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California Dreaming

Kim hoped the weekend would surprise Shego. Kim felt she had kept things hidden from her partner, but the redhead knew Shego's suspicious nature – Kim wasn't certain if it was the result of the pale woman's years as a criminal or the default setting for a lawyer – and she might suspect something despite Kim's best efforts.

It was obvious to Shego that Kim had something planned. Kim's strength was frontal assaults rather than subtlety, the younger woman almost seemed to abhor deception. When the redhead attempted sly it usually set off red flags in her partner's mind. Kim was up to something, her conversations on the phone suddenly ended when Shego entered a room, and the redhead became evasive when asked who she was talking with. Jane was obviously a co-conspirator, faithfully bringing in the mail and sorting it each day after school – a sure sign she was trying to eliminate postal evidence.

But while Shego believed Kim was planning something she wasn't certain what the plans were.

The family, and a large number of Middleton friends, were headed to California. Ron and Bonnie's daughter, Becky, was to celebrate her bat mitzvah and Bonnie would make her conversion official and celebrate her own bat mitzvah with her daughter. Shego, Kasy, and Jane had all been asked to read Torah for the ceremony. Shego tried to beg off – she had no ability with Hebrew and was basically memorizing her parsha by rote rather than being able to read it from the scroll. The green woman had been slightly surprised that Kasy was asked to read a parsha, and more surprised that her oldest daughter had so quickly agreed. While Bonnie was like a third mother to the twins there still must be Stoppable relatives and friends from the California congregation who would be more logical to ask for the honor.

The number of people from Middleton flying out to California seemed odd to Shego. Ron and Bonnie were back in Middleton often, but some of the people who had been invited were not close to the Stoppables and were still going.

Shego guessed that Kim planned a few romantic days for the two of them after the bat mitzvah. Jane was probably bringing in the mail to remove travel brochures. Kasy and Sheki, or perhaps Kim's parents, would probably agree to watch their little sister while Kim and Shego enjoyed a few days of peace in a quaint bed-and-breakfast overlooking the ocean before returning home. Shego hoped Kasy and Sheki would be able to keep Jane in line while they were gone. Shego checked her calendar at the office to make sure she wasn't scheduled for any trials, wanting to make sure she could enjoy her R & R with Kim without worries about her job when her partner sprang the 'surprise'.

The biggest flaw in Shego's theory was that Kim did not over-pack as they put together their bags for the California weekend. Shego would have sent extra clothing out UPS, to avoid the appearance of a longer stay being planned, but didn't think Kim would have had the idea. Perhaps Kim planned on shopping while there – or maybe Kim's plans didn't require any clothing for the two of them.

Sheki left Middleton a few days early with the Stoppables and Ronin to help Bonnie and Ron with table decorations and other preparations for the bat mitzvah, the lunch afterward at the synagogue and the party that night.

On the evening of the day Sheki and the Stoppables left Kim remarked during dinner, "So, when will Sheki and Ronin get married?"

"Maybe they'll skip marriage and just get surgically attached at the hip," Shego answered.

"Sheki wouldn't live in sin."

Shego snorted, "But she'd be willing to visit. I-"

"What's living in sin?" Jane demanded.

"Sin is a myth invented by Christians," Shego explained to the fourteen-year old. "It means that any time you're having fun you're supposed to think it's wrong and stop doing it."

"Shego, stop that," Kim hissed. She turned to the younger redhead, "Living in sin means to live together without being formally married. The church thought that if two people really loved each other and wanted to be together they should be married."

"So your mom's church thinks we're living in sin," Shego added.

"We were married. It was a beautiful ceremony right here at home."

"A Jewish ceremony. So I'm not living in sin. I don't know if a Jewish ceremony counts for your mom or not. Maybe she's living in sin," Shego told the teen.

"Eemah and I are not living in sin," Kim told her youngest daughter firmly. She turned to her partner, "You're being more impossible than usual this evening."

"Hard day at the office. Thought I'd share my misery with the family."

"You know, had you asked for sympathy I might have tried to find someway to make you feel better, but-"


"I'd have tried to find a way to make you feel marvelous. But when you tease me like that I—"

"How do you want me to tease you? And if I start being good is there any chance for your marvelous stress release?"

Kim looked thoughtful, "I don't know... You made fun of my church. That's a little hard to forgive. I don't make fun of your synagogue."

"I guess you're right. I mean, its not like you're supposed to forgive seventy times seven or anything."

"You're on sixty-eight times seven now. And I think that's only if the person asks for forgiveness."

"Ummmm," Shego purred, "Forgive me. I could really use some forgiveness tonight. I can make it worth your while."

"And on that note I'm heading over to Junior's," Jane told her mothers. "Or the mall. Or anywhere with peace and quiet."

