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Ichigo raced over the rooftops of Karakura town, tracking Rukia with his limited sensing skills.

"I swear, I'll kick that midget's ass for worrying me like this. "Goodbye" my ass." He mentally grumbled. He finally found her spiritual pressure along with two others.

He came onto the site and saw Rukia in his sister's dress with a bit of blood leaking from a cut on her cheek. Behind her was an unconscious Uryu Ishida.

Before her were two Soul Reapers. One had vibrant red hair tied to look like a pineapple and shades over his brow.

The other had black hair with weird clippers and a white scarf around his neck.

Rukia was yelling at the red-head and he shouted back at her.

"Looks like they're trying to take her back." He thought. Pineapple suddenly drew his Zanpakutō and slashed downward. Ichigo's reflex kicked in and he jumped down between them and blocked the strike with his own massive sword.

"Last I checked that's no way to treat a lady." Ichigo lectured. The red pineapple jumped back while the other looked on.

"I don't recognize you. What squad are you from?" He demanded.

"Your mother's." Ichigo said without missing a beat.

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Pineapple growled until the other spoke.

"This boy is from no squad, Renji. He's obviously the one Rukia's powers reside in." He said in a cold, emotionless tone that got on Ichigo's nerve.

"So you're the one who stole Rukia's power." Renji growled.

"I accepted her power when she gave me the chance to protect my family. What's it to you?" Ichigo corrected.

Renji snarled and attacked but Ichigo blocked every strike. He missed one slash and was clipped on his shoulder.

Ichigo grimaced at the pain and was then kicked in the face and sent flying away.

"I'm Lieutenant of Squad 6, Renji Abarai. I'm the one who's gonna kill you!" Renji shouted and leapt into the air with his hand along his blade. "Now Howl, Zabimaru!" He shouted. His blade glowed red before it changed into a large 6-segmented blade with pick-like protrusions running along the blade.

"What the hell?" Ichigo thought.

"What's the matter? Don't you know the name of your Zanpakutō?" He asked snobbishly.

"Haven't gotten that far yet." Ichigo muttered loudly enough for Rukia, who was right behind him, to hear. She brought her gaze downwards in embarrassment.

"I didn't think it'd work with my powers." She mumbled. Ichigo clenched his left hand into a fist and clocked her on the head.

"OW, you bastard! That hurt!" She yelled.

"Well, you should've told me that shit from the beginning!" He yelled back.

"Oh yeah, well-LOOK OUT!" She screamed.

Ichigo turned around and the young human brought his own Zanpakutō up to block, but Renji's blade split into segments, and sliced into Ichigo's shoulder, the older Reaper ripping it out slowly and very painfully.

"You're pathetic, Strawberry! Did you really think that you'd be able to beat a lieutenant!" Renji roared.

Ichigo fell on his face due to the pain but remained awake and aware of Renji's taunts.

"Ichigo!" Rukia screamed worriedly and tried to run to him but her arm was grabbed by Renji.

"Just let 'im die, Rukia. He stole your powers and now he's gonna pay with his life. Don't make it any worse for yourself." He ordered.

Rukia wrenched her arm free and glared at him. "He didn't steal my powers! I gave them to him when I was too injured to fight and his family was going to be killed!" She yelled.

"Yeah, and look where it got you! You're scheduled to be executed!" Renji yelled back.

Ichigo's mind froze at that information.

"Executed? No, I-I can't let her… I need power… I need more strength!" He mentally yelled as he struggled to stand.

"The power is yours, Ichigo. Your resolve to protect her is clear. Use the power of your ancestors and break the curse of hatred with the resolve to protect." A voice spoke from within his soul.

Ichigo didn't even wonder where the voice came from. He only concentrated on the sudden increase in his spiritual pressure output and the strange feeling in his eyes.

The three Soul Reapers felt a massive increase in pressure around them and Renji turned, only to receive a deep gash from his hip to his shoulder. He looked up and saw Ichigo with his eyes covered in the shadow of the moonlight but he swore he saw a light red glimmer behind his bangs.

"What was that you were saying about me being pathetic?" Ichigo said. He performed a barrage of slashes that Renji was barely able to block and dodge. All the while, Renji was unable to see his eyes.

"Damnit!" Renji cursed as he barely moved his face back to avoid a slash that managed to destroy his sunglasses, revealing the tattoos on his forehead. He dropped to his knees when he realized how close he was to being killed.

"Now leave my town and stay gone!" Ichigo roared and brought his sword down to end Renji's life.

Only for his sword's upper half to disappear when it was fully down.

"You're slow." The other Reaper, who had remained silent for the entire fight, spoke with Ichigo's blade in his hand.

He dropped the useless metal at Ichigo's feet and stabbed forward.

