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A co-author between me and my good friend, ASlaveToWords. I hope you enjoy. This is our first big story together, featuring our favorite team the Majestics.

Forgangur Academy sat within the coolness of the Iceland hills. It stood like a palace in a mythical kingdom. A place where blue blood ran through its halls. The tall walls and towers reminded someone of the olden days where European aristocracy once rose as knights and Lords to defend the lands from enemies. A place where tales of old took place. A place of noble heroes.

But that wasn't the case anymore. Not since years ago, when routine wasn't routine anymore. The school's foundations were based on truth yet the walls were virtually leaking with the blood and tears of those who had crumbled beneath the law of the new headmaster, Valdimar Lucifer.

Robert could recall a time when the school was famous for its noble heritage. Now, he only wished the year would be over so he could head back to the mainland to attend university in Munich – he had a long wait seeing as the year had just begun.

He wasn't alone in his studies. He was followed by his childhood friend, Jonathan 'Johnny' McGregor of the infamous Highland McGregors, an overwhelming loving but tough Scottish family of old. Johnny would be finishing up his third year. Hopefully he wouldn't be shuffled back to the English boarding school that his uncle had put him in. After Johnny, came the youngest two of the group.

Enrique Giovanni Tornatore-Giancarlo. Enrique for short, the suave Italian had his homeschooling disbanded and was sent to fair Forgangur in order for him to carry on his father's mighty family name. The last was Oliver Adrien Boulanger-Polanski. The son of a French millionaire and old French aristocracy, Oliver would be living up to both of his parents' worlds. All together, the four boys would be enjoying their school together one last time before Robert graduated.

Robert looked up from his book as he heard the sound of someone approaching him. Recognizing the familiar face, he looked back to the words on his page, not looking up again as he greeted the newcomer.

"Ye gads, the world has finally come to an end." He said in a bored tone. "Johnny McGregor has entered the library."

"Ha ha." The redhead replied dryly, leaning against one of the ridiculously massive bookshelves with crossed arms as he stared at his friend. "I came to find you."

"Obviously." Robert drawled. Johnny rolled his eyes.

"The new students will be here in a few minutes. Aren'tcha gonna go see"

Robert turned the page, still not looking up at the redhead as he spoke.

"Why should I? They're nothing I haven't seen before. Beside, I'm sure they'll look exactly the same in a few moments as they will when I see them scampering and skulking around the halls, begging for our attention later. Honestly Johnny, don't you ever get sick of it?"

Johnny shrugged.

"Sometimes. But it's still pretty great to check out the new meat. Anyways, you know the faculty picks the best lookin' ones from the outside world - most of 'em anyway. If nothin' else there'll be some great eye candy. Come on, get your stuffy ass up and live a little will ya? This is your last year, make it a damn good one!"

"Why should I?" The German insisted. "I feel sorry for them, especially the girls. They're thrust forward into this place like they cattle. Most of them end up looking like they're being sent to their own hanging."

Robert was ready to wave the Scot away when another familiar face appeared. Oliver approached slowly, holding something behind his back. His two friends would murder him if they knew what he was holding. He didn't want to appear this way, on a day like this. If Serena hadn't suggested it so sweetly, he would have sent someone else.

He could tell by the stares that the other two were wondering why he had come in such a manner.

"You've been chosen." Oliver brought the two envelopes from behind his back. "And please don't shoot the messenger. Serena requested that I bring these to you two."

They were thick envelopes, written on what was supposed to look like antique paper. On the back, the envelopes were sealed in red wax with the school's crest.

Johnny took his with a groan.

"Oh God, no! No! No! No!" He all but whined, his voice rising in volume with each 'no'. "Please. What did I do to deserve to be picked for the 'find-you-a-wife' club!"

Robert sighed and closed his book, finally admitting that his quiet time was over.

"Get over it." He said, finally looking up at the redhead now. "It's just a formality, the only thing it will cost you is a little of your time and perhaps a little annoyance. Besides, weren't you the one just going on about all the "good-looking meat"?"

"Not what I said..." Johnny muttered under his breath. The elder young man ignored him and continued.

"All you have to do is keep an eye out and entertain them when they bring you suitors. I've done it before, Enrique's done it before. It's not worth the fuss I know you'll make over it. Besides, perhaps you may just be glad you've been picked for this."

Johnny snorted indignantly.

"Doubt it." He turned to the greenette then with an irritated sigh. "Here, gimme that."

Taking the offered envelope, Johnny read the contents over once before rolling his eyes and stuffing the document into his pocket.

"What a load of crap. Whatever. I'll deal with it later, right now I got some sight seein' ta do. You comin' Oliver?"

"Yes. I'm going in that direction anyways." Oliver mused. "I'm helping Serena greet the new students."

"Oh yes." Johnny smirked. "You and your wifey."

"We're not married yet, Johnny." Oliver blushed.

"So the wedding you two had in Enrique's backyard when you were five didn't count?" Johnny teased.

Oliver called Johnny several names in French before storming off. Johnny mocked Oliver's angry face, laughing as he left to follow the Frenchman to the main hall.

"Wait up."

Johnny looked over his shoulder, smirking when he saw Robert coming casually down the corridor behind him, one hand in his pocket.

"Thought you weren't comin'?"

"I didn't say that." The taller man said simply, falling into step alongside his friend. "I simply said I didn't see why I should."

"Right, whatever." Johnny replied with the same smirk.

Together the two continued down the corridor, following Oliver who made it a point to stay several steps ahead of them. After a good long walk, the corridor finally opened up into the large main hall, where dozens upon dozens of blue uniformed people had gathered, obviously with the same idea as they had.

"It's a mad house." Robert observed.

"It always is." A beautiful female voice spoke up. Robert and Johnny turned to see a beautiful girl with long, stylish teal hair and grey eyes walk forward to greet them.

"I'm so terribly sorry about the notes. I was told to tell you that you two need to pick your game up, especially you, Robert."

The beautiful Serena Vargas was of Italian aristocracy. Yes, she was one of the most beautiful girls at school but lucky for her, she was taken. Serena had grown up with Oliver. They were childhood sweethearts and would remain such even when they were old.

"I think it's a stupid idea." Johnny told her.

"Why? Afraid you might find someone who will put that hard head of yours in place?" Serena smirked.

"If you weren't so nice and marrying Oli, I would hate you for that." Johnny sneered.

"You love me like one of your sisters." Serena patted his cheek before leaving to stand by Oliver's side.

"Top o' the mornin to ya, fellas!"

The four turned and most smiled - Johnny smirked - at the pretty young girl who approached them.

"Well look what the cat dragged in." Johnny said teasingly. "How kind of you to grace us with your presence mi'lady."

