Here it is, the 3rd and final chapter of this very stressful situation. ;)

As his brain struggled to keep up with reality, Ichigo found himself lying on his back, pinned firmly to his bed by a pair of strong, muscular arms. Renji gripped Ichigo's wrists tightly, holding them possessively on either side of the boy's head. Ichigo's wrists ached under the pressure of Renji's body weight, but he found the position a turn-on, and as the redhead placed wet kisses down his neck, Ichigo felt the familiar tension and heat build between his legs. Aching to be touched, he raised his hips to meet Renji's.

The redhead looked up and grinned. "So impatient," he teased.

Ichigo's face reddened and he turned to the side, averting his gaze in embarrassment. A palm immediately cupped his cheek and turned him around, and Ichigo stared up into Renji's smiling face. "But I happen to like that very, very much," Renji said. The bruises on his face had gotten a little worse, but he seemed completely oblivious to the pain as he leaned down to claim Ichigo's lips.

Time flew by in a tangle of limbs and hastily discarded clothes, with Renji uttering a string of obscenities when he was delayed by Ichigo's skinny jeans. But soon that, too, joined the rest on the floor. Ichigo felt nothing and heard nothing except Renji's hoarse, erratic breathing and warm hands that seemed to snake into every crevice of his body. He was completely oblivious to his own moans and urgent whispered calls of Renji's name, but Renji heard it all; every sound from Ichigo's lips went straight to Renji's heart and groin, and the redhead found himself unable to wait any longer.

"Do you have some kind of lotion?" Renji asked in Ichigo's ear in a breathy whisper.

Ichigo's heart skipped a beat and he stilled. This was it. Finger trembling slightly, he turned his head and pointed to his desk. The bed dipped as Renji moved to reach over to retrieve the bottle. Subconsciously, Ichigo began to hyperventilate, and his heart went wild in his chest; the combination made him a little light-headed.

Renji noticed Ichigo's tensed expression and laughed softly. "I won't kill you," he promised, and then laughed again when Ichigo flashed him a murderous scowl. He gave Ichigo's chest a reassuring caress before rearing up onto his knees.

Ichigo got a good, long look at Renji and nearly whimpered.

"Is it going to hurt?" Ichigo asked despite himself. He cringed after that, feeling embarrassed by the hint of fear in his own voice. He couldn't help it; hollows and battle wounds he could handle, but Renji...he wasn't so sure. When Renji didn't reply immediately, Ichigo answered his own question. "It's gonna hurt, isn't it?" When Renji still didn't reply, Ichigo added in a flat tone, "Shit."

The redhead chuckled before turning serious. "You know I won't hurt you," he said. The hint of mischief in his features was gone. "You know that, right?"

The gentle reassurance in Renji's voice made Ichigo relax slightly. "Yeah," Ichigo replied, giving Renji a crooked grin. Heart hammering, he watched as the redhead slicked himself with confident, measured strokes. Ichigo's face flushed deeper at the sight, the anticipation making the tension in his gut grow. It was insane; he had never felt so intensely aroused before, not even when he watched the most explicit videos he could find.

At the first touch, Ichigo tensed up instinctively. "Whoa, relax," he heard Renji say. Clenching his jaw, Ichigo forced his body to obey, and after a while, finally managed to get his breathing under control. Then, the touch turned into slight pressure, and Ichigo felt something enter him. The sensation felt foreign, but was a little sharper and less filling than he had expected. Curious, he propped himself up on his elbows and realized with a start that it was Renji's finger.

"I was just going to say that you feel smaller than you look," Ichigo said with a nervous laugh, then yelped in protest when Renji responded by digging his nails into Ichigo's thigh.

Ichigo watched, mesmerized, as Renji carefully inserted a second finger. The feeling of being stretched felt uncomfortable initially, and he couldn't help grimacing.

Renji immediately stilled. "Am I hurting you?" he asked, alarmed.

