AN: Hello world. This is SilverIcefire's 5th fanfic. Here begins my first completely-independent-of-canon story. It was abandoned for almost a year, :'( but unfinished work is too depressing!

Two of my other fics, Beyond the Stars and Loose Ends set up the backstory and bridge the time between the beginning of this and the end of The Last Hope.

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Oh, yes. One more thing. Allegiances. You only get ThunderClan. Sorry. Here you go:


Leader: Bramblestar-dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Squirrelflight-dark ginger she-cat with green eyes

(temporarily subbed by Graystripe, while nursing kits)

Medicine Cat: Jayfeather-gray tabby tom with blind blue eyes

Apprentice, Lilycloud-dark tabby she-cat with white patches

Warriors: Graystripe-Long-haired gray tom

Brackenfur-golden brown tabby tom

Cloudtail-long-haired white tom with blue eyes

Brightheart-white she-cat with ginger patches

Millie-striped gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Thornclaw-golden brown tabby tom

Leafpool-light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, former medicine cat

Crowfeather-dark gray tom with blue eyes, formerly WindClan

Birchfall-light brown tabby tom

Whitewing-white she-cat with green eyes

Berrynose-cream colored tom

Lionblaze-golden tabby tom with amber eyes

Foxleap-reddish tabby tom

Icecloud-white she-cat

Briarlight-dark brown she-cat

Blossomfall-tortoiseshell and white she-cat

Bumblestripe-very pale gray tom with black stripes

Ivypool-silver and white tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes

Seedtail-very pale ginger she-cat

Cherryblossom-ginger she-cat

Moleclaw-a brown and cream tom

Elders: Dustpelt-dark brown tabby tom

Queens: Squirrelflight-dark ginger she-cat with green eyes (mother to Firekit, ginger tom with green eyes and faint tabby stripes)

Cinderheart-gray tabby she-cat (mother to Stormkit, dark gray tom with emerald eyes, and Moonkit, silver she-cat with emerald eyes)

Daisy-cream long-furred cat from the horseplace

Dovewing-pale grey she-cat with blue eyes (mother to Nightkit, black tom with amber eyes, Shadekit, black she-cat with amber eyes, and Amberkit, dark brown tabby with amber eyes)

Sorry. Too lazy to do the other Clans. I got most of these cat descriptions from the Warriors wikia. Deleted the ones who died in Beyond the Stars and Loose Ends. Updated apprentices/kits.

Anyway. Prologue.

A Meeting in StarClan

"Bluestar." A soft meow called from the darkness. The blue-gray she-cat lifted her head from her forepaws and stood. "Who's there?" Oakheart stood up when he noticed her absence. "Is something the matter?" he muttered sleepily. "Shh." She snapped, opening her jaws to taste the air. A slight fishy scent tinged the starry breeze. "Who's there?" she called again.




Bluestar sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Oh. It's you." She muttered as Rock stepped out of the shadows, trying to look stealthy. Bluestar shook her head. "Not working."

Rock stepped back into the shadows and reappeared cackling manically in a flash of rainbow lights. Bluestar sat down. "That's...better. What do you want, bag of bones?" She licked a forepaw and yawned.

Rock scowled. "Show a little respect for your elders, eh?" he rasped. "I'm bored. So I came for a visit. There isn't anyone in the tunnels anymore, since Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves are here..." Bluestar glared at him. "So you come here in the middle of the night...for companionship?" He shrugged. "I could've. But that's not the point. I have another prophecy for you from the Tribe of Endless Hunting."

This is going to be fantastic, Bluestar thought, but then decided not to make a snide comment, considering that Rock was actually being serious for once. The old cat continued,

"The time of peace is coming to an end. Sixteen moons have been enough for the Dark Forest to regroup. Just as you have found Spottedleaf, remember that Tigerstar and Brokenstar have returned to the Place of No Stars. The Tribe must find another solution for the Clans." Bluestar bristled. "Are you implying that StarClan is not wise enough to—" Rock cut her off. "You short sighted young 'uns don't read the skies as well as we can." Bluestar growled, but Rock continued.

"The Three became Four. The Fourth fulfilled his destiny. But the Three can only save the Clans if they have a new leader. The Tribe prophesied,

The shadows draw close yet again. Only by the light of a new moon can the Clans emerge victorious once more."

Bluestar glanced up at the sky. Oakheart meowed tentatively, "Isn't the new moon...dark?" Rock spat at his feet. "Not that kind of 'new', you nitwit! It means—" Rock slapped his hairless tail across his own mouth. "Oops. Can't explain it. That's up to the medicine cats. Otherwise there would be no story. Catch ya later. I'll deliver the prophecy to someone."

"...What story?" Oakheart meowed. But before either of them could stop him, Rock disappeared in another flash of rainbow light. "Oookay." Bluestar sighed. "Let him wreak havoc on the Clans with his new prophecy." Then she and Oakheart curled back up and fell asleep.

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