Hey Guys I thought to try something different so I'm doing a Yugioh story.

Summary: We have all watched Yugioh GX from the shadow riders to the Society of Light to Jaden been possessed by a spirit. But what would happen if Jaden met a boy around his age going to the same Academy as him, Choas is ensured. So watch Matt and Jaden: Two young dualists who want to be the next king of games!

Yugioh Generation X

Episode 1.1- The Next King of Games

"Excuse me, coming through." A boy with brown hair and a black jacket on shouted. This boy was rushing through the streets of Domino City and trying to get to the Kaiba building where the entrance exam is for Duel Academy.

"I've got my deck and my duel disk and I've got about 5 minutes to go before I miss the entrance exam." He said while dodging people.

Duel Academy is a prestigious school for upcoming duelist's who want to learn how to be the best. This boy wasn't looking where he was coming from and crashed into someone with their back towards them. The boy crashes down and his deck full of duel monsters fall out of his pocket.

"Sorry." He said sheepishly while picking up his cards. He icked up his card and blew on it blowing off the dirt on it.

"You're a duellist aren't you?" The man said looking at his cards. The boy turned around and nearly fell over when he saw who was talking to him.

"Wait, your…" He started before the man stopped him by grabbing a card from his deck and giving it to the young duellist.

"Here, I think this card belongs to you." He said before walking off from the young boy.

"I'll make you proud." He said waving. The man turned around and put his thumb up and walked off. The boy looked at the card and heard a squeal from the card. The boy looked around and just noticed he was running even more late.

(Meanwhile at Kaiba Stadium)

A boy was running to the front desk and stopped at the front desk when the two girls their were shocked at how fast the boy was.

"Im not late I'm I?" He asked. The girls shook their head and asked what was his name.

"I'm Matt Roberts." He said revealing his face. Matt has hazel eyes and messy brown hair, he his wearing a black muscle shirt with white trousers. When the girls wore marking him down, he started to walk in the arena.

(Inside Kaiba Stadium)

Severals of duels are being held against students and teachers and if a student wins he gets to be in Duel Academy.

"Those who have passed the exam, please report to registration and people who didn't pass, better luck next year." A man said over the P.A . , one of the teachers at Duel Academy is sitting with two teachers.

"Yeah better luck in Duel Monster's Community College." Crowler thought in his head

One of the new students: Syrus Truesdale is currently duelling a procter and the procter summoned Leghul.

"I wish I was already in the academy." He said nervously.

Matt walked in to see Syrus defeat his opponent and he heard the man over the P.A that was the last duel. Matt nearly fell over when he heard that was the last duel. He turned around to see Jaden Yuki walk up to Matt.

"Chancellor, what a surprise." Crowler said over the phone.

"Crowler, I am aware of the two new students and I want you to test them."

"Yes Chancellor." Crowler gritted his teeth. He picked up his duel disk and want over to the self-proclained best duelist in the school.

"Chazz, I want you to duel this dropout boy." Crowler said. Chazz smirked and picked up his deck.

Jaden and Matt were talking until they heard a voice over the P.A

"Can Matt Roberts and Jaden Yuki please report to duel arena 3 and 4." He said, Matt and Jaden nodded to eachother and ran down to meet their teachers.

When Matt got down their, he saw a boy wearing a blue trenchcoat.

"Wait, I have to verse a student?" Matt said to the teacher.

"Yeah, and I verse Jaden." Crowler said putting his deck in his duel disk. Chazz smirked and put his deck into his duel disk.

Two students stood on the balcony of the stadium one was a boy and named best student in the school and one was a girl and named queen of obelisk.

"It's a bit unfair." Alexis said looking at the two duels.

"Stop being soft Alexis, maybe we will get to see Crowler's legendary monster." Zane said with no emoticon in his voice. Alexis looked on and noticed how cute Matt is.

Matt Duel

"Bring it on, Chazz." Matt said putting his deck in the slot and his life points went to 4000

"Duel!" Matt and Chazz shouted.

C: 4000 M: 4000

"I'll go first, I play Chthonian Soldier in defense mode and I'll play 1 card face-down and end my turn."

Att: 1200 DEF: 1600
When this card isdestroyedby an opponent'sattackingmonsterandsentto theGraveyard, theBattle Damageyou took from this battle is also inflicted to your opponent.

Chazz Princton

Lfe Points: 4000

Cards in Hand: 4

Monsters in play: Chthonian Soldier- Defence Mode-(ATT: 1200 DEF: 1400)

Cards Face-Down- 1

"Your move, slacker." Chazz sneered. Matt drew his sixth card and looked at his hand.

" Consecrated Light, rise in attack mode." Matt played his monster.

ATT: 0 DEF: 0

"What a puny monster." Chazz laughed, Matt smirked and read out the effect.

Neither player can Normal or Special summon DARK monsters or declare an attack with a DARK monster, and you take no battle damge from that battle.

"But that means…" Chazz gasped.

"Your deck is full of DARK monsters, Chazz so you cant summon any monster intill you beat my Consecrated Light.' Matt said smirking. Everyone gasped even Zane looked on the duel with surprise.

"That has damaged Chazz's deck by a lot." Zane said to Alexis.

"That was a great move from Matt." Alexis said admiring Matt.

"I throw down a facedown to end my turn." Matt said smiling.