"Morning McKenna." Robert greeted more politely.

McKenna smiled at him. Quite obviously, she was of Irish descent, and it was a bit of a running joke between her and the group. It was so stereotypical that the Irish said such funny and strange things that she couldn't help but milk it sometimes. Still, playful as she was, McKenna had many other sides too, sides no one person had ever seen all of. Despite her beauty and charm, she was also quite intelligent and witty.

"Morning. Are you here to see the new arrivals?" Oliver asked politely.

McKenna casually brushed her raven locks out of her bright silvery eyes and mile-long lashes.

"Not really, no." She replied thickly. "Came to find you lot, to be honest. As charming as they are, I'm sure, I've no interest in the likes of all those mighty gits! They're all the same dont'cha know; all whinny and sad and pathetic and a right bit bonkers for ever comin' to this place in the first place."

"McKenna," Serena frowned at her roommate, "not all of them are. I have an inkling that a few will not be as bad as the others."

"That's what you said last year." The Irish girl said bluntly.

"I'm going to be right this time."

"You will yea." McKenna said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"Speaking of seeing the new faces." Serena looked around. "Where's Enrique? I thought for sure he be wanting front row seats."

"Off makin' a holy show of himself somewhere, no doubt." She replied wearily. "Knows yourself what he's like. Never met a more thoroughly gimpish man in my life. Gotta be something banjaxed in that head of his; his or mine for botherin' ta go the lengths I do."

"Awe, don't give up." Oliver said with a smile. "It'll be worth it one day."

"It will yea." McKenna said sarcastically again. "Anyway, 'nough 'bout me and my... endeavors. Where are these newbies anyway?"

Everyone went quiet the moment the tall double doors opened with a creak. Out stepped the headmaster himself, Valdimar Lucifer. A chill crept through the air the moment he stepped into the great hall. He was a vile man. Though well on in his fifties, he was fit as a fiddle with a muscular and powerful body to match. Standing at a whopping six foot three, he was the definition of fear and power. His hair was white with shocks of black. It was clear he had once been a very handsome man, and in a way perhaps, he still was - but it was the handsome ones you had to watch out for. Sharp eyes that cut through your soul like diamonds yet were black as night.

His sinister black goatee was infamous but the thing that made him most memorable was the long, violent looking scar that slashed from above his left eyebrow and ran nearly to the corner of his mouth, making his face seem that much more terrible when he smiled his perfect, pearly white and straight-toothed smile -His famous smile that curdled the blood of most anyone and everyone who saw it. Whether respected, feared, or a mixture of both, one could not deny that he was not a man to be taken lightly.

Valdimar offered a smile to his blue bloods. His 'children'.

"Welcome!" His booming voice echoed through the hall. "Welcome, my students to another year. I love to see all your faces. And I cannot wait until our seniors graduate. I'm so very proud of you all."

The new students would be called out by name. Everyone was waiting to see who would be granted which color of the three possible – each with its own status and meaning.

"Now, I know you've all been waiting very patiently, but your wait has come to an end! Turn your attention, if you will, to the front of the room and please, as you always do, welcome the new members of your family!"

Everyone turned around and a second set of doors were opened at the back of the room. The students clapped politely as a crowd of new faces piled inside, some looking haughty and proud, others mildly interested and some like they were making the walk to the gallows.

"There, ya see." McKenna whispered casually. "All the same, every last one of 'em; not a one stands out."

"We haven't even seen them all yet." Oliver reasoned.

"T'won't be a difference, just you wait." The ravenette replied.

"Now then, is everyone here?" The Headmaster asked, making a quick sweep of the room. He continued without really awaiting confirmation. "Good, good. We shall commence with the placement, followed by a brief ceremony, as per usual, in the auditorium."

There was a series of collective groans at this; 'brief' was never brief where Headmaster Valdimar was concerned.

The blue uniforms were first to leave, followed by the new comers, as everyone gathered in the auditorium. It was big enough to fit everyone with many seats to spare. The group made their way to a line of seats, sitting down and making themselves comfortable.

"Wake me when it's over." Johnny said with a yawn. Sitting low in his seat, he laid his head back against the back of the chair and crossed his arms with closed eyes.

"But you'll miss something." Serena whispered.

"From the devil?" Johnny scoffed. "I doubt it'll be anything important. Just wake me up when they bring out the fresh meat."

"A right desperate state you'll be in if he catches you.." McKenna whispered wearily. "You'd best sleep with one eye open, sham.."

Robert sighed and spoke up, the first words he'd said almost since leaving the library.

"It wouldn't be the first time Johnathan as earned himself a few demerits." The older teen said wearily.

Johnny frowned, furrowing his brows as the images played behind his closed eyelids.

"Don't remind me." He muttered irritably. "That old bastard! One of these days-"

"You'll do nothin'." McKenna replied bluntly. "You knows it! That mean old codger's got it in for anyone who don't obey him. Don't give 'im a reason to be really nasty Johnny. You knows well as the rest of us that he only lets you off with so much cause you're one of his precious bluebloods. One of us done what you did n we'd be hanged - p'rahpse literally!"

"Whatever." Johnny muttered, shifting a little to get comfortable.

"Settle down children!" The headmaster's voice boomed loudly, though it was hardly necessary seeing as there was very little chatter to begin with. "Please give your undivided attention to our newest additions! A warm welcome please!"

There was another polite applause as a set of doors opened in the auditorium and a long, seemingly endless string of new people entered the room, all moving in single file to stand before the student body and await placement.

"I shall you call each by name and you'll ascend to the stage to accept your placement." Valdimar instructed. He snapped his fingers and held out a hand as one of the secretary's presented him with the names and placements of the new students. He stood before them, looking for reactions from his blue bloods. He wanted to see what he would get out of each and every single new person. Only the best were going to be selected for something...worthy.

"Now then. Who do we have here? Miss Georgina Wright, red." He looked the petite, nervous looking girl over, giving her a chilling smile as he snapped his fingers again. "Welcome to the family."

A secretary came forward a second time and placed a red uniform in the girl's hands. Valdimar moved on.

"Johan Aki. Red. Welcome to the family... Jessika Heart, red. Welcome to the family."

This went on for some time and when Johnny finally sat up and looked, he groaned when he saw the man was only half-way finished.

"Dean Cartwright. Grey." There was no welcome given to a grey student and Valdimar simply bypassed by him as the boy was handed a drab grey uniform.

"Hillary Fairmont. Red." Johnny rolled his eyes, mockingly mouthing the headmasters words as he spoke again. "Welcome to the family."

"Johnny." Serena hissed, "It's rude and- Oh my God."