Ichigo surprised them all by dropping his useless blade and clapping his hands onto the sword, stopping it in place despite his hands being cut.

"I'm sorry; did you say something about me being slow?" Ichigo asked and lifted his head.

Rukia gasped in wonderment while Renji and the other Reaper's eyes widened.

Ichigo's eyes had changed. The normally brown irises had changed to a bloody red with three black comma-like marks equally spaced along his irises.

"Because my Sharingan can see your every move." He said with a sinister smirk.

Ichigo shoved the sword upwards and delivered a kick to Renji's face and an elbow to the other man's.

"Rukia, grab Uryu and-GAK!" Ichigo's order was halted by a blade bursting from his chest.

"Byakuya, NO!" Rukia screamed.

Ichigo turned his head shakily and saw the black haired man with a busted nose and lip. He had seemingly flashed from existence and appeared behind him to deal the final blow. He yanked his sword from Ichigo's chest and regarded him.

"I didn't think that a ruffian like you possessed such a strange power. Nor did I expect blood to be drawn from me on this night. I have severed your soul chain and your soul sleep. Rukia's power is forever lost to you. Now lay there and enjoy what little life you have left." He said coldly and sheathed his katana.

Ichigo fell on his face once again.

"Let's go, Rukia, or would you rather share his fate?" Byakuya regarded her, only for Ichigo to grab his leg.

"Y-You bastards." Ichigo growled, his red eyes glaring hatefully at Byakuya. His arm was stomped on by Renji, hard enough to shatter the bones in his left forearm.

"You actually have the nerve to touch the captain of Squad 6, Byakuya Kuchiki!" Renji snarled and pulled Zabimaru from its sheath but his arm was grabbed by Rukia.

"STOP! Stop please, I'll go with you just leave him alone!" Rukia screamed with tears pouring from her eyes.

Byakuya grabbed her arm and pulled her into a gate that appeared in the mid-air with Renji following with a growl.

"H-Hey." Ichigo's weak voice called out to them.

All three turned to face him.

"I-I swear I'll save you, R-Rukia." He said weakly with a gentle smile and then glared at Renji and Byakuya. "And y-y-you two. These eyes will be the last thing you ever see b-before I slice you to pieces." He declared.

"Humph. Just you try it boy." Byakuya grunted as the gate closed.

Ichigo's eyes hardened and, in a burst of adrenaline, he grabbed the bottom half of his destroyed sword and threw it like a spear towards Byakuya.

The blade pierced his shoulder just as the gate closed and vanished from his sight.

Ichigo chuckled weakly before his eyes changed back to normal and he lost consciousness.

(Soul Society)

The remaining captains of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads were each lined up on a side of the Senkaimon gate. The gate opened and they were stunned to see Renji and Byakuya, bloodied and injured with Byakuya having a sword tip speared into his shoulder.

"What happened to you?" Captain Ukitake asked worriedly.

"An unexpected obstacle that was taken care of." Byakuya answered.

"Was it the human?" Captain Hitsugaya asked.

"The human possessed something we have never seen or heard of before and it surprised us." Renji answered.

"What could a human possibly have that could cause this?" Captain Soi-fon asked as she removed the blade in Byakuya's shoulder.

Rukia whispered something and only Soi-fon heard.

She grabbed Rukia's chin and forced her to look into her eyes. "Care to repeat that, traitor?" She said with contempt.

"Sharingan. Ichigo possesses an eye ability called Sharingan." Rukia said loudly for the other captains to hear.

Captains Ukitake, Kyoraku, Unohana, and Head Captain Yamamoto's eyes all widened in alarm.

The others looked confused. "What is that?" Captain Komamura asked curiously.

"If the words she speaks are true, then we have made a dangerous enemy tonight if that boy still lives." Yamamoto said gravely.

(Hours later, Urahara's shop)

"Ow, my head. Wait, I hurt, meaning I'm alive to feel pain." Ichigo's eyes slowly opened to a blurry image of a large man of Chad's stature.

Once his vision cleared, he saw a large man with sunglasses and a deep curly moustache standing over him.

With their faces only inches apart.

"WHAT THE HELL! GET OFF OF ME YA FREAK!" Ichigo yelled and kicked the man off of him.

"Hey boss, he's awake." The man yelled, seemingly unaffected by the kick.

The door opened and Kisuke Urahara walked in with his clogs clopping merrily as he walked over to his guest.

"Morning, kid. You gave us quite a scare." Hat n' clogs chided.

Ichigo sat up and glared at his clenched fists. "They took her. They took her and I couldn't do anything." He growled.

"I wouldn't say that. You brought a whole new factor into play." Kisuke informed him.

Ichigo looked at him in confusion. "And that would be…?"

