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(Squad Four Barracks, hours after Aizen's defection)

"How is he?" Rukia asked the group surrounding Ichigo's bed as she entered the room.

"Captain Unohana said that he'd be unconscious for a while." Renji answered from the bed beside Ichigo's. He had several stitches under the bandages on his torso but he'd be allowed to discharge himself out in a few days if he took it easy for a while.

"She said that all of his muscles have practically deteriorated and it took all of her knowledge and my power to get him in this good a shape." Orihime elaborated.

"He's been sleeping ever since he was brought in. Any word from the Captains?" Chad asked.

"We've all been issued a full pardon by the Head Captain." Rukia announced. She took a seat next to Ichigo and grabbed his hand gently. She was oblivious to the knowing smiles everyone present gave her.

Rukia's gaze turned to the giant trench-knife sword leaning against the wall and the Chokutō leaning against it.

"That power he used. Was it the Sharingan?" She wondered.

Their moment was interrupted by Ichigo's two Zanpakutō glowing and being replaced by a man and a wolf. The man was wearing a black cloak with his hood covering his face and the large wolf had gray and black fur and seemingly, living black flames on its shoulders. Its eyes were closed but it opened them to reveal the Mangekyō Sharingan.

"Who the hell are you?" Uryu demanded.

The man reached up and pulled his hood down to reveal the he was a young man with shoulder-length black hair and pale blue eyes.

"Zangetsu? Ookami?" Shirayuki asked from within Rukia.

"You're Zangetsu and Ookami, aren't you?" The Kuchiki girl asked.

"I am Tensa Zangetsu and he is Mangekyō Ookami. It's an honor to meet you, Rukia Kuchiki. All of you." Zangetsu said while facing every one of Ichigo's friends.

"M-Mr. Zangetsu, why are you here?" Orihime asked nervously.

The spirit smiled to ease her nervousness and Ookami padded over to receive a petting. They both knew she liked animals. Zangetsu turned to Chad. "Chad, I need you to gather the Captains and lieutenants here. Tell them Ichigo is about to face an opponent unlike any before." He said seriously. Chad started but nodded and ran from the room.

"Who is he fighting, especially in his condition?" Rukia demanded.

"All will be explained in time when the Captains and lieutenants gather here."

Within minutes, the Head Captain and the Captains, with their lieutenants, were gathered around Ichigo's bed.

"So you are the spirits of Ichigo Kurosaki's Zanpakutō. Why have you called us here? The Head Captain asked.

"I apologize for the abrupt summons, Head Captain. I am his Zanpakutō, Tensa Zangetsu and this is Mangekyō Ookami, the spirit of his Sharingan, manifested in the form of his inner animal, so to speak." Zangetsu introduced.

"A proud and noble beast that protects its pack with its life, how fitting." Byakuya noted.

"I have called you here to inform you of Ichigo's upcoming battle. As you are no doubt aware, Ichigo revealed that he possessed an inner Hollow during his battle with Byakuya Kuchiki."

The captains all nodded.

"The Hollow is preparing to battle Ichigo within his inner world for control of his body. During this battle, Ichigo's physical body will hollowfy at a steady rate and instinctively seek battle. During our interaction within Ichigo's soul, the hollow spoke of deciding who was the king or the horse." Zangetsu said.

"What does that mean?" Ukitake asked.

"He refers to Ichigo as the current "King" of his inner world and leads the soldiers into battle and himself as the "Horse" that carries the king. The hollow is actually Ichigo's killer instinct as I am his resolve to protect. If Ichigo can defeat him, then he will have earned the use of his Hollow mask and all of its powers."

"Making him a Vizard." The Head Captain finished.

"What do you want us to do?" Kenpachi asked with his shark-like grin, as though he knew what the sword spirit was asking.

"Ichigo needs to be restrained with your strongest Bakudō spell and then, when he breaks free; you'll need to face him in combat. I will be unable to help anyone, for I will be the prize. Ookami will keep his blade out of his hands until the winner has been decided."

Kukaku stepped forward. "I can cast a barrier around a large area to prevent anyone getting caught in the crossfire."

"I can help." Orihime shouted with her hand raised.

The Head Captain sighed but nodded his head. "Captain Zaraki, is the Eleventh Squad arena available for use?" He asked.

"Yeah, as long as I get to fight him first." Kenpachi grinned.