She wasn't the only one who took noticed of the white haired maiden who graced the stage, as collective whispers and mutterings of approval arose from the crowd.

"Well take a lookit that!" McKenna whispered in awe. "Aint she gorgeous!"

This seemed to catch Johnny's attention as he sat up straight, looking curiously down at the stage to see what his friends were talking about. His jaw dropped slightly at the sight before him.

Sinikka was a vision of loveliness, a surreal dream-like image of the most flawlessly perfect angel. With snow white hair and a mocha complexion, she was the definition of stunning beauty. But it was her eyes that were the most captivating. Bright, icy sapphire orbs seemed to glow with a hidden aura.

There was something haunting and tragically stunning about this young woman, as if she harbored a hidden secret the rest of the world didn't know. But despite all of that, no matter who you were, it was hard to take your eyes off of her.

Serena saw the look on Johnny's face and smirked. "Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we have found a candidate for the future Mrs. McGregor."

"Gah! What?" Johnny could barely shake himself out of his stupor, sounding almost drunk.

"You finally take interest in someone?" Oliver asked, smirking.

"Wh- no! No way!" Johnny sputtered, trying desperately to get a hold of his bearings. "She's a looker, I'll give her that. But I'll bet that's all she is. Nothin special."

But even if he lied to his friends, Johnny couldn't deny that there was most definitely something special about this girl, something different. And even though he was loathe to admit it, the redhead knew - if the sickening churning in his gut was any indication - that his life had just taken a very different turn; only time would tell if it was a good one or not.

"Charlotte Dennison, red. Welcome to the family."

"Oooh. She's a mite bit better lookin' then the others as well." McKenna said with interest. "Just look at her, cute as a button!"

"Aw, she looks like a fairytale princess. She's not an exquisite beauty but- Aw! I swear if she turns around, I might see fairy wings." Serena gushed before letting out a small giggle. "Look at her eyes! So beautiful!"

Robert finally took notice of this 'cute as a button' girl as he stared down the many rows before the stage. The girl was not to be considered nothing special as she did cause a small stir within the blue bloods, even if she was no Sinikka. Her golden brown hair flowed down her back with her bangs framing her face.

The blonde lifted her eyes to the crowd, deep violet eyes taking in every detail. Robert had to do a double take. She did look an awful lot like a fairy princess, even more so standing next to Valdimar who would be perfect as the role of villain. She barely gave a smile. If she did, it was fleeting to only a few. Her eyes looked terrified yet she kept her chin up, facing it head on.

"That old brute." McKenna snorted. "Way he's towerin' over her like that! She looks like she's afraid he might squash her!.. Wouldn't put it past him mind yeh!"

The group watched as Valdimar moved past the petite girl and on to the next one. The little blonde looked relieved as she stepped backwards into the ranks to join the others and stand alongside Sinikka, who didn't look at here but merely stared ahead with a fixed expression.

"Iuno 'bout you lot, but I think this is goin' to be an interestin' year." McKenna said, leaning back in her seat with a smile.

"Thought you said they'd be nothing special." Oliver replied teasingly, making the Irish girl playfully stick her tongue out at him.

"I think you may be right, McKenna..." Robert added absently, still staring at the petite blonde a ways below him.

Serena looked over at him. She raised one eyebrow, opening her mouth to speak but decided it against it. She instead whispered to Oliver.

Oliver looked at his fiancée before staring at Robert.

"Well, I believe Johnny isn't the only one who has his eye on someone." Oliver spoke up for Serena, who giggled next to him.

Robert blinked a few times, as if coming out of a trance before turning to the two beside him.

"Hm? What?... No.. no it's not- no, it's not like that at all..."

"Umhm... Lookit that!" McKenna said with a huge grin. "You've taken a reddener there, lad! You can lie but your body can't!"

Robert lifted a hand to his face to see that he indeed was blushing.

Clearing his throat awkwardly, he turned forward again, ignoring his friends laughing at his expense.

"And that concludes the placement. Children, take your seats and I want everyone to continue to give their undivided attention as the opening ceremonies will begin!"

Another collective groan rose from around the room as the speeches and lectures began.

"Like I said;" Johnny said, leaning back in his seat and tipping his head back again with closed eyes. "wake me when it's over."

Charlotte let out the breath she had been holding since the opening ceremonies. Never had she gone through something that tedious and boring. And scary. The headmaster was something out of Brahm Stoker. No, she took a second, not even Dracula would like Valdimar. She looked back down at the paper that read the number of her dorm and where to locate it. Truth be told, the 'castle' was enormous and easy to get lost in. Many of the other girls walk past her like it was nothing, easily finding their way through the massive place. Now she knew how Hermione felt at her first day at Hogwarts.

The blonde grunted with her uniform. She was told her things would be sent straight to her room where she would find her roommate.

That was what was making her stomach flip.

Hopefully she would have someone civil.

She walked through the hallway, accidently bumping elbows with some green and blue uniformed girls. She politely excused herself as she stared at the numbers for the dorms.

Suddenly Charlotte felt herself be knocked to the ground. Cringing from the impact, she looked up to see a trio of blue uniformed girls staring down at her with looks of disgust.

"Watch where you're going commoner!" One with long, wavy blonde locks snapped. "People are walking here!"

"I apologized for accidently bumping into you." Charlotte was stunned.

"Maybe you should learn your place." Another black-haired girl sneered in her face.

"Red beneath blue? I know that. I said I was sorry." Charlotte got up. "Now I'll be out of your hair."

Charlotte turned to walk away when suddenly the snotty blonde grabbed her wrist and spun her back around again.

"I'm not through with you yet! Did I say you could go? There's more to learn here than just colors. But don't worry, I can teach you really quick."

The two girls beside her giggled cruelly as the bully smirked and reached for Charlotte's hair. The small girl frowned and reached up to smack her away, which apparently infuriated her.

"You dare strike a blueblood!" She exclaimed. Charlotte was at a loss for words. Strike? Was she serious? She'd merely smacked her hand away!

"I'll teach you your place, you street rat!"

Charlotte's eyes widened as the taller blonde lifted a hand, obviously ready to hit her. She cringed, waiting for the impact, when suddenly a dark hand reached out of nowhere and snatched the bully's wrist. The blonde's head whirled around and everyone else turned to see the white-haired girl from earlier staring at the blue uniformed girl with a dark expression.

"You want to be careful." She said cooly. "From where I was standing, it looked like you were about to hit her. Now I know someone raised as you have been would never do something so foolish as that. I am a little surprised by your words though. Perhaps you didn't mean them. Why don't you just go ahead and apologise?"

The blonde looked at the dark girl as if she were dirt beneath her shoes.

