Author's note: Hey hey! Finally back from an extremely long hiatus. With a bit of something new. Never tried writing a story like that before. A bit of crime, a bit of suspense, a bit of romance (maybe) and a lot of angsty (as usual!) Please read on and don't forget to review!


It was pure darkness below him.

He gazed into the pitch black, the seemingly endless dark pit of swirling shadows. The whooping of the spinning rotor blades above beat out a constant rhythm that echoed deep inside him like the deafening chime of a large church bell. The night wind whipped at his hair and clothes and made his dark eyes water. It hit him with fierce vengeance, pricking his bare skin with ice-cold needles and threatening to knock him overboard.

His white fingers curled tight around the metal doorframe. Adrenalin pumped rapidly through his body, tension coiled in his thighs, his breathing quickened. He was ready.

"Go." The soft voice behind him said. A single word. He launched himself over the ledge of the helicopter and fell into a dark void of emptiness...