"No, no, I'm fine," Ichigo said with a shake of his head. He let out a long breath then smiled. "Go on, I don't have all day."

Renji rolled his eyes. He wanted nothing more than to jump on Ichigo and pound him senseless, but knowing that this was Ichigo's first time made him extra cautious. "This is the thanks I get for being gentle," Renji grumbled playfully. He twisted his fingers, then froze again when Ichigo groaned.

"I don't know what you just did, but that felt...really good," Ichigo panted, peering at Renji through heavy-lidded eyes. With a small moan, he lowered himself back onto the bed, knees trembling from the suddenly burst of pleasure that he'd just felt. Subconsciously, Ichigo reached out his hands and clutched the sheets tightly.

Renji grinned triumphantly and repeated his movements. To his delight, Ichigo threw his head back and let out a long, shuddering moan. Satisfied that Ichigo seemed ready, Renji got into position. He took in a deep breath and stared down at the sight before him; Ichigo's legs were loosely wrapped around his hips, and the boy was spread on his back, completely exposed and at Renji's mercy. The thought of that sent shivers down Renji's body, and he gently began to move his hips.

Ichigo's eyes flew open at the invading pressure, which gave way to a moment of burning pain. He arched his back and his fists tightened on the sheets; soon, the pain tapered off into a steady, dull ache, and he gradually relaxed. Renji moved slowly even though every fiber in his body screamed at him to bury himself to the hilt, but he held back, refusing to let his control slip. As he reveled in Ichigo's welcoming heat, he felt the same exhilaration and pride that he had felt the other day when he realized that he was Ichigo's first.

Ichigo's body rocked in time with Renji's gentle thrusts. Thinking back to the kiss they shared in the closet, he was once again surprised at how careful the redhead was. Truth be told, in his fantasies, he actually envisioned Renji to be a wildly-passionate, untamed beast in bed. He supposed it was an assumption he derived from Renji's appearance; his fiery long hair, the broad, muscular chest, not to mention all those fierce-looking tattoos, and...and his size! At the thought, Ichigo moaned involuntarily.

Surprised by the sound, Renji stilled. "Ichigo?" he called softly, holding Ichigo's hips protectively. "You okay?"

"Yes, yes," Ichigo panted. "Don't stop, please."

The pleading tone that reached his ears made Renji shudder. His will wavered as his instincts urged him to move faster and harder to appease the craving in his loins. His jaw clenched as he concentrated on controlling the new pace of his thrusts. Over and over again he rolled his hips, grunting as pleasure coursed through his veins, fanned by Ichigo's increasingly loud moans.

An especially loud one made Renji freeze. Sweat trickled down along his hairline as he fought to breathe; his resolve was threatening to crumble, his thigh muscles strained under his control.

"What's wrong?" Ichigo cracked open his eyes. He took in a deep breath at the sight that greeted him; Renji in his full glory, breathtaking even with the stark bruises on his face, his tattoos seemingly alive under a slight sheen of sweat. His eyes were closed, and his hands held Ichigo's hips in a death grip, as if he was clinging on to an anchor.

Renji laughed softly, his voice breaking a little as he breathed heavily through the laugh. "You're making this really difficult for me," he said, a corner of his mouth curling up in his trademark smirk.

"Why?" Ichigo was confused. "What do you mean?"

Renji decided to be honest. "I...I don't know how long I can control myself, Ichigo." His chest continued to heave, but stopping his thrusts had helped somewhat.

Ichigo felt confused, then realization dawned as he took in Renji's trembling form; the way his jaw was tightly clenched, the tension in his muscles, the wild look in his eyes. It all made sense now. The realization made him grin; his had been right about Renji after all.

"Then don't," Ichigo said, raising his hips tauntingly. "Give me everything you've got."

Renji's eyes widened, then, the last of his defenses fell away.