"Take your parsha with you," Kim suggested. "We want Saturday to be special."

Junior was not feeling well when Jane stopped by his house. "Don't know what's wrong," cousin Joss explained, "but if he's not feeling better in a day or two Wade says he won't be able to go to California."

"Probably too much healthy eating," Jane suggested. "So, none of you would go?"

"I figure Wade will stay here. No need for us all to miss the shindig. I'll be there unless I come down with it too."

On Thursday Joss called Jane to confirm Junior and Wade would remain in Middleton. "He should be down one appendix when you get back."

"Hope no emergency comes up," Jane thought.

The family took a plane for Los Angeles at noon on Friday, wanting to leave early enough to insure that if there were any problems they could make other connections and still be there on time.

"Hey, Briana and her family!" Kasy exclaimed as they reached the waiting area for their gate.

"LA or connections elsewhere?" Shego asked when her family found seats by the DA and his family.

"LA," Alicia answered. "Steve has some kind of meeting and I thought it would be nice to go out as a family and do something."

"Your meeting anything I need to know about?" Shego asked the DA.

Steve smiled, "I'm afraid that's privileged information, counselor."

"Are you sure the disclosure rule doesn't apply?"

"Not in this case."

Shego turned to the DA's wife, "If you're not busy tomorrow morning you should come to the bat mitzvah. You know Bonnie and Ron, they'd be happy to see you for the simca."


"Happiness, celebration."

"We weren't invited. It would be wrong to crash the service."

"It's a regular morning service. If they'd known you were going to be in LA I'm sure they would have invited you."

"I don't think we want to intrude on their special day."

Shego turned to Kim, "Tell them they wouldn't be intruding. I'm going to write down the address of the synagogue and threaten them if they refuse to take it."

Alicia turned to Kim, "Is it just me, or has she developed more of an attitude since she got her pardon?"

Kim sighed, "Believe it or not, this is the woman I fell in love with. She was really careful during those years she was on probation, but this is the real Shego."

"And you fell in love with her anyway? You're a saint."

The talk turned to law schools after Shego passed the slip of paper with the address to Alicia. Steve hoped Briana would attend Harvard Law, where he had graduated.

"Over-rated," Shego sniffed. "Sheki will get as good an education at Middleton Law – and it'll cost a hell of a lot less. You're just paying for that name on the diploma."

"That name opens doors."

"Can close doors too. People think you're just killing time 'til a better offer comes along if you have that Harvard degree... Hey, if she's looking for an internship some year mention ol' A.B.D. and Z to her."

"The firm ever going to change its name?"

"We're too well known under that name. And anyone seeing O'Ceallaigh on an ad would look for a law firm they could pronounce."

The flight was routine. Kim got out her cell phone as soon as the plane landed to call Sheki and let her know they had arrived. Shego noted the behavior as unusual, but couldn't fit it into her assumption about what Kim might have planned.

Sheki and Hana were waiting for them when the airport shuttle arrived at the hotel. The Possibles were in a large two bedroom suite. Kim and Shego had the king-sized bed in one bedroom with Hana sharing the two queen-sized beds with the three sisters in the other. "Mom and dad's room is two doors down," Hana explained. Shego wondered if Ronin had spent the last few nights in his room at Ron's home or here with Sheki.

The bat mitzvah party, or more properly the bat mitzvah parties, would be at the hotel the following evening. One ballroom, with DJ, would be for the teens, while the adjoining ballroom, with full bar, for the celebration of Bonnie's official conversion to Judaism.

Kim's slightly odd behavior continued as the women prepared for the Stoppable family dinner and last minute instructions for the ceremony in the morning.

"I don't think I can make it tonight," Kim apologized to Shego. "You go ahead with the girls."

"What's wrong?"


Kim looked fine. She was skipping the dinner with Ron and Bonnie the night before the double bat mitzvah? Something was definitely peculiar. "You're sure?"

"I'll be fine. Just need to rest."

"I can stay here with you," Sheki volunteered.

"Oh, that would be wonderful," Kim told her.

That only fueled Shego's suspicion. Even if Kim had a real headache, which Shego was beginning to doubt, she would have insisted Sheki go to the dinner.

"You drive, Sheki," Shego told her dark-haired daughter. "I'll stay with your mom."

"NO!" Kim objected. "I mean, you have a part in the service tomorrow. You have to go."

Shego shrugged, "It's a bat mitzvah. I survived Kasy and Jane's bat mitzvahs. I know my parsha. I show up tomorrow and do my part. You're important to me, I'll just stay here with you."

Everyone seemed to squirm at the suggestion, to Shego's amusement. "Eemah!" the sisters protested. "You have to come to the dinner. Everyone is counting on you."

