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Telepathic Speak

Regular Speak

The sound of bullets rushed through the air, and the group ran towards a wall. RJ shot a large blast of lava, witch burned right through the wall. It all seemed to going fine and good, but as soon as they got inside the prison, MRD soldiers surrounded them.

"Alright, all of you get down on the ground now!" One of them shouted.

"I'm afraid, we're going to say no bub!" Wolverine growled, as he brought out his claws.

"Fire!" The man shouted, and the soldiers immediately began to open fire. The group just barely managed to evade the bullets. Jasmine teleported to a MRD Soldier, and pulled the gun from his hands. Adrian froze the solider, along with three others. Neody unleashed a giant wave of pink fire, which burned several MRD Soldiers. Adrian quickly put out the fire with his ice.

Jose (In his werewolf form) leapt on top on one of the soldiers, and punched him in the face knocking him out. Eliza and Logan clapped their hands, and suddenly four duplicates emerged. Using what little hand-to-hand combat they knew, they fought out the MRD. And Lucille used her telekinesis to throw a soldier into a group of MRDs.

As she was doing this, she failed to notice that an MRD soldier was pointing his gun at her. Gabriel noticed this however, and shot a powerful beam of optic blasts at him knocking him to a wall. Wolverine punched a soldier in the face, must likely breaking his nose. He then ran towards a soldier, and sliced right through his gun with his claws before roundhouse kicking him.

From a watchtower just above the prison, sergeant Cole from earlier was looking through a window at the madness. He turned to the warden, who was monitoring the situation along with him. "Warden, my men won't be able to hold them off forever!"

"Of curse not, we just need to distract them long enough. Get your men and continue the assault. I'm going to call Bolivar Trask, and request for some sentinels to help us out here," The warden commanded.

"Yes sir," Cole answered obediently. He ran down the tower, and grabbed his walkie-talkie and shouted: "All soldiers return to base. Repeat return to base!"

Gabriel sent an MRD soldier flying to a wall, with his optic blasts, when more soldiers ran inside the prison from the giant hole in the wall, that RJ had burned through.

Just as the soldiers were about to fire their guns, a glowing ace card was sent flying towards the ground in front of them. As the card hit the ground, it exploded sending the soldiers flying away.

"What was that?" one of the soldiers shouted before three energy bombs, exploded behind him and the rest of the soldiers, and sent them flying away. The group turned to where the card and energy bombs had came from, and saw Nina, Clark and Chelsea.

"Mind if we join in?" Nina asked.

"My pleasure," Neody replied smirking, before throwing pink fire disc at a soldier, knocking him to the ground. Clark powered up more ace cards, as Chelsea powered up some electric blasts and Nina turned into her fire wolf form.

The warden was watching in horror, as these mutants were beating his soldiers. Just then, the door to the watchtower flew open and Wolverine stepped through with his claws still out. "Alright listen up bub, you can either end this peacefully and let all the prisoners go, or I'm going to have to get violent," He growled intimidatingly.

The warden pulled a gun from the table next to him, and fired at Wolverine. Wolverine dodged, and sliced the gun in half with his claws. He didn't notice that Cole was aiming a bazooka right at the watchtower intending to kill him. Gabriel noticed this, and with great anger he shouted: "NO!" He fired a beam of optic blasts at Cole, which knocked him away and made his shot the bazooka at another wall, which exploded when the missile hit it.

As Gabriel ran towards him, he grabbed on of the guns the soldiers had dropped. He walked towards Cole who was still unconscious, and aimed the gun at him. "I'm gonna make sure, you never harm a living soul again!" Gabriel growled with venom in his voice.

"Gabriel no! Mom and dad wouldn't want this!" Lucille shouted.

"Do it Gabriel, you know he's just going to keep doing this if you let him go," Neody argued.

"Killing that man, won't solve anything! You know that Gabriel!" Lucille argued back.

"Gabriel, this man deserves to die! All humans do, for what they've done to us!" Neody countered.

"No one deserves to die Gabriel. No matter how evil they are, their still human beings. You have to know this is wrong Gabriel. If you kill him, you'll be no more different from him," She could have stopped there, but Lucille decided to keep on.

You know mom and dad wouldn't want this. If we'd been captured, they would as angry as you are yes, but they wouldn't kill them. Please, don't sink this low Gabriel; you know there are good humans out there! Please, don't," Lucille pegged with grief.

