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The Midnight DJ

It was a bright and beautiful day, the sun was shining brightly like it's smiling down at everyone that was outside who's taking a stroll in the park hand in hand. So it made two figures stick out like sore thumbs. One of the two is female that has long brown hair, bangs that hides her eyebrows and tanned skin. She was in a black trench coat with golden buttons, white knee high boots, black leggings, and two gold ankhs on both her wrist that has the eye of Horus emblem on it. The other one was a boy that was only inches taller than the girl that has spiky tri-coloured hair: The base is black; tips are red; his bangs are blonde. His skin is pale white. He was wearing a blue sleeveless jacket, a black T-shirt inside it, a belt-like choker, a silver ankh on his right wrist, the millennium puzzle around his neck and buckled shoes. People kept on staring at them like they were the most incredible "Freak Show" they have ever seen for both have the same and weird characteristics. First is that they have the same eye shape but the man's eye color is red while the woman's was a creepy looking hazel that could scare a person out of their skin. Second is that, why wear layers and layers of clothing on a warm and sunny day?

"Why are they staring at us?" The man said then he heard a chuckle beside him. He looked to see his friend that has a smirk that says "You're such an Idiot"

She gave a quick glance over to him saying "Well let's see. Your eyes look like it was poked and blood came out while mine is like when they stare deep into it they'll think bloody murder" she ran her hands through her hair but it dropped back into its original position "Not to mention the way you dress. Late for a bondage session?" she added with sarcasm lingering in the words.

He rolled his eyes at the comment and made a quick comeback "Nobody tells you how to dress up Sherlock Holmes" They have exited the park and are now walking the streets of Domino. "Anyway, it was a coincidence we are heading the same direction Lala. Did Kaiba call you?" he quickly changed the subject for he knew that once the said person makes another comeback, it will result to another one of their "childish fights."

She glared at him, scolding him about the "nick name". She never liked the nick name Joey gave her, it make her sound so innocent which is not what she really is. "The name makes me sound like a weakling, okay Yami?" she retorted.

"Yes, you are not weak Daniella" he finally addressed her by her real name "You're fragile" Daniella stopped on her tracks, Yami was a few steps away when he realized that she wasn't walking anymore. He looked over his shoulder and saw a frighten look on the young girl's eyes. "Is something wrong" There was no reply. He stood there beside her and felt a dark presence in the building.

"Can you feel that Yami?"

"Yes. Something is wrong with this building. Something out of the ordinary"

They both looked up at the building that was made of wood and straws that wasn't there before. They take this route to school every day and not once did they see this house. Or were they in a hurry to even notice the antique house but what made them suspicious is that the house is not the straw huts they see in their Japanese history books. This one was different.

"You know what's strange about this house?" Daniella started

"That's it's totally out of place?" Yami retorted

"Yes, something like that" Daniella replied "And this type of houses only exist in the Philippines, simple in the outside but grand in the inside"

"Let's go check it out" Yami said, feeling that another adventure was about to take place but Daniella's phone rang. "What now?" he said with a pout.

"Sorry but the house can wait" Daniella said reading the message which came from Kaiba. It turns out they were already a minute late and Kaiba doesn't tolerate tardiness. They looked at the house for one more second before continuing on their way.

They arrived at the place Kaiba told. It used to be an abandoned radio station that has a super "Kaiba Corp Makeover." It used to be the station of the most popular radio show that people from the past used to listen to but the radio DJ and his crew disappeared under mysterious circumstances that no one ever figured out. There was no trace of humans: living or dead, at the location they disappeared. Why would Kaiba want to buy the station?

They were escorted by a woman with short lime green hair that was wearing a white dress and a smile never left her face. She stopped in front of a red door that had golden letters on it saying "Studio 13: MDJ Studio." What could "MDJ" stand for?

The woman opened the door before she left. The room was a charm. It has pillow like walls that's in the shade of crimson red. State of the art sound mixers were there as well that was near a wall to floor see through mirror were the microphones and other stuff was set up as well. There was another door on the other side of the room. They entered it and were fascinated by what they saw. The walls were painted slick grey and the floor was a black carpet. Six tables were line up on both sides of the room and one chair was facing the floor to ceiling window. They were surprised to see Yugi, Joey, Neko and Ace there, waiting as well. Yugi sat on one of the tables of the room, his legs swinging to and fro because his feet were 5 inches from the ground. Joey was playing some kind of video game on one of the computers that were set up there. Neko, the girl with black hair with red, stood next to Yugi, leaning on the same table. She is wearing a nice black dress with pockets on the bottom left and right side and a red belt hugging her waist perfectly and one inch laced sandals. Ace, the girl with the same hair but it's tied up to a ponytail, is leaning against the left wall opposite the others. She is wearing a crimson red tank top that has black claw marks on it, black skin tight pants and black stilettos.

