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Ever since Lexie moved to Seattle from Boston, her life has been nothing short of interesting and a whirl-wind of change. When she was in med school she had a plan. She planned on graduating from med school, getting into a top rated surgical internship program. Then start her residence, choose a really cool specialty, after residence start her own practice and make a name for herself. She planned on doing all that in about ten years.

After the ten years of building her career, she thought maybe then she would be in a better place to contemplate starting a family. Her plan was attainable, her goals were realistic to her and achievable. Back then nothing seemed to be standing in her way.

But just one phone call from Seattle changed all that. After a mere five-minute phone call, her plan had just become what it was exactly, simply a plan.

One phone call changed her life forever, at the moment she didn't realize that but her life was forever changed.

She flew to Seattle to bury her mother, but instead of flying back to her life in Boston. She flew back to pack it all up. Everything changed, she had a new internship and residence destination, an estranged half-sister, an alcoholic father who was now in a state prison awaiting trail, a bitter and hateful sister.

Not all of it was doom and gloom. Lexie had managed to make a few friends with the other interns. Rachel, Summer and Gabriel or as he preferred Gabe. The three seemed to look at life the same way Lexie did, 'seeing their glass as half full ad not half empty'. There was also Debbie, who had over time become a pseudo mother to her and Dr Bailey who was her go to person when she had anything bothering her, be it personal or professional.

She was in a romantic relationship with her attending/boss and the icing on the cake, she was six months pregnant with TWINS by said attending. In a space of a year that's how much her life head changed.

Although she has all these unexpected changes, the biggest one was her falling in live with Mark. Lexie remembers fondly that day at the hospital;


For the first time in his thirty-five years of life Mark Sloan was …...

Mark didn't shift his gaze from Lexie's eyes, he just let that one emotion pour out in his tears and play in his eyes.

Mark was so lost in Lexie's eyes, he didn't hear himself say "I love you... I lo..v...e...no..no no, that's not right...".

Hearing Mark say those shocked Lexie to the core. She wasn't even sure he was aware of what he was saying. Lexie heard the first part of that confession clearly, but the part he stuttered she wasn't sure whether he meant to say that out aloud or maybe he taking back his words.

"M...Ma...Mark are you talking to me?" she asked hesitantly, afraid that he hadn't meant to say it. Mark didn't respond, he just kept gazing into her eyes with his mouth agape.

Mark tried to speak again, but it seem he had lost control of his brain and speech function. He was feeling way too much all at once.

Lexie could see that he wanted to say something, but nothing was coming out of his mouth. She couldn't help but think that maybe she had imagined him saying those words to her. She had wanted to say those words to him for the longest time now, but was too afraid that she might scare Mark off. They already had too many things going on in their lives, that broaching the subject of their feelings for each other hadn't been a priority.

Lexie wondered if this was the right time to talk about it, especially after they had just been told that they were expecting twins.

"Mark you are worrying me, are you alright?. I know it's a lot to take in especially now that we are having twins, but I need you say something. Its okay if you don't want to be involved anymore. Am sure I can find a way to manage. I don't have to be a surgeon. I can just be a GP or I can find another profession that is flexible. Maybe I could teach or be a nurse, ooh can work at an art gallery I have always liked painting. Did you know that I like painting? I used to paint really well in high school. I wonder if I came making a living of painting. Their many artist out there with families am sure something can come out it...".

It was Lexie's rambling that snapped Mark back to reality. He couldn't make head or tail what she was talking about, all he heard was artist and family.

"Lexie what are talking about?".

Lexie looked at Mark with tears streaming down her cheek. For the first time in a very long time Lexie was scared and confused. She had always pride herself in being able to hand stressful situations, but knowing that she was having twins and Marks' sort of confession. She didn't know what to do.

"Uhm...you just said that you know and then you said it wasn't right. And finding out am pregnant with twins, it can be a lot to deal with. If …..if ….if you don't want to be involve anymore its okay, I'll find a way to manage...".

