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Point of View: Spock.

His Captain seemed to have recovered well from the crushing weight of authority this King wielded, and Spock allowed himself to relax a bit as he inspected the room around him. Exquisitely wrought swords and maces decorated the walls between detailed hand painted maps. One depicted a nation of many islands, its labels vaguely Japanese sounding. Another had the word 'Tortall' embossed upon the parchment in gold leaf and expensive inks. One labeled Carthak and another with "Scanra" sketched across the top were covered with what could only represent battle lines and coding.

He watched as Sulu enfolded Ensign Chekov in his arms and pressed a reassuring kiss to the younger man's hair. Looking over to Uhura he was pleased to see that Scotty was also comforting her as they inspected the books on a shelf together. He heard her surprised exclamation over some impressive anthology of a desert dwelling people.

"Look at this! It details some sort of… ritual that symbolically ties together the people. It's amazing, but whoever wrote this book keeps addressing the reader as someone called the Voice…" She trailed off.

"Did the Lady Alanna not mention the King was called the 'Voice' as well?"

Uhura looked thoughtfully at the door, "You're right Spock… I wonder what that means?"

"It is most likely some sort of cultural designation the people have. Rather than calling him 'King' it is this… 'Voice' nomenclature," Spock was uneasy.

He felt tentatively at his bonds to both Leonard and James, and tried to ascertain their mental states.

Leonard was as always irascible and angry at the situation. The testy Doctor's mind hummed along while the automatic inventory of his fellow crew mates compiled. Spock felt when the Doctor deemed everyone in sufficiently good health as to relax, and he felt himself relax minutely as well. As a Vulcan, Spock was never quite sure about the overall health of the crew, and he appreciated Leonard's professional opinion; especially at a time like this. Spock felt the soothing rush of McCoy's particular brand of affection travel through their bond, and he shared a small almost-smile with him.

James was a different matter. For some reason the Captain had erected quite impenetrable mental walls between them as soon as he'd realized of the mating bond and connection between himself, Doctor McCoy, and Spock. Were it anyone else, Spock would have been impressed in the solid nature to the walls in such a psy-null race like a human, but because he (and Leonard) were the ones being locked out, he only felt a deep sadness and worry.

Jim had time and time again assured both his lovers that he did not regret the bond, but he still refused to let his mental barriers down for the other two men. It made Spock unsure, and as though he'd forced the Captain into a relationship the gorgeous man hadn't wanted.

Though, Spock thought with another inward smile, the Captain's eagerness to share both men's beds, free time, and general companionship seemed to indicate otherwise. Leonard had groused, complained, and finally settled into the conclusion that "Damn it, Jimbo's weirder than anything the universe has seen. Maybe this is just another damned layer of strange,"

Spock hoped this were the case.

On a more immediate note, the connection he felt to James was calm, with just a bit of the lingering fright from their meeting. Jim must have felt the tug, and he flashed first Spock, and then Bones as dazzling smile from where he and Scotty were inspecting a gilded suit of armor.

Spock would have sighed, were it proper, and instead chose to vent his frustration with his Captain by standing straighter. Vulcan passive-aggressiveness was much less satisfying that Human, he was discovering.

'Spock, don't worry. He's fine,' Leonard was staring at him, and he inclined his head to show the southern man that he'd heard, 'Remember, I knew him for a while before comin' to the ship. He's shaken, probably scared for all of us, but he feels pretty safe all considering. He's not watching the doors or windows like a hawk, so he must think this King will keep his word that we're safe,'

'Indeed Leonard, I suppose that is true. I sense nothing from the bond, though I do wish the Captain would let us in. I wish to know what he thinks about the situation, and this is the only way secure from listening devices,' Spock let his left eyebrow titter on the edge of being raised.

'Don't worry Sugar. Idiot over there will probably come around eventually. He probably is just freaked out by this entire situation. And havin' a Hobgoblin rootin' around in his head ain't something he'd ever prepared for. This,' Leonard rolled his eyes indicating their current predicament, 'like it or not, IS something he's more or less prepared for. He loves us. Don't worry,'

'As a Vulcan I do not WORRY, Leonard,'

'My ass,'

Spock decided to resist being provoked into another argument and instead moved to speak with the young maid who had just arrived bearing a large silver tray heavily laden with various consumables and a large pitcher of some dark red juice.

