A/N: So here is a second part, dedicated to TheThingThatHasNoName! I may also write another story slightly related to this one, but I'm not sure yet :D

I am now aware that WWII warships did not have a medical centre on them, but for the sake of this story, they did. Sorry I'm not completely historically accurate, but it just fits better with the story this way :)


Summer, 1946

The sun was high in the sky and it was deliciously warm, with just enough of a breeze fluttering to cool you down. The lake shone a strong, clear sapphire blue – a perfect reflection of the cloudless sky – and the green fields and mountains almost seemed to shine with beauty. The world was peaceful and happy, unlike how it had been only a year ago.

But the two people sitting on top of the mountain they had once called Kanchenjunga were not thinking about what had been happening a year ago. Although they had spent a lot of time together since they had met by chance on a warship in 1942, John and Nancy were alone, properly alone, for the first time in many years.

Nancy sighed happily, turning her face upwards into the sun. John sat a little way away, watching her while wondering how she managed to make him feel strange and awkward around her when he had never felt like this about anyone else. Ever. But this was just Nancy, he reminded himself sharply, Nancy, his best friend.

"Do you remember the first time we came up here together?" he asked her, to distract himself.

Her green eyes sparkled as she smiled at him and he felt his heart leap. "Of course! It seemed such a huge expedition. And the Great Aunt!" She groaned exaggeratedly, holding her head in her hands in mock distress. "She was a nightmare!"

"You were so glad to have escaped." John stared out over the lake, smiling reminiscently. Nancy looked at him and smiled to herself, glad that nothing too huge and different had happened to their friendship just yet. In time, she had a feeling it would, but just now she was a little nervous about being confronted with a relationship.

Suddenly she leapt to her feet and began rummaging through the stones of the cairn. John looked round.

"Nance? What are you doing?"

She said nothing, but moments later let out a triumphant cry and waved a small wooden box in the air. She hurried over and sat down beside him.

"Look, it's the box, where we wrote down the day we came up here! Still here, after all these years!"

John took it and opened it gently, now as excited as she was. Unfolding the pieces of paper inside, they looked down at the writing from so long ago. Both were quiet, not knowing what to say.

Eventually, Nancy rested her head on his should and sighed. "It… It seems so long ago," she whispered. "Another life…"

He put his arm round her shoulders gently, all uncertainties now gone with the wind. "Another world," he agreed. "So much has changed… for all of us."

Nancy knew he was thinking about Roger, killed in the first year of the war, and all the others who had given their lives for the country. "John, the war's over now. You can't keep thinking about it – he wouldn't want that," she told him gently. She half-smiled. "Imagine what he'd be saying if he was here right now. He'd be telling us to stop being so wet." Her voice changed as she traced the name Bob Blackett on the old paper with her fingertips.

John pushed away his sadness and squeezed her shoulders gently, feeling bad that he had forgotten that she, too, had lost someone. "Your father would be so proud of you if he could see you now, you know."

She tried to smile and failed. John could see the wetness in her eyes. "I miss him so much," she breathed, burying her face in his chest. After a second or two of panic – Oh no Nancy's crying on me what do I do – he forced away his uncertainty and held her gently, stroking her still-short hair and quietly comforting her.

Eventually, she pulled back and stood up, walking a little way away to the edge of the slope, where it fell away steeply into a rocky crag. It felt better to have let the emotions she had bottled up for so long go. After a second or two, John came to stand beside her, looking out at the view. He found her hand and smiled at her.

"It'll be alright, one day," he said, and she nodded, glad that he was there.

And then everything happened in a split second. The ground beneath Nancy's feet gave way and suddenly she was falling. Now that the emotional bit was over, she was too proud to scream, and instead yelled, "JOHN!"

He was there, eyes wide, face tense, lying down and holding firmly onto her wrist so tight it almost hurt. "Find a foothold," he growled. Nancy could see the strain it was costing him to hold her and started to shake her head, but he interrupted sharply. "I won't let you go! Find a foothold!"

So she did, scrabbling around and glancing down at what seemed like hundreds of metres of unforgiving rock face until she had both feet in good places. She worked her free hand into a crack in the rock and breathed a sigh of relief. Slowly, she worked her way back up the crag, all the time tightly holding onto John.

When she neared the top, he pulled her up and hugged her so tightly she could hardly breath. Her heart was hammering in her chest as he pulled her away from the edge.

"Don't ever do that again," he whispered, eyes fearful.

"I can't—"

He stopped her words by pressing his mouth to hers. The kiss lasted only a second or two before John pulled back, blushing furiously.

"I'm sorry, I just – I thought, for a moment, that I might – that you might…" he trailed away, staring at the floor and wishing it would swallow him up.

Nancy smiled hesitantly at him, knowing exactly what he had thought, and coming to the conclusion that now, the adrenaline making her body tingle was not from the fall. "It's okay," she whispered softly. "In fact, it's better than okay…" She stepped forwards and kissed him again, no longer afraid of these new feelings because she knew that whatever happened, they would get through it together.

As John had said, everything would be alright. One day.

A/N: I hope this was okay, not too soppy! I tried to be as realistic as possible cos I think John and Nancy would have both been pretty awkward about having a relationship at first, but I also think that they would get to grips with it soon enough, and they would have got through all the ups and downs together.