"Lexie you are doing it again. I don't understand what you are talking about. Why would you think I don't want to be here anymore?" Mark asked feeling confused and slightly hurt by Lexie's ranting.

"We have never talked about our feelings for each other and just then you said that". Lexie spoke trying to wipe the tears on her cheeks "We never plan for this pregnancy and now it's just not one baby but two. It's a lot to deal with so I'll understand if you want out now" she was almost panicking.

"Lexie just stop, you need to breathe and clam down. You panicking isn't good for the babies, so I need you to just breath and listen to what I have to say okay?" Mark said running his hand through her hair. He knew that she liked that and it seemed to clam her down some.

Lexie began to relax and waited for Mark to say what was on his mind. She was surprised by sudden mood change. One minute she was a rambling mess going on about nothing and everything, the next minute she's a sobbing mess and now she was relatively clam. She mentally wondered if her moods were giving Mark some sort of whiplash.

Mark seemed to notice the mood swings and chuckled lightly. "If this is what the next five months are going to be like with you all over the place. I might just move to the Antarctica, then come back after the babies are born" Mark said jokingly trying to lighten up the mood. But Lexie didn't find it funny, her eyes widened and her face paled.

"Am just kidding Lexie am not going anywhere. Even if your hormones are most likely to drive me crazy. But on a more serious note, just because we are having twins doesn't mean am going to bail. I agree with you that it is a lot to deal with, but couldn't think of anyone else I would rather be with in this situation than you.

I know that we didn't plan on this but you and I together can make it work. Our lives are constantly changing and they will continue to do so, but if we can accept that change and adapt to it, then we have nothing to worry about. Am not going to run at the first sign of trouble, but am also not going to deny or ignore the things around me. So you need to stop thinking that am going to back out as if this is a business deal. This right here is our lives, you, me and the babies" Mark place his hand on her barely visible baby bump.

"Earlier on before you started rambling I wanted to say something, but I couldn't find the right words to use. You and I have been together for over ten months now. In the beginning we both know that it was only physical no emotions involved. But along the way things changed Lexie, I don't know if they did for you but for me they did change.

I didn't just want sex anymore,I yearned for your company. Every morning I would wake up and wonder what crazy things are going to come out of your mouth. I started looking forward to being in your presence even if it was for a short while. If I saw you smile or laughing, I wanted to know what had you smiling like that so that I could keep that smile on your face. I started to notice the most inane things about you, like when you are trying to figure something out you gut down on you lower lip" he chuckled at that thought and smiled fondly.

"You ramble when you are nervous or scared. Your scared ramble is always an octave or two higher than your nervous ramble. When you are with Summer, Rachel and Gabe, you pay more attention to Gabe when his talking because despite his gay theatrics you find the workings of his mind fascinating". At that remark Lexie giggled, she did find Gabe fascinating.

"For the longest time now I have tried to figure out why that is, you know the longing and yearning. No one has ever held my attention the way you have or should I say the way you do. When I realized that I had developed romantic feeling towards you it confused and scared me at the same time. I have never been in a real mature adult relationship before. I thought I had that with Addison but that wasn't it. With her, it was just me liking the idea of her, what she represented and not the real person. So when I realized my feelings for you, they were nothing compared to what I felt for her..

To be honest I think I have been falling for you since that day I stopped you from handing in your resignation. I have been falling everyday without being aware of it. But hearing the sound of our babies heartbeats solidified what I have felt for the longest time.

To say I love you would be wrong because that's not it Lexie.

I am unconditionally, irrevocably and unequivocally in love with you Alexandra Caroline Grey".

Mark finally declared his love for Lexie with so much conviction that if there was any doubt in Lexie's mind about his feelings for her, it all melted away.

