trailed off into a choked groan and he tightened his grip on Ichigo's short, orange hair. "Fuck!" The redhead almost doubled over when he reached his peak, his last cry came out loud and clear, echoing in the dark space.

Ichigo's eyes widened in alarm and had only a split second to understand what was going to happen before he felt Renji pulse in his mouth. He nearly gagged at the unexpected warmth that flooded his mouth, but, for lack of other options, he swallowed. At the same time, his heart sank into the pit of his stomach when he heard Renji's cry. Shit shit shit!

His legs still wobbly from the rush of pleasure, Renji pulled up his jeans in a panic, fully expecting Uryuu to fling the door open. Ichigo also stood up in a hurry, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He threw a glare at Renji for the lack of warning before coming in his mouth, but even that was nothing compared to his current fear and dread at being discovered by his Quincy friend.

But, seconds ticked by and nothing happened. The door of the closet remained closed. In the silence, the two of them could hear the steady whirring sound of the fan.

"What the hell?" Ichigo turned back to Renji and mouthed in confusion. Surely Renji's voice had been loud enough to attract Uryuu's attention, even if the boy had been sleeping.

After a few minutes, Renji finally felt bold enough to nudge the door open. Poking his head out from the door, he was surprised to see...nothing. The room was empty. The fan was on, rotating on its stand, and Renji could feel the cool breeze tickle his skin when the fan turned to his direction. Uryuu was nowhere to be found.

Ichigo stepped out from the closet, still clutching the soiled cloth in his hand. "He's been gone all this time?" he asked in disbelief, keeping his voice low just to be safe. There was still the possibility of Uryuu barging into the room at any time. When Renji didn't reply, Ichigo looked around and found the redhead hunched over the table, apparently reading something.

"What is it?" Ichigo asked, poking his head over Renji's shoulder.

Renji turned around, his face bright red. He thrust a piece of paper into Ichigo's face. "Read it!"

"I would appreciate it if you two take your lively activities somewhere else in the future. Oh, and a new sewing machine would be nice," Ichigo read in a flat tone, feeling his face heating up more and more as he went over each word. "He knew? How?"

Renji shook his head numbly.

"Umm, I guess we should go," Ichigo said, pointing at the window, which was now conveniently open.

"Yeah, okay," Renji mumbled and hopped up to the windowsill.

Just before they jumped off, Ichigo suddenly turned to Renji. His cheeks were bright pink and he couldn't look Renji in the eye. "Umm, about just now..." he began.

"It was a stressful situation," Renji said hurriedly, his face just as pink, if not more so.

"Okay," Ichigo said. Then, looking at the piece of cloth and the note in his hand, he added wryly, "Well, at least we know what to get him for his birthday...

LOL, I had fun writing this story. I know it's totally insane, Uryuu's closet must be ridiculously large for these two to do so much in it, but I couldn't help giggling at the idea of Uryuu hearing everything and leaving that note for them!