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The Anomaly Known As Naruto

Chapter 3: Lightning Personified Pt. 2

"I NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" Naruto roared at the Class Representative, his power still growing to new heights, a large silhouette began taking form behind Naruto, growing with his power, Ryoko was able to make piercing glowing gold orbs with rows upon rows of sharp teeth, and huge wing protrusions coming out the shadows back.

The figure seemed to feel Naruto's raw agony as it glared at Ryoko with the ferocity of a thunderstorm, Naruto gritted his teeth, still not believing what happen before it came back full circle, causing the power to burst around him with more intensity, then he imagined if it had been Miku-chan in Kyon's place, then Yuki-chan, and finally...Haru-chan..."

"NOOOO! I WONT LET YOU HURT THEM!" Naruto's power began taking a corporeal form around him as the silhouette started to become visible, "I WON'T LET YOU HARM ANYONE ELSE! AAAAHHHHHHH!" Naruto let one final scream out before his power burst all around him blinding everybody's sight in a flash.

Ryoko closed her retinas to avoid becoming blind and opened only when she thought it was safe, Ryoko eyes widen in shock as she saw Naruto, "Thi-...This is unreal!"

Were Naruto once stood was a boy who resembled Naruto in every way, bu with one key difference, pure gold electricity surrounded his body with the occasional blue constantly crackling around his form, the aura around him took the form of a golden dragon with claws on surrounding both his hands and feet, a long tail of aura extended from his back side and had the form of lightning(similar to Pikachu), on his top of his head were long gold horns of energy swept back making them stick backwards. Naruto canines also extending causing two to always stick out and his stormy blue orbs shifted constantly with electricity. The silhouette of the gold Dragon behind him let out a bellowing roar as if to display Naruto's pure rage.

Naruto gaze curiously at the claw-like energy surrounding his hand before he flexed them, getting a feel for them, after doing this for his entire body, Naruto suddenly faze out of existence and appeared behind Ryoko in flash and let loose a kick to her backside, sending the Interface's body skitting for what seemed like miles before slowing down to a halt in a crevice-like crater.

Naruto let his body drop back to its original stance as he gazed through the foliage blocking his view od Ryoko, Naruto's eyes shot open as he threw his arm up to block the knife from harming him.

The knife grinded again cloak, trying to edge it way through its protective barrier. Not waiting for it to do it's job, Naruto retaliated by throwing his free arm in for a punch, only to miss for her flashing away.

Naruto let out a growl before he also disappeared and reappeared right where Ryoko did but quicker, Naruto took full advantage of the Interface's state of shock as he hammered down an electrically-powered blow across her jaw, ricocheting her body back at the speed of sound, the electric discharge from the blow caused her form to glow in a gold light as she tumbled in the distance.

Naruto calculative eyes, once again stared out into the distance, trying to pinpoint her location, only he didn't have to because she appeared a few yards in front of him and she was worse for wear with scratches all over a body, clothes in tatters, a giant bruise on her cheek, and did I mention she was pissed.

"You damn human! You think you can stop me with your new powers? You may have more control than Suzumiya, but you don't have nearly enough to defeat me! you're wasting too much power by the second, you're basically a Fire hose trying to aim a jet of water in a cup without spilling it! And...Unlike you I have full control of my powers and...now that I know your full strength I can stop holding back!" The craze Interface snarled, though not once in the conversation did Naruto look worried.

Ryoko twirled her knife high into the air before snapping fingers causing her knife to become a cleaver, catching in her outstretch hand her body is overtaken in light causing Naruto to gaze at her curiously, wondering what was about to occur.

The light died down revealing Ryoko in a tight one piece body suit that showed off her sexy figure and her hair in a high ponytail, gazing at Naruto emotionlessly, Ryoko uttered one phrase, "...taste true power..."

Ryoko fazed right behind Naruto her cleaver outstretched as if she had just cut something, Ryoko tsked as she turn around to face Naruto, "...Pathetic...to think the lights of you caused me to release my powers..." Right as she said this thousands upon thousands began to rain down on Naruto's cloaked body, with most of them getting through it exterior, leaving thin cuts everywhere it touched, but Naruto remained unmoving almost if he wasn't even there...

Naruto's body started to disintegrate, revealing it was only an after image, Naruto appeared behind the shocked Interface and threw a fist at her, connecting, only for it also to be an After image.

Naruto and Ryoko both began rapidly dashing in and out of existence as they blurred around the dimension, sonic booms were heard when they connected as they tried to over power the other.

Ryoko threw a multitude of fist at Naruto, who either blocked, dodged, or returned it back two-fold. Ryoko cursed to herself as she found even with her powers unlocked she had trouble with just keeping up with Naruto, "Damnit! You're just human! Why want you die!" Ryoko screamed while throwing a punch that actually connected with Naruto face, only for it to not have any affect.

Naruto quickly threw a punch at her, connecting with her gut causing her to step back as pure agony wrecked her body, not stopping there , Naruto blurred in front of her crouching and delivered an uppercut that would have shattered any normal person's jaw.

Ryoko's coughed out blood as her body experience more pain than she have ever felt before, "How...How are you this strong?"

Naruto gazed at her with a fire burning in his eyes, "I was just a normal person wanting to live a normal life...I have no idea why I'm this strong...but, I have an idea..."

