Title: A Heroes Resolve

Summary: Tortured and forgotten, Danny is asked to make a choice: To save the ones who scorned him, or watch as they all go up in flames.

Rated: T

Genre: Angst/Drama

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom. The idea and all of its rights belong to Butch Hartman.

A Question A Answer

My God, what had they done to him? In all his years of bullying the kid, Dash couldn't recall one time when Fenturd's eyes looked like that. Haunted, withdrawn, apathetic….dead, those eyes now stared down at the thousands of worried faces that were now turning to him as their sole savior.

Silence loomed across the audience as the newscaster nervously cleared her throat and asked the one question that everyone in Amity Park was dying to know right now. "Daniel Fenton, otherwise known to the people as Danny Phantom, will you accept our sincerest apologies and rid this town of the ghost menace that currently plagues out city?"

Dash couldn't help but wonder what was going through his hero's mind as the microphone was shoved into his face.

Danny's eyes flickered momentarily to the microphone before returning back to the audience. "Save yourselves," he mumbled hollowly before he collapsed into an exhausted heap.

Shocked silence followed that statement before someone in the audience shouted that they were all doomed thus inevitably causing a domino like effect as panic started to slowly seep across the jumbled masses.

Dash stared numbly at his fallen hero as a single thought entered his mind. 'What did they do to you?'


This is the prologue to my story if anyone is wondering why it is so short. Future chapters will be much longer. This is also my first DP fanfiction so bear with me.

Anyway I hope you like this little teaser, review and let me know what you think!