A young girl prowled along the edges of a building wearing full black with a silver cat belt with a sliver emblem of a cat symbol on it.

A black fleece neck warmer covering her mouth and nose, a black hat and black leather boots with heels.

She jumped from building to building carefully creeping up on a large olden day building. She placed her black duffel bag over her shoulder. The strap going diagonally downs her chest and stomach.

Pouncing onto the ledge of the large building she placed her glove-covered hand over the window and chanted something under the mask.

In an instance the glass disappeared and in its place a place to sneak into through.

She sneakily made her way over to a locked room, twisting her body round corners to stay in the shadows so no night guards could see her.

Sculptors and statues littered the room but she was in the least bit interested in that right now.

She duck dived over a laser grid and made her way over to the glimmering stones with an old, tattered book centering it.

She placed her duffel bag down on the ground gently and stared at the glass casing surrounding it.

She inspected it for a while before making a move.

Her eyes began to glow a shinning violet colour.

The glass disappeared in an instance leaving the diamonds and the old tattered book in its place.

She picked the book up gently and wiped her hand over it, removing the dust.

"Perfect" the green- eyed girl purred as she turned around and placed it into her bag.

"should've bought a smaller bag" the red head turned back round to pick up the diamonds and placed them in the duffel bag, then swinging it over her left shoulder so the rest of the bag hung down over her body.

"oof" she heard a male voice from just down the hallway, making her way slowly over to there she looked down over the stairs to see a bunch of night guards knocked out.

She looked up a bit towards where two people stood, a male wearing skeleton face paint, a hood and red robe in his hand was a golden looking staff. Next to the man stood a very strange woman with purple eyes and white hair.

"Charmcaster are you done yet?" the older man asked towards the girl.

Charmcaster, such a strange name the girl thought placing her right hand up to her chin and thinking.

"Almost done uncle," she told him with an evil laughter in her voice.

"I need to get that book Charmcaster now hurry up," this Uncle person yelled towards Charmcaster.

"Yes Uncle" the girl breathed out rolling her eyes and began to chant something, making the room glow.

The red headed girl remained very intrigued by their display and continued watching them carefully.

"YOU" she looked up to see the Uncle character pointing his index finger towards her "GIVE ME BACK WHAT YOU STOLE" his voice boomed through the halls.

The girl took a few steps back from the stairway.

All the lights came on blinding her and making her place her hands over her head to try and cover her eyes, adjusting her vision.

'Boom' the wall of the building collapsed and in its place a diamond like figure.

The stared in awestruck at the weird creature, studying its intentions.

Charmcaster came rushing over to it intending to cause harm to the creature, as her hand began to glow she was thrown across the room and into the wall causing a large dent.

The green-eyed girl winced her eyes thinking bout how much that would've hurt.

She turned back to see a diamond like creature fighting the magicians.

The girl watched him as he began fighting the Uncle character.

He back fisted the older man in the face whilst the man's eyes glowed a bright yellow.

In that second she took to an escape, towards a door of the museum. Amazingly no alarms were going off.

She swiftly munovered herself around flying objects and sneaking around the walls until she reached the door with, what she felt like, no one knowing.

Something grabbed her arm. She turned around to see a man in a Hawaiian t-shirt staring deep into the girls acid green eyes.

She grabbed his arm attempting to get him off of her before her wrist got crushed by the force being applied to it. the man shook his head awaking from his trace and slammed the girls body against the wall making her wince.

"oof" was all that came out of the girl.

She turned round to see the man again her hand beginning to glow but stopped in a instance re-thinking the idea to hurt the old man.

The man held her arm to her back, the rest of her body being held up against the wall.

She was given no choice and attempted to back kick him in the stomach.

He bent down towards the ground breathing heavily. The girl stared at him before making a move. She ran over towards him placing a hand on his back.

He bent down to his knees holding his stomach tightly.

She didn't know what to do except run away.

But before she could a flare of magic came flying towards them. Her hands began to light up as well as her eyes, blocking the blast from harming either one of them.

The older man stared up at the girl as she sent a wave of manna flying towards her opponent knocking the violet haired girl down once again.

"HEY, YOU" the Diamond figure approached her.

She clung onto her duffel bag securely as the diamond statue came towards her.

The diamond like figure gleamed in the light as it held its hand up ready to fire at the girl.

Spikes of diamond came flying at the girl as she ducked and rolled out of the way.

Her eyes began to glow as she held her hand out making them both glow as she forced a trendil of manna come out of her hand and threw the diamond like creature through the wall and onto the next building.

A green like eliminated the crack in the wall after the diamond like creature was thrown out, blinding the girl for a few seconds.

In that moment a boy green eyed boy appeared in front of her, slamming down a watch like instrument on his wrist he transformed into yet another alien.

She placed a shield above her head blocking the attack from above and making him fall backwards.

She released the duffel bag from her shoulder and placed it down on the floor as she approached him.

"Ha, nice trick there princess" the firery green root creature said to her wiping his mouth and standing up.

"Princess" the girl started to get a little annoyed at the man.

"Oh so you can speak, I thought you were just ignoring us" he chuckled slightly smiling at the girl making her cross her arms and roll her eyes.

"Awe gone all quiet again have we?" he laughed at her making her roll her eyes even more.

"That's all right you can explain it to the police when we're done" he pounced at her.

She swiftly dodged the attack and side kicked him in the back making him groan in pain.

"Hey" he complained at the girl holding his back.

"Oh please your a root" the girl informed him rolling her eyes again.

"I know," he stated dumbly.

He made fire come form his hand this time and through it towards the girl

She kept having to move back dodging the fire.

One quickly hit her on the arm causing a deep wound along the side of her arm and tearing the black cotton long sleeved shirt.

She fell back as he came near her. She placed her arm out making it glow, striking him in the chest, releasing the air out of his body, making him collapse to his knees.

She rolled back and got up quickly, blood rushing down from her wound.

She looked down at it inspecting the wound. It was a rather deep gash that the blade left.

She could hear the heavy breathing of the boy and noticed that his transformation was removed leaving a brunette with green eyes

"what happened to the root thingy" the girl asked curiously.

"nah, what do you care?" he asked rudely.

The girl just rolled her eyes and picked up her duffel bag on the floor and throwing it back over shoulder into a shoulder bag.

"just curious" she shrugged.

He started to get up ready to fight the girl again.

"Get back here" he called to the girl holding his chest.

The girl turned back eyes widened as she saw a bright light coming towards the boy.

She ran to him, pushing him out of the way of the oncoming attack.