Kisuke pointed at Ichigo's eyes. "Your eyes did something in your battle. You called it the Sharingan, I believe."

"Sharingan?" Ichigo wondered.

"Boss, your informant just brought the latest news. Rukia's execution is in three weeks." Jinta told the shopkeeper.

"Ah, yes. We'll start your training to regain your powers right now. I'll start researching information on your little trick soon enough." Kisuke said as he left the room.

(A.N: From here on the fight against Ururu and the Shattered Shaft training are the same as canon. I'll skip to when he meets his sword spirit for the first time.)

"Ow, I'm gonna kill that bucket-headed bastard." Ichigo grumbled as he sat up.

He opened his eyes and saw nothing but a blue sky with some clouds here and there. He was currently sitting on the roof of a skyscraper amongst hundreds of others.

"Why do you sit there, Ichigo? You must find us." A deep voice lectured him.

Ichigo turned around and was stunned by the man before him. He was a rugged middle aged man with a pair of dark sunglasses and a black overcoat that covered his black pants and boots and billowed lightly in an imaginary wind. He was startle by a bark behind him and he turned to see a large wolf with cloud-grey and black fur with a white crescent moon on its head. Its eyes were red with the Sharingan spinning slowly.

They were also standing on a flagpole… sideways.

"What the-WAH!" Ichigo screamed as gravity took hold of him and he began falling.

The building he sat on crumbled away and the man followed him down.

"If you have time to scream, then you have time to save yourself, Ichigo. Remember what you felt when you awakened your ancestor's power." The man declared.

Ichigo frantically remembered the sensations he felt at that exact time and only came to one conclusion.


Protect Rukia.

Get her back.

Make those bastards PAY.

He snapped his eyes open and his Sharingan was activated, the three tomoe spinning around his pupil wildly.

He saw hundreds of white ribbons, each connected to a white box.

But there was a blood-red ribbon amongst the hundreds of white.

"There you are." Ichigo said triumphantly.

He pulled the red ribbon and the box came to him. He opened it and saw two sword hilts.

"Take them, Ichigo! Awaken the power of your soul!" The man roared. He grabbed the hilts and pulled.

His world was encompassed by light.

(Urahara's underground training facility)

The Shattered Shaft was encompassed by a bright blue light and a figure burst from the pit.

The figure wore a modified Soul Reaper's garb. His sleeveless kimono top was open, revealing his bare chest and bandaged arms with bare fingers. A black sash above the pants, which were slimmer compared to his baggy ones from the typical garb. On his feet was a pair of straw sandals over white socks.

There was a piece of cloth that covered his face, which he ripped away to reveal his orange hair and white, skull shaped mask with three tribal streaks on the upper left part of it. On his lower back was a sheathed Chokutō and another smaller one was at his right side waist.

"What is he? He's got a hollow's mask and a zanpakutō." Jinta asked.

Ichigo grabbed the hilt and slowly unsheathed the silver straight sword. He then reached up and wrenched the mask off his face. He repositioned it to the side of his head. He then opened his eyes to show his active Sharingan.

"I hope you made your will while I was down there. Cause I swore that I'd kill you once I got out of that hole." Ichigo declared.

"Well, you'll get your chance, Ichigo. Now we can actually get your training started. Your first task: knock my hat off my head." He said while pointing to his bucket hat.

Ichigo smirked and flipped his blade so he held it underhanded. "Get your weapon out and prepare yourself." He said while charging towards him.

Kisuke gripped the handle of his cane and separated it from the staff, revealing a sword hidden in the cane. "No need to worry about that. Now Scream, Benihime!" He yelled.

Kisuke's sword glowed red before the blade grew into a thick, medium-sized sword with a razor-like tip on the black blade with a silver edge. The blade had no guard but had a U-shaped guard covering three inches of the blade. "Let's see how well you do." Kisuke said before he vanished from view.

Ichigo's eyes flickered to his right before he raised his sword to take a blow from Benihime.

They continued like this for a while Kisuke striking and Ichigo blocking and dodging each blow.

"He's fast." Ururu commented.

"It's like he can see the boss' every move before he even makes them."

"Victory can't be obtained in this manner, Ichigo."His Zanpakutō stated.

"I know that. I've just discovered one of my Sharingan's capabilities." Ichigo answered. He sidestepped Kisuke's assault and back flipped away to get some distance.

"My Zanpakutō's getting tired of this game, Hat n' clogs. So we're going to finish this here and now." Ichigo declared while holding his Chokutō up in the air.

"Break the chain of hatred, ZANGETSU!" He roared and was covered by a blue light. Kisuke was nearly blown away by the shockwave.

The light faded to reveal Ichigo standing with a large black crescent curved blade with a silver edge, no hand guard, and the hilt was wrapped in a bandage. The silver edge began to burn with blue spirit energy and glowed brighter every second.

