A/N: God damn me and my overactive imagination. I can't stay on the one story for very long. Decided to write a series of little Tophzula drabbles before I jump into writing for Mass Effect.

This is set during their adult years where Toph is Chief of Police and Azula has been moved to a prison in Republic City.


1. I Can Hear You

When the jangle of keys grated against the lock and let the door open with a shriek, Azula smiled. Right on time, as always.

So predictable.

The days may change every so often, but the sound of bare feet slapping against the stone floor never did. It wasn't like the noises the others made; clanging and rattling noisily in their metal armor. She had it down to an art form. But it just wasn't quite stealthy enough to surprise the former Fire Nation Princess.

Azula was always the model of composure when her little visitor came to play.

She'd never tell her that she could hear her long before she could see her, and had ample time to prepare an appropriate greeting to get on the worn out bender's nerves.

"You look tired. Long day?"

"Shut the hell up." Toph rasped.

"What, not calling me names this week? How disappointing." The mocking laugh that slipped from between her lips wasn't in any way troubled by the tight grip of the blind female as she threw her against the wall and settled between her legs.

"You missed me, didn't you." Azula cooed. "Poor baby. I bet you just hate the fact that I can make you feel good."

Toph's only answer was a strained groan as the Fire Princess' nails scraped a searing trail down the back of her neck. She'd never dare let on that she always made sure that she was the only one that had the keys to the jailhouse by week's end.

2. Up Against a Rock and a Hard Place

"Wonderful interrogation tactic. Honestly. Really makes me want to talk...Mm...A little to the left." Azula grunted, her face contorting in a slight wince as the back of her head connected with the wall.

"I wish you wouldn't."

"Trying to forget me already? You know you won't. You haven't been able to keep away from me for more than a month." She chuckled, the sound vibrating against the warm lips at her throat. "You always come back for more. Besides, you have to have something to tell all your little co-workers about why you're down here so often."

The Fire Nation noble soon felt two rough hands sliding down the back of the coarse prison-issue trousers, pulling them down just enough to make it possible to lift her off the ground and wrap her legs around the earth bender's waist.

Toph liked the quiet, and decided then and there that if Azula wasn't going to shut up, then she would make her. At least until she got those claws under her armour and dug them into her flesh, anyway.

There were no pleasantries or formalities in the exchange, and it was hardly gentle.

But then again, neither of them had ever claimed to be so.

3. Cold Comforts

"Well, look who it is! Oh, sorry. That was terribly rude of me. I forgot you can't-"

"Yeah, haha. Real funny, Princess. Spare me the small talk. You know why I'm here."

Azula reached forward and slipped her fingers into the top of the metal cuirass.

The armour was shockingly cold against the heat of Toph's body, but it was nothing in comparison to Azula's tongue as it lathed against the skin of her cheek; frozen and fire, all at once.

4. Visiting Hours

Flaunting visiting hours was just one of the many perks that Toph Bei Fong was afforded as Chief of Police. Not that many people came down that particular wing of Republic City's jailhouse. But still, a little flicker of fear took hold when she heard the scrape and slam of a door in the distance, and heavy footsteps wander down the hall.

"Shhh. Lie still. They won't look in." The voice whispered in her ear, and for once Toph obeyed.

There was no way she could have gotten her armour back on in time, even if she was still mostly dressed.

The metal bender remained as still as she possibly could while draped across the prisoner on the pathetically thin mat she was afforded to sleep on. Each clap of metal boots upon the stones reverberated within her like a drum when she placed her fingertips against the floor to find out just where the officer was.

Maybe it was the fear of getting caught, but everything seemed so much louder and brighter to her senses when she was down here in these mildewy old cells that most people had forgotten.

Azula rocked her hips gently back and forth, a lazy smirk crossing her face as she heard the choking gasp in her ear. Apparently Toph's fingertips weren't the only things that were sensitive to a little bit of pressure.

Being able to mold metal into any shape she wanted, soft or hard, had its advantages, especially when she could feel through it. She figured it could only be a plus that she could make it hit all the right places whenever she wanted.

Daringly, the blind earth bender dug her fingers into the mat and copied the fire bender's movements as the oblivious officer walked by with a whistle, swinging his keys on a finger. The thrust of her hips left Toph silently willing for neither of them to make a sound as Azula's eyes rolled back and her teeth gnawed at her lip. Still, it was with a hint of pride that she buried her face back into the other woman's neck to avoid her catching any glimpses of her own expression.

"Visiting hours are almost over, you know, Chief." The Princess whispered teasingly.

"I work overtime."