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Telepathic Speak

Regular Speak

The scene opens in a jungle looking place. A 17 year old with brown hair and brown eyes (Gabriel), is running through the jungle. Suddenly a loud ROAR was heard. He briefly stopped in his tracks, and turned to see a giant T-Rex running towards him. Gabriel looked towards the giant dinosaur, and narrowed his eyes. Two red laser shot out of his eyes, which hit the T-Rex, on its face.

"Gotcha" he said while smirking. Just then two more T-Rexes, showed up from behind the first one. "Dang it".

Gabriel was preparing to shot more laser beams at the dinosaurs, when five glowing playing cards where flying towards the dinosaurs, which all exploded upon contact. "Hey Gabriel, looks like you could use a hand" Said a young boy with dark brown hair and eyes (Clark), who came running from behind a tree.

"Not really, but thanks anyway Clark" Gabriel responded. Just then T-Rexes recovered from the blast, and started walking towards the boys. They started slowly walking towards the two, when something hot and fast (Jason) came out of nowhere, and rammed the front T-Rex knocking it out.

"Hey guys, sorry we're late" said a female voice. The boys turned to see, a young girl with blue skin, amber eyes, and blue hair (Jasmine). Behind her were three other teens. The first one was a boy with blue eyes, brown hair and tanned skin (Logan). The second one was another boy, but this one had green eyes, black hair and tanned skin (Jose). The third boy had brown hair, brown eyes and was slightly less than then the rest (Adrian Drake).

"What are you talking about? You guys arrived just in time" Clark said. Just then the two other T-Rexes started stomping towards the group. Adrian D, shot two ice beams each one hit a T-Rex, freezing it solid. However they eventually broke free, and began once again to walk towards the teens.

"Zappity-zap-zap!" said a male voice (Jack), as a few balls of electricity where thrown at the dinosaurs, temporarily stunning them.

"About time you showed up Jack" Clark said sarcastically.

"Hey better late than never right?" Jack responded. Just then the T-Rexes started to recover, from the stunning that Jack had given them, and started rising back to their feet.

"Come let's get moving!" Logan said as he and the rest of the teens (along with Jason), started running away from the dinosaurs, who were chasing after them.

"We have to slow them down!" Gabriel said. "Adrian ice wall".

"No problem-o" Adrian responded, as turned around and shot an icy beam, which created a thick wall of ice, in order to keep the dinosaurs at bay. And it worked...for a few seconds, before the dinosaurs just shattered through it.

"Oh come one!" Jose cried.

"We should split up. Clark, Jose, Adrian and Logan you take the one to the left, we'll handle the one to the right.

"Got it" Clark said he charged up 3 ace cards, and threw them at one of the T-Rexes. They exploded and the T-Rex started following Ace and his squad, while the other T-Rex kept walking towards the others. Gabriel fired his optic blasts at it, causing the back away a bit. While he was doing this, Jack took the liberty to create several more electric balls, which he threw at the T-Rex.

While they were doing this, Jasmine teleported away, and returned with a vine in her hand. She ran towards the T-Rex, and wrapped the vine around it's' legs, causing it to fall. "I know that you probably had him, but I couldn't let you guys have all the fun." She said.

(Meanwhile with Clark and the others)

The T-Rex was stomping towards the group, while they were trying to out run it. "So what's the plan?" Jose asked Clark.

"What plan?" he replied.

That really got Logan angry. "You mean DON'T EVEN HAVE A PLAN?"

"Pretty much, yeah." Clark shrugged. "Except for: make it up as I go along."

"My favorite." Adrian said dryly.

Logan finally deciding he had had enough of this, stopped in his tracks, and concentrated. He clapped his hands together, and five identical-looking clones appeared. "You guys go ahead, I'll distract Mr. scaly" he said. The others ran head, while Logan and his clones turned to face the T-Rex.

The T-Rex opened its jaws, and prepared to swallow one of the clones whole. However the clone ran out of the way, before it could do so. This went on for a while, until a Half human half wolf looking boy jumped from a tree, and scratched the T-Rex in the eye. It then continued attacking the T-Rex, until Clark came back and threw several charged up ace cards at the T-Rex, finally knocking it unconscious.

Simulation complete. A robotic voice said, as the jungle turned into Plain round room.

"Al right team 1 you may exit, team 2 you're turn" Cyclops said threw the microphone on the control pad, of the Danger Room Mark 2, a new built training facility based on the original Danger Room.

"Ha that was almost too easy" Adrian said as he and the others, exited through a door in which another group of teenagers where sitting and waiting.

"Hey sis, did you see me back there?" Jose asked his sister Nina.

"I saw you, running in fear" She responded.

"Hey I didn't just run in fear, I nearly took out a giant T-Rex on my own" Jose said a bit angrily.

"Right, sure you did big brother. But just wait and I'll show you how it's really done" Nina said, as she got up.

"Hey sis, got job back there with the T-Rex" Nell said praising her sister for what she did.

"Thank you Nell, I hope you do just as good" Jasmine said to her sister, as she walked away not realizing that she was walking towards one of her sisters invisible portals until "Ahhh!"

This caused Nellee to started laughing out loud.

"Nice work back there Clark" Clark's sister Anna said.

"Ha, that was nothing. Wait until my first solo training simulation, then I'll give you something to praise about" Clark said.

"Hey Jason, good job back there" RJ, Jason's sister said to her brother.

"Thanks RJ, Good luck with your training simulation" Jason said.

"Aren't you gonna congratulate me on the victory Eliza?" Logan asked his stubborn sister.

"Please, I can take more T-Rex then all of you combined" She said not impressed.

"Hey Christina, what do you think about my preformats?" Adrian asked his sister Christina.

"It was awesome!" Christina said.

"I know right?" He said as he and Christina high-fived.

"Good job back there big brother" Chelsea said to Jack.

"Thanks" Jack Responded.

"But I can do better" Chelsea then said smirking.

"Well done Gabriel" Lucy whispered to her bigger brother.

"Thank you Lucy, good luck with your simulation" Gabriel said.

"Thank you" She responded.

"Al right kids, move it along you have a simulation to complete" Wolverine said to the teens sitting.

"Good luck!" Clark said to the others, as they entered the Danger Room Mark 2.

Simulation begin. The same robotic voice said. As the training room turned into a forest, and three giant, tigers appeared. Lucy, Anna and Nelle raised their fists, Christina got ready to fire some fireworks, Nina turned into her fire wolf form, RJ's body turn in magma as she prepared to shot lava at the tigers, Eliza created 5 duplicates and Chelsea charged up her electric blast as the group prepared to fight the Tigers.

So that's the end of the first chapter I hope you enjoyed it, and do tell if I'm writing the ocs in character or not. Also chapter ideas are welcome.