"Begging your Lordship's pardon," the girl curtsied and looked at Uhura, "And your Ladyship's, I have brought some food and drink. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Yes, please, what is in all this?" Spock looked critically at the food, which seemed to consist of cured meats and seasonal vegetables in a broth. A platter of fresh bread steamed beneath a cloth, and the pewter pitcher was fragrant and heavy with citrus and a pomegranate like smell.

"The kitchens are banked at the moment, Sir, so I had to go to the Rider's mess. There is a good soup with turnips and such and some sausage, and braised mutton. The juice is from my King's own blend. Pomegranate and orange Milord," The girl curtsied again.

"Thank you," Spock looked over the soup, and sniffed delicately. It seemed safe for the crew to eat, but he was hesitant to risk their health over new germs and strange allergies.

"What's your name?" Kirk strode forward and offered his hand. The girl cringed away momentarily and then daintily placed her hand in his, "Lalassa, if it pleases Milord. Can I do anything else for you?"

"Yes, I would like to know more about this King Jonathan. If you don't mind," Kirk twinkled at the girl, and Spock knew she wouldn't be able to resist giving any and all information asked. James just seemed to have that effect on, well, everyone encountered.

'Not Klingons,' Leonard chuckled at his own joke.

"W-well, I don't have much interaction with the King, Milord, but I own a dressmaker's shop in the city proper and my best customer is the Queen. T-the King is most just, and fair, and He never goes back on his word," Lalassa seemed to realize she was babbling and blushed, ducking her head, "Beggin' your pardon, I mean, that is what everyone else says,"

"If you are a dress maker, why have you here as a maid today?" Sulu leaned around the girl to snag a piece of bread and he buttered it.

"Milady Keladry is back in the Palace. I have come back to assist her as she asked me to look after you all. You see, she, I was her maid during her page-hood and training here at the Palace, and I would do anything for her,"

There was obvious love and care in the young woman's voice as she spoke of the hazel eyed knight that so thoroughly trounced Sulu earlier, that Spock suspected the two had had a deeper friendship rather than just maid and master.

"I see you two are quite close friends," Uhura voiced the same opinion and smiled sweetly at the girl.

"Y-yes, I suppose we are friends now. She saved my life, and gave me a chance no others would," The girl beamed, "Is there, anything else that I can help you with?"

Sulu and Chekov drew the girl away with questions about the city, Uhura and Scotty listening intently. Spock walked over to Leonard and Kirk with three glasses of juice and a plate of meat balanced on them. He handed them over, and retrieved himself a bowl of the soup. As it cooled, he leveled a gaze at Jim that he knew the other man would understand.

"I don't know Spock. I think we're fine. The man didn't seem like he was lying, and whatever technology they have in there that they keep calling magic is clearly powerful enough to cause us serious harm. If they'd intended on killing, or just hurting us even, don't you think Numair and Alanna would have done so in the woods? Not buy us food and escort us to the bloody King. Didn't you see in there? They didn't bat and eye when Scotty vaporized that chair. I know ensigns that jump whenever a tricorder goes off,"

Leonard nibbled on a strip of jerky and made a face, "Though I'm not sure they ain't tyin' to poison us with mutton," He ignored and indignant squawk that floated over to them from Scotty and continued, "I agree with Jim. I think we're fine, for now. It seems provided we toe the line here an' don't cause too much ruckus we're welcome here. And, I kinda like it. That girl knocked Sulu head over heels,"

"And this is cause to feel favorably toward them?" Spock shook his head, "But, I do think you are both right,"

"You do?" Chorused Kirk and McCoy, grinning widely at each other.

Spock frowned, knowing he was being made fun of.

However, his witty retort was overcome by a tremendous roar from within the King's meeting room.

It was the woman Alanna, yelling about something, and the two men trying to calm her it seemed. The entire room froze, guards at the door included, and Lalassa fairly squeaked in fright when Keladry, Raoul, and Sir Nealan returned with armfuls of clothing. The mountainous man Raoul merely shook his head at the door and smiled, laughing, "That's our Lioness. Are they talking about Legann? I'm sure she isn't happy to hear her husband and son are down there,"

"I wouldn't know about that, but they indeed said they were to discuss the situation at a 'Port Legann'. What is happening?" Spock accepted the clothing Nealan offered him.

