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Yami locked the door of his apartment and started to walk the direction of the park. It was a gloomy Saturday morning. Grey clouds were hovering over the city. A cold breeze blew by that made him clutch onto his red scarf, hearing a soft whisper within it. He looked at his right where the strange house was located, but it wasn't there anymore. Yami shook his head lightly, saying to himself that it was just his imagination, and continued to walk to the park so he could clear his head first before he headed towards the studio.


Everyone in the studio was busy with their assignments. Daniella was looking over the file Kaiba has given her, trying to decipher how the previous MDJ crew disappeared into thin air while trying to find out the mystery hidden within the old house. Yugi was in front of the computer, researching more about the involvement of Japan to the Philippines. Neko sat beside Yugi, waiting for something to come up. Joey and Ace were setting up the equipment for their first airing tonight, or were trying to set it up since Joey was tangled in microphone wires with Ace helping him to untangle himself.
The door opened and Yami came in. He examined the room, amused that everyone was too occupied to even notice his presence. He swiftly walked to stand next to Daniella, sitting on the arm of the chair.
"You know what's funny?" Daniella's smooth voice was heard that caught everyone's attention. This indicated that the young brunette has acknowledged his presence for the question was mostly directed to him. "The disappearance of these people doesn't make sense."
Yami looked over Daniella's shoulder to glance at the file. Upon reading the first sentence from the page, he couldn't help but voice out the confusion he felt. "Ten people disappeared all at once? For real?"
"I'm afraid that it's no joke" Daniella said while closing the folder then tossing it on the table.

"I told you Joey NOT TO GET TANGLED UP WITH THE WIRES!" It seems that there is a fight breaking out between Ace and Joey. It was always like that. Joey would do something to piss Ace off and they get into a fight. Let's just hope that Neko hasn't caught ear of the fight that's breaking out.

"ACE AND JOEY IF I HAVE TO COME OVER THERE AND SORT OUT THAT FIGHT AGAIN I WILL!" The normally quiet girl shouted with a fury of a lion. Which she did, leaving no room for arguments, Neko stormed over to where Ace and Joey were and was close to doing the pressure point on both of them if Yami and Daniella hadn't of stopped Neko. Daniella helped Ace untangle Joey from the wires and Yami took Neko out of the studio for a walk to calm her down. She can't get much if she's upset or in a bad mood, like she is now.


"Feeling better?" Yami asked. They had walked around the park before coming to a bench near a crystal clear lake. Neko was staring out on the water, leaning on her knees. Yami, on the other hand, was leaning back against the bench watching Neko with worried eyes. Yami had known that Neko had a gift that to see into the past or can predict the future just by touching something. She must have seen something after the selection at Duelist Kingdom; she'd avoid him every time they came in sight of each other. He then consulted Ace for help.


Yami was walking down the hallway at Duelist Kingdom when he noticed Neko talking to Ace, she had her back to him so it must have been easy for him to walk up to her and ask why she's been avoiding him. But as her name states she has a couple of cat quirks such as good hearing. He must have made some sort of noise to have her excuse herself from Ace's presence and left. Yami wasn't going to have it anymore. He had to figure out why Neko was avoiding him.

"Ace!" Yami shouted for the said girl to stop which she did.

"What up, Yam?" She asked with her arms crossed wondering what she done this time.

"You know Neko the most right?"

"Yeah… why?" Ace asked losing her humorous attitude

"Why is Neko avoiding me?" Yami asked most likely sounding a bit hurt when he didn't want to be.

"Ah, strong minded Yami is collapsing into wounded Yami. Oh I can't believe the day." Ace laughed.

"Just tell me what's going on." Yami growled; he didn't like Ace laughing at him.

"Neko had a vision a couple of nights ago, about you and her." Ace explained. "She's going nuts about it, wondering if it's going to come true or not." When Ace had finished she crossed her arms while smirking at how Neko had looked, desperate not for Yami to know the 'details' of the vision.

"Vision? So she's psychic?" Yami asked shock to say the least.

"How do you think we found you outside the cave near Pegasus's Castle?" Ace asked.