"Ron and Bonnie would be most disappointed by your absence," Hana argued.

"They'll understand. Kim needs me here. I can't-"

"Please," Kim begged. "You have to go. I'll be fine, I... I'm feeling... Just go, the dinner is important. You and Kasy and Jane are in the service, you have to be there tonight."

"You really think I can desert you when you're too sick to go yourself? No, I insist on staying."

"Don't make me fight you," Kim threatened. "I'd end up too exhausted for the service tomorrow."

"You're sure?" Shego asked.

"I'm sure," Kim assured her, giving her partner a gentle push towards the door as Kasy and Jane each took an arm and pulled.

"Hana has the keys," Sheki shouted as the rest of the family and Hana went out the door and Kim breathed a sigh of relief.

Shego attempted to apologize to Bonnie for Kim's absence, but the brunette waved it off, "She called to say she forgot a couple things and had to do some shopping," she assured the pale woman before Shego could explain that Kim had claimed a headache. Clearly there was a wide ranging conspiracy at work and Bonnie was a part of it. While Shego was aware something was going on she had to give Kim credit for the fact she had no clue what it actually was – although it had to be something bigger than the original idea of a couple extra days in California before heading home.

"How's the head?" Shego asked when she returned to the hotel with the girls.

"Head?" Kim asked, feeling slightly lost.

"Your headache, remember?"

"Oh, the headache. I'm fine now. I just needed to lie down for a little while."

Shego glanced into the bedroom. "Nice of you to make the bed."

"I, uh, took a nap on the couch out here."

Shego decided if she didn't learn what was going on soon she would be reduced to extreme interrogation tactics. Fortunately either Kasy or Jane would usually cave in when a bribe was offered. There was an over-priced pair of shoes Jane had been begging for, and if Shego hadn't learned the reason for Kim's odd behavior by tomorrow afternoon it was likely daughter number three would soon be wearing them.

Kim's odd behavior continued the next morning as the family got ready to leave for the service. Kim dawdled, and procrastinated, and changed outfits three times as Shego waited impatiently to leave and Kasy and Jane left for the synagogue with the Stoppables.

"Move your ass," Shego barked, "what's wrong with you! This is a big day for Ron and Bonnie! We're going to miss the start of the service."

"You always miss the start of the service in Middleton."

"I don't always miss it, and this is special."

"We'll be there for the Torah reading," Sheki assured Shego. "As long as we're there for your parsha you're fine."

"I'm the fourth reader! You know Bonnie and the rabbi will be having nervous breakdowns if we don't get there soon."

"Well yelling at me won't get us there any faster," Kim told her. "And I'm ready now. Sheki, you drive. If we get pulled over for speeding we'll be late for services."

The parking lot was crowded as they pulled in. "Damn, just let me out-" Shego ordered.

"Oh, look," Kim pointed out. "Ronin has saved a good spot for us."

The young man waved them into a prime location and the three women quickly left the rental car and headed for the sanctuary. "There are seats reserved for you in the second row," he told them.

"Just let me grab a souvenir yarmulke," Shego told him as they walked through the lobby. Shego felt anger towards Kim that there were no yarmulkes outside the sanctuary, "This is what we get for you making us late," she said in an accusing tone.

"I set some aside for you," Ronin assured her. "Quickly, inside, they will be opening the ark in a minute." As the trio went into the sanctuary an usher in the narthex pulled out a box of yarmulkes commemorating the bat mitzvahs. Ronin sat down with the Stoppables in the first row.

As the the three women found their reserved seats on the second row the green woman decided to not speak to Kim for fear of venting her anger and yelling. Maybe she would forgive her partner, but it was going to take time to work through her frustration. Kim was showing utter disrespect for her Judaism.

Shego took a deep breath and tried to calm down. She was a little surprised no one told her how relieved they were that she had made it to the service or ask why they were late so she could blame Kim for the delay. She was also a little surprised, given how packed the synagogue was, that the partition separating the sanctuary from the High Holy Days overflow seating wasn't open. She looked around to see if the Crandalls had come to the service. She recognized many faces, but couldn't see the DA's family. Everyone from the Casa Possible days was there, Justine with Felix, Monique with Will and her kids – She recognized the man in the Air Force uniform as Monique's brother Martin, Zita sat with the rest of the Possibles. Shego could attach names to a couple of the former Middleton cheerleaders she noticed in the congregation, and to none of the block of vaguely familiar faces she remembered from Aaron's bar mitzvah as Ron's co-workers.

Minutes after sitting down everyone rose as the ark was opened and two Torah scrolls were carried through the congregation. With the closing of the ark the cantor gestured for all the Torah readers to gather on the bema. As they gathered on the platform one of the gabbis found the week's portion in the scroll and the other used a yad to point to where the reading began, then handed the yad to Ron's dad for the first reading. Jane took the second reading, and Bonnie the third.