"Wyverns are attacking, and we assume it's at the behest of the dissenters to Emperor Kaddar's rule in Carthage. Though officially it's just raiders on all the documents," Keladry handed her bundles over to Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov. She smiled at Sulu kindly, who blushed. Chekov on the other hand glared at her with all the unseen rage he possessed. That being said, Spock was amused to see not a single other person realized the glare the tiny Russian was sending the young lady's way.

"That was a lot of information that none of us understood, but thank you Ma'am," Bones shook out the clothing handed to him and promptly turned pink, "What are these? There're no, no pants?!"

"What is wrong?" Neal grinned wickedly at the doctor, "Don't you appreciate the high fashion of our world?"

One by one the other officers inspected their new clothes. Tunics, matching in color to their command shirts, with white, blouse sleeved undershirts and black leggings which undoubtedly looked quite sharp were what had been provided to them.

"Neal! I told you to get breeches!" Kel admonished her friend.

"Fiiine mother, here you are," Neal pulled matching black breeches from his bag. Hemmed with silver and gold thread, the garments were obviously high quality.

"These are all items from Lalassa's shop," Kel announced, turning to motion to the blushing woman trying to edge from the room.

Lalassa smiled quickly, and fairly sprinted from the room, allowing her friends a fond chuckle, "You'll excuse her, she is quite shy and I dragged her away from work to watch you all,"

"No offense taken, Ma'am. Though you will have to inform her that we appreciate her help immensely," Uhura shared a smile with Kel.

"You all can change in the adjoining room there. Don't worry, there's no way out," Raoul informed them with a wink.

Spock felt the entire crew looked quite authentic in the clothing brought to them, and commented so as they returned to praise from Raoul, Neal, and Keladry.

"Well, what are we to do now? Apparently, Mister Numair wants to talk with myself and Mr. Scott after this discussion is over," Spock queried.

"Well, we would be happy to show you the way to your rooms, or give you a tour, or what have you. There's always going back to the training yards," Raoul informed the group with a mischievous smirk.

The group was still discussing their options when Alanna stormed into the room, followed closely by Numair and King Jonathan.

"I can't BELIEVE he…" Alanna trailed off when she saw her audience, and the Crew's new clothing, "Oh, don't you all look lovely. Now, Mister Sulu, I hear you went up against Miss Keladry? How did you fair? And would you like to fence against me?"

Sulu paled dramatically and stammered out a denial.

Alanna just laughed, and clapped a hand on his shoulder, "Don't worry my boy, not many people here can beat her in a fair fight,"

Spock and Scotty looked at each other, and then to Numair, who stood, hands in the pockets of his robe smiling at them.

"I would love to talk to the two of you, if you don't mind. I'll show you my workshop, if you like,"

"That would be most pleasurable," Spock volunteered, seeing the gleam in Scotty's eye. And with that, the three of them departed, Spock and Scotty trading slightly less tense goodbyes with the rest of the crew.

'Do your hoodoo if he tries anything funny, Spock,' Leonard wasn't shy about letting his concern bleed through their connection, and Spock could also feel the apprehension that Jim felt.

'Myself and Mr. Scott will be fine, I assume. I shall alert you to any strange happenings, and if we begin to feel perturbed. If that satisfies you, would you also let Jim know that we will be alright?'

'Yeah, sure thing Hobgoblin,'

Spock followed close to Numair as they walked through the immense stone halls, not wanting to become lost. He and Scotty both noticed the odd lighting system used in wall sconces that obviously had previously held torches. Large globes of quartz and other crystals gave off a clear, unwavering light. There were no visible outlets, cords, or power source to any of the globes.

"Mista Numair, would ye mind tellin' us how these lights operate?" Scotty plucked one from a sconce and inspected it closely, "Because if Ah didn' know better, Ah'd say this was solid crystal,"

"That's because it is," Numair selected a smaller ball and held it tightly in his hand, "We use quartz mostly, but other stones give a nice atmosphere for other situations, though none last so long as quartz. It is a remarkably receptive stone to call light to. A mage will take a seed of power and trap it within the crystal matrix, letting it bounce against the planes of each crystal until it has accumulated enough power to glow at the desired level. Then it is sealed, and used wherever it is needed. Though, the lights do wear down after a while, and occasionally for exceptionally bright lights the energy becomes too much of a strain on the crystal and it breaks,"

"When you say 'magic', Mr. Numair, what do you mean by that?" Spock took the offered crystal and ran his sensitive fingertips over the surface, indeed unable to find a hinge or other sign of an interior compartment.

