It was two months since Harry was taken by Luicus and got knocked up by the Dark Lord and found out that his real mum and dad were his god fathers and that Harry bite his mum Remus, Voldemort was less than impressed "You did what? Harry how could you did you know what you have done?"

"Hey don't you shout at me you're the one who knock me up." Harry growled sounding more wolfish than before

"You carry a dormant wolf gene from your mum you bit him." Luicus said

"Fuck you wait until your son hears about this and see how blood dormant that vampire gene of your gets."

"How did you know about that?"

"Draco told me."

"No you lie!" he said

"No father he did not lie I told him." Came Draco's broken voice, they turned to face the younger Malfoy who looked worse for wear, he came into the room and went for Harry and hugged him tightly giving each other a soft kiss, Harry looked at him he looked like hell he had bags under his eyes and his hair was worst than Harry's

"Dray what happen to you?" The blonde just shook his head and sob into Harry's shirt

"Draco Malfoy you will pull yourself together, it's just Pott…Black for goodness sake."

"B…Black?" he sniffed looking up at Harry

"Yeah turns out those two are my real family…what's wrong?" he asked, narrowing his eyes at his father then Draco whispered in Harry's ear, his eyes widen "Y…you sure?" he got a nod "How far…"

"5." He whispered Harry was shocked he looked at Remus who picked up the whispers looked shocked as well as he turned to Sirius and whispered to him "Still love me?" he asked weakly

"Of course, do you still love me even tho I could be a werewolf and I am knocked up by the Dark Lord." It was Draco's turn to look like a dear in headlights

"The Dark Lord your carrying the Dark Lord's child."

"Not by choice you old man kidnapped me forced feed me pregnancy potion to speed things up and something to knock me out…Draco was about to say something… he thought it was your dad pretending to be me." He paled "Still love me?"

"Yes always." He whimpered

"What is going on here?" Tom asked looking at the pair, Harry looked up at him and back at Draco

"We need to tell him." Harry said

"Okay." He sniffed still holding onto Harry

"Well it seems not only am I going to be Mummy but a Daddy as well, Draco my boyfriend of 2 years is 5 month pregnant with my child." He said

"HE IS WHAT!" Lucius screamed in a flash Remus and Sirius moved in front of the two boys

"Lucius love calm down…" Voldemort said placing a hand on his shoulder the blonde pulled his shoulder away

"No, no son of mine will get knocked up by a mutt!" he screamed

"That mutt you're taking about happens to be carrying my heir, Luicus you getting very close to sleeping in the dungeon." Voldemort shouted, both Harry and Draco flinched as tears welled up in their eyes, Sirius looked at his son and his boyfriend and saw how upset they were getting

"Remus please takes the cubs out of here." Sirius said Remus nodded and moved away with the two boys, the last words any of the two heard was from Sirius "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM MALFOY!" before the door closed.

Hours later Sirius and Tom walked into the bed room to see the two boys sleeping on Remus one on either side of him, the wolf looked up from the book he is reading to see his husband and the Dark Lord walking in "Well?" he whispered

"He wants his son to get rid of it." Sirius said, there was a movement from Draco who curled up sighting is arms around himself, Remus put the book down and kissed the top of his head running his hand thought his blond hair

"He can't." He said calmly

"Calm down Mr Black that will not happen, the Malfoy lines are proud and vain he would rather himself get his son knocked up than have someone like Harry does it."

"That is wrong." Remus said running his hands though the boy's hair

"Don't worry no harm will come to them." Sirius said seeing the worry is the wolf's eyes knowing they are not careful Moony could go on a hunt looking for Lucius…maybe not a bad idea…

"But how would you keep them save we all know what happen to the girl in 6th year who got involved with him, her dad worked for the Ministry a well contacted job but no one ever saw her again not even her own parents." Remus said, Tom blinked and looked them

"What are you talking about?"

"What you don't know?" Sirius said the red eye man shook his head "A dark hair girl in are year I think she was in ravenclaw…"

"Hufflepuff." Remus said

"Right Hufflepuff any way everyone knew that she and he got together but in our 6th years she just disappeared her family was in miserable no one could find her, there were rumours that she was knocked up by him and got rid of her." Sirius said making a slashing across his neck

"Interesting, however he will not touch them, urrha I can't believe I am saying this maybe you two should take them somewhere safe away from this war away from Dumbledore and my husband, I have a place in Canada you should go tonight."

"Tom are you sure what about your child?" Sirius asked

"I am thinking about him, we already know what he is willing to do to get out of something can you imagine what he will do if child came out as a werewolf at least if your there you have more rights and safety and that is all I want for my Harry and our child, and also my grandson." He smiled

"Okay Tom." Remus said

"I will give you an hour to pack and then I will give you the documents." The Dark Lord said as he left the room.

A little while later when Harry and Draco are a wake they were told what was happing, Tom walked in his face still Harry could feel the pain inside him he walked up to Harry and smiled weakly as he touch his still flat stomach "I am sorry Harry I really am but this is for your safety until the war is over." The dark hair teen nodded feeling a little teary eyed, turning he looked at Draco "I promise you be okay just take care of my grandson will you." he smiled Draco hugged him and sob on his shoulder

"We better be going before grumpy finds us." Sirius said standing up Tom handed them papers and a portkey and in a moment they were gone, a good thing to as Lucius walked right into the room. The blonde had his wand out as he walked into room

"Where is my son Tom?" He hissed

"He is safe Lucius." He said as he walked away from him

"Don't you walk away from me?"

"And don't try to control me I am the Dark Lord and I had to send my lover with my child to keep him and his lover safe from you." he growled his anger flashing making the glass in the windows and doors crack and other objects crack and pop where they stood, "You are on very thin ice Lucius I love you but at the moment I can't see why."

"Look you can have Potter I mean Black carry your heir and if your happy with it being a possible mutt fine, but Draco is a Malfoy he will not carry a cursed mutt." Tom turned around and pinned him to the wall

"I have just given up on something I wanted for a long time because of you don't fucking test me anymore."