Lexie looked into his eyes searching for any signs of falsehood, but all she saw was the love that shone in them. The unconditional, irrevocable and unequivocal love that was meant for her. Mark Sloan was in love with her, that statement kept on repeating its self in her mind and then when it finally sank in cried hysterically.

"Hey whats with the tears? I didn't mean to upset you. I know I should have waited, taken you out for a romantic dinner, bought you flowers and all. But there's something so pure and raw about this moment. Maybe its the sound of our babies heartbeats or the fact that am so overwhelmed by the fact that you are in my life despite my flaws. You are willing to be here and willing to have my babies".

"I am not upset Mark, you have no idea how happy am feeling right now. I am the happiest person in this moment because I am loved by you. You have no idea how monumental this moment is in my life.

Am in love with you too Mark, I have wanted to say that for the longest time now. I didn't want to say it and have you run for the hills. I know what you mean when you say things changed along the way. For me it was seeing you for who you really are. Seeing other side of you that people don't know about or get to see. I feel honored to be honest because you allow yourself to just be human, you let me see the vulnerable side of you, the caring, the loving, the real Mark Sloan".

Mark leaned into Lexie and kissed her with all his might. If it weren't for the need of oxygen the two would have kissed till kingdom come.

Mark was the first one to break the kiss much to Lexie's dismay, "Sweetheart as much as I want us to continue this, I think we have to keep it PG 13. we don't want to scare Dr Miller when she comes back" Lexie started giggling like a teenager, that's the effect Mark had on her.


"Hey you, whats got you smiling like this early in the morning?" Mark asked Lexie as he entered the small kitchenette of their apartment. Lexie was pulled out the reverie of her memories by Marks' voice.

"You have me smiling. You want some coffee?" she replied pouring coffee into a mug and offered it to Mark.

"I have you smiling, mind telling me what I have done to put that smile on your face?" Mark spoke as accepting the mug though he put back on the counter top and pulled Lexie into an embrace. The smirk on Marks' face alarmed Lexie of his intentions.

"No mister, not going to happen" wagging her finger at Mark "We don't have time for 'sexy times', you have to go and I have to get ready for my study group".

"I have ten minutes to spare and I know we have worked with less before, so what do say we make this the best ten minutes of your day" Mark countered has he placed trail of kisses along Lexie's jaw. He knew that nothing was going to happen, but he couldn't resist the urge to rile Lexie up before leaving. Riling Lexie up would surely guarantee him a wild night when he got home.

"You and I both know that, you and your friend aren't going to be studying. I bet when I get home there will be a tonne of junk food all over the lounge and some horrible chick flick playing". Mark picked his abandoned coffee mug.

"That's not true, we do study, you know what they say about all work and no play. And beside am at the hospital for only four days and they are all filled with work. I never get a chance to catch up with them" Lexie spoke as she went to their now crapped bedroom.

The apartment was surely made for one person, but Mark had moved in with her a couple of days after she had been discharged from the hospital. He didn't want her to be alone and she also felt the same way. After a week of sharing the small space Mark was starting to feel the effects of the lack of space. Personally Mark was a person who liked things big or not at all. He had stayed at the presidential suite at the Archfield and was that spacious enough for him that why he had stayed there for so long and had never really bothered to find a place.

So a week into their new living arrangement Mark broached the topic of the house. He wanted them to find a house that they both like and he was willing to pay anything for it. Lexie didn't want a house and confessed that she was comfortable with a bigger apartment, but Mark wouldn't hear any of that. So reluctantly Lexie agreed to them getting a house, but was very apprehensive about the idea. She had nothing to contribute towards the purchase of the house, but Mark kept insisting that he didn't mind paying for it. The very next day Mark came home with a few listings that he had managed to get from the realtor for Lexie to look at. And that was almost six weeks ago.

As she walked into the bedroom Lexie nearly tripped. "This is ridiculous, I can't even walk in my home without putting myself in harm's way. We need to rid of some of this crap" Lexie said as she struggle to move the offending item out-of-the-way.