"Well, I mean magic. The Gift. How is it that you all don't know about the Gift?" Numair returned the globe to its proper place and the trio continued their walk toward Numair's offices.

"Magic is not real where we come from. Nor any of the other worlds we have visited, Mr. Numair,"

"Please, just Numair is fine. And that's fascinating. But you have those weapons, the phasers? Do they not run off the Gift or something like it?"

"Nay, just electricity, Mister Numair," Scotty interjected.

"Numair. This is incredible. I never even considered that the Gift, that magic, wouldn't be found on other worlds. I can see though, if you'd never encountered it, that it would seem impossible," Numair stopped before a door bearing his and Daine's names, "And you've mastered a way to control the electrical current in the devices? Open the door, please,"

"Who's in there?" Scotty peered into the room as the heavy door swung open slowly.

"No-one, I have a locking spell on the door. It only opens for a few people,"

"A spell? And yes, we, well, where we come from, most of our technology is electrically based. Or something similar," Scotty ran his fingers along the door jam and inspected the lock, "But there's no device here! Nothing at all,"

"You all commented earlier that we seem far too accepting of strange things. It seems to me, that you are not as accepting as you should be," Numair grinned, "Of course there's nothing there. It's just a spell, and incantation with a few runes sketched in the air. Nothing concrete is needed for something so simple,"

"It just is that magic, or the appearance of magic, has always been falsified by continued observation in our experience," Spock spoke smoothly, peering about the room intently. It was a terrifyingly messy mixture of devices, charts, books, and animal paraphernalia. Tack was draped across instruments that looked like a complex weight system, and books were stacked on a table next to dishes of all sizes.

"Well, would you like a demonstration?" Numair grinned wickedly, his dark eyes filling with a crackling black light that intrigued Spock and Scotty as much as it frightened them.

"Yes," they both agreed.

Numair turned to the room, raising hands that glittered with black fire, and gently spread his fingers. Ribbons of fire streamed from each finger and surrounded select items. He twitched first the fingers of his left hand, then right, and the object were jerked from their places and began to fly toward the obvious proper storage compartments. Swiftly, the room went from a scattered mess, to neatly organized and clean.

Spock stared coolly at his tricorder, which recorded nothing whatsoever on any channel. Scotty too stared, mouth open and eyes wide.

"But there's nothin'! Nothin' there t'all!" He cried.

"Just magic. My Gift," Numair twiddled his fingers again and his robe floated away to rest neatly on the hook behind the door, "Not everyone has the Gift, nor another type of magic. Daine, who you met earlier, is a rare one who possesses Wild Magic. A connection to the animal kingdom. She cannot do the same type of spells I do, but she can communicate with animals, take their form, and ride within their minds as a psychic passenger. There's also the Sight, another form of magic, and a few other rare types of magic. The Bahazir tribes have a type that comes from the earth, similar to the Dhoi of the Roof of the World, and people like that,"

"This is just a wee bit much to swallow at once, Mister Numair," Scotty sank into one of the nearest chairs, and yelped as a cat voiced it's displeasure from under the pillows.

"Sorry," Numair called after the creature as it left the room.

"I understand, but I hope I have convinced you that this is not some type of illusion or trickery… Though much of magic's use is indeed rooted in illusion and deception…" Numair continued to babble, his line of dialogue interrupted by questions from Spock and Scotty and the occasional explanation for some object. He explained to them about Words of Power, about the limitations of magical use, and its rules.

Spock found the man's wildly fluctuating train of thought mildly irritating, but quite reminiscent of the Chief Engineer's. Sure enough, Scotty was hanging on every word. Feeling along his mental connections, Spock discovered that the Captain and Leonard were still together, somewhere actually quite close.

"If I may beg your pardon, I believe I should find the Captain," Spock inclined his head, "Mister Scott, I assume I can leave you here happily?"

Scotty fluttered a hand at him absentmindedly as he studied a notebook with designs of siege weapons. Numair reached out to shake his hand, but Spock did not remove his from behind his back and the Tortallan instead patted his shoulder awkwardly.

"Don't wander outside the palace and grounds, please, and don't hesitate to ask someone if you get lost. Ask for either myself, Alanna, or where the 'Delegates' are. We've told the Palace staff that you all are important dignitaries. So by now surely the entire Kingdom knows," Numair smiled. Spock knew that both Leonard and Jim would find the man exceedingly attractive, and indeed, his mind coupled with his dark and somewhat swarthy looks made the man very handsome.