"Excuse me!" She shrieked. "Just who the hell-"

She shut her mouth when cold, blue eyes fixed her with a deadly stare. Swallowing hard but unwilling to let go of her stubbornness, the bully snorted indignantly.

"Whatever." She snorted, pointedly avoiding the white-haired girl's gaze and spinning around. "Just watch where you're going from now on, new girl!"

Charlotte watched the three girls leave in a flurry of blue, blonde, black and brown and in moments they were swallowed up by the crowd. She then turned to her hero.

Blue eyes turned a steady gaze on Charlotte, seemingly looking her over. When her gaze met the blonde's she spoke, her expression considerably less dark now.

"Are you alright?" She asked smoothly.

"Yes, I think so." Charlotte replied as she got up off the floor and dusted herself off. "Uh thank you. That was real kind of you to do that."

Sinikka didn't accept the thanks.

"There's something I learned a long time ago and you'd do well to remember it." She said simply. "Especially in a place like this; don't apologise. Ever."

Sinikka turned her head to look down the hall after the girls who were long gone.

"The people here care nothing for outsiders and the ones they call the 'bluebloods' are nothing but cruel and merciless. They care only about themselves and see us only as rodents, toys for their amusement and about as valuable as the dirt under their feet. You'll do best to grow yourself a hard shell if you expect to get anywhere here."

Charlotte felt the chill of the girl's words but understood. She had a feeling there was something different about this school compared to all the others she had applied for. She knew she should have stayed in the country, choosing to go to a normal school rather than something special.

"I'll do my best."

From what she could tell, Charlotte figured Sinikka must have gone through so much to become the way she was.

"Well, you probably already know, but my name is Sinikka." A mocha-colored hand was extended to Charlotte.

"I heard but we weren't really properly introduced so…" Charlotte took Sinikka's hand. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Charlotte. You probably already knew that too."

"I remember you." The dark beauty replied simply. "Take care of yourself. And if you meet those brats again, tell them Sinikka is watching."

"You too, and I will."

Sinikka turned then and proceeded down the hall, completely ignoring all the awed gazes and admiring stares she got as she passed the other students.

"Huh, that was different." Charlotte sighed. Charlotte thought about what Sinikka said. Since she was in a new place and Sinikka looked like she knew a thing or two, it would be her best bet to take the advice. Well, everything she knew was out the window now. On her own without any more interference, Charlotte proceeded forward to finally find her room.


Johnny grinned as he stuck another dart into the center of the board.

"Well whatta ya expect, three-time champ here!" He boasted cockily.

"Self-proclaimed." Robert said pointedly. The redhead and his 'fans' turned to see the purple haired young man standing with crossed arms and leaning against the doorframe to the rec room.

"You're going to be late for class."

"Pffft!" The redhead scoffed. "And I should be worried because?"

"The Headmaster is making a special visit to all the classes today."

Johnny growled but he couldn't ignore the tiny pang of fear that nipped at his insides, though he'd be damned if he'd ever admit that to anyone!

"Alright, alright! I'm comin'!"

Leaving his adoring fans behind, the redhead left the game and followed his best friend as they headed to their first class of the school year.

Just in time, Robert and Johnny entered the classroom and proceeded to climb the stairs that would lead them to their usual seats. It was the first class of the semester and fresh new faces stood out. Just as everyone took their seats, Valdimar entered the room. Robert couldn't ignore the chill that went up his spine. He detested the man but gave him a wide berth of respect. He quickly glanced at Johnny to make sure the Scot wasn't napping.

"I'm awake." The redhead muttered under his breath, knowing what his best was thinking. His eyes were trained on the man at the head of the class wearily. "Would never close my eyes with that bastard this close to me... no telling what kinda nightmares that would bring on."

Suddenly Valdimar's gaze turned to the two and his eyes fixed themselves on Johnny.

"Something you'd like to share with the rest of us Johnathan?" He asked calmly. Both boys shivered. Only a man as vile as this one could make such a simple question sound so sinister, even with such a cool and calm tone.

"No, sir." The redhead muttered.

Valdimar lifted his chin, looking down his nose as he looked up the incline of seats at the redhead near the top.

"This is a new year, Johnathan, and you're growing up. I should hope there won't be any... mishaps such as some of the ones you caused last year. I must say it would be rather... painful... for myself to have to exact punishment on you again. And seeing as how you've caused such a stir and marred your record so much already, any further offenses may be a little more... uncomfortable for you than previous years. Do you understand?"

Johnny's face paled as several faces turned to look up at him. But his eyes were fixed on the headmaster. Swallowing hard, he replied.

"Yes, sir." He said, his voice cracking slightly as he quickly tacked on; "Sorry, sir."

Valdimar smiled.

"Good." He drawled cooly. "That'll be all. Enjoy your lesson, children. And remember; Ein höfuð yfir the hvíla."

Robert waited until the headmaster was clear of the room. The last words were the school motto, 'one head above the rest'. In Valdimar's translation, it meant 'Bluebloods above all others'. He quietly looked over to Johnny who just flopped in his seat. Robert felt a bit of pity towards him but couldn't think of what to do or say to help.

Just before the lesson began, a younger male student came in. He made a quiet request to the teacher who pointed him up to Robert and Johnny.

"Sirs, I'm sorry to bother you but I'm sent from the Club to gather your papers."

"Papers?" Johnny asked.

"Why yes." The boy's perky British accent that was annoyingly cute. "Any requests from the fine young ladies you saw today? The club is requesting at least one name from the new members. And I'm not allowed to leave until I have them in my hand."

Johnny growled and turned his head to look down at the teacher in the center of the classroom.

"Hey, teach! This little pipsqueak is botherin me! How'm I spose to learn when I've got this crap bein' shoved in my face twenty-fpur seven!"

The teacher calmly looked up from the papers she was looking at and smiled an animated smile.

"Lauguage, Johnathan." She said robotically. "It's mandatory, you know that. All he needs is a name. You as well Mr. Jurgen."

Johnny scowled and turned back to the boy. Damn teachers! Most of them were like milder clones of Valdimar himself, like puppets of marionette's he controlled. Always the same old crap.

"I don't have a damn name ya hear me! They all looked the same. Now get lost!"

Robert gave Johnny a look. "Just write down a name. Any name... what about the white haired girl you were gawking at earlier? Put her name down for goodness sake!"

The redhead turned a look of annoyance on him.

"Fine. Soon as you pick someone!"

"Fine." Robert wrote a name on a piece of paper.

Johnny tried to peer over Robert's shoulder to see but the older teen blocked his view before folding his paper and handing it to the small boy beside them.

"Alright." He said simply. "Your turn."

Johnny sighed in annoyance before sticking the end of his pencil in his mouth, chewing on it.