With that, the Soul Reapers, nobles, and Ryoka left the hospital room with Ichigo placed on a stretcher and being carried by Chad and Captain Komamura.

(Squad Eleven Barracks, Combat Arena)

Ichigo was placed in the center of the arena and everyone but Kenpachi backed out.

Kukaku stabbed her sword into the ground and muttered an incantation under her breath. Once she finished, an orange-yellow square barrier was built around the arena.

"Orihime, you need to focus on protecting everyone here and at the same time, keep your friend sealed inside." Lily, one of Orihime's hairpin fairies instructed her. Two other fairies, Hinagiku and Baigon nodded to encourage her.

"You also gotta remember to keep focused on attacking him, should he try to escape. Don't hold back either, girly." The attacking fairy, Tsubaki ordered.

Orihime looked nervous, but she shook her head and nodded with a determined look in her eyes.

"Okay, Shiten Kōshun! I reject!" She declared. The four fairies formed a pyramid of orange-yellow energy with Tsubaki above them inside the energy cube.

"Okay, the seal's in place, Zangetsu, now what?" Kukaku asked.

"Now, the Bakudō seals must be placed." He glanced over to Retsu Unohana and she nodded.

She looked at Ichigo's body apologetically and clasped her hands together as if in prayer. "Walls of iron sand, a priestly pagoda, glowing ironclad fireflies. Standing upright, silent to the end. Bakudō No. 75. Gochutekken!" She shouted. Five marble-sized orbs hovered over her hands and they flew into the air. They flew over Ichigo's body and changed into large iron rods connected the top by chains. The rods slammed onto his back, arms and legs and stood upright.

"That should hold him." Retsu said.

"For now. My time draws near, for he is taking over." Zangetsu spoke before turning to Ichigo. "Ichigo, you must not allow your instincts to consume you. Your hollow will kill all those whom you have sworn to love and protect. Do not let your resolve falter, Ichigo." Zangetsu's body began to change into black smoke before reforming into his Shikai state next to Ichigo's body.

There was silence for a few moments until the area was flooded with a chaotic spiritual pressure that made even the Head Captain shudder for a moment. Ichigo's body began to convulse for a moment before he snapped his head up.

A hollow mask was forming over his left eye with one horn already formed. His eyes had become black with the Sharingan glowing a bloody red. The most disturbing thing was the psychotic grin adorning his face.

Orihime and Rukia gasped and covered their mouths at the sight of him. His friends all looked at him with startled expressions. Yoruichi sweated slightly at his appearance.

He slowly stood up and the giant rods smashed together and broke apart.

"Well, Ichigo. I had hoped we'd fight again but I never even dreamed it'd be this soon." Kenpachi said. He was unperturbed by Ichigo's silence and charged with his sword held high. "Now LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!" He yelled.

Ichigo's answer was a loud shrieking howl. He grabbed Zangetsu and clashed the blades together.

(Ichigo's inner world)

"Ow. What the hell hit me?" He wondered as he sat up. He opened his eyes to see that he was in his inner world.

The first thing to catch his eye was a white figure. It looked like his albino mirror reflection with yellow and black eyes.

"It's about time we met face-to-face, King." He spoke with an echoing, higher-pitched version of his own voice.

"Good God, you need a tan." Ichigo spoke in return.

The figure chuckled at him and stood. It was then when Ichigo noticed the black sword hilt on his back.

Ichigo looked around before turning to his doppelganger. "Hey, have you seen Zangetsu? He's about my height, kinda gloomy, stands on a pole all day? What about Ookami? He's a wolf and… well, he's a wolf, what else can I tell ya'?" He asked.

The figure laughed again before grinning at Ichigo. "You speak like a jester, King, like you don't even consider me a threat. And to answer your questions, the mutt's outside with the Queen and your concubines. As for Zangetsu, is it the sword on your back?" He asked while pointing to the silver hilt over Ichigo's shoulder.

He grabbed his own sword hilt and pulled it out. "Or is it this one?" He asked while pulling out a reverse-colored Zangetsu from a black bandage that acted as the sheath.

"A white Zangetsu?" Ichigo wondered.

"The truth is-" The man vanished and appeared over him with white Zangetsu held high above his head. "-I AM ZANGETSU!" He declared and brought the blade down.

Ichigo pulled out his own blade and their swords locked. Ichigo closed his eyes and snapped them open to reveal his Sharingan.

The white Ichigo smirked before he closed his eyes and revealed that his golden eyes had changed into a blue Sharingan.

