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Chapter 1

Blood was everywhere, on the walls, the floor, you name it. The brunette was staggering from the thick nauseating smell of blood and heavy breathing could be heard in the small room. He quickly spun around to the shuffling sound behind him. Brown eyes widen and he gasped at the sight in front of him. There they were, his teammates, bloody and injured. From minor to major injuries, it clicked in his mind that the blood in the room belongs to them and he could already feel the anger deep down in his stomach stirring.

Cap and Thor were gripping their shield and hammer so tight that their knuckles were white. They are in their fighting stance, the one where they are ready to kill whomever deem dangerous. Cap is on the brink of collapsing on the ground from the injury on his leg, from the look of it, one no two broken bones. Thor's free hand is gripping Cap's bicep to keep him from falling and the big gash on the demigod's arm needed at least thirty stitches.

He turns to the ground and saw red hair, her face lying on the ground, Romanoff. Her eyes were glaze, possibly from a concussion. If it wasn't for the constant up and down movement from her breathing, he would have thought…no, he can't afford to think like that.

Barton was kneeling next to the red head, guarding her with his bow. His red face would have been funny if it wasn't for the fact that it was blood on his face and his busted up eye and lip was still oozing blood. His face was stoic, but his eyes vibe off murderous intent.

He scanned the room looking for the only person missing, but there no sign of him. The brunette let out a breath of relief. Well at least one of us is okay.

Doctor instincts kicked in and he moved toward his teammates, at this point he was beyond furious, whoever did this will pay.

"Guys…what happen?" said the brunette as he knelt down toward the red head, hand reaching for her when an arrow head stopped him. Barton's bow was raise and the arrow was aiming…at him.

"Back off." He growled

He quickly snapped his hand back and arched his brow suspiciously at the archer. "W-What? I need to tend to her wounds quickly or else—"

"Doctor Banner, we're going to need you to step away from Agent Romanoff." Captain said sternly.

Bruce stare at Steve with confuse eyes, "I-I don't understand…I need to help her right now."

"Haven't you done enough?" snapped Barton

"Banner it would be wise to do as you are told." Said Thor

Bruce tried to protest but was interrupted by Clint who scoffed in exasperation, "He's not going to listen to you guys sweet talking him. Do you see everyone here? You did this. It was you or should I say the other guy."

Bruce hitched a breath, as he stared at the injured people in front of him. "No…it can't be…" he slowly turned his gaze downward and all he saw was his bare chest, shirt long shredded, leaving half his pants torn. Bruce looked up with distress, eyes pleading for his innocence. But from the way Cap and Thor avoided his gaze and Barton death stare he knew, deep down he already knew, he was far from innocent."Oh my god…I am so sor—"

"Sorry? Not going to work here, not after what you done to Nat." growled Barton

"You're right Clint, we have to kill him." Bruce looked in shock at the person who just said that. Captain America, out of everyone, the leader, most selfless person in the entire planet, just deemed his death. "Captain…?" Steve face was set and he knew nothing will change his mind. He turned to the demigod, "Thor…?" he whispers

Thor eyes have a glint of hesitant until it was slowly wipe clean to coldness. "I'm with Captain Rogers."

Bruce slump to the ground and stared at the people in front of him. People he thought of as teammates, allies, maybe even friends, want him dead. He doesn't know why this bothers him at all. People in the past wanted him dead, Betty's dad did. Heck he himself tried to kill himself, if it wasn't for the fact that he knew these people won't be able to kill him he would have run right now. Even still he wants to run, run away from those familiar eyes that caused him to run and hideaway in the first place. The fact that he was shunned by these people, he couldn't bare it.

"I…" before he could say anything the red hair woman stirs and was trying to sit up.

"Nat!" Barton drops his bow and helps the woman up to a sitting position. Her hand instantly shot up to her head as she groans in pain.

Bruce furrow his brows worriedly as she reach to help her, "You mustn't move around, you have injuries on your head, you have to lay dow—"

She flinches away instantly and stares at him with frighten eyes, "Don't touch me." she grits out. Her eyes were so menacing it hurts. She turns to face the crew, "Why haven't you guys killed him yet?" she groans

Bruce head was starting to pound. This cannot be happening, even Romanoff wanted him dead. He couldn't listen to what they were saying anymore. He thinks he saw resentment and coldness in those eyes, but other than that he had no clue what was being said. He can see Thor and Cap stepping toward with their weapons rising and Barton's bow also rises along with Romanoff's gun.

Bruce got up quickly while backing toward the wall. "You guys don't want to do this. This will piss off the other guy even more." He protests with his hand up trying to calm them down.

"We'll take our chances." Barton growled as he helped the red head up to a standing position.

Just when the space between the avengers got closer an explosion appeared on top and the roof fell down in front of them. Red and yellow fell from the roof and landed between them. Stark was standing right under the hole on the roof facing away from the doctor.

"Stark, what are you doing here?" Bruce asked as he felt a flare of hope ignite within him. Tony was the only person out of the whole crew that's actually fond of him and this calms the man a bit.

Stark helmet lifted and his face was not his usually gleeful face, but a dead serious one. The group in front of him did not look so happy at the change of event.

"I came to help." said Tony still not facing the doctor. The crew growls and moves their weapons toward the man in iron.

"Calm down, Backstreet Boys," he said finally turning around to face Bruce, "I never said I came to help him."

Bruce blood turns cold as he stares at the man in front of him. Did he hear correctly or is his mind playing tricks on him. Even Tony…?

"What are we waiting for? Let's end this monster." Tony said as he raises his hand and the light on his palm expands. At the same time Thor's hammer and Captain's shield was flung toward him along with an explosive arrow and a gun shot.

Bruce eyes widen and everything went black.

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