"What was her name again...?" He thought absently. He remembered her face, her voice... her eyes. But damn him if he couldn't remember her name!

"I believe it's spelled S-i-n-i-k-k-a."

"Thanks." Johnny muttered, moving to write the name down. However, he halted and bristled when he realized something important.

"Hey!" He exclaimed whipping his head around to glare at Robert. "How did you know- I mean, who says I was gonna write her name down?"

Robert simply shrugged, though there was a mischievous glint in his eye.

"Lucky guess." He drawled. "I'm right, aren't I?"

Johnny growled before shielding his paper - though it was pointless - and quickly scribbling the rest of Sinikka's name. He then folded it sloppily and thrust it at the small boy.

"Here ya little runt! Now be gone!"

"Thank you sirs. I must say; you aren't the first one to request Miss Virtanen, she's already become quite a popular choice. Good luck to you, Mister McGregor. She sure is a pretty one." The younger boy bowed out, quickly leaving the room.

"You landed a popular one." Robert smirked.

Johnny was blushing to his hair roots.

"That little runt! I thought our choices were spose to be confidential! Why I otta... Who the hell did you pick anyway? Come on, spit it out! You know who I picked!"

"I..." Robert cleared his throat. "Just someone."

"Someone? No, spit it out. We're supposed to be best friends. You know, I know." Johnny glared at him. "I won't leave you alone until you tell me."

Robert sighed.

"If I tell you, will you leave me alone?"

"Maybe. Depends. Is she cute?"

Robert quickly scribbled the girl's name on another piece of paper and hands it to Johnny.

Johnny snatched the paper and quickly read it. To Robert's surprise, the redhead didn't react at all the way he'd expected.

He was quiet for a moment until eventually the Scot looked up at the German with a confused expression.

"So uh... which one was Charlotte?"

Robert face-faulted.

"You're hopeless!" The German growled, placing a hand to his face as a vein throbbed in his forehead. "She's the petite blonde one! The one who was introduced right after Sinikka! Honestly Johnathan! Your memory is horrible! You must learn to remember names!"

Johnny scowled, mainly at the use of his given name, which Robert normally only used strictly to annoy him.

He knew he was terrible with names but truth be told, he could remember very little from that morning after Sinikka had been introduced. But he'd be damned if he'd ever admit that either!

"I'm honestly surprise that one of them caught your eye. And I didn't think petite blondes were your type." Johnny tried to fake his way through he conversation.

Robert opened his mouth, blushing.

"Caught my eye is a good way to put it." The German replied, straining to keep his composure. "She's a pretty girl. I don't know her to be able to say much more than that. Perhaps time will tell. Besides, I had to give them something and hers was the first name that came to mind."

"First face that came to mind more like!" Johnny replied with a smirk.

Robert felt his face burn hotter but before he could retort, the teacher's voice cut him off.

"That's quite enough of that, boys." She said sternly. "Class is about to begin. I'd kindly ask you to pay attention. Wouldn't want to have to report any more misbehaviour to the Headmaster now would we Mr. McGregor?"

Johnny's face paled a second time that morning and his mouth snapped shut.

"Very good." The teacher praised with a smile. "Now then, class please turn to page three-hundred and fifteen."

Robert tried his best to pay attention to the lesson the teacher was giving, but Johnny had his thoughts all muddled.

One girl whose face he couldn't forget.

His last year at the Academy wasn't supposed to start like this. He knew Johnny's would have to be smooth or else the consequences could be dire. At least his best friend had his eye out for a lovely lady. He wasn't sure how the lovely Charlotte would take it if she got a notice from the Club about him putting her name down. Finding a girl was the last thing on his mind.

"Cat Malogen! Will someone just shoot me already!"

Serena laughed at her friend's antics as the Irish-bred teen made a dramatic display of finally being freed from class.

Charlotte took notice of the Irish girl, muttering away insane things about being held captive. She quietly laughed before proceeding to leave for her next one. That's when Serena saw Charlotte. The pretty fairy tale princess girl who had Robert all muddled. Her eyes twinkled as she rushed away from McKenna to greet Charlotte.

"Hi!" Serena popped up in front of her.

"Uh...hello?" Charlotte stared at the very beautiful girl whose eyes were expanding the closer they got to her.

"For the love of turnips, Serena, back off will yeh! You're gonna give the girl a heart attack!"

McKenna smiled and extended her hand to the blonde.

"I'll be apologisin' fer my friend here. Name's McKenna, McKenna Connolly."

"It's nice to meet you, McKenna." Charlotte eyed Serena wearily. "I'm Charlotte Dennison."

"I'm Serena Vargas. Sorry for that but," Serena just studied Charlotte. "you just remind me of a character from my childhood."

"Beg your pardon?" Charlotte gave the beautiful girl an odd look.

"You remind me of a princess. Are you princess? Of course not, you're red but you could be blue! Oooh, you're cute! And pretty! I love your eyes! Just as much as I love Sinikka's hair! Ooo I can't believe I finally get to meet you!" Serena went on, causing the American girl to side step away.

McKenna laughed heartily.

"Awe don't mind her." The ravenette told the blonde with a grin, referring to her best. "She's as harmless as a billy goat. Though she don't look like one! You'll get used to seein' lots of pretty faces around here, lass... though I'll admit; you're a mite prettier than most."

McKenna looked up then and caught sight of a trio glaring holes at them, which made her lift an eyebrow.

"Now what's gone and got her knickers in a twist?" She voiced curiously. The other two girls turned and Charlotte noticed the trio who had stopped her in the hall earlier.

"Oh she's...she gave me a hard time and Sinikka told her to knock it off." Charlotte sighed. "I knew I wasn't going to have it easy. That's what I get for thinking positive."

"Giving you a hard time?" Serena glared at the three before looking back at Charlotte. "You talked to Sinikka."

"Uh yeah I did." Charlotte blinked. "And to go back on what McKenna said, I don't think I'm all that pretty compared to you girls. I must look like a wildflower with all these roses."

Both girls snorted with laughter at that.

"Lass, compared to you, this lot is like a cluster of nettles!" McKenna exclaimed in amusement. "And back to that lot o'er yonder, you don't want to get tangled up with them if'n ya can help it. Ya see that sour blonde one there? Here name is Amber. The Chinese lookin one is Li and the brunette is Madison. They're a right rotten lot, they are. You'd best keep away from 'em at all costs. Ye'd be surprised by what they're capable of."

"I about had a taste of it." Charlotte rubbed the back of her neck, looking sheepish.

"Don't worry." Serena took Charlotte's arm. "Stick with us and you'll be fine."