"Okay, that's not right." Ichigo grumbled.

Their blades clashed a few more times before they separated.

"Alright, seriously, where is the gloomy Zangetsu?" Ichigo asked.

"Zangetsu and I were once one single being. Together, we are your spirit energy. But we are of two minds. He remained in control for the entirety of my existence until you used enough of his power that I was able to take control, and so Zangetsu became part of me. When life is dominant, flesh covers the bones but when death takes over, the bones are exposed. It's the same with Zangetsu and I." Hollow Ichigo explained.

Ichigo closed his eyes in thought before he opened them and glared at his hollow with determination. "You say you are both my spirit energy yet you are both separate entities? Very well, I have a proposition for you. We will fight for control of my body and when I win, you will hear what I have to say. If I lose, then my body is yours." Ichigo offered.

The Hollow grinned at his King. This sounded interesting. "Very well then, King. Let's see what you can really do." Hollow Ichigo shouted and adopted the stance for calling out Bankai.

Ichigo mirrored it and their spirit energy skyrocketed.



They shouted simultaneously.


Kenpachi continued trading slashes with the hollowfying Ichigo. The boy's head was covered with the mask and his sandals had ripped off to show his white feet with black clawed toenails. His mask was skull-shaped and had two stripes going over the eye sockets and he had two forward-pointing horns.

His hair had straightened and extended to his waist but retained its spiky nature on top of his head. His bankai garb had been ripped open and they all saw the small hole in his chest, signifying his Hollow state.

"Damn, he's stronger than before." Kenpachi panted out. His body was littered with cuts and gashes along his torso. He reached up and grabbed his patch and ripped it off, sending his spirit energy skyrocketing.

Ichigo roared again and his spirit energy rocketed as large as Kenpachi's.

Kenpachi looked aggravated before grabbing his sword hilt with both hands. "Guess I'll give this kendo thing another try." He said.

"What does he mean by that?" Chad asked Captain Komamura.

"Captain Zaraki's power is so great that he rarely ever needs to use both hands in a fight. To him, doing so would end the fight too quickly." The wolf-man explained.

Kenpachi raised the blade over his head and brought it down. Everyone was stunned at the effect both hands had.

A yellow energy blast similar to the Getsuga Tenshō flew from the edge of the blade towards the hollowfying Ichigo.

The boy dodged but his right arm was cleaved off due to the blast, sending Tensa Zangetsu flying away.

"ICHIGO!" Rukia screamed and Orihime covered her mouth in horror. Yoruichi and Kukaku looked away from the sight.

Their fears were abated when the stump started bubbling and a grey, featureless blob extended out and shot towards Kenpachi. The blob opened a mouth and attempted to bite him but Kenpachi slashed again and it broke apart.

He returned his gaze to Ichigo and saw that his arm had grown back and it had turned a pasty white with black claws at his fingertips. On his wrists, ankles, and collarbone were tufts of red fur and on his chest was a tribal black mark that extended from the hollow hole.

He held up his hand and clenched his claws while hissing sinisterly.

"His inner hollow is a Vasto Lorde class?" Captain Unohana asked worriedly.

"If he tames that power, then anything Aizen sends after him will be sent back in pieces." Captain Hitsugaya commented.

"W-What's a Vasto Lorde?" Chad asked.

"The highest level of the Menos Grande. The Gillian are the foot soldiers, virtually mindless giant sized hollows with massive spiritual energy. The second class is the Adjuchas, smaller and more intelligent and they command the Gillian. Last are the Vasto Lorde, humanoid in appearance and their powers are greater than a Captain-class Soul Reaper." The Captain Commander explained.

Kenpachi smiled maniacally. "Instant Regeneration, eh? This is getting more fun by the second!" He roared and charged. Ichigo flexed his right hand and his sword flew into his grip.

"Telepathy, too?" Rukia shouted.

Hollow Ichigo and Kenpachi clashed their blades again and created an explosion of black and yellow reiatsu.

(Ichigo's inner world)

The sound of clashing metal resounded through the horizontal city. Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo stood apart from each other, each with multiple gashes on their body.

Both wore the garb of their Bankai except Hollow Ichigo wore a pure white version and his feet and fingernails were clawed. He also wore a black Hollow mask with blue stripes running over the eyeholes and had sweeping horns over them. His hair had also grown to waist-length.

