Oc contest for the following crossovers'

Ant Farm/ Percy Jackson

Ant Farm/ Harry Potter

Ant Farm/ Artemis Fowl

Starting with AF/PJ

Need 1 boy and 1 girl for each major god and 1 kid for a couple of the minor gods. Entries close when have right amount of ocs. Enter as many demigods as you want. Some may be background ocs. Based after war against Gaia is won. Demigods can now use phones, tvs, computers etc. Annabeth looks like on the movie not like story. If you leave something it means no or I have to fill.

Full Name:

Godly Parent ( if demigod):

Species (if not demigod):




Years at camp:


Brief History:


Fondest childhood memory:







Fav Celebrity:

Fav Colour:

Fav song:

Fav Book:

Fav ants:

Fav show:

Fav band:

Fav animals:

Fav food:

Fav instrument:

Grade (A, B, C, D, E, F ) :

Fav technology:

Which is better Foot or computer:

Which is better hammer or milk:

Fav random Word:

Fav Quote:


Everyday Clothing:

Fav movie:

Fav out of these pink, music, knowledge, fighting or environment

Worst colour:

Worst celebrity:

Worst song:

Worst book:

Worst food:

Worst band:

Worst show:

Worst ant:

Worst instrument:

Worst technology:

Worst random word:

Worst quote:

Worst movie:

Worst out of these pink, music, knowledge, fighting or environment:


Done if you can't put down answers for these leave them blank and I will choose for you. Also I will need ocs for Artemis Fowl and harry potter crossovers with ant farm oc forms will be in next 2 chapters