"HESH-OO!" Scott's eyes shot open when he heard his brothers sneeze coming from the next room over. He was almost asleep again when he heard three more sneezes coming from Danny's room. "What the heck." He said to himself. He then heard deep continuous coughing, and that's what made him worried. "Danny?" he yelled, just loud enough for his brother to hear him. No reply. "Danny?" No reply. Oh god, he thought, don't tell me I need to get out of bed. But after he didn't hear Danny say anything, Scott got out of his bed and walked out into the hallway, getting to the door to Danny's room. He opened it and walked in, not bothering to knock. Danny's light was on and he was sitting on his bed with a book in one hand and a tissue in the other.

"Hey!" Danny yelled, or at least tried to yell as loud as his hoarse voice would allow. "What are you doing?"

"Are you okay?" Scott asked, trying to hide his concern from his brother.

Danny sniffled "Yes, I'm fine! Go away!"

"You look horrible." Scott said.

"Well thanks a lot! Now go away!" he waved his arms towards the door.

Scott scoffed "I'm not going away until you tell me what's wrong." He crossed his arms and leaned against the wall.

"I just can't sleep." Scott raised an eyebrow at Danny "Okay, fine, I'm not feeling well! Get out!"

"Okay, fine whatever." Scott walked back to his room.

Danny nodded. Finally he was going to be left alone. But he couldn't sleep. His nose was too stuffed up to breathe and every time he'd lie down he'd start coughing. So he had accepted the fact that he probably wasn't getting that much sleep.

As soon as Scott got back into bed, he heard Danny coughing again and immediately stood back up.

Danny found himself being pelted by cough drops