"Thanks...I...I wasn't expecting such a warm welcome here."

"So have ya figured out the color codes yet?" McKenna asked gesturing to the mixture of colors around the room.

"Blue is..." Charlotte sighed. "Blue blood. Not sure about green but red is common, right? And gray is for slackers? I still don't understand it quite honestly. You two been here for a while, right? Care to fill me in so I can stop feeling like an idiot?"

McKenna frowned.

"Ye've been sorely misinformed, lass." She said solemnly, suddenly very serious now. "It'd be my duty to fill you in..."

She lifted her hand and made a sweeping motion across the room.

"As you've pointed out; the majority of the population, aside from the bluebloods, are red. Red is the color of passion, vitality. We're the ones who are 'highly likely to succeed'. See, the red students are the ones who have a lot of potential, the ones they expect to go far, to be business partners, socialites, escorts, and all sorts of other 'useful' roles for the rich."

She then turned and pointed to a small cluster of green students.

"And those there, there are only a select few of those. They're special. The green students are hand-picked chosen ones, they're the ones who are the favorites aside from the bluebloods. They're the ones who were picked mainly for one reason, and one reason only; to be the property of the rich – future husbands and wives."

McKenna sighed pityingly.

Her hand then moved on to a tiny group of grey's.

"Now that lot is a sad lot if there ever was one. The greys are students who just managed to scrape by, just barely made their way in. There isn't much love for them, they were allowed entrance simply because they may be of use someday. Perhaps a little nerd, someone who's good at fashion, who has a few minor connections but no presence. They're people who have to fight and claw and scratch just to be seen. As far as status goes, they're the lowest - and it really does pain me ta say that."

McKenna turned back to Charlotte with another serious look.

"There's something you need to understand, lass." She said solemnly. "Around here, we're at the bottom of the food chain. The one reason, the only reason, we're here is to please the bluebloods. We're here for their pleasure and enjoyment. That comes first. Our thoughts and needs come second. If you want to get by, to get to the top, you've gotta kiss some arse and smooch some frogs. Here, a dog-eat-dog world is putting it kindly."

Charlotte took in every word McKenna told her. She was clearly misinformed. The moment she looked at the application online and filled it out, she thought she was attending a good school to higher herself personally. She hadn't realized she'd stumbled into a rich kid's playground. Her stomach twisted, knotted.

"There had to be a reason why you wanted to come here. You wanted to make yourself... reach higher?" Serena asked.

"Yes, but not like that. I had no idea. No one told me when I saw the ad and filled out that stupid application." Charlotte felt sick to herself stomach. People were disgusting and the whole idea that she could be someone's...

McKenna suddenly smiled brightly, though it looked a little forced and Charlotte suspected it was more for her benefit than anything else.

"Cheer up, Lass! It's not all bad! There's some good still left in the world! Take my girl Serena here. She's a diamond in the ruff, she is. 'Sides, all ya gotta do is hold your head high and don't let 'em walk all over ya. Despite what those gimps think, they're not a head above us! We're every bit as good as they are. And don't you damn forget it!"

"I still feel like I just walked in front of an oncoming train." Charlotte muttered.

"Oh it's not that bad. And McKenna is right!" Serena smiled. "You are better than them. I can see why Robert is so going to take a liking to you."


Serena realized she might have let something she shouldn't have slip.


"Oh well done!" McKenna said with a laugh, reaching out to give her friend a playful tap upside the head. "Now look what ye've gone and done! You've spoilt the surprise!"

McKenna grinned and turned back to Charlotte.

"It might be dark here, but there's always a bit o' light too." Her expression dropped slightly as she caught sight of something behind Charlotte.

"Speaking of light..." She muttered softly. Charlotte turned to see four handsome young men approaching them, a blonde at the lead.

Charlotte turned around to see what McKenna was mumbling about. The blonde at the lead look very dashing with big blue eyes and a nice smile. Charlotte saw the look on McKenna's face then looked back at the blonde. Another handsome boy with chin length green hair approached Serena. He presses a small kiss to her cheek, smiling. Charlotte couldn't believe the look the two shared. It must be real love, Charlotte could point it out like a light in the dark. The other two Charlotte saw to be a tall red head whose hair was wildly unkept. His lavender eyes looked annoyed but were pretty to look at. The last one...

Charlotte had to take another look. He reminded her of something out of medieval history. There was no way the guy standing before her was a blue blood. Despite the odd nose (which Charlotte didn't think was bad. It was just different), he looked...the way he carried himself.

"Holy shit, is he like a knight or something?" Broad shouldered with slicked back violet hair. He was chatting to the red head next to him. She couldn't tell what color his eyes were.

"Boys." Serena smiled. "I'd like you to meet McKenna and mine's new friend. Charlotte. Charlotte, these are the boys."

"Hello, it's nice to meet you." Charlotte politely spoke. She had no idea what to make of the information passed to her by McKenna. Now she was getting rich guys shoved in her face by the lovely Italian (she assumed from Serena's accent that she was italian) and the unique Irish woman.

"There ya are." McKenna said with a charming smile. "Was wonderin' where you'd wandered off to."

Charlotte blinked at the ravenette. It was like she had suddenly transformed into a completely different person the moment the boys had arrived... or was it the moment the blonde had arrived? She still had the thick accent but the thick slang had all but disappeared and she now looked like a proper young lady, easily mistakable for a blueblood had she been wearing a different color. When the girl seemed to catch Charlotte's eye, she gave her a stern look, a look that clearly advised her against expressing her realization aloud.

"Out and about." The blonde gave McKenna a smile before turning to Charlotte. "Ah you must be one of the new girls. The fairy princess that Serena has been talking non-stop about. I'm impressed. I was expecting to see fairy wings."

He laughed as Charlotte just raised her eyebrow.

"Enrique, don't frighten her." The green haired boy spoke up. "Forgive him. He tends to be very forward."

"I'm sure." Charlotte muttered quietly.

"I'm Enrique, your fairy highness. My green haired friend over there is Oliver. It's very nice to meet you, Miss Charlotte."

"You too."

Charlotte noticed McKenna bristle at the exchange. It was obvious the Irish girl didn't like the Italian's attentions being given to her. It wasn't a jealous sort of air though, it was more something else. However, Charlotte couldn't think for the life of her what it was. Clearly though, there was some reason McKenna didn't want the blonde young man's attention on someone else.

"Enrique." The ravenette purred, moving to hook her arm through his. "You completely missed the gathering and ceremonies this morning. I was worried about you..."

"I had some trouble unpacking then I got locked out of my dorm room so I couldn't get my phone." Enrique replied apologetically. "Oh, Charlotte, this is Johnny and Robert. They're also friends of both Mckenna and Serena."