Ichigo let out a strangled cry as his body was suddenly jerked up in the bed. He heard a growl somewhere in his ear and felt his wrists pinned tightly to the bed. Renji's thrust had lost all of its earlier gentleness; in its place was something so raw, so powerful that tears welled up in Ichigo's eyes. This was the Renji he knew. This was the Renji he wanted.

If Ichigo had paid attention to the creaking sounds of his bed, perhaps he would've been worried that it might collapse under their combined weight, but of course he wasn't paying attention. All his attention was on Renji; in him, on him, attacking his neck, his lips, his ears mercilessly. He cried out with each thrust, his voice echoing in the room, so hoarse that people could mistake it for cries of pain. But they would not be more wrong. He relished in the cocktail of pleasure and pain, the feel of Renji's skin against his, the grazing of teeth on his neck. Everything. He wanted everything.

And he was getting everything. Renji's mind was a blur, his cries a primal mix of growls and groans. His only conscious thought was the body pressing up against his and the unmistakable hardness under his stomach. Hands scrambling blindly, he reached between them and found Ichigo. Any attempt to coordinate his hand motions with his hip's was a lost cause, so he simply used Ichigo's voice as guidance. And if Ichigo's moans were any indication, Renji was doing an outstanding job.

The words tumbling out from Ichigo's mouth were incoherent, but Renji thought he caught snippets of swear words along with his name. His chest tightened as he fought back the urge to laugh, and at the same time, felt a rush of joy that it was he who was making Ichigo become so undone. He opened his eyes and searched for Ichigo's eyes.

"Look at me," Renji panted. "Look at me." He was close; he knew he was quickly approaching the edge, but he wanted Ichigo to get his release first.

Ichigo's eyes fluttered opened.

"Come for me," Renji said, brushing his lips against Ichigo's ear.

The quiet request from Renji was what pushed Ichigo over the cliff. He had already been teetering at the edge, and now he fell. In truth, the sensation was not unlike falling; his hands clawed for something to hold on to, and he felt breathless as though he truly was falling through space.

Renji reached his peak almost at the same time, Ichigo's hoarse cry of his name ringing in his ears. Like Ichigo, he searched desperately for something to cling to. He found the soft flesh joining Ichigo's neck and shoulder and bit down, hard. Trembling against Ichigo's body, he pulsed, releasing deep within Ichigo. Then, completely spent, he collapsed on top of the boy.

When they were finally able to breathe normally again, Renji reluctantly rolled off Ichigo's body. His eyes lingered greedily on his friend's—no, his lover's—body, and he let out a sigh of contentment.

Eyes half-closed, Ichigo turned around and draped an arm lazily over Renji's waist. He heard a soft chuckle and looked up. "What?"

"Do you think Uryuu heard you this time?" Renji grinned. "You were really loud."

Ichigo blushed fiercely. "Was not," he muttered in embarrassment. "Well, it's your fault."

Renji's grin became wider. "Yeah, I can't help it," he said, leaning in to place a chaste kiss in Ichigo's hair. "I'm just that good." The rest of his words were drowned by a flurry of fists, then, as Renji yelped in protest, Ichigo flipped them around.

Sitting on top of Renji, Ichigo smirked. "I'll show you that you're not the only one who can make a guy scream."

Uryuu's eyebrow twitched as he struggled to maintain a straight face. Damn Kurosaki and Abarai for their inability to control their reiatsu!

"That's one intense sparring session," Rukia commented with a frown, looking out the window. She held a handmade plushie in her hand, which she was in the process of sewing. "I hope they don't hurt each other."

"Yeah," Orihime agreed with a worried look. "Do you think we should check on them, Ishida-kun?"

Uryuu pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "No, let's not," he said. "It's a new sword-fighting technique that they're just beginning to master. We should just, uhh, let them practice on their own."

I like the chemistry between Renji and Ichigo, both headstrong and passionate. And thank you to all of you who followed this story, especially the ones who encouraged me to expand it. I've truly enjoyed writing it, and I hope you like it as well!