A/N: So this idea literally popped into my head and I immediately wrote it down. I know it's kind of short and kind of sucks! But this is (in my opinion) something that Kevin would have written on his website for fanfiction (look at the kevinssecretplace4546 website again; he writes fanfiction). I don't know, just what I thought. Take it as whatever you want. :)

The boy looked down the hall, kind of hiding behind the door of his locker. He was staring at the girl walking down the hall with her brother. She was not popular by any means but the boy liked her anyway. She was in a band too. That normally made one popular but not at their school. At their school, there was a plethora of bands and every year there was a Battle of the Bands. The boy wrote songs and played them too. Just never actually for anyone. He was entirely too shy.

The girl kept walking down the hall, kind of arguing with her brother. They continued walking. Right past the boy. She didn't even look at him. He stared at her for as long as he thought he could get away with and then looked away. He thought for sure she would turn and see him. But she didn't.

That night, the boy went to bed, after a quiet meal with his aunt. He dreamed, like he did every night of the same thing. The girl, singing in her beautiful voice to him, looking and sounding like an angel. Finally seeing him.

And the next morning, he woke up, and she was gone. Like every morning before.