"Just because Ben doesn't want to see her doesn't mean that I don't want to see her" Frank argued with Max. "I know, I know but he hasn't got out of his bed since we've been here" Max said as kicked some of the pebbles on the ground.

"I'm sure he's just over reacting Dad" Frank said.

"…I just want to see my daughter" He sighed.

"Alright we'll go to her apartment tomorrow and everything will be okay"

"I'm not doing this anymore" Gwen threw the paper at him. "and why would that be?" The man asked as he sat down on her bed next to her. "Cause I'm sick of doing your dirty work" She snapped at him.

"this isn't about this boy is it?" He asked gently but she didn't answer, bringing her knees more closer to her body and hugging them.

"I think you should reconsider" He stroked her leg.

"No chance" She stood as walked to the door.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked causing her to turn around. "Leaving… for good," She told him walking out the door.

"You're not going anywhere" He stood up grabbing some chains and walking out after her.

Max knocked on the door as Frank and Ben stood behind him. Ben turned his head looking away from the door as he listened to his ipod. Max raised his eyebrow when no one answered.

"Gwen?" He called out. "Gwen if you can hear me you have three seconds before I break down this door" Max said strongly. "one…two…three" Max kicked in the door to find an empty room with a table spilt with cash all over and next to it three duffle bags containing more riches. "Gwen?" He called out but found no answer. Ben sighed as he helped look around. He walked up to Gwen's room and opened the door to find a dark empty room.

"Gwen?" He called out as he heard the sound of chains shuffling. He walked over to the corner to the sound and placed his hand down on a shadowed figure. It felt wet. Ben pulled his hand away and inspected the liquid on his hand. He couldn't see properly and took out his plumber badge and turned on the torch and inspected his hand more.


Ben raced over to the window and pulled down the curtains causing the room to light up.

He then turned his attention towards the corner to see a redheaded girl with her eyes winced leaning on her knees shaking violently and whimpering in pure agony.

"GRANDPA!" Ben screamed as he raced over to the badly damaged girl pulling on her chains.

"Ben whats wro-"

Max cut himself off as he looked down at the half beaten to death girl.

"Gwen?" Frank ran over and slid down next to her.

"Gwenny?" He called out her name as Ben tried to get the restraints off of her. "Ben don't pull" Max said as Gwen screamed into her gag. Frank noticed the coldness of her skin and the continuous shivering and wrapped his arm around her attempting to keep her warm but she shuddered and pulled away.

"Grandpa it's wielded to the wall" Ben said causing Max to look over. He pushed Gwen forward so he could get a better look at the cuffs restraining her arms around her back.

She whimpered more as she pulled at her chains trying to get up and away but it just caused her chains to cut through her wrists more.

"Gwen stop" Max placed a hand on her head trying to keep her still but she kept resisting.

Tears streamed down her face as her harsh breaths continued to speed up.

Frank brought his hand up and placed a hand on her cheek wiping her tears but stopped when he noticed it was blood. "Ben go get my toolbox" Max told him causing Ben to get up and run.

"Just hold still pumpkin, we'll get you out of here soon" Max rubbed her back trying to keep her calm but it wasn't working and she was beginning to hyperventilate more and more.

Frank looked down at her and noticed most of her was covered in blood though it was hard to tell due to the darkness and her dark clothing. Her clothes were ripped from where someone had harmed her.

Frank ran his fingers through his hair as his daughter struggled and screamed in agony more.

"Get it off…please…get it off" He could make out through the gag and her harsh breathes. Max shuffled round behind her with the iron chains but stopped when Ben came back into the room setting down a red metal box.

Max flipped it open and told Ben to keep her as still as possible.

"Frank give me a hand with these chains" Max asked as he pulled out a pen. He then flicked it open and out shot a laser cutting the attachment to her and the wall.

Gwen tried to crawl away but Ben kept a tight grip on her.

Frank pulled her cuffs up so Max could get a good shot of the metal. Her hands came free and shook violently, like she had been restrained for a very long time, as Max did the same to her ankles. Gwen pulled her hands up slowly towards the rest of her body attempting to huddle herself. Ben and Frank helped her up and settle down gently on the mattress. She curled her body up into a foetal position not attempting to move too much but continuing to shudder.

Frank sat down beside her and turned her head gently taking the gag off her so she could breath easier.

"Gwenny?" Frank brushed her bruised and battered cheek as she continued to keep her eyes closed shaking. She balled herself up more tighter hugged her badly damaged wrists.

Ben looked down at her wrists swearing he could see the bone and tissue. "Gwen?" Ben called out to her worried as he shook her lightly.

She didn't answer him instead whimpered in pain. He placed a hand on her shoulder trying to keep her company as much as he could. "Gwen try and stay awake" Frank told her as gently as she could.

"Gwen, nod if you can hear me?" Frank told her as he gripped her hand but she whimpered and pulled away causing him to back away and leave her be. Max packed away he's equipment as a tall dark haired man walked past the door.

Ben looked over to it and recognised who the person was immediately. He raced over to the door and rushed out into the main room to see Mr. Mathews filling the black duffle bags from things Gwen had stolen.

He was taking them as quietly as he could which made Ben even more madder. In an instance he slammed down the omnitrix and transformed into forearms. "FOREARMS" He shouted out loudly and raced towards the older man picking him up by the throat and slamming him again the wall.

"HOW COULD YOU" He shouted at him tears streaming down the aliens face.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO HER" He yelled at him whimpering slightly.

He couldn't get any words out of his mouth every time he did Ben would press down harder on his throat. "Ben STOP" Max came out and grabbed the aliens arm trying to get him to stop. "NO" Ben screamed wanting nothing more than revenge.

"Ben, Gwen needs you right now, let me deal with him" Max reasoned with him causing Ben to drop the man with a loud thud and race back towards Gwen's old room.

He looked over to see Frank inspecting the bloodied binds that held her. his face showed nothing but fury with lusting for revenge. Ben slammed down his omnitrix and ran over to Gwen and picked her up as gently as he could in his arms.

"Ben?" She called out to him as she gripped his shirt.

"I-I-I'm s-s-so sssorry" She stuttered keeping her eyes winced. "I-I d-didn't mean t-to yell a-at you" She told him gulping. He placed a hand up to her cheek and stroked her gently.

"B-Ben I s-still l-love you" She opened her eyes and looked up at the crying boy. "I-I just w-want to k-know if y-you still love m-me?" She asked forcing her eyes wide as they could go. Ben nodded as he bit his bottom lip.

"I've always loved you Gwen and I always will" Ben told her attempting to hold back tears.

She smiled and closed her eyes as her body went limp.

Sort of a short chapter with a sad little ending. please tell me what you think.