Soft footsteps echoed through the near empty stone grey hallway. A girl in a pink dress with blonde hair walked through.

"Draco!" She called softly. Her blue eyes fluttered around, looking for something. A tall man with hard grey eyes, pale skin and white blonde hair walked behind her in a black suit with a pointed collar, like a viper.

"Luna." Draco replied. He ran his hand down her belly.

"Stop – I can't do this. The wrackspurts tell me it's forbidden." Luna moaned. Draco smirked.

"That's why I like it so much, my dear." He said, and spun her around so he could stare into her beautiful blue eyes.

"Stop it! It's torture, Draco." Luna argued, in a firm but soft voice.

"No it isn't. Who cares if you're preg- right." Draco added quickly, at seeing the blood drain from Luna's face.

"I love you Draco, but we can't do this." Luna said, with tears in her eyes. Draco cocked his head.

"I love you as well. Luna, I can't lose you. Stay." Draco pleaded.

"No. We're forbidden. This can't happen." Luna argued weakly. She turned to leave with tears in her eyes.

"Wait!" Draco called. His voice echoed off the walls of the hallway in Malfoy Manor. Luna walked on, not looking back. She never looked back again. Draco felt angry and sad. He never spoke the word forbidden again because forbidden was the word that broke his heart away from his true love.