"I have a better solution, why don't we find a house and move out of here. There problem solved". Mark shouted from the kitchenette. That was his response when ever Lexie complained about the small apartment.

"It's not that easy you know, we have to find the perfect house first" Lexie countered. She knew were this conversation was going and had tried to avoid it. Besides feeling apprehensive about the idea, she was also dragging spending countless hours viewing the homes. Now that she was six months pregnant she was almost always tired.

"For us to find a house, later on a perfect house, you have to look at the listings I gave you. Which you haven't done might I add and I gave you those almost six weeks ago. I bet some of the houses are already off the market by now. So until you make an effort to find a house you can't complain about the lack of space".

"Mark it's not that I haven't made an effort. It's just I have lot on my plate right now. What, with the Intern exam coming up and work, I haven't had time to 'house-hunt'. I will look at the listings when I get time okay. But in the mean time can you help me create some space in here?, I can hardly move around this room" Lexie replied exasperated.

"When you have time?, Do you realize that you are six months pregnant and may I remind you that babies come when they feel like making their presence known. I would like for us to have a home by the time the 'monkeys' get here. It's just the two of us now and you are already feeling crowded imagine when there is us plus two crying and pooping babies. Am just trying to be proactive about this that's all" Mark spoke as he tried to move things around, but it was helpless.

Lexie sighed, she knew that he was right. All Mark had done since they found out about the pregnancy was try and make both their lives easier and comfortable especially hers. "I know Mark, its just that..." she couldn't bring herself to voice concerns and that made her feel horrible. And feeling horrible usually resulted in tears with Lexie.

"It's just what Lex?, You know you can always tell me whatever it is that's bothering you right?" Mark sat next to her on the bed and pulled her on to his lap.

"Mark you want to buy a house, and not just a house. I did browse through the listing and all those houses look like mansions. I don't have any money to contribute towards the purchase. I don't even know how am going to contribute towards the babies needs as it is. I still owe a tonne in hospital fees for my dad and now I also have his house bills to take care of. Am barely making ends meet here, so how am I suppose to manage buying a house. If it were a rental apartment, it wouldn't be so bad" Lexie said into Mark's shoulder where her head was resting.

"Oh Lex, is this really about money?" Lexie nodded her head yes.

Mark had meaning to talk to her about their finances, but the topic never seem to come up in conversation. Mark never spoke about his finances and Lexie never asked They had been good with the open communication aspect of their relationship, but after hearing Lexie's concerns Mark realized that maybe their communication wasn't as effective as he thought. And he wanted to rectify that,

"Lex, do you remember that time when you had to pay the hospital for your dads' surgeries and I offered to help you?"

"Yes" Lexie replied wondering what that had to do with their current conversation.

"Do you remember what you said to me that morning" Mark asked.

"Uhmm...I don't really remember everything, but Mark what does have to do with anything?" pregnant Lexie wasn't very patient and hated playing riddles especially in the middle of a very important conversation.

Mark chuckled at her impatience, "You said that, the babies and you are my responsibility, meaning I can take care of you. You also said if I remember correctly that, if I wanted to give you money for the babies, well it was baby at the time. But that's besides the point, you said if I wanted to give you money for the baby or you for personal use you wouldn't deny me that" he said smiling at the memory of that conversation. It amazed him how easily he could remember anything Lexie ever said to him. It's like he committed every words out of her mouth into his memory.

"Well Lexie, this is that time. I want to buy us a house. Not just a house I want to buy us a home for our family. Me buying us this house, is me taking care of my family. You don't to give anything. You are still an intern Lex and that means you don't have the resources to do so, but I on the other hand do. When you finish your residence, and start ripping the fruits of your labor you can buy us another house and I wont begrudge you.