Pointing his finger towards the downed Interface, Naruto proclaimed, "Its to protect those who can't protect themselves, to stop those with evil intentions towards others! To be the guardian of the weak and the destroyer of darkness!...That's why I'm strong!"

Ryoko look at him as if he was crazy before she let out a mad laugh, "Guardian you say? Let's test this theory of yours!" Ryoko quickly jumped to her feet before she flew high up in the air with her hands held high. A Giant orange orb that resembled the sun quickly formed in her outstretched hands, the intensity alone seemed to weigh everything down, "Prove to me that your light can vanquish my darkness! HAHAHAHA!

Naruto gazed up as the insane Interface launched her SuperNova towards the ground, laughing all the time, "I blow this whole place to Kingdom Come! This Dimension that I created is not strong enough to withstand this much power! What will you do Uzumaki Naruto!"

Unknown Area within Dimension

"?" Nagato's eyes widen as she felt the amount of power that Ryoko's was using, it was well beyond her means to block at the moment with healing Kyon taking up much of her stores, she could only rely on Naruto to be able to stop the rogue Interface, using the last of her reserves, Nagato erected a barrier to protect Kyon and her from the damage that was sure to come.


Naruto gritted his teeth, damn, he played around with her to long! Now look at what the cause of his action did, it put everyone in jeopardy! "How am I going to stop that! It seems impossible!"

"Don't give up Young One, Show her our Power!"

Naruto's aura began to grow strong around his form at the encouragement.

"Show her our Pride!"

Naruto screamed as his power burst around him, towering to the sky, dark stormy clouds quickly appeared in the sky with lightning flashing every couple of seconds.

"Show her our CRY!"

A large bolt of lightning struck down colliding with Naruto boosted his power even more as the excess lightning began channeling down his mouth filling him with power to the breaking point, with him barely holding back the torrent from breaking lose.

The voice shouted one more thing before the orb would engulfed and destroy them all

"And finally... SHOW HER OUR ROAR!"

"ARASHIRYŪ NO HŌKŌ(Storm Dragon's Roar)!" Naruto roared(hehe...) to the Heavens, a huge bolt of lightning in the form of a dragon escaped the confines of his mouth and charge towards the menacing ball coming toward them. The two powers clashed against each other, both trying to attain victory.

"No! I won't loose to you!" The Interface shouted as she sent more data into her already large ball causing it to double in size, "Just hurry up and die!"

Ryoko cackled in mad glee as she saw her blast start to push back Naruto's, "It's over!"

Naruto grunted in exertion as he tried fruitlessly to hold her power back, but it only seemed to slow down the inevitable, "Damnit! She's too strong! I can't win!"

"Don't give up Naruto!"

"Naruto's eyes widen, "That voice!"

Appearing right beside Naruto was a translucent golden dragon, that stood majestically beside him with its large wings stretched out for all to see.

"You're the voice that was talking to me?" Naruto manged to get out as he desperately tried to hold back the evil Interface from destroying them all.

"Yes...we'll have much to discuss later for now let us finish this."

Seeing the appearance of dragon, Ryoko scanned it and was shocked to find that it held much more than Naruto had, Seeing as she wanted to destroy them before the dragon could interfere, Ryoko charged her remaining power into a large condense power ball she held above her head before she thrusted it all down towards her other orb causing them to merge, "Welcome to oblivion!"

The destructive grew abruptly in size, growing past triple what it originally was, pushing Naruto's blast even more rapidly back, Ryoko giggled thinking she had already won, she couldn't be further from the truth...

The dragon began charging lightning in front of its mouth, it began taking the shape of a ball of lightning, "Come Naruto... Let's show her the true power of our ROARS!" With that the mighty dragon released its own Storm Dragon's Roar, it combine with Naruto's weakening one, overflowing it with renewed strength causing it to rapidly regained the ground it lost.

"No! No! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" Ryoko shouted as she watched her ball shoot right back at her with the full power of Naruto behind it.

The sun-sized orb(not really) engulfed Ryoko, but not before she said one last thing, "You think you've defeated me? Ha! I WILL NEVER BE A MEMORY!"

The mini sun detonated high up in the atmosphere, giving everything a orange glow, after a while it faded out of existence, causing the weakening dimension to collapse on itself, returning them back to the world from whence they came.( Why does it seemed that all my fights end with a huge beam struggle? :P)

As Naruto struggled to remain conscious(This seems to always happen too?), he turned towards the dragon that help save the people he cherished even if he didn't save Kyou...

"Your friend named Kyousuke is still alive and well..."

"Ne? I saw him die in front of my eyes!"

"A girl like the girl we just defeated healed him..."


"I wouldn't lie to you Young One..."

Naruto let out a light-hearted laugh as he felt on his back, "I should have known Kyou wouldn't go that easy!"

The dragon's gaze soften as it look down at Naruto, "Rest now Naruto...Your body's experience too much trauma today...Both mental and physical..."

Naruto closed his eyes, but not before letting out a yawn, "You don't have to tell me twice. Datte...Bayo..."

The dragon's body began to fade ever so slowly out of existence, to return to its home realm, right before it disappeared it voice one thing, "Even when the going gets tough, never give up because on our backs are wings on which to fly on..."

And Cut!

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