Matt Roberts

Life Points: 4000

Cards in Hand: 4

Monsters in Play: Consecrated Light-Attack Mode- ATT: 0 DEF: 0

Face-Down Cards: 1

"All I can do is play a face-down and end my turn." Chazz said placing a card face-down.

Chazz Princeton

Life Points: 4000

Cards in Hand: 4

Monster's in Play: Chthonian Soldier- Defence Mode-(ATT: 1200 DEF: 1400)

Face Down Cards- 2

"Cant summon any monster's Chazz." Matt said smirking. Matt drew a card and smiled.

"I play Terraforming." Matt said playing a magic card.

Add 1 Field Spell Card from your deck to your hand

Matt picked up his deck and picked he field spell card and reshuffled his deck.

"I play The Sanctury In The Sky." Matt said opening his field spell card slot on his duel disk and placed it on. A big temple came from the heavens and surrounded the two monsters on the field.

Battle Damage to the controller of a fairy type monster from a batlle involving that Fairy Type monster becomes 0

"Then I will play Victoria in attack mode." Matt said playing his monster on the disk.

ATT: 1800 DEF: 1500
Once per turn, you can select 1 Dragon-Type monster in your opponent's Graveyard, and Special Summon it to your side of the field. Your opponent cannot select another FAIRY type monster as an attack mode

"So if you do find a magic card or a trap card to destroy my card it will just go to my Victoria." Matt said smirking. Jaden and Crowler had just finished their duel and walked over to the stands to watch the last duel of the day.

"I end my turn with Victoria attacking your Soldier." Matt shouted. Victoria attacked the Soldier and destroyed it but when it was destroyed, it's sword shot off towards Matt.

"Ha, you forgot about it's effect Matt." Chazz laughed.

"No, I didn't." Matt said before unveiling his trap card, Divine Punishment.

Activate only if "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is fae-up on the field. Negate the activation of a Spell Card/Trap Card or Effect

"So that means your sword disappears." Matt said putting his hand up and pointing it at the sword and it disappeared.

Alexis and Zane were in shock as they watched Matt counter everything Chazz throws at him.

"He's got Chazz at every corner." Zane said leaning on the rail. Alexis nodded as she watched Matt end his turn.

Matt Roberts

Life Points: 4000

Cards in Hand- 3

Monster's in Play- Consecrated Light- Attack Mode- (ATT: 0 DEF: 0) Victoria- Attack Mode- (ATT: 1800 DEF: 1500)

Magic Cards in Play: The Sanctuary in the Sky (Field)

Magic/Traps Card Played: Terraforming (Normal) Divine Punishment (Counter)

Face-Down Cards- 0

"I draw." Chazz drew and looked at his hand and noticed that he couldn't do anything. Chazz sighed and ended his turn.

Chazz Priceton

Life Points: 4000

Cards in Hand- 5

Face-Down Cards- 1

"C'mon Chazz I thought you were the best duelist in the school." Matt said drawing his card. Chazz was losing his cool and hated this guy more then Crowler hates Jaden.

"I tribte my Victoria to summon forth Tethys, Goddess of Light." Matt said playing a level 5 monster.

ATT: 2400 DEF: 1800
While this card is face up on the field, when you draw a Fairy-Type monster(s), you can reveal 1 of those monsters to draw 1 more card.

"I attack directly with Shining Light." Matt said pointing at Chazz. Tethys flex to the centre of the arena and shot a light beam at Chazz what destroyed his lifepoints.

Chazz- 1600

"I end my turn." Matt said smiling.

Matt Roberts

Life Points: 4000

Cards in Hand: 4

Monster's in Play: Consecrated Light-Attack Mode- (ATT: 0 DEF: 0) Tethys, Goddess of Light- Attack Mode- (ATT: 2400 DEF: 1800)

Magic Cards On Field: The Sanctuary in the Sky (Field)

Monster's in Graveyard: Victoria (ATT: 1800 DEF: 1400)

Chazz drew a card and looked at it and shook his head.

"He cheated Crowler, there is no way he could beat me so easy." Chazz shouted over to the teacher's booth.

"I'm with you, Chazz, ban him from duelling." Crowler said pointing over to Matt. Matt looked on shock.

"That's bullshit." Matt shouted as two guards came and tried to grab him. Chazz smirked and walked over to the doors of all of the booing students. When the guards were about to grab him, they heard a cough sound from behind them. When the guards and Crowler turned around they saw Shepperd and a duellist with black and blonde hair standing up.

"It's Yugi Moto!" The students shouted as they were shocked to see the King of games. The guards released their grip on Matt and Matt walked over to see.

"HeyYugi." Matt said shaking the King of Games hand. Yugi smled and looked over to Shepperd who was talking to Crowler.

"You won your duel Matt, you will be in Sleifer Red." Shepperd said. Matt smiled and thanked the Chancellor as he walked off with Crowler who turned around and saw him mouth words what he couldn't understand.

"What are you doing here Yugi?" Matt asked.

"I wanted to tell you that I am going to be a teacher and to inform you of a danger." Yugi told the young duelist. Matt cocked his head in a confused way.

"What do you mean?" Matt asked.

"The Shadow Riders are really dangerous Matt, I need you to make friends and pick strong duelist's but don't tell anyone." Yugi stated. Matt nodded and said goodbye to his friend and walked off towards the plane outside. What he didn't know that this would be is most exciting year evr.

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