"It's very nice to meet you."

McKenna, un-noticed apparently by the Italian, puffed out her cheeks in what appeared to be annoyance and frustration. She looked up at the blonde, as if willing him to look at her, but when he didn't she huffed silently in annoyance and released him.

"Oh. You're the little blonde-" Johnny stopped as he was suddenly elbowed by Robert. "-Right, the fairy girl that Serena talked about. Hi."

"It's nice to meet you, Miss Charlotte." Robert spoke to her. Charlotte didn't understand it but the moment Robert spoke, something tingled in her chest. She wasn't sure if it was his voice or the way he was looking at her. She had no idea but whatever it was, it gave her a chill. It wasn't like the one that she got from the headmaster. It was...different.

"Like fresh, powered snow, like the freshness of spring, your beauty is beyond compare!"

The small group turned in bewilderment as a slight commotion was heard from nearby. It didn't take them long to notice a familiar white-haired girl making her way through the crowd in the room, who parted the way as she passed. On all sides she was flanked by a string of young men, all different colors of uniforms, all trying to vey for her attention and affection. There was a look of extreme annoyance and irritation on the girl's face but surprisingly, she said nothing as she ignored them all and continued on her way.

"Sinikka?" Charlotte turned her gaze away from the boys to the white haired girl.

Sinikka's head lifted from her glare at the ground and a slightly surprised expression crossed her face as she paused and looked around. When her gaze fell on Charlotte, she stared at her for a moment before inclining her head ever-so -slightly in a polite greeting.

Charlotte nodded back to her before turning back to Serena and McKenna. Serena just stared at the white haired girl. She wasn't the only one staring though.

"Sinikka! Don't be shy! Come o'er and talk to us!" McKenna called.

Sinikka stared at the group a little wearily for a minute or two, seemingly debating something as her eyes roved over the four boys standing among them. It took a long time, but just when they thought she would turn and walk away, she finally approached them.

Charlotte smiled. "Serena, this is Sinikka. Sinikka, this is Serena."

She knew, originally, that they'd all believed Sinikka thought herself better than the rest, and indeed it did seem like she did, but Charlotte knew better. Charlotte thought of her as a snow queen. Only warmer and elegant.

"I see you've made some new friends." Sinikka said cooly. "Even a few bluebloods. I must admit, you certainly took my advice to heart."

There was a cold look in her blue gaze as Sinikka's eyes rolled over the five blue uniformed people in the group.

"It was more Serena's fault. I apparently remind her of a fairy princess. And McKenna's for stepping in since she is Serena's best friend." Charlotte smiled at the two girls.

"May I ask something?" Serena was looking at Sinikka like she was a queen.

Sinikka's eyes narrowed slightly, suspiciously, as if expecting the girl to attack her - verbally or otherwise. Eventually she gave a single nod.

"What do you use on your hair? It's gorgeous! I love it! You...you're so beautiful. Your complexion with your hair...I can't even give my own hair that glow! I bow in your amazing way to look so naturally beautiful!" Serena had stars in her eyes.

Charlotte slapped a hand to her forehead.

Sinikka looked at the girl as if she'd suddenly sprouted another head.

"Excuse me?" She replied too taken aback to be anything but caught off guard.

McKenna had to bite her cheek to keep from laughing. But she said nothing as she watched the events unfold.

"I really love your hair. I know it's weird but I'm big into fashion and...you're just beautiful! You're like a sea queen. No, you are the queen. You're beautiful and it just comes natural. I just wanted to tell you that." Serena smiled. "Honest answer. No fooling."

"Is Sinikka going to kill her?" Charlotte whispered to McKenna.

McKenna shrugged with a huge grin.

"Duno. But this is the most excitement I've had in years!"

Sinikka's expression darkened suddenly.

"Beauty is but an illusion." She said coldly, turning then and walking away from the group. "And I use shampoo on my hair."

Charlotte felt the hallway go twenty degrees cooler from the answer Sinikka gave Serena. If the Italian girl was affected by it, she didn't show it. It just felt like a snow storm just appeared out of nowhere and frozen the Italian to her spot. Sinnika, one. Serena, below zero.

"Hang on just a minute! Just who the hell do you think you are!"

Sinikka stopped and turned back around, staring at the angry redhead who was now glaring a hole through her.

"You don't talk to people like that!" Johnny snarled. "She was just paying you a compliment! You might look like an ice queen but you're not royalty around here! Around here, people have feelings and I'm not about to let you treat a friend of mine like that just because you think you're hot stuff! Now apologise!"

Sinikka turned fully around now and stared at the Scot, an unreadable expression on her face.

"And the world shall either end in fire or ice." Charlotte backed away from both Johnny and Sinikka. She backed away enough to where she accidently bumped into Robert.

Robert looked down at the girl with a charming smile that made her insides bubble.

"Don't worry." He rumbled softly. "His bark is bigger than his bite."

Charlotte blinked up at him as he extended a hand to her.

"My name is Robert, as you've been told. Robert Jurgen. It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Charlotte."

"Nice to meet you Robert." She shook his hand. There was this brief shock of electricity but Charlotte tried to ignore it. She glanced over to the two in a staring match.

"I'm not worried about Johnny hurting her. More like the other way around. I only met her for a moment but I can tell, she can take care of herself."

"You needn't worry." Robert replied, looking up at the two as well. "I have a feeling this will be... healthy for the both of them.."

Johnny was still glaring at the girl before him but she seemed to be regarding him with mild interest the way a child might curiously eye an insect.

"I don't hear any apologies!" The redhead growled.

Sinikka stared for a moment and the others held their breaths. After what seemed like a hour, she shocked everyone completely by turning towards Serena and giving her a low bow, not straightening as she spoke.

"I was terribly rude, Miss." She said politely. "Please, forgive my ignorance and humbly accept my deepest apology. I had no place."

"What? No! I was too forward!" Serena blinked. "And you're right. Real beauty is more than skin deep. I should be sorry."

Sinikka straightened again.

"How very kind of you." She said simply. Giving another small bow of the head she turned to leave, but not, however, before giving Johnny one more look, a look tinged with what appeared to be a mix of loathing and resentment.

"Well that went better than what I thought." Charlotte was surprised but then again, she was still getting to know Sinikka. She wasn't sure if the white haired girl knew or not, but she was closest thing to a 'friend' she had since getting to the school.

Johnny was staring after the white-haired girl in nothing short of extreme shock.

"Mind ninjas, I tell ya." Enrique said suddenly, releasing a weary sigh. He then walked over and clapped a hand on the redhead's shoulder. "Don't let her get in your head my man. Trust me, you'll never figure it out."