Like Shego Bonnie had not learned Hebrew as a child and relied on memory for much of the trope. But the actress was too professional to let it show and chanted her parsha beautifully. "You're a tough act to follow," Shego whispered loudly enough for many in the first rows to hear and laugh at as the green woman replaced Bonnie in front of the Torah. The gabbi pointed out where her parsha began and handed her the yad.

Before Shego could begin her parsha a noise distracted her. The partition separating the overflow seating from the rest of the sanctuary was being opened. The first person she saw on the other side was one of her brothers. Another brother, and his family came into view as the panels moved back. Shego stared in disbelief. It looked like half the congregation of her Middleton synagogue was there, most of her law firm was there along with a number of the Legals. The Crandalls were sitting with the out-of-state lawyers. Other Middleton friends were present, and even a couple of her distant Canadian cousins.

Suddenly aware of what Kim had been planning Shego broke down and started to cry. Kasy and Jane quickly moved to either side and put an arm around her. "Damn it, Kim," Shego muttered, "I'm pissed... I... I hate it when people see me cry." Suddenly remembering where she was Shego added, "I mean damn it in the best possible way." In the second row Kim and Sheki hugged each other and Kim felt tears of joy in her own eyes.

While Shego composed herself the rabbi made a brief statement. "I've done many double bar matzvahs before, two with children and parents who were converting. I've even had a triple-header before. But I confess this is my first surprise bat mitzvah. For those visitors who have not attended a ceremony before bar mitzvah means 'son of the commandment' and indicates a boy has reached an age where he counts as an adult in the congregation. Bat mitzvah means 'daughter of the commandment'. When a Jewish boy or girl reaches the prescribed age they are a bar or bat mitzvah. It requires no ceremony. Because it represented an important milestone in Jewish life it came to be observed on the next Sabbath after the birthday. The ceremony itself is called what the young man or woman becomes – a child of the commandment. The ceremony doesn't make you a bat mitzvah, the birthday does. Bonnie went into the mikvah this week and today we rejoice that she finally made it official." He turned to Bonnie, "We've all been worried we were offending you somehow. When the Board meets we often discuss if we all needed to change our brand of deodorant or toothpaste so you'd accept us."

The congregation laughed, he turned back toward them. He gestured to Shego's friends to his right, "You, of course, know Sharon O'Ceallaigh's story and some of us here know it through the Stoppables. Her great-grandparents lived in Eastern Europe. At the start of the war they sent their only son away with other children who were taken to England. During the war they had a daughter, who was given to Christians to raise before the parents themselves died in a concentration camp. Sharon's grandmother came to the US years later. She never accepted her Jewish heritage, nor did her daughter. Sharon returned to the faith of her great-grandparents of blessed memory, and was even able to unite her grandmother with the older brother who had since moved to Canada. Neither had even known they had a living relative. I will let the scholars argue about when Sharon because a bat mitzvah. Perhaps it was when she became of age – like Becky today. Perhaps it was when she accepted her Jewish identity – like Bonnie today. But today we celebrate her bat mitzvah with her friends."

Shego went through five tissues while the rabbi was speaking, but was calm enough to try and move forward as he finished. In addition to the happiness she felt over the surprise she also took comfort in the fact any mistakes she made in her reading would be blamed on the emotions of the moment – although given how well she had rehearsed her parsha it is likely any mistakes she made were the result of the emotions of the moment.

Kasy and Jane stayed on either side of Shego as she read from the Torah, then moved to the chairs at the back of the platform as Aaron went to the Torah for his portion.

Jane thought she noticed a faint blue light on her Chrono. She frowned, if she hadn't imagined the blue tone the temporal spatial anomaly was too small to set off an alarm, but even small time cooties spelled trouble. She glanced out, she hoped Dr. Renton wasn't wearing a Chrono or didn't notice the potential trouble if she was.

"Stop fidgeting," Shego warned her daughter.

Aaron finished his reading and gave Jane a smile as he went to the back of the bema to sit by Bonnie. Hana moved to the Torah for her reading.

A yellow light flashed briefly on Jane's chrono, she needed to talk to herself. "This had better be nova important," she thought. "Why don't I just take care of it for me so I can just stay in here?"

The light blinked again and Jane stood to leave.

"Where are you going?" Shego demanded in a whisper.

"I gotta go,"

"Why didn't you think of that before the service?" her mother demanded.

"I didn't need to go then, sorry."

"If you got to go, you got to go," the green woman admitted.

"Sorry," Jane apologized and headed towards a door to the right side of the platform. "And I don't have Junior with me. I hope I'll stay and help myself."