But for now just let me. I make over two million a year and that's just my salary, the last time I checked my investment portfolio was in excess of ten million that excludes that properties, cars and bonds. I have two trust funds that I have never touched, one from my parents and the other one from my paternal grandparents. I also have an inheritance for from my maternal grandparents, which is basically everything they owed in this world they left three-quarters of it to me and the other to my mother.

So what am trying to say is can afford to take care of us with no problems. If we decided that we don't want to work a day in our lives, we'll still be able to live very comfortable. And so will our kids and grand-kids. I have more money than I know what to do with.

Let me do this for us, plus I hate moving so we might as well get a really good place that we don't see ourselves moving from anytime soon".

While Mark was talking Lexie had moved from his lap and sat next to him on the bed. She was staring at him disbelieving as he spoke. Yes she knew Mark had money, seeing he had lived in a hotel for almost a year and half, and if she weren't pregnant, he would have stayed there longer. But to hear him speak of the millions he had threw her for a loop. As she stared at him she asked herself if she even knew who this guy was. Every time she felt she had him figured out he does or says something that shocks her.

"Who are you?" Lexie questioned "You are one confusing and surprising individual. Am I ever going to know who the real Mark Sloan is or are you going to continually take me by surprise at every turn?".

Mark furrowed his eyebrows in confusion "What? What do you mean who am I?...am still Mark just because you now know about the money, it doesn't mean you don't know me" Mark said as a matter-of-fact.

"See that, that's what am talking about. You are a multimillionaire Mark, but you don't act or seem like one. I knew you had money but I just didn't think you had all that much. For God-sake you lived in a hotel, what normal person does that? And you move out of a five-star lap of luxury without any second thoughts. To move in with your pregnant girlfriend in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, that barely has any room.

So excuse me if am confused, do you even realize what this means?. Now everyone is going to think I trapped you with these babies. No wonder Derek looks at me like am the devils reincarnation and Addison wants to kill me at the first chance she gets. I wonder what your parents think about me now, this could really be bad. They are going to think am a gold digger after their sons riches. Oh my God, people are going to think am that girl, this is a colossal mess". Lexie rambled.

"Oh and you are good you know that.'I like living in at the hotel cause of the services that they provide, I don't have to worry about cleaning, cooking or the laundry' what a crock of bull that was. You could have found an apartment or a house, hired a housekeeper or a maid.

Oh lets not forget the 'I didn't want to tie myself down here for when things didn't work out with Derek. And if I decide to leave I can just up and go with no hassle'" Lexie tried to imitate Mark's voice "I call bullshit on that too".

Mark was trying really hard not to laugh at Lexie's outburst. He kinda knew she would react this way when he finally told her about the money, but he didn't think it would be this comical.

"Hey I don't talk like that. I have a very manly and sexy voice so I have been told" Mark teased trying to clam Lexie down from her ramblings and ranting.

"Don't sassy me mister, you have a lot of explaining to do" Lexie wagged her finger in his face. Mark smirked at Lexie's theatrics, he found her really cute when she was trying to be all motherly.

"Okay, first of all am still the same Mark you knew an hour ago, just with a few more millions than you thought. And yes normal people do live in hotels maybe not for that long but they do. And the cleaning, laundry and cooking, that wasn't just an excuse its the truth. Here I have to worry about all those things were as at the Archfield it was all done for us. Okay so the Derek excuse was lame but in the beginning that was the real reason, I guess after sometime I should have found a place of my own.

Now on to more serious matters, no one except my financial manager and adviser and now you know how much money I have. My parents might have an idea because they know about the trust funds and inheritance but that's all they know. Everyone else does know.

Derek doesn't know about the money. Yes he knows that my parents are well off but that's all. He thinks all have is from my job and a few investments we did together back in the day. Addison doesn't know anything about my personal finances, even though at one point we were in a 'relationship' if you want to call it that. And my parents, don't forget I started speaking to them three weeks ago after almost fifteen years of silence. They don't even know me, so they most definitely know nothing about you to call for them to name you a gold digger".