Lucille's words seemed to work. Gabriel began to lower the gun, before finally throwing it away. Lucille smiled, at this. "You made the right choice kid," Wolverine told Gabriel. He was walking towards the group, with the warden in his grip. He then dropped the warden to the ground.

"Now mister warden, I think its time let the people leave," Neody told the warden, with a pink fireball in hand.

(Later in the control room)

Most of the whole gang, and the warden were in the control room. Lucille and Jasmine were by cells, ready to escort the mutants out of the prison. All of the cell doors were force fields, however there was one door at the end of the room that was bigger than the others.

The warden finished the typing the code, and the force field cells opened. Mutants ran out of their cells, and followed Jasmine and Lucille out of the prison.

"Thanks for the help warden," Neody said, before she judo chopped him in the neck, leaving everyone else shocked.

"What did you do to him?" Nina asked as she crouched down to see if the warden was ok.

"Just knocked him out. He'll be back up in no time," Neody replied, before she ran out of the control room. The others followed her soon after.

"Where are you going?" Wolverine asked.

"To get, what I came for," Neody replied as she went through the metal door. She kept running down the room, until she stopped. In front of her where three giant gun-like objects, that were fire blue beams. The three beams had apparently merged, and formed some kind of force field-like bubble. And there was a person inside it.

Neody walked towards the control panel that was controlling the beams and threw a pink fireball at it. The beams instantly stopped, and the bubble disappeared, causing the person who was inside of it to fall to the ground. But as the person began rising up, the gun-like objects that had created the force field, suddenly began ripping off the wall and shattering to pieces.

"Who is that?" Gabriel asked in shock.

Wolverine growled and clenched his fists. "Magneto." All of the x-men children got shocked when they heard this. They had been told a few stories, about their parent's battles with Magneto, and here he was.

"Yes, and it's good to see you again Logan," Magneto responded as got on his feet. Wolverine let out a battle cry, and leapt at Magneto with his claws out. Magneto simply raised his hand, and Wolverine froze in midair. He then waved his hand, and Wolverine was sent flying to a wall.

"Wolverine!" Jasmine shouted in concern, before teleporting to Wolverine. "Are you ok?"

"Of curse I am" Wolverine huffed as he got back up.

"Thank you, for the rescue Neody," Magneto thanked Neody. He was wearing his usual costume, minus the cape and helmet. Wolverine growled as Neody was towards Magneto.

"You were with Magneto the whole time!" Wolverine growled in anger.

"Of curse I am. He is the leader of the mutant kind," Neody responded. This made Wolverine growl even louder. Magneto then finally noticed, the rest of the group.

"Who are you?" Magneto asked curious.

"That's none of your concern," Wolverine growled, before Magneto sent him flying back to the wall.

"Quite the contrary, I the same right to know as anyone. But you don't have to tell me..." Magneto began, but then paused as he examined the group closer. "...I have a feeling I already know."

"Hey Magneto, I don't think now's the best time. There might be more MRD soldiers coming and..." Neody began, before Magneto held up his hand silencing her. He then turned to the group.

"Today you have all seen, exactly the horrors man has wroth. Join me, and together we can rid the world of humanity, and create a new perfect paradise for all mutant kind," Magneto offered kindly.

"They'll never join you!" Wolverine shouted in anger.

"That's not up for you, to decide," Magneto told him.

The group seemed hesitate to join Magneto at first, before Gabriel spoke. "We'll never join the likes of you. Some humans may be cruel, but that doesn't mean that the whole race needs to suffer. There are good humans out there, with families and loved ones that don't deserve to die. We'll make sure you never harm them," He told him determined, the others soon agreed.

"You allegiance is not really necessary, the offer was merely a courtesy. Soon all mutant kind, will be free," Magneto responded confidently. Then used his powers, to rip off a big piece of the wall and lower it to the ground. He and Neody stepped on it, and Magneto used it to fly the two of them out of the prison.

"Should we follow them?" Jack asked.

"They'll be back, we'll get them then," Wolverine said as he got up. "Come on, let's get to Canada."

The group followed him back to the X-Jet. As they were walking, Lucille ran up to Gabriel and whispered: "Hey Gabriel, thanks for not letting your anger get the better of you, and not joining Magneto. You did the right thing." Gabriel simply nodded, and the two continued to walk back to the X-Jet in silence.

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