"Neko." Yami answered

"Bingo." Ace said. "But I'm not going into the details of the vision. You can forget about that."

"I wasn't going to ask." Yami said, hiding the fact that he did want to ask Ace about the vision.

End flashback

Even now, he hasn't talk to Neko about the vision she had at Duelist Kingdom. But before the final battle she gave him the choker she wears around her neck most of the times she's duelling. Of cause she had asked for it back at the end of the duel, if he won; which he did. He noticed that Neko still wasn't talking and was just staring out at the lake. He remembered Battle City when it last happened.


Yugi had just freed Joey from Malik's grip. Yami had noticed that Neko was just staring at the ground, when he noticed Ace move towards her, he grew worried for his feline like friend. Ace was whispering stuff in Latin, a langue that Ace and Neko grew up to learn. Neko shook her head or nodded depending on the question. Ace stood up at the end of the one-sided integrations then sighed; Yugi had asked what's wrong, when Neko snapped out of her staring two holes into the ground.

"A vision," Ace explained. "Neko will continually stare at something until, Japanese or Latin, questions are asked about the vision she's seeing." Neko's eyes were wondering around behind close eye lids. Ace had noticed along with everyone else. "After Neko has snapped out of it, she'll go over the pictures in her head until she can sort them out completely." After that was said, Neko's eyes snapped open looking at Yami with a faint blush crossing her face. She shook her head, before closing her eyes again to go over the information again. Same thing happened. She shook her head gently before talking to Ace in Latin; Ace looked shocked before she cracked up laughing. Ace then spoke back in Latin answering her question.

Neko had a darker blush on her face before she turned to Yami and spoke in Latin. "Si me amabi, mecum manebis*" She then shook her head before smiling. "I guess it's stupid to think that."

End flashback

'I guess it's stupid to think that.' what had she meant by that? But before he could continue on that train of thought, he started asking Neko questions in Japanese. And like that time before she answered by either shaking her head or nodding to the question asked. She then blinked her eyes before closing them to sort out the images she had seen.

'I guess it's going to take time.' Yami thought to himself. He leaned back, he had asked Kaiba what Neko meant in Latin, but when Kaiba did find out he had to figure it out for himself.

"I guess some of us should go and see about the Bahay Kubo place Daniella told us about." Neko said standing. Yami followed suit. They started to walk back to the studio when their hands brushed by accident. Neko moved away slightly as to avoid that from happening again. Their trip back was silent. As they arrived Daniella and Yugi came bursting out like there was a fire nearby. Yugi was dragging Neko back out of the studio and Daniella did the same to Yami. Neko and Yami were dragged all the way to the Bahay Kubo place, where they stopped across the road, where the Bahay Kubo was. Neko had suddenly tensed at the place, Daniella and Yugi noticed while Yami had this… weird sense all of a sudden. Yugi had turned to Yami.

"Did Neko have a vision at the park?" Yugi had asked. When Yami had nodded, Yugi looked back to Neko, worryingly. "You don't have to go in Neko, if you don't want to." Neko shook her head, she wasn't about to have a vision and not see it through. Neko started walking towards the Bahay Kubo with the others following. When they arrived to the front door they didn't know what to do.

It was when Neko's hearing picked up some squeaking sound coming nearby. She looked towards what looked like an old door with squeaking.

"There, that squeaking has to be the entrance into the place." Neko said pointing towards the source of the squeaking.

"Like I said before, these types of houses are only found in the Philippines, not only that but they look run down on the outside but absolutely stunning and grand on the inside." Daniella spoke.

"That would explain the squeaking sound Neko's picking up." Yugi said looking at Neko. Neko nodded slightly before walking towards the door. What made the normally silent yet strong willed girl to jump was the opening of the door on its own accord. No one even touched the door. "Should we go in?" Yugi asked, a bit shaken. Neko, Yami and Daniella looked at each other before nodding. After they went in the door, the door shut close by itself as well, making the four people that entered in its domain jump. Neko's ears picked up the sound of movement.

"Daniella," Neko said looking towards where the sound was coming from. "Is this house abandoned, or are there at least one person living in this house?"

"Hello there." Giggled a ghostly voice. "My name is Rosealie."

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