"Finally Lexie let this be the first and last time that I ever hear you call yourself a 'gold digger' because you are not. Never ever put yourself down like that, because not only are you demeaning yourself, you are also demeaning my love for you and the mother of my children. And that I will not tolerate" this time Mark tone was serious and sharp.

"Please let me do this for us, if the money makes you uncomfortable I can give it all away. I have no problems doing that as long as I get to keep you and the twins. Your happiness and well-being is all that matters to me. I know what money does to people, my parents are perfect example but like they said to me, they lost focus of what was important. I don't want us to do that and the moment we start letting money rule us am giving it all away, no questions asked.

You will get your chance to provide for out material needs, but for now please just let me" at this point Mark was all but begging Lexie to take that next step with him in their relationship.

As uncomfortable as Mark's millions made Lexie, she could tell that Mark's intentions were sincere and honest. He wanted to provide for her the only way he knew how and by her refusing him, it was just making all the efforts of building an honest and trust-worth relationship a waste of time. Lexie knew she could let Mark provide for her and their babies and not hold it against her.

"Fine you can do whatever it is that you want for us, but there will be rules" Lexie said as she made herself comfortable on the bed. She laid down on her back.

"Rules? Why would there be rules, that defeats the purpose of taking care of you" Mark comment laying next to Lexie.

"There will be rules, because I have a feeling if I let you have free reign, I'll find myself in a really huge mansion that I don't have time to maintain, seeing that I'll be a mother of two, actually make that three. Two babies and one adult baby" she teased.

"Am not a baby and FYI, you don't have to maintain anything we can get a housekeeper or a maid. All we have to do is go to work and take care of our little monkeys".

"We are not getting a maid or a housekeeper. We should be able to take care of our own home that means, laundry, cleaning, cooking and baby duty are on us. So our home has to be a reasonable size, maybe four bedrooms..." Mark cut her off before she could continue.

"I don't think so, that too small. Be practical Lexie, at least six bedroom..." he argued.

Lexie propped herself up on her elbows, she looked at Mark with a shocked expression on her face "At least six, are kidding me right now. What do you plan on doing with the other rooms huh?" she questioned.

"Maybe I plan on keeping you bare feet and pregnant until we fill up the extra rooms" Mark teased.

"You plan on what? Dude this baby making oven is going to be out of commission for the next five years after the twin are born" Lexie responded caressing her protruding stomach.

"Five years that a long time..." Mark began to protest.

Lexie glared at him, "Mark!"

"Am juts kidding Lexie, we can talk about having more kids after you finish you residence. Just hear me out first okay?, but first I think am going to call in sick for work and you have to cancel your study session for today. I think we just need some time to ourselves to figure a few things.". Lexie nodded in agreement.

After they made the necessary calls Mark and Lexie made themselves comfortable on the bed., just holding each other. In the last eight weeks their lives have been so busy that they didn't have much time just to lounge around and enjoy each others company.

"Am in this for the long run Lexie" Mark broke the silence, "that means I see a future with you in it. I know you are young and you have things you want to do with your life. Am sure having kids at twenty-three wasn't part of your plan, but here we are. It doesn't mean you stop wanting the things you wanted before them or chasing your dreams. It just means now you have to want those things with them too and chase your dreams with them. The same applies to me, but for me it's just the twins, its their mother too.

Us getting a house together isn't just us getting a house, it us building a home. A home we see ourselves in ten, twenty or even fifty years from now. To me, its us beginning a future together, living life. Someone once said 'We just don't recognize the significant moments of our lives when they are happening. We grow complacent with the ideas, things even people and we take those moments for granted. And it's normally not until those moments have passed that you realize how much you have missed' I don't want that to be me or you or us.

I know we are not married and I hope one day I'll get the courage to ask for that honor from you, but until then I want us Lex. You, me and the babies". As always Lexie was in tears, hormones or not that little speech made her a crying mess.