"This ain't gettin' us anywhere, King." Hollow Ichigo said with a warbled voice in a way that said he was bored.

"I gotta agree. We're kicking each other's ass all over the place. What do you say to one last attack? Winner takes all." Ichigo suggested. His black sword began emitting black and red spirit energy.

The hollow smirked before his white version of Tensa Zangetsu began emitting white spiritual energy with a red outline.

The two stood apart for a bit until they suddenly flew at eachother with their spirit energy acting as rocket thrusters for an extra burst of speed.

They clashed and their energies fought for dominance. After a moment, Ichigo's Getsuga began to wane.

"Heheh, I'll admit you exceeded my expectations, King. I wasn't sure you had that killer instinct. The wounds on me say that it was there, it just wasn't enough." Hollow Ichigo gloated.

"Amaterasu." Ichigo said loudly and clearly.

Hollow Ichigo's eyes widened in surprise and fear.

Ichigo's black flames burst from his Mangekyō Sharingan eyes and merged with his Getsuga, overwhelming his hollow's and consuming him in the dark inferno of the burning black spirit energy.

Ichigo wiped the bloody tears from his cheek and gazed at the sight where his Hollow laid. Burns littered his body and he struggled to breathe.

"Like it? I just made it up. I call it the Enjōgetsuga." (A.N: Enjōgetsuga-Blazing Moon Fang)

"D-Damn! You really do have the killer instinct, Ichigo. Guess I'll have to bow my head gracefully and accept you as the king." Hollow Ichigo panted out. He suddenly stiffened and a black smoky substance poured from his coat flap.

The smoke dispersed, revealing Tensa Zangetsu looking at Ichigo with pure pride on his face.

You've done well, Ichigo." Zangetsu stated before helping Hollow back to his feet.

"Yeah yeah, now what was this proposition, King?" Hollow Ichigo asked impatiently as his wounds healed.

Ichigo smiled. "You told me that you both are my spirit energy. But I can't have you two being separated like you are. I can't, in good conscience, seal you away and give Zangetsu all the freedom, either. I want to know if there's a way for you two to merge into one being that maintains balance over my entire spiritual energy."

Both beings looked stunned at his request before Tensa began laughing. Hollow Ichigo moved the mask to the side to reveal the proud smirk on his face.

"Again, you exceeded my expectations, King. I was going to have to fuse with Zangetsu again and his personality would be dominant, anyway. It'll still happen but for you to request that, shows you'll be a decent king to serve." Hollow Ichigo and Tensa Zangetsu's bodies glowed and shattered into pixels of spirit energy before the pixels merged together and formed a whole new being.

The figure looked like a pale white Tensa Zangetsu with Hollow Ichigo's white overcoat and a mask fragment with the left horn on his head over his black and yellow left eye. He held a black Tensa Zangetsu with a white tsuba.

"Go now and claim what is yours, Ichigo." He said with a smile.

Ichigo smiled back before his vision exploded in white.


"Damn it all, how long is Kurosaki going to take!" Toshiro shouted angrily. He watched as hollow Ichigo nearly cleaved Kenpachi's head off and followed it with a roundhouse kick that sent him flying. He raised his sword for the killing strike.

"El Directo!" A deep voice shouted from behind. Ichigo was hit from behind by a blue energy blast. He turned and hissed at the form of Chad with his arm transformed and his fist smoking.

"Your fight is with me now." Chad spoke calmly, despite the nervous sweat on his brow.

Hollow Ichigo faced Chad and pointed his sword at him. Chad roared and charged with his fist alight with reiatsu.

Chad fired several blasts at Ichigo, only for him to swat the attacks away like flies. He punched him and the impact merely dazed Ichigo for a second. Hollow Ichigo snarled and backhanded Chad with enough force to skip him over the arena like it was water.

Chad shakily stood from his crater and glanced at his fist before looking at Ichigo's hollowfied form. Hollow Ichigo suddenly bent forward so his horns were pointing at Chad. Red spirit energy began to gather between the horns and formed into a red orb that everyone recognized.

"Chad, it's a Cero, you gotta get out!" Uryu yelled.

Chad ignored him and held his arm up like a shield.

"Run, Chad!"

"Get out of there!"

"What the hell are you doing?"

Chad ignored all of their shouts as the Cero fired and he barely managed to stop it with his forearm. He could feel the strain against his armor and grunted in pain as it began to dissolve under the immense power. "Ichigo, you defeated four captains and I was beaten by one and he took it easy on me. I hate that I'm so weak compared to you. We made a promise to watch each other's backs and you've kept your promise without a problem. I don't want to be weak and let you be the sole protector."