"What's going on?" Yami asked while he helps Daniella take off her trench coat to reveal that she is wearing a white shirt with the logos "FD" printed on the bottom right side and "CD" on the upper left side printed in small font sizes.

The others didn't reply, instead they looked at the chair near the window. It turned and revealed Seto Kaiba sitting on it, with a smirk gracing his lips. "You're late" he stated.

"So what?" both said in chorus earning a growl from the young CEO

"You know how I hate people who come in late" He scolded "I could replace you anytime I want"

"Really?" Daniella replied with sarcasm "Maybe we should be late more often Yams" she looked at Yami with a smirk gracing her lips. Yami just rolled his eyes at the suggestion though it wasn't a bad idea.

"Then, I'll double your work every time you two come in late" This time, it was Kaiba's turn to smirk.

"What do you want Kaiba?" Yami asked to get it over with. He has enough of this threat duel. "Why did you call the six of us?" he once again eyed the others one by one.

Kaiba gave a low chuckle before saying "Do you know the history of this Radio Studio?" The six shook their heads to a no. "Well, this studio used to belong to a group of supernatural people who solves the mystery of the paranormal. Does it ring a bell?" Kaiba frowned, recalling all the things that happened to him from Duellist Kingdom to Battle City because of the group he assembled.

"So we are replacing them?" Yugi asked, standing up.

Kaiba nodded "Yes, you'll be the new Midnight DJ crew" he stood up from his seat and unplugged the computer Joey was using that earned him a complaint from the blonde. "You weren't listening to me and for that: you are their personal assistant"

"Wat's dat?" Joey asked

"You do our bidding. You know, bring us coffee, buy our food, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera" Ace explained "Now bring me a bowl of ramen will ya?" Joey complained while the others laughed at the blonde's reaction, except for Kaiba who was still wearing a frown.

He walked to one of the drawers there and took out a folder before closing it again. "For your first mission, you'll be solving the mystery of the missing crew" he stated, giving the folder to Daniella. He knew the girl could relate more to the mission. For a part of her is involved.

Daniella opened the folder and almost dropped it because of what she saw. It was the picture of the house she and Yami saw on their way there. "The Bahay Kubo down the block" she eyed Kaiba suspiciously. Was it possible that he knows about her past: The part of her that she buried deep down her heart to forget those who have hurt her when she was still a young girl? "Why did you give me the file?" she asked while closing the folder again.

"Well, your job is to manage this group of morons" He answered. Joey was about to break Kaiba's head into two but fortunately Yami and Yugi stopped him, though Yami was willing to let Joey go and just watch but he knows better than that. "I know you are quite a genius yourself and can handle this job. Since you work with these idiots"

"That was mean Kaiba" Neko said with a pout but Kaiba just ignored her.

To avoid a fight, Daniella replied "Sure, I can handle the job" She sat on one of the chairs started reading more of the file.

"So does this mean Daniella is the Midnight DJ?" Joey asked, finally he joined the conversation.

Kaiba shook his head to a no "I was getting to that mutt" Joey growled at Kaiba who was once again wearing a smirk. "But first, I have to assign the others to their designated jobs. Yugi will be helping Daniella with more research" He said, looking at Yugi like he was asking if he understand.

"So, that means I'm the one who looks for the missing puzzle pieces?" Yugi asked.

Kaiba nodded "You can put it that way. Neko will be the one to look for clues from where it happened" He knew about Neko too. He knows that the girl have visions of what had happened or what was going to happen just by getting hold of a thing that has to do with the scenario. "Ace will handle the equipment. Joey can help you." Ace gave him thumbs up while Joey paled all of the sudden.

"Then what is the point of calling me here Kaiba?" Yami's presence suddenly filled the room.

Kaiba looked at him with a sly smile "Isn't obvious? What position is still available?" and he left the room.

Yami's eyes were wide because of what Kaiba just assigned to him. He wasn't able to hold himself back and said his thoughts aloud "I'm the midnight DJ?"

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