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He woke up early to watch the sunrise.

Birds chirped around him. Clouds dissipated while the sky began to glow. Venus still appeared, but it soon disappeared. A few Cotonee floated by, greeting the new sunlight. It was 5:50 AM. Iris was still asleep.

He smiled as he heard Iris's slight snoring sound. She, of course, was sleeping in a tree. How she did it, he didn't know. He tiptoed quietly away, as to not wake her. He was still in his PJs, but he didn't care. He was going to waste time. As soon as Iris was away from earshot, he ran to a field.

He made it. Orange and yellow brightened the sky. He sighed and laid down on the ground with his arms under his head. "Beautiful…" he mumbled.

Iris must have sensed that he was gone. "Cilan…?" she said sleepily. He sat up and grinned.

"Iris!" he replied happily. "Did you come to watch the sunrise with me?"

"That's what you're doing?" she asked, rubbing her eyes and laying down with him.

Axew popped sleepily out of her head. "Ax…"

Iris gazed up at the beautiful sky. "It's so beautiful…"

Some more Cotonee floated by, with blushes on their faces. Pidoves and Tranquills flew by. The scene was perfect.

"Iris… I love you," Cilan said while he blushed slightly.

"I love you too, Cilan." Iris smiled.

The two watched the sunrise for another two hours, watching the sky turning yellow to blue while the birds chirped. The two accidentally fell asleep, peacefully…

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