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The Anomaly Known As Naruto

Chapter 1: The Start of Something New

"Hmm...This is the place huh..." Naruto pondered to himself as he looked to his new school, North High. It was a normal looking school, a little bigger than he was used to but he'll get use to it.

"I wonder if I will make new friends...Well...I'll worry about that when the time comes..."

Putting those thoughts behind him Naruto made his way into the main entrance of the facility and began searching for the administration office. Finding slightly to the left of the front door, Naruto proceeded to walk into that direction before casually walking into the room.

Inside Naruto saw a women in her early thirties, he presume, typing away at her desktop while also holding down a conversation on the phone. Not wanting to be rude on his first day of all days, Naruto went over to a corner and took a seat at a chair chair, patiently waiting for the secretary to finish her work.

5 minutes later

"Sooooooo Boooeeeerrrrddddaaaa!..." Naruto stifled a yawn as lean further back in his chair, trying to find a comfortable position, "Kami, theses things are uncomfortable, and what the hell is taking so long anyway, I be she hasn't notice that I'm even in the room yet!"

5 minute later...again

"I tried to be nice but FUCK this!" Naruto hopped out his seat and walked up to the front of the woman's desk, "Oi, Secretary-san! 'Are whatever the fuck you are. I could less.' I've been waiting her for like?" He gave a side glance to the clock on the wall to the right of him, "Like nine...maybe ten minutes, I don't mean to be rude, 'Yes...Yes I do.' but you please just give me my schedule so I can star my first day?"

During the entire conversation, the secretary gave him the look that all government employees give people they don't like, unlike other employers such as Wal-mart or even Burger King, government employees can get away with treating you like shit to a certain degree. Have you been to the DMV lately?

"Hold on for a second while I look for your file?" She said in a dull tone that made Naruto's eyes twitch, "Ah yes...Uzumaki Naruto-san. Age 15...Blonde hair...Blue eyes...Strange whisker like marks...transferred from Konoha High? Hmm, You're sure came along way if I can't even recognize the city you're from."

Naruto shrugged his shoulders, 'It's more of a village really and you're right 'Why the fuck do you even care', you'll would have never heard of it, it's very secluded,"

'Hold on for a minute while I'd do some last minute work."

After a few minutes of typing, the printer came to life and began printing, rolling her chair over to the printer, the secretary snatched it up an rolled back to desk, "everything seems to be in order, here's your schedule with your homeroom teacher name on it also...Oh, you will receive your books in your homeroom class too...Any more questions?" The secretary asked somewhat rhetorically.

Naruto's eye twitched at her blatant behavior of trying to get rid of him, "No, that will be fine 'Like I need your help, it's obvious you don't even care.', See you soon 'hopefully never.' Ja Ne!"

3 minutes later...

"While...This school is bigger than I thought...I maybe even late for class...Oh well."

Naruto walked the halls for a few more minutes until he came to a stop in front of a class, "Hm, Class 1-B huh...This is my homeroom." with that settled, Naruto casually walked through like he had been there for years.

"Class, open your textbooks and turn it to p-." The teacher was interrupted mid lecture by the sound of the door opening, directing his gaze towards the entrance, he saw a teenage boy with sun-kissed hair, vibrant azure eyes, and three whiskered like marks on each cheeks, he was also wearing the school uniform, "Hello young man, what can I do for you?"

Naruto silently handed over his schedule for his soon to be sensei to read, skimming over the contents the teacher simply nodded his head in acknowledgment and turn back to hid class, "It would seem we have a new student class." Turning his head in Naruto's direction, "Go head, introduce yourself." The teacher said in a kind manner.

Naruto already like his new sensei, a far-cry better than that secretary, why can't background characters be nice to the main ones? So what that you only get cameos and most likely never mentioned again? At least you got your 5 seconds of fame.

Naruto gave a dazzling smile, which caused a few girls to actually blush, not that he notice though, dense bastard, " Well fuck you Author!"

"Shut the fuck up and stop breaking the fourth wall!"

Naruto just grumbled obscenities under his breath, redirecting his attention back to his fellow classmates, Till this day they say, that Naruto's foxy grin grew three times that day, "Oi class, the name's Uzumaki Naruto, My likes include...well I like a lot of things, my dislikes?" Naruto tapped his chin with his index finger, "Where do I start...Yaoi's definitely up there...Cats? Yep definitely hate those little temes...And don't even get me started on Spaghetti, how dare that heathen take on the form that is Ramen. My hobbies are trying different types of Ramen, pranks, playing video games, Ramen, and training." As Naruto was talking, he was listing the aforementioned on his right hand, "Oh yeah, did I say eating Ramen?"

The entire class sweatdropped, This new kid was not only weird but an addict...a Ramen addict, but an addict no less.

"Dreams of the future? Find a girlfriend I guess? My next dream is not a dream it's more of an ambition really.

Suddenly, the temperature dropped 20 degrees, shadows began crawling up the walls, and the fluorescent lights began rapidly blinking, thus scaring the shit out of the teens, " I want to find a certain man(*cough*Nissin CEO*cough*) and takeover 'hostily if have to' his company."

As suddenly as it came the darkness vanished and the lights went back to normal, the guys looked thoroughly freaked out at what they just experience, while the girls had hearts in their eyes, I mean its not every day you get an hot enigma in your class is it?

The teacher coughed to diffuse the tension, "Erm, well then, Uzumaki-san, since you have introduce yourself, take the empty seat by the window please beside Suzumiya-san if you will."

Glancing in the direction the teacher was gesturing to, Naruto saw a beautiful girl with ribbons in her hair staring out the window, She looked to be bored out of her mind.

Walking over and taking a seat in his new chair, Naruto turn to introduce himself, "Hi! My name's Uzumaki Naruto, what's yours?"

