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"Father!" I yelled, my anger boiling to overflowing, "I refuse to be arranged in marriage with a human!"

My father turned to me. He was a strong man-known to humans as the Devil. He had blood red skin, but was vaguely human in appearance, save for horns that grow from his temples and pointed upwards. His hair was oily black and his eyes a fiery orange. Being the King of Hell, a crown rested on his head. He wore a tight purple shirt, black pants and no shoes.

"Alfred," he growled, "You have no choice." I was about to complain again when he rose a hand to stop me. "However," he continued, "I respected your wishes, knowing your…preferred sexuality. i shall pair you with a boy."

My aquamarine eyes widened. My ancestors have always been paired with women. So why would father pair me with a male?

"It doesn't matter either way. We can reproduce with either sex." My hope fell. I didn't want that…

"We'll narrow potential mates down to two people and you'll live with both as a human until you choose one mate. Now go off."

I clenched my fists and ran into my room. My brother, Matthew was in there. He had blonde hair several shades lighter than my own and blue-purple eyes. He always wore a heavy tan coat, brown pants and boots. He had a polar bear cub named Kumajiro.

"Is something wrong, Alfred?" he asked softly. That's a major difference between us-he's the quiet twin, I'm the louder one.

I flopped onto my bead, buried my head in my arms and muttered "Dad's arranging me with a human. Thing is, he's gonna find two mates, have me live with them until choose one and then…I don't have a f*cking clue."

The mattress bent slightly, so I guessed that Matthew had sat down. "It's okay, Alfred," he whispered, "I didn't want to be paired with Katyusha Braginskaya. But now I'm happy with her."

"Dude, Kat's a chick. You're lucky to be straight. Because I'm gay, dad's pairing me with a male. And I am happy with that, but I want the marriage to be out of love, not because I'm the oldest of the two Princes of Hell! It's just not fair!"

A sigh escaped my brother's lips. "You know dad. He's determined to get us mates."

"And he skipped over me and got you a mate first," I chuckled dryly, "because I wasn't 'mature enough'. I'm plenty mature."

"Whatever, Alfred," Canada chuckled softly before sighing. "You know, Alfred-"

Before Mattie could finish, the door burst open and in came dad. "We've found you two potential mates, Alfred!"

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