"I hope you have a way to block this, Hat n' clogs. Cause I can't control it yet." Ichigo slashed downwards and a large energy wave burst from his sword towards Kisuke.

The light from the resulting explosion faded away to reveal a giant trench in the ground right beside Kisuke, who was behind a large broken blood red barrier with his hat flying in the breeze.

"Well, Ichigo, you've successfully killed my poor hat." "Man, what power. If I didn't have my Blood Barrier up, I might've lost an arm just now."

When he received no answer, he saw Ichigo leaning against his sealed Zangetsu, fast asleep.

"Looks like we know where we need to start training him." Kisuke announced to his employees.

Interesting times were coming and Ichigo was the one who would live through them.

(Soul Society)

"Good morning, Lieutenant Abarai," A lower ranking Reaper said as Renji walked past him to visit the prisoner.

"Yeah, yeah, good morning." Renji said, waving behind his back.

He then walked through the door to his barracks, and headed to the cell Rukia was in.

"Hey Rukia, I came to see you!" the Lieutenant yelled at his friend.

But he just saw Rukia sitting in her chair, staring out the small window, and she didn't even turn around when she said, "Hello Renji…come to mock me?"

Renji's temper flared a little at that, but he kept it in check. "No I didn't Rukia; I just came to see how you were doing."

Rukia laughed lightly at that…but it didn't have any mirth to it, the laugh sounded sad and defeated, "Well nice to know you still care about me…even after you let my Brother kill the only person who truly cared for me."

Renji's temper did jump to the front this time, "You're still moping over that carrot-top? Rukia the boy is dead and probably never cared about you in the first place!"

Rukia just let out that same laugh again, "And how would you know that Lieutenant Abarai? How do you know Ichigo didn't care about me…you killed him before he could explain himself!"

Renji couldn't believe his ears…Rukia was yelling at him like he had betrayed her…and she really cared about that human more than her oldest friend? He couldn't believe this…

"Rukia, why are you so angry at us, we did the right thing, look at you…if you had stayed there any longer you would never have come back. We did what was expected of us…unlike you who had the nerve to fall for a human boy!" Renji yelled back.

Rukia did turn to Renji this time, and it nearly broke the redhead's heart…even considering how angry he was. Her eyes were red and puffy; making it obvious she had been crying since she got there, and her expression was the most depressed and defeated he had ever seen on Rukia's face. But beneath it all, there was a deep anger…anger at herself for letting Ichigo die…and deep hatred at Renji and Byakuya for killing him in such a horrible way.

"I would like you to leave now Renji, I want to be alone…since that's how you left me, you and my 'Brother'. I have no one now." Rukia said, turning back from Renji, and heading to her cot to lie down.

Renji just gaped at Rukia for a second, and then turned around angrily to leave the room, still not believing Rukia truly cared for that human more than him.

Once she was sure Renji was gone, Rukia broke down crying again. She hated showing such weakness, but her heart had been shattered the moment Byakuya had stabbed Ichigo, sealing the boys fate. It was only then she acknowledged what she had felt for Ichigo…far too late to help him or tell him. And now she was alone, waiting to die, and hope that she could join him…in death if not in life…

(Two weeks later)

"Alright, Ichigo, your training will have to end here. Go do what you have to do with your family and friends and come back tonight. I'll have a senkaimon ready for you." Urahara said.

Ichigo nodded and went upstairs to get in his body.

That night, he approached the shop and was surprised by the sight of his friends Chad and Orihime.

"W-What are your two doing here?" He asked perplexed.

"They're spiritually aware and they possess unique abilities of their own." Uryu spoke from behind him.

Ichigo turned to see him and immediately fell down laughing.

"SHUT UP, BASTARD, THIS IS A GARB WORN WITH PRIDE BY THE QUINCY RACE!" Uryu roared. His outfit consisted of, what appeared to be a pure white suit with a mantle around his shoulders.

After a minute, Ichigo had finally regained his composure. "I know pride is a sin and that outfit probably had something to do with it." He snickered out.

Uryu tried to charge at him but Chad picked him up by his cape while Orihime giggled at him from behind Ichigo.

"Well, it's good to see that you're all in good spirits about your little trip." Urahara said from the front door.

The group entered the underground facility and Ichigo was knocked out of his body.

Orihime instantly started poking and prodding the empty body while asking question after question.

"Whoa, what happened to you?" Uryu asked his friend when he noticed Ichigo's new get up and swords.

"The large sword I had before was Rukia's power adapted for my use. These are my swords. This one is Zangetsu." Ichigo said while pulling out the Chokutō on his lower back.

"And the other?" Chad asked, referring to the sword attached to his right hip.

