Part One

Accepting my lot in life was not easy. I was surrounded by humans. The annoyance and faults of the race was fading. They were beginning to grow on me.

Humans had a certain charm to them. The kind ones do. The families who love each other and take care of each other.

I still hated most humans. The ones that hurt and abuse others soured my mood and made my blood boil.

I find Vash is correct when it came to humans, not all are bad. And this not only disturbed me but also confused me.

For over a century, I hated humans, only dealing with them when I had to.

But now I'm around them all of the time. And although I rarely go out to time, I couldn't go alone anyway. Only with Vash.

What I experienced at home, what I saw at home was changing my opinions of humans.

Mathew was a prime example of one of the good humans. He was too young to be evil. He was an innocent. He was a little cherub, all smiles and giggles. And every time he saw me he smiled. It's almost like he sees some good in me.

The toddler trusted me. I want to believe that he could trust me. I've done so much to hurt his race But every time I see him and he smiles, I can not help but to return the smile. The child was bringing out the best in me and that's probably why I saved him for being attacked by a frightened Thomas last month.

His mother was another story. She brought out another side of me. I found her to be an annoying creature. Even though I told her not to, I still found her staring at me whenever she could. It was because of this I began to stare at her in return and I was beginning to find her be beautiful woman, inside and out.

When she didn't see me, she smiled more. Her laugh was intoxicating. Her childishness was appealing and her protectiveness of her son was admirable.

When I thought about her, I smiled. I was beginning to desire her company in many ways. I wanted her to look at me, to smile at me. I wanted to make her smile and laugh.

I was beginning to lust for her. More times tan not I was dreaming sexual dreams with the tall woman as my partner. And what shocked me, what really should have bothered me. I wanted to be with her as her spouse and a father to her son.