"I WON'T LET YOU BEAR THE BURDEN YOURSELF, ICHIGO!" Chad roared and his arm began to glow red and the Cero dispersed and was absorbed into the arm. It glowed crimson before it began to change. It had lost the fin-like appendages on his forearm and shoulder and had gained more intricate patterns in a brighter magenta color. The shoulder had a pointed black and red extension.

"Brazen Derecha De Gigante." He announced and held up his hand.

"The right arm of the Giant?" Rukia asked.

"I understand now. This power of mine is more similar to Hollows than anything else. My right arm absorbed the spirit energy of his Cero and was able to reach the next stage of my power. While my left arm…"

Chad held up his left arm and it was covered by a white liquid before it changed into white armor with a white stripe going down the spike on his shoulder and to his fingers.

"Braza Izquierda Del Diablo." Chad finished. The tips of his fingers began glowing white and blue with small bolts of energy dancing off them. He clenched his fist and charged towards Hollow Ichigo.

The hollow gathered energy between its horns and fired another Cero. Chad held up his right arm and the Cero was deflected into the barrier. The shoulder extension opened and began gathering Chad's energy.

"El Directo!" He shouted and fired a large energy blast, easily twice the size of his original form's attack.

Hollow Ichigo's eyes widened at the size of the blast and he ducked backwards to avoid it, only for Chad to appear in front of him with his left arm pulled back.

"La Muerte!" He roared and punched Ichigo's stomach. Ichigo shrieked as he slammed into the ground. The power of Chad's strike smashed a crater into the ground in the shape of a demented skull.

Hollow Ichigo suddenly snapped his head forward and roared. He kicked Chad away and slowly began to stand. His left arm began to crack and a torrent of blood burst from it. He began screaming in anguish and sent a chill down everyone's spine.

"His spiritual pressure…Oh no!" "Orihime, get Chad out, now!" Yoruichi shouted.

The girl nodded and opened a doorway which Chad jumped out through.

Ichigo continued to scream as his body started to bulge and swell before it exploded in a blue and black burst of spirit energy.

Once the light died down, the arena was filled with smoke and dust.

Orihime and Kukaku let down the barriers and let the cloud escape. Once it cleared, they all saw Ichigo standing there without his overcoat and vest and without his sandals. He had his hollow mask with the horns and his hair remained down to his waist. He dropped Tensa Zangetsu and fell to his knees before falling on his face. His mask bounced off and landed a foot from his body.

They all gathered around him and Captain Unohana and Orihime began healing his many injuries.

"How do you feel, Ichigo Kurosaki?" The Head Captain asked.

Ichigo was silent for a moment before he turned his head and looked at the old man in the eye. He smirked at him for a second. "Did you get the number on that semi-trailer and that stampede that hit me?" He rasped out before he lost consciousness.

Yoruichi chuckled softly at his joke. "He's been a lot more like a joker ever since he obtained bankai, hasn't he?" She asked anybody in general.

"Seems like it. I'm actually getting a bit worried if he got a different personality or something." Uryu said.

"Oh, don't worry Uryu. He's got too much on his mind to take anything really serious." Yoruichi chided.

"What could be that serious?"

Yoruichi glanced around before grinning widely. "Zangetsu told him that he has an anti-extinction instinct. He checked out Rangiku before he fought Kenpachi and he kept wondering why he did that."

"Really?" Rangiku asked with a light pink tone to her cheeks.

"Is that really so surprising?" Shuhei asked blandly.

"For him? Yes. Ichigo's a real prude like that. According to Zangetsu, he's the last one, dead or alive, to carry the Sharingan and his instincts are telling him to find a suitable woman to repopulate and carry on his bloodline."

"So he's looking for a girlfriend?" Rangiku asked hopefully. Rukia, Orihime, and other women perked up after hearing that.

"The circumstances regarding the boy's legacy will be discussed later. Right now, he needs medical treatment." The Head Captain interrupted the two women.

Captain Unohana stood as her lieutenant, Isane, continued to oversee Orihime's treatment. "His muscles are still in bad shape. He'll be bedridden for a while. A month at the least." She informed the Head Captain.

Yamamoto nodded and the group carried their injured back to the Fourth Squad Barracks.

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