"You are amazing Mark Sloan and I would want nothing more than to build a life with you. I understand what you mean about dreams and plans changing. It true I didn't dream of having children at twenty-three, but am having them. I just have to dream a different dream that's all.

You get us whatever house you want but no housekeeper or maid, am serious about that. Just make sure we have a really big bed, the biggest king size bed you can find. And a huge back yard, I want a place where we can put a huge sand-box and a big swing set for the little monkeys" Lexie giggled in excitement. She could already see their home. "Oh and one more thing I want a huge kitchen with an island and a large dining table. I have always wanted to host family dinners".

Mark laughed at Lexie's request for someone who doesn't want a large house the condition seem to need one. "Uhmm... why do we need the biggest king size bed I can find?" that seemed like an odd request to him.

"When I was a kid, I used to wake up really early especially on the weekends. I wanted so much to climb into my parents bed, but dad wouldn't allow that. I want that with our children you know. Imagine Sunday morning the twins climbing into our bed and all of us just having a lazy Sunday morning in bed" Lexie explained with a dreamy look on her face.

Mark could see the vision play in-front of him. A little girl with long brown hair, her mother eyes, in pink pajamas hold a teddy bear in one hand and sucking her the thumb on her other hand. A little boy with salt and pepper lock, blue eyes, in Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas. Both jumping into their bed wanting to watch cartoons or pancakes for breakfast. Mark could help but smile at the vision.

"I'll find us a huge bed then. But I want us to find a house we both like"

"Okay, I'll look at the listings. Enough talk about the house, am getting bored can't we do something?. We have the day to talk and plan our lives" Lexie started drawing lazy circles in Marks chest.

"Uhmm I can think of a few things we can do" Mark said as he light touched Lexie collar-bone making a trail down to he visible cleavage.

His light touch made Lexie shiver, her body was very responsive to his touch.

"Mmmm I like the way you think" Lexie said as Mark cupped one of her breast over her top.

"And I like the way I think" he smirked at her. He gave her breast a gentle squeeze and Lexie gasped. Her breast had become so full and Mark made it no secret about how much he liked them. He would grab them at every chance he got. He had seen a lot of breast and as a plastic surgeon he gave women all different sizes too, but Lexie's breasts pregnant or not were a perfection for him.

"Mark" Lexie moaned to his touch. He drew his face close to her, then pressed his lips on hers. The kiss started out slow, he tongue swept her bottom lip asking for permission which she gladly granted . Mark's other hand reach for the hem of her top and pulled it up exposed Lexie red bra that housed her succulent breasts.

"Perfect" Mark murmured as he left a trail of hot kisses on her neck as he kissed his way down to her swollen mounds. With one hand he reached for her hips and pulled her closer to him. Lexie could feel his hardness against her butt and she whimpered. Knowing what would drive Mark crazy, she started to grind against him.

"Mmm Lex, that feels so good babe" Mark reached for the waistline of her yoga pants and slid his hand inside. Before his hand even reached its destination he could feel the heat coming from the center. "I can feel your heat Lex and I haven't even touched you" he fingers slowly trailed their way to were the heat was emanating from over her panties.

"Mark, I need you".

Mark moved her panties to the side and his fingers grazed her heat and her swollen, sensitive bud. Without any warning one of his fingers entered her softness, gazing into her eyes. She arched her back to the sensation of his finger and moan with wanton.

"I love you Mark!" Lexie almost screamed as his thumb flicked her very sensitive lady bits and her juices started to flow.

"As I you baby". He continued to get her ready for him and he planned on pleasuring her all day long.

A/N: Sorry I had to stop there, I wanted to continue writing the 'lemony goodness' but I realized that this fic is rated T, am sure your imaginations can continue the scene.

I know this was Mark and Lexie heavy, but I wanted to show who the dynamics of their relationship has changed and is changing.

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