Spock walked slowly through the halls, admiring the art, armor, and other decorations on the walls. There were tapestries that obviously depicted embellished events from the kingdom's past. Though, Spock supposed, there was a chance that they were literal interpretations. In a world that seemed to have legitimate 'magic' in it, he must be more open to fantastic possibilities.

He passed a group of young boys clustered around a window, watching something in the courtyard excitedly. He would have continued on, but he realized that his bond was pulling him in the direction of that very courtyard. Spock looked out the window, over top the boys' heads, and very nearly gasped.

Jim was bare-chested in the dirt, crouched low and circling a short figure that had to be Lady Alanna, judging by the flaming hair. Spock watched as his lover first stinted left, then right, trying to throw the small woman off. Alanna glided smoothly around his punches, though she didn't seem to be attacking just yet. The boys at the window were torn between cheering for their champion, and rooting for Kirk it seemed.

"I've never seen him before, is he a Knight?" asked one who's tumble of brown curls formed a halo around his head.

"No, I don't think so, I think he's one of the Dignitaries that are visiting the King," Another boy, black skinned with shining green eyes, replied as he jostled another child for a better look, "There! Behind the fence are the rest of them, I think,"

Spock peered down where the boy was pointing, and indeed, Sulu, Chekov, Uhura, and Leonard were watching the fight. Obviously, it was a friendly match, as the Doctor seemed to be cheering for Lady Alanna. Spock cleared his throat to catch the children's attention.

"Excuse me, but how might I find my way down to the courtyard below? I wish to rejoin my fellow… dignitaries," Spock tried a small reassuring smile, but the boys scrambled to bow to him anyway. It was slightly discomforting, being treated to bows and being called a Lord, but the boys were more than happy to show him to the nearest stairwell down to the courtyard.

"Thank you," Spock watched the boys scramble back inside, and seconds later their heads poked over the sill of another window as they continued to watch the sparring match. It amused him to see Kirk trying so hard to land some type of contact on Alanna and failing, yet the woman had no problem dancing in and tapping his chest, arm, or back. Leonard waved him over, and Spock went.

"He's been going for about ten minutes now. I think it's killing him that she's just toying with him. Though I think she's surprised he's this good," Uhura laughed as Kirk turned a stumble into a quick attack of Alanna's stance.

"How did this come about?" Spock asked.

"Flirting," Chorused the Crew.

"That should have been my first guess," Spock commented dryly.

'Nothin' serious,'

'I know Leonard,

Another man had joined the group, dressed in rich green clothing. He bore a remarkable resemblance to the young Sir Nealan, though his hair was much redder, and a long hard life had made the tall man's deep green eyes sink deep in their sockets.

"Allow me to introduce myself; I am Duke Baird, Chief Healer of the Realm. I understand my son has been causing you all trouble, yes?" the man's green eyes twinkled with mirth as Neal groaned and rolled his eyes.

'I swear, everyone here is either gorgeous, red-headed, or both. And they're all TALL, with the exception of the Lady Knight over there,' Leonard voiced the same thoughts as Spock, nodding toward their friendly chaperons.

"I assure you, Mr. Nealan was most helpful. He even assisted Ensign Sulu when he acquired an injury earlier,"

"Good boy, we'll make a proper Healer of you yet,"

"I'm sure that Sir McCoy would have been able to do the job, provided we'd been willing to wait for old age,"

McCoy bristled and began a loud, angry rant that Spock, Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura ignored with practiced ease. Duke Baird also smiled and turned away, letting his excitable son enjoy the debate/argument.

"I understand that you all come from a world with no magic of this kind in it?" Baird leaned amicably against the railing next to Spock, "That must be dreadfully boring,"

"I would not presume our normal lives to be boring. As Mister Numair pointed out, we have our own technology that is quite similar to the workings of the magic here. But yes, it is quite disconcerting to see this, power, where there is literally nothing but energy within the person. I am of a telepathic race, Vulcans, so I am more able to understand the phenomenon I think, but it is still a strange encounter,"

"Telepathic, really? Is it touch based? Or, does it work over distances?" Baird's gaze sharpened as he looked over Spock.

"…Touch based, though there are instances that it is a genuine connection of the mind," Spock shifted slightly.

