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I set my suitcase beside my bed and headed downstairs and into a door I assumed was the kitchen-and was thankfully right about.

Pushed against the right part of the room was an oven and fridge, while the counters and sink were on the other side, a microwave on top of one counter. A light brown wood table was in the middle of it all with 5 chairs, two of which were occupied by Yao or Arthur. The tiles on the floor were a sky blue, the walls white, and the window across the room covered with lime green shades.

"Hey guys," I said, sitting in the closest chair-which was next to Arthur, "What do you need?"

Yao and Arthur exchanged looks. "We're going to ask a few more questions, just so we know what to expect."

I nodded "I'm ready."

Yao glanced down at his lap before looking up again "Do you have any bad habits?"

I thought a moment. "I eat a lot, I suppose."

Arthur nodded. "Anything you're allergic to?"

"Bad cooking," I said sarcastically.

"Then Arthur is not allowed to cook," Yao stated, making me laugh while Arthur glared at both of us.

"Seriously though," I said, "There isn't anything I'm allergic to that I know of."

"Any medical conditions?" Yao asked.

I flinched but quickly covered it up with the shake of my head. Arthur narrowed his eyes slightly but nodded.

"Anything else?" Arthur asked.

"Well…" I thought a moment. Shoot, what was today? "Nothing that I can think of."

"Okay, that should be about it," Arthur said. I left the kitchen and ran back up to my room, opening my suitcase. I dug through the ton of clothes looking for something. Where was it…ah!

I pulled out a calendar that was turned to this month-May. According to the date, it was a full moon today. Dang it!

A sigh escaped my lips. I heard the doorknob turned and quickly put my calendar away as Yao and Arthur entered the room.

"Is something wrong, Alfred?" Arthur asked, "You ran off pretty quickly."

I nodded, a cold, nervous sweat forming on the back of my neck. "There's no problem, bro. I'm fine."

The rest of the day was spent unpacking for me. Yao and Arthur were busy with their own things, so we didn't talk much.

At night, when I was sure Arthur and Yao were asleep, I left through the window and walked down to the nearest field. I glanced up at the full moon and glared at it.

When I arrived, Mattie was already there, hands in his pockets as the cold night air blew.

"You didn't bring Kuma?" I asked, pulling my bomber jacket tighter around myself.

He shook his head. "Kumakina isn't needed." I always found it funny that Mattie couldn't remember Kumajiro's name and vice versa. "Are you ready, Alfred?"

I nodded, returning to my true form, and picked up a nearby stick as Mattie did the same. We started tracing in the dirt.

I bet your wondering what we're tracing, huh? Well, it's a long story, but I'll simplify it.

After the first king of Hell's fight with the Ruler of the Forbidden, the second king made an agreement after a minor conflict-every royalty demon who goes to the surface would have to perform two rituals-one on a full moon, one on the new moon. The one on the full moon is supposed to assure the Ruler of the Forbidden that we aren't going to cause harm to the humans. The one on the new moon honors the current king. We do them every month we are on the surface.

When we finished tracing in the dirt, the pattern if seen from the sky would be a circle with two triangles in the center, one of which was upside down. Strange runes, none of them the same, would be in every space.

Mattie and I made our way to the center. "Let's get this over with," I sighed, pulling from inside my jacket pocket a knife.

Mattie nodded, pulling out his own. Together, we sliced our wrists. Our blood, black as the night sky, dripping into the indent in the dirt. The liquid, on its own, spread itself, covering every rune; ever indent in the dirt that we traced until it appeared the rune was made of it. Mattie and I started chanting.

"Arnas kyito arente Misony

Aralas ventune, irono sadent orenor

Venemou saden horen artanas

Corenae salten, toren int unae sacrendouw,

Gorentaly nermousa, haiten arainouw."

A light purple glow emitted from design as we chanted. The air blew in a circle around us as the glow intensified. Mattie and I closed out eyes as the calming purple became a white hot shine. A pop and we fell to the ground, Ritual completed and energy completely sapped.

We stayed there for a while, panting heavily as the wind pattern returned to normal, and watched as our blood drained back into the ground. I glanced at Mattie as we stood up, our eyes connecting. We changed back into humans and covered the indents back with dirt so it looked like the soil had never been touched and turned to each other.

"See you later, bro," I said.

"Take care of yourself, eh?" he replied.

I returned back to my room and passed out onto my bed, falling asleep instantly.


Ruler of the Forbidden,

Like our ancestors, we invoke the ancient promise.

To not cause permanent damage

We two, the twin sons of the King,

We shall do what we must, as is our fate.

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