The girl turned her head from the window and gave Naruto an apathetic stare, "Suzumiya Haruhi. Don't even bother, humans do not hold my interests."

"Who says I'm human?" Naruto said giving her a foxy grin."

Haruhi turned around in slight interest, "Well...Are you?"

Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "Its possible, I never knew my parents and people say I can do things that no one can do."

"Such as?"

"I could tell you...but then I'd have to kill you."

Haruhi turned her head back to the window and huffed, "Baka."

After class was over, Naruto saw Haruhi dragged out some poor sap by the tie in at a furious pace, "Poor bastard. Better him then me though."


The voice broke Naruto's out of his thoughts as he gave his full undivided attention to his teacher, "Yes sensei?"

"You'll have to stay after for a while, so I can give you all your books and missing work."

Naruto inwardly groan, "Not even my first day and I'm already far behind."

3 hours later

"Thank god that's finally over. I thought I was going to die in there." If there was one thing Naruto didn't enjoy it was sitting into one place too long, Naruto sighed, " Well at least that's over with...Eh? What's that?"

Naruto's attention was drawn to a group of thugs circling around a crouched figure, Naruto decided to sit back and hear their conversation before deciding to act yet.

"Look what we got here boys. It's a little cute girl." Said the thug in the middle, obliviously the leader.

The thug to his left promptly named Grunt #1 by Naruto, gave a chuckle before licking his lips, "Yeah boss, it's been a while since we had a cute little girl like her."

The girl began backing up in fear as the men continue their advance on her, staring at her with only lust in their eyes.

Naruto not being one to leave a girl in danger, rushed over to the scene.

Before the Thug Leader could even gets his hands on her, a foot came out of nowhere and connected with his right jaw, sending him sailing towards a trashcan.

The five remaining thugs turned in the direction their leader was in and rushed to help him, "Boss! Are you alright?"

While they were distracted, Naruto glance down to see the damsel he was protecting to only be shocked to find out it was Haruhi from his class, She looked to be calmed, but Naruto could see the fear in her eyes, "Haruhi? Are you ok?"

Haruhi looked up to see a familiar face, "Naruto? Is that you?" She asked, her voice still quite shaky from the experience. Tears running down her face.

Naruto frown inwardly at that, these bastards made such a cute girl cry, they'll pay for that, "Yep its me! Don't worry Haruhi-chan! I'll protect you! Dattebayo!"

Haruhi snorted, "Who said I needed protection! I was handling it find by myself!"

Naruto's eye twitched in disbelief, "Are you crazy, women? There was no way you were 'handling it' if you were on the ground scared to death!"

"I was just um...faking it, so they can let their guard down!"

"Who you trying to fool? Me or a kid?"

"Looks like we got a lover's quarrel boys!"

Haruhi and Naruto stopped their argument with each other and gave the thug a death glare, "We are not lovers! I hardly even know him/her!"

"I don't care either way, but you boy!" The thug leader howled.

Naruto glanced around in confusion before pointing a finger at himself, "Me?"

The thug leader growled, "Yes you! You stupid brat, I think you broke my jaw!" he said as he held his face.

"Why are you telling me for? Sounds like a personal problem." Naruto said with a smirk, Haruhi had to stop herself from giggling at that.

"Why you little gaki! Boys1 teach a lesson he want soon forget!"

Naruto got into a fighting stance as the thugs grew closer to him, " Haruhi stand back I'll protect you, you remember how I'd said I can do things people not normally can do?"

Haruhi nodded.

"You see back in my old village, I used to get into a lot of fights, it was not that I was too strong...it was that I was too fast. I was able to take down whole groups at breakneck speed , no one was able keep all they saw was a yellow blur, soon they gave me a moniker, they called me-" Suddenly Naruto seemed to disappeared as he zipped towards a goon and implanted his fist into his stomach, "Kiiroi Senko(Yellow Flash)."

"How can anyone that fast, it was like he disappeared." were Haruhi's thoughts as she watch him systematically each an every one of the grunts down at an insane pace. He was like lightning that couldn't be contained, shooting all over the place erratically.

A mega watt grin broke across her face, "He was right about one thing...He's definitely not normal."

2 minutes later

Naruto was standing over the down forms of all the goons as smoke was billowing off their wounds, "Weak temes." Turning his head to look at Haruhi, "Are you alright Haruhi-chan?" He asked in concern, she could very well be traumatize, better safe than sure.

Haruhi blinked, "Yeah I fine, why wouldn't be? After you kick their asses harder than I ever could!"

Naruto gave her a warm smile, that cause her to slightly blush, "Good to know then, Do you want me to walk you home?"

"Nope, I not some defenseless girl you know, they just caught me off guard." She said to herself more than Naruto.

Naruto just shrugged, "Well see you tomorrow. Later."



Haruhi grinned and put her hands on her hips, "Ho would you like to join my club?"

Naruto raise an eyebrow, "Depends. What do y'all do?" He asked in interest, its not everyday a cute girl asked you join her club.

Haruhi's grin grew wider, "We search for extraordinary, such as aliens, espers, and time travelers!"

"Well she sure had her...quirks. But what the hell. Is not like I got anything better to do."

"Sure I'll join your club...What's it called anyway?"

"It's called the SOS Dan!"

Naruto shook his head in acknowledgment, "Awesome name what will I be doing?"

"I'm the Brigade Commander, you'll be my second in command, my right-hand man, my lieutenant...my guardian." She mumbled the last part to herself, with a slight blush on her face.

Naruto gave a foxy grin, "I'll do my best Haruhi-chan...That's a promise of a lifetime!"

Haruhi just smiled, "I'll hold you too it."

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