Johnny just scoffed, muttering, "Women..."

Charlotte just shook her head.

"She's defiantly what I didn't expect." Serena stated.

"I don't think none of us expected that." Charlotte spoke up before looking to where Sinikka had left.

Charlotte looked up when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"There, you see." Robert said kindly. "I told you it would be healthy. As strange as that was... I believe it was a good experience for Johnathan."

"You did but I worry about Sinikka." Charlotte sighed. "Oh well I'm sure I'll never know what that girl is feeling."

Robert smiled ruefully. "I doubt you'll be alone with that concept."

"Well, that could have gone worse." McKenna said cheerfully. She then turned a huge grin on Robert and Johnny. "So! Who did you pick for your... you know what!"

Robert flushed scarlet as the ravenette winked at him and Johnny's face took on a slight pinkish tinge as he looked away from her.

"Huh?" Charlotte looked confused. What was up with rich kids and being weird?

"Oh yes! Who did you pick as your 'date' for the Club? I want to know!" Serena's mood change quickly.

"None of your business!" Johnny snapped, crossing his arms. Robert reached up to fiddle with his tie.

"I um... ahem. I can't seem to recall now. Sorry. What about you, Enrique? Who did you pick?"

"Oh no you don't." Enrique smirked. "I want to know who you two picked too. C'mon, out with it."

"I'm lost." Charlotte looked at McKenna while Oliver and Enrique poked and prodded the two older boys. "What is 'the Club' and what about putting names down as a 'date'? Is this some weird rich kid thing?"

Everyone save Robert and Johnny burst into laughter. The redhead instead lifted his wrist to his face.

"Damn, is that the time? Too bad. Looks like I'm late. Catcha ya later, losers!"

"Late for what?" Enrique called after him as he took off. "Class doesn't start for another half-hour!"

The redhead made a rude gesture over his shoulder but didn't stop walking until he was way out of sight.

"Wonderful..." Robert muttered under his breath. "Leave me alone with them..."

"Charlotte, the Club is a special student organization for wealthy bachelors at the school to find possible suitors. The female version is the Sisterhood. Both pick names for eligible women/men who could possibly be a match." Serena told her. Charlotte just looked at her with a 'you-gotta-be-kidding-me' sort of expression.

Robert looked like he might die, he was sweating and tugging at his collar relentlessly as if it were choking him.

"What's wrong, Robbie?" McKenna asked with a grin, momentarily slipping into her usual slang. "Ye've took a reddener again all of a sudden!"

Enrique turned a strange look on the ravenette and she cleared her throat before immediately sobering up.

"I- It's- that is..." The German cleared his throat awkwardly. "You know, I've just remembered, I've got... something to do. So sorry. I'll see you all later."

With that he whirled on his heel and walked swiftly away from the group, leaving some bewildered faces behind while the rest looked positively beside themselves with amusement.

"Is he alright?" Charlotte question why the German was acting weird to begin with.

McKenna and Serena both looked at her then each other and giggled.

"Okay, I feel out of the loop. As usual." She sighed. "Stupid rich kids, why the hell did I convince myself this school would awesome? Oh yeah, because I'm an idiot."

"He'll be alright." McKenna replied with an amused smile. "You've just... caught him on an off day."

"Okay." Charlotte knew she wasn't going to get the whole story. To them, it was probably just a game. Whatever it was, it had to be important. "I'm going to go now. I realize that I haven't met my roommate yet. So excuse me."

Charlotte left the group to talk amongst themselves. She headed away from the classrooms towards the girls' dorm.

When she reached the room, Charlotte pulled her old, ancient-looking key from her bag and inserted it into the old lock. It turned with a faint 'click' and she pushed the heavy door open. Closing it behind her, she moved to toss her bag onto her bed. The first time she'd visited her dorm, her roommate was out, so she didn't get to meet her. Now there was a bag on the other bed and she couldn't help but stare at it curiously.

Suddenly, the blonde heard a commotion from the connecting bathroom. Turning her head, she was surprised to see the person who walked through the door.

Sinikka paused in the doorway through the bathroom, a her hand frozen momentarily in place as she held a brush to her hair, which was now down and flowing around her like a chilly waterfall.

"Will wonders never cease." The dark girl said eventually, resuming the task she'd been doing. "Welcome home, roomie."

Charlotte just gave up, sitting on the bed. "You're my roommate?"

"Apparently." Sinikka said simply placing the brush on the small vanity on her side of the room.

"Sorry." Charlotte paused. "If I come across as annoyed. It's not you. My day has just been...dandy. Just ignore me, I'll be here in my corner doing...probably trying to find a way out."

She found her computer in her bag, pulling it out. She booted up the system, typing in the school's website in the browser. She had to search for a release form or something. Anything! Her mind was just whirling with too much information she didn't need to know. No, she did need to know. She didn't want to know.

Sinikka approached the other girl and stood beside her bed, staring down at her until finally the blonde looked up.

"You don't need a way out." She said simply. "You need a way in."

Sinikka gestured to the computer.

"You found this place on your own, right? You came here for a reason. Don't let a few facts or people scare you away. You're every bit as worthy to be here as they are. We might have to make a few sacrifices but we can get what we came here for. I've already made up my mind, you should make up yours. If you want... I can help you there."

She reached out her hand to Charlotte, a peace offering of sorts, watching carefully as she awaited the blonde's reaction.

"I didn't come here to be some rich man's arm candy. I came here to better myself, not to be made out to be some whore." Charlotte closed her eyes. She opened them to look at Sinikka's hand before looking at the snow haired girl.

Sinikka stared for a moment before closing her hand into a tight fist and withdrawing it. She then turned and receded back to her side of the room. Charlotte watched as she picked her bag up from her bed and moved towards the door. However, she paused before exiting through it, not turning as she spoke one last time.

"Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to better yourself. I can't speak for you but I know why I came here, and I might not want to be some rich brat's eye candy but if that's what it takes to get what I need then so be it... Before the end, you need to think about what's most important to you. And the sooner you figure it out, the easier your life will be."

That said, Sinikka opened the door and exited the room, closing it behind her with a soft click.

Charlotte sighed.

"Great, now I just pissed off my roommate." She sighed, knowing she should have just kept her mouth shut. Her stupid mouth always got her into trouble. No, she didn't know Sinikka and whatever situation she was in, it was much different from her own. Too bad all she was worried about was her own frustrations. Charlotte looked at the website, staring at nothing that could help her. She closed the laptop, shoving it onto the nightstand. "God, I'm hopeless."

When classes started again, Charlotte decided she'd avoid everyone she knew at all costs except to look for Sinikka. The least she could do was apologize. She was in the wrong and Sinikka was right.