"Weally, you are all far too easy going here. Usually ven ve wisit another culture, Mister Spock is the first thing they single out as dangerwous and strange," Chekov ducked his head when Spock looked at him, "Sowwy Commander, but t'is true,"

"That it is," agreed Uhura.

"Well," Baird shifted, watching as Kirk managed to land a punch on Alanna only to be thrown a few yards over her shoulder, "I suppose we have so many fantastic things to wrap our minds around nowadays, that… And it's not strange to be able to talk to another person through touch using the Gift,"

Spock raised his eyebrows, "Really?"

"Yes. When I am working on a patient, I can sometimes connect to their mind and tell them to relax, or something similar. Or if I lay a hand an another person with the Gift, I can speak through our magic to them,"

He extended his hand to Spock, "Mind if I take a 'look'?"

Spock stared warily at the man's outstretched hand, then back at his crew mates. Taking a deep breath, Spock reached out and placed his hand in Baird's.

It was… Odd. Spock felt the magic like a cool trickle of water in his veins. Duke Baird's hand was cold in his and his grip firm but gentle, similar to Leonard's when he was examining a patient.

Baird began to murmur to himself, commenting on Spock's lower body temperature (please note, that Vulcan's DO have a body temp of 91F), his alien organs and strange physiology. The intrusion wasn't unpleasant, as Spock had feared, but rather felt like he was being scanned by something. At this point, McCoy and Neal had wandered back to them and were watching. Leonard's mind was concentrated on their bond with hawkish intent. From the skin contact, Spock was able to glean certain surface level thoughts from the Chief Healer. The man thought Uhura was attractive, as well as McCoy. He thought that it was amusing how easy Alanna was going on the Captain. Baird was conscious of his son's presence and felt pride in how the younger Knight was coming along. He also skirted over the last vestiges of suspicion over their identities as he discovered Spock's Vulcan nature.

When the man finally released Spock's hand, Spock realized he felt better than he had in days. His spine was no longer stiff, and the throbbing in his lower shins from the hard transporter landing was gone. He lifted his hand to watch as the last trace of green fire fled from beneath his skin, leaving just his light sage veins.

"What did you do?" He asked calmly, ignoring McCoy's immediate tension.

"Nothing much, I just gave you a perk up. It seems that your last few days have been really rough. Over extended muscles, a few bumps and bruises, something that would have developed into a cold if left alone. You've a clean ticket of health now,"

Baird smiled broadly as he let his hand drift back to his side.

"What? How could you do that without knowing how the damned Hobgoblin is supposed to be?" McCoy ran a tricorder over Spock, and then grunted in surprise when it beeped, "I'll be damned… You're telling the truth. He's in as perfect health as he's ever been,"

Duke Baird extended his hand to McCoy, "Want a check up? I promise, one free per customer. And I assure you, Mister Kirk in there will be needing it by the time Alanna is through with him,"

One by one, Baird went through the crew and healed the traces left by hard travel, a hard transport, and any lingering feelings. It was miraculous how quickly and seemingly effortlessly the man did it.

"I, I've never felt this good!" exclaimed Sulu, grinning as he flexed his arms.

Neal laughed and gestured at his father, "I'd say you'd better. My father is the best Healer in the Realm,"

"Our Lioness is quite good as well, young man, or do you neglect to give your teacher her due?" Baird jerked his head over to where Alanna was finishing a complicated Shang kick. Kirk went flying with a high-pitched squall to land in an ungainly heap on the far side of the court yard. Spock didn't join the crew and Tortallans in laughing at his Captain, but he did allow a bit of amusement to flow down his connections to both Jim and Leonard. Kirk responded with a rude gesture and accepted Alanna's hand up.

The two sat down on a bench close to where Kirk fell and waved at the rest.

"We'll be over in a minute! Gotta catch my breath!" Alanna called, laughing.

Spock turned back to the group and listened to Doctor McCoy, Duke Baird, and Sit Nealan as they discussed medicine.

Sulu, Chekov and Uhura were talking with the just returned Keladry, and Spock felt himself finally relax. These people were kind, and they appeared to have no ulterior motives at all in their interactions with the Crew. He supposed that just once, the Enterprise Crew had not landed in a hopeless and dangerous situation.

A small, but legitimate smile graced his lips quickly before he smoothed his features. He just might enjoy writing the debriefing report for this incident.

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