Percy's Game of Truth or Dare

Disclaimer: I don't own the Percy Jackson series or characters, except for the character Jamie. That's Rick Riordan.

Percy's Point of View:

I was enjoying a nice, cool summer breeze on the beach when my best friend, Nico Di Angelo, strode up to me and asked me if I wanted to play some Truth or Dare over at the Zeus cabin.

"So, are you in?" he asked with a hint of impatience in his voice.

"I guess."

Once we got there, I was in for a surprise because about only 10 of my friends were there. They were Grover, Travis, Connor, Thalia, Jamie, Tyson, Silena, Beckendorf, Juniper, and Annabeth.

Annabeth, I thought. She, although we're best friends and hung out a LOT, was capable of turning my knees to jelly and make me stutter on my words. She had a great smile, with gray eyes that I could be trapped in and complexion that rivaled the beauty of even Aphrodite herself. But, she'd never like me in the way I like her.


"What?" I was interrupted by someone yelling my name. I found it was Nico.

"Truth or dare?" he asked.

"Uh, dare."

Nico thought for a second, and an evil grin spread across his pale face. "I dare you, at dinnertime, to get up on stage and sing Bruno Mars's "It Will Rain", and then you have to dedicate it to the girl you love and who you don't want to leave you.

"WHAT?" I yelled, blushing furiously, probably looking like a tomato.

"You heard me," Nico said, smirking. "Oh and there's no backing out."

I looked around, seeing everyone was cracking up with laughter, except for Annabeth, who looked like she was deep in thought. "Fine, Jamie, truth or dare?" Jamie was a son of Poseidon also, so that meant we knew each other's minds.


"I dare you to go up to the Demeter cabin and pelt them with raisins, while yelling 'Eat my grapes, you pansies!" I said.

"Lame, but, I'll do it LIKE A BOSS."

We then followed him and hid somewhere where we could see him. Once he made it, he knocked on the door, and a puzzled Katie Gardener answered. "Yes?" she said. Jamie then took out a pack of raisins and started throwing inside the cabin and at the people living there, yelling "EAT MY GRAPES!"