A/N: Basically, my version of a possible prologue to a possible fourth movie. If Neo is to be resurrected again, this is what I believe could have been going on during his death. Well, afterlife. Whatever you want to call it. Enjoy.

Guardian Angel

Two entities face the horizon, knowing uncertainty like a disillusioned friend, always present, but never clear. Always physically near, but ever distant, persistent in their stubborn ways. The endless light that had perfectly formed their heaven was slowly deteriorating, tiny arms of black ink crawling aimlessly, eating away at their glowing surroundings.

They look at each other, words forever unnecessary in this place, though they talk anyway, having never grown tired of the other's voice. They'd both taken on a different tone since they arrived here, worry void from their bodies and minds, war a thing of the past.

Fear a thing of the past. Or at least a trait only the living possess.

"What will happen to you?" Neo asked, concern in his voice, though he knew nothing could harm her, not here.

"I'll be waiting." She said swiftly, reassuringly. She took his hand, stepping closer to him and speaking softer, almost as a whisper, their eyes locked. "Let fate bring you back to me."

He knew what she meant. He nodded, his own morals preventing him from taking his own life.

The darkness crept closer, but neither cared as they spoke their silent language of eye contact and touch. Her eyes portrayed meaning only he could ever read, even in the moral world. He knew what she was going to say before her voice even reached his ears.

"I'll be by your side every second. I'll be watching you."

"Like you always have." He replied, his voice only slightly faltering, feeling mortality slowly seep into him as the darkness stretched further towards them. It reached the tip of his foot and he could feel unconsciousness somewhat familiarly spread through his body and to his mind. He wanted to simply lie there with Trinity in his arms, but knew that he couldn't. He would have to go this alone.

One last look, one last touch, they let go and she drifted into the fading light. Darkness surrounded him. He was now on earth, though subconsciously, streams of green code meeting his gaze.