Ichigo looked at the other blade and smirked fondly. "This one is an Asauchi, meaning it's empty and doesn't go by any name. I'll tell you guys more when we get there."

"If you want to get there at all, then you're going to need a guide. That's what I'm here for." A deep voice said.

Ichigo turned to the voice and saw no one there.

"Down here, sunshine." The voice said.

Ichigo looked down and saw a black cat with gold eyes staring at him.

"DID THAT CAT JUST FREAKIN' TALK TO ME!" Ichigo shouted while pointing to the feline.

Orihime giggled at his reaction. "This is Yoruichi Shihoin. He taught me and Chad how access our powers."

"In any case, I'll be the one who will guide you through the Seireitei." Yoruichi stated before strutting over to the two small towers which Urahara stood between.

Curious, Ichigo closed his eyes and then snapped them open to reveal the Sharingan. He glanced at Yoruichi before he smirked and cancelled them.

"Now then, one last thing," Urahara said and summoned a large gate between the two towers, "This is a variation of the Senkaimon or World Penetration Gate that Soul Reapers use, this is called the Reishihenkanki or Spirit Exchangers gate. You see, only spirit beings can pass through the Soul Society, and the only spirit being here is Ichigo, a Soul Reaper. The only way you three would be able to go with Ichigo…" Uryu finished up for Urahara

"Is if we were to die and Ichigo performing the konso or soul burial on us." Urahara nodded at Uryu and turned to the Reishihenkanki.

"And that's what this gate is for, with this, we will change your physical bodies into spirit particles and allow you entrance into the Soul Society. However, Tessai and I will only be able to keep the gate open for four minutes, once you go through the gate, there's no turning back. You'll have to go through the Dangai Precipice World and if you get stuck in there…it's all over." Urahara said grimly.

"So," Ichigo said, "all we have to do is win right?"

Urahara nodded and chanted the incantation that opened the gate.

"Let's move." Yoruichi shouted before barreling through the gate with Ichigo's group following.

Ichigo, Uryu, Orihime, and Chad found themselves in a long narrow corridor. The walls were some sort of squishy substance. They didn't bother to ask what it was and began sprinting.

A rumbling sound echoed from far behind them. Ichigo and his companions turned to see a massive dense blob of something, with a single glowing light shining in front of it, rapidly approaching the quartet.

"And that," Yoruichi said, tilting his head in the thing's direction, "is the Cleaner. If it catches you, you'll be forcefully ejected from the Dangai. We don't want that to happen, so RUN!"

The humans and took off at a sprint, following the form of the cat who had somehow gotten in front of them. Ichigo noticed something and hollered, "Why the hell are the walls closing in?"

Yoruichi called back at them, "Those are the restrictive currents! If you so much as touch the walls, you'll be stuck in place for the Cleaner to dispose of!"

Hearing this caused the three teens to pick up the pace. Finally, a patch of light came into view at the end of the long dark passageway. "Almost there!" Yoruichi yelled. Putting on a final burst of speed, the three teens and the cat burst through the doors.

Only to end up in mid-air.

"Waaaaaaaahhhhh!" They screamed as they fell fifteen-or-so feet straight to the ground.

Ichigo landed first on his back, only for someone to land on his face, then his torso, and finally his legs.

"Ooph! Who did I land on?" Orihime asked.

Her answer was someone muffling something. She looked down and saw that her butt had landed on Ichigo's face.

Her own face glowing a bright red, she jumped off of him while apologizing profusely.

Chad got up off his torso and Uryu got off his legs.

"Damn. My cape got ripped." Uryu complained.

Ichigo groaned as he got up. "Good. That thing was an eyesore."

"Good thing I brought a spare." Uryu finished as he pulled a spare cape from his pocket.

"ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!" Ichigo shouted when he saw the garment wrapped around Uryu's shoulder.

Yoruichi then dropped and landed right on Ichigo's groin.

As the boy laid there cupping his manhood, Yoruichi turned to all of them.

"Now that we're here, there's something you all should know. This area we're in is called the Rukongai, an area for pluses to reside in. That area," Yoruichi faced a direction and the others turned to see a mass of white buildings in the distance. "Is the seireitei, where the Soul Reapers reside."

"Good. We know where to go now." Ichigo wheezed as he stood up and walked in the Seireitei's direction. The others followed.

"There are four main entrances and each is guarded by a giant so we'll have to-ICHIGO!" Yoruichi shouted when Ichigo sprinted towards the gateway.

"Damn that boy!" She growled and the rest made chase.

Ichigo made it to the gate, only for a large wall to fall in his path. Another two came down beside it and soon a whole ring had formed around the Seireitei.

"So, you wish to enter the Seireitei, do you?" A deep voice yelled from above him.

Ichigo covered his eyes when a large figure crashed onto the ground in front of him. When the dust cleared, there was a humongous man with an ape-like appearance wearing a modified Soul Reapers garb.

"If you have a desire to enter the Seireitei, then you must first defeat me, Jidanbō Ikkanzaka, guardian of the west gate." The giant declared in his booming voice.

Ichigo looked unimpressed as his friends approached.

"Damn! Jidanbō's the strongest of the four giants." Yoruichi grumbled.

"We have to help him." Orihime exclaimed only for the giant to pull a giant axe out and smash the ground between them and Ichigo.

"I have never seen such uncivilized behavior. There are three rules that I enforce in this town; First, Always wash your hands before eating. Second, never eat food that has fallen on the ground. And three, all those who challenge the gate-keeper must combat in a one-on-one fight." Jidanbō declared.

"Well, if that's the case, you're the one being uncivilized. It's not polite to keep your opponent waiting." Ichigo lectured the giant as he unsheathed his swords.

"Ah, you're correct. My apologies, boy." Jidanbō roared and brought his axe down on top of him.

Ichigo smirked and blocked the blow with Zangetsu. The ground gave out beneath him but he remained unmoving.

"I had hoped to save this for a while but I need to hurry this up." Ichigo said. The Zanpakutō in his right hand began to emit a light blue aura of spiritual energy.

"Break the chain of hatred, ZANGETSU!" Ichigo roared. The blade glowed and grew into its giant cleaver form. Ichigo easily shoved the axe away and sent Jidanbō reeling away.

"This is Zangetsu's shikai form. I'll show you his special ability when the occasion calls for it." He said.

Jidanbō pulled out a second axe in retaliation for Ichigo's attack. "None have survived a strike from my axe and you've released your shikai. So you shall die by my Jidanbō 10,000 year hit festival." He shouted and started slamming down each axe with colossal force.

Each hit was blocked by Zangetsu until Jidanbō was tired out. "How can this be? You can't be a normal Ryoka." Jidanbō shuddered.

"I don't know what that is but I could've killed you at any time and you have to have realized that by now. I don't want to hurt someone who seems to be such a decent person so please open the gate." Ichigo asked with sincerity. He expected vehement denial but was stunned when Jidanbō began bawling his eyes out.

"Oh, to show such mercy to one who has so shamefully failed his duty. You truly are an honorable person, boy. For your victory, I shall open the gate for you." The giant bawled before he lifted the gate with an obvious strain on his face. He then froze and started shaking when some kind of blast blew his arm off.

"What the hell!" Ichigo shouted. He looked past Jidanbō and saw a white-haired soul reaper wearing a white haori with his eyes closed and a snake-like smile on his face.

"Gin Ichimaru…the Captain of Squad 3." Jidanbō said, obviously terrified of Gin.

"Now, what do we have here? A gatekeeper isn't supposed to open the gate." Gin said, walking up to the bleeding giant and the orange haired Reaper.

"I was defeated, so it is expected of a gatekeeper to open the gate in that case," Jidanbō shakily said, holding up the gate with one arm somehow.

"Gin Ichimaru…Ichigo get out of there you can't fight him!" Yoruichi yelled.

"A gatekeeper who loses is expected to die in the fight," Gin said, ignoring Yoruichi and raising his Zanpakutō, only for Ichigo to jump forward and hold Zangetsu towards him with his Sharingan spinning.

"Hey you pompous idiot, what gives you the right to attack a defenseless giant like that!" Ichigo yelled, jumping back slightly.

"Ichigo get out of there! He is too strong for you!" Yoruichi yelled again.

Gin looked into Ichigo's red gaze without an ounce of fear. Instead, it was curiosity.

"So that's the infamous Sharingan. I wonder what it does." He said curiously.

"If you're so curious, ask your mother. She looked into them as I plowed her all night long." Ichigo yelled.

"That was cold." Everyone else thought with a shiver.

"Cheeky little shit ain't you?" Gin said as he held his free hand over his wakizashi, which was pointed at Ichigo.

"What are you gonna do with that? Throw it at me?" Ichigo taunted while Zangetsu sealed himself and he pulled out his other sword and adopted the same stance as Gin's.

"That's an interesting stance. You trying to copy me?" Gin taunted.

Ichigo said nothing and merely smirked.

"Spear him…"

"Spear him…"

Gin started when Ichigo spoke at the same time. "What is he…?"



They both simultaneously shouted.

Gin's eyes actually widened when Ichigo's Chokutō extended and the tips of their respective swords clashed, neither wielders giving an inch when the ground below their feet was pushed back.

All of Ichigo's friends had stunned faces at what they just saw.

Ichigo chuckled at Gin's face. "This is the power of my Sharingan. I can duplicate the form and abilities of other Zanpakutō with my second sword. Their power will be available to me from that point on." He explained and extended his sword even further to slam Gin into a building. He de-activated his Sharingan and shrunk his sword back down to a Chokutō. He then turned to his friends who were still outside the gate.

"Don't just stand there and gawk, you idiots." Ichigo shouted.

He turned back around and nimbly dodged a knee to his face. The assailant continued their attack and landed a strike on Jidanbō, sending him flying away. The gate then fell, separating Ichigo from his friends.

"Dammit!" Ichigo grunted. His attacker landed before him and he saw that it was a woman around Rukia's height. She had black hair tied into two long pig-tails with metal rings at the end and emotionless gray eyes. She wore a sleeveless white Haori with orange insides and black armbands along with pants that were snugger than typical soul reaper's garb.

"Who the hell are you?" He asked bluntly.

The woman scoffed at him. "To so rudely ask for one's name when you don't even give your own first." She sneered.

Ichigo rolled his eyes at her snobbish manner of speech. "My name is Ichigo Kurosaki, high school student of Karakura High School and part-time assistant of the Kurosaki family clinic."

The woman smirked. "Better. I am Soi-fon, Captain of Squad two and head of the Onmitsukidō." She said with a mocking bow.

"Oh great, another captain." He grumbled while pulling his asauchi.

"Heh, I'm actually surprised you're still going to try to fight me." She said with a small chuckle.

"Why? I have a mission. And I'm gonna accomplish it."

Soi-fon actually smiled at him with her eyes closed fondly. "I have to respect you for that. But you are someone who shouldn't exist. So I'll wipe you out of existence." She declared and pulled her ninjato-sized Zanpakutō and held it towards him.

Ichigo smirked and held his asauchi in the same manner while activating his Sharingan.

Soi-fon gazed into his eyes and smiled. "Your eyes are beautiful. I wish I could see what they could do. Too bad I have to watch as the light fades from them when I kill you." She sighed.

"Now Sting all enemies to death-"

"Now Sting all enemies to death-"

The dual declaration stunned her but she continued.



Both roared and they were covered in a cloud of smoke and when it cleared, both had a black and gold gauntlet with a small chain linking it to a stinger-like blade that was twice as long as their individual fingers.

Soi-fon's eyes widened in morbid fascination at this sudden revelation. "H-How is that possible? That's my-"

"I told snake-face and now I'm going to tell you. My Sharingan allows me to duplicate the form and ability of any Zanpakutō that my eyes gaze upon during their release along with all the skills needed to use them. The powers of all copied Zanpakutō are available to me whenever I call out their name." He explained.

He then held out Zangetsu. "But at the same time, I still have my own sword to use. Break the chain of hatred, Zangetsu!" He roared.

Zangetsu glowed before transforming into the crescent-curved blade that he loved above all.

"Zangetsu's power is formidable enough but by combining his power with my own strength and with my copied abilities, we'll be unstoppable and nothing will stop me from saving Rukia!" He roared.

A bead of sweat formed on Soi-fon's brow. "This isn't good. If what he says is true, then he knows Suzumebachi's strengths and weaknesses and how to exploit them. Plus I don't know any of that giant cleaver's abilities." She thought while desperately trying to think of a plan.

Ichigo merely kept smirking at her. As if he knew he would win.

Soi-fon scowled loathingly at him. "That damnable smirk. I should just-"

"-Rip it off his face." Ichigo suddenly said.

Soi-fon's eyes widened fearfully. "D-Did he just-"

"-Read my mind?" He spoke again.

"H-H-How is he doing this! W-Wait! What's that?" She thought as a figure faded into being right beside Ichigo. The figure turned out to be…

"Is that me?"

An astral image of Soi-fon appeared next to Ichigo. Both were in her fighting stance.

"W-WHAT IS HE!" She mentally screamed.

Ichigo suddenly raised Zangetsu and a blue energy encompassed the silver edge.

"Getsuga Tenshō!" He roared and swung his blade down. A crescent blast of energy rocketed towards her and the resulting explosion sent her flying through several buildings. Soi-fon's world quickly faded to black.

Ichigo sighed before sealing both blades and running to check her over for injuries. The female captain had a deep gash from her left shoulder to her thigh along with several cuts and a possible concussion.

"Damn my father's chivalry lessons." He mentally grumbled and started ripping her Haori to use as bandages for dressing her wounds.

"That won't be necessary." A woman said from behind him.

Ichigo jumped up and grabbed the hilts for both of his swords. He faced the voice and saw two beautiful women. One wearing a captain's haori, with long black hair tied into a large braid that hung down her front and framed her beautiful face, which had a gentle, almost motherly smile. The other woman was about six feet tall and had short messy silver hair and gray eyes. He also noted the arm band on her bicep that was similar to that bastard, Renji's.

Once it hit him that one of the women was a captain, He pulled his swords out halfway in preparation for a fight.

"None of that, now." The captain said chidingly while pressing the swords back.

Ichigo's eyes widened in alarm at their proximity. Even with the Sharingan, he didn't see her move close enough to press his swords back into their sheaths.

"Ichigo, this one is older and much more experienced that the others." Zangetsu warned him.

"I can tell. What can we do!" He thought worriedly.

"My name is Retsu Unohana, Captain of Squad four, the medical supply and relief division." She introduced herself and then pointed to the other woman. "She is my lieutenant, Isane Kotetsu. We'd like to give medical attention to Captain Soi-fon if you don't mind." She said in a deceptively calm voice that sent chills down Ichigo's, and even Zangetsu's spines.

Ichigo's body stood aside before his mind caught up to him.

Isane walked over to Soi-fon's body and her hands glowed with green spirit energy, which she held over the wounds.

"That's gonna be useful." Ichigo thought as he deactivated his Sharingan.

"So that was the Sharingan." Retsu suddenly said while looking into Ichigo's eyes.

He started but nodded dumbly to her.

"Judging from what I saw, you can also duplicate kidō spells along with Zanpakutō powers." She said.

"Okay, I'm confused. You've yet to try and attack me or even so much as glare at me. What gives?" Ichigo asked with a suspicious glare.

She continued to smile serenely. "Like I said before, I'm the captain of the medical supply and relief unit. I specialize in saving lives, not taking them." She lectured while waving her finger at him.

For some reason, Ichigo felt like a toddler being told a story and was just perplexed by what he was being told.

"So you'd actually listen to the reason I'm here?" He asked hopefully.

"I don't see why not." She said.

Ichigo proceeded to tell her of how he was born spiritually aware and how he met Rukia, their adventures, and how he felt her punishment was uncalled for.

"That is quite serious. She gave you her power to save your family. Now she is being put to death." Retsu stated thoughtfully.

"Central 46 seems pretty eager to kill her." Isane pointed out. She had finished healing Captain Soi-fon halfway through the story and had her sedated to prevent another attack on Ichigo.

"Central who-the-hell-is-this?" He asked dumbly.

"Central 46 is the ruling council of the Soul Society that governs the Soul Reapers. The Captain Commander receives their orders and relays them to the squad captains." Retsu explained.

"Okay, so this council wants Rukia dead… why?" Ichigo asked.

Retsu looked thoughtful. "I can't think of a real reason. But now that I think about it, her action of giving her powers to you, plus the fact that she's an unseated officer would only warrant a fine and minimal imprisonment. And this morning, it was announced that her sentence was execution by the Sōkyoku."

Ichigo raised a brow while Isane paled and looked at her Captain with disbelief. "B-But the Sōkyoku is only meant for Captains that have severely broken the law. What are they thinking using on Rukia!" She exclaimed.

"What I'd really like to know is why you're the only ones to realize this and why did it take you so long to realize it." Ichigo stated without any maliciousness in his tone.

Retsu suddenly looked as though she had been hit with a revelation. "Central 46 has been giving out irrational orders lately. They've recently moved Rukia's execution to one week from today. It's as though they need her to die. I don't know why none of the other Captains have noticed this but I will notify them in the next meeting."

"You do that. I have to get moving. Can't let them get the idea that you two are on my side or something." Ichigo said while jumping on the rooftops and running off.

After a few moments, Retsu turned to Soi-fon. "Did you get all that?" She asked the unconscious woman. Soi-fon opened her eyes and regarded her counterpart.

"Yes and what he says has some merit. Despite my hatred for those who break the law, these orders just aren't adding up. Something is very fishy about this execution and what he said got me thinking. Why is it that we're just realizing that her punishment is unjustified right now when he mentions it?" She wondered.

"Could it be that all the Captains are under some kind of illusion to make them disregard the simple facts?" Isane suggested.

Soi-fon's eyes narrowed in thought. "I would normally say it's impossible but the facts point to that. I'll send some of my men to the meeting chambers of Central 46 and see what's going on." She said before vanishing.

Retsu and Isane turned to leave; neither realizing that Gin had left long before either of them even arrived on the scene.

(With Ichigo)

"I hope the others are okay. I hate to go without them but I don't have time to waste." He thought as he ran along the rooftops.


"Is that him?" An effeminate man with black hair and an orange neck piece asked his comrade.

"I don't recognize him so I guess so." A bald man with an eager grin on his face answered. "Let's give him a proper welcome, shall we, Yumichika?" He suggested.

"Why not, Ikkaku? Things have been so boring around here